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Kyle Broflovski blinked, trying to clear up his vision. How long had he been asleep? All he remembered was going over to Stan's last night and...didn't he spend the night there? He was sure he did…right after the fight with his parents, he went over Stan's like he always did…but if that was the case, why was he at home?

Kyle lifted the covers from over him and discovered that he was in his own room. He blinked again and rubbed his eyes, thinking maybe he was just dreaming about last night. Another dream about going to Stan's wouldn't have surprised him really, he dreamed about that a lot lately...but he was almost positive that last night wasn't a dream...

Interrupting Kyle's train of thought, his cell phone buzzed next to him on his bed stand. Kyle reached over and picked it up...2 messages. Both from Stan?

Stan Marsh - 9:07 am
Are you awake?

Stan Marsh - 9:12 am
Obviously not, i guess, I'll stop texting you so you can sleep...once you get this, i need you to come over, gotta talk to you. Its important.

Kyle looked down at his phone for a minute, taking in what he just read. So...last night wasn't just a dream? Or was it? Did Stan really say all those things...and...had he really put his arm around him last night?

Scrambling from his bed, he glanced at the nightstand to see that it was only about 9:15am now...he could still make it to Stan's before his parents woke up. He grabbed his jacket and tossed on his shoes -not bothering to lace them up- and bolted for the door.

Stan didn't live too far away from Kyle...so therefore it didn't take him long to get to his destination. Not bothering to knock on the door, he opened it quietly so not to wake up the Marsh's and went up to Stan's room. Opening the door, Kyle found his friend sitting on the bed facing away from him and out the window.


Turning, Stan smiled faintly at his friend, getting up from the bed and making his way over to Kyle. "Hey, Kyle."

Kyle smiled back. It was awkward...why was it awkward? Stan and Kyle were never awkward around each other. "Why did you ask me to come over? You said it was important..."

"It is, I just don't know how to begin really, its kinda awkward." Stan shrugged truthfully. There was that word again; awkward.

"Well...there's no reason to feel awkward man, just tell me what's up. Your never awake this early..." Kyle pointed out, shifting wait from one foot to the other. "Also, I'd kinda like to know how I ended up at my house this morning...if i was at your place all night."

"Oh, uh, that was me…" Stan shrugged again. Hmm, so…It wasn't a dream…and Stan brought me home? Why?

"Okay, one question answered…kind of." I shrugged. "Well, besides that, what did you need to talk about Stan?"

Stan sighed and sat on his bed. I guess it was now or never… "I have a question, an important question. I was going to ask you this morning when we woke up, but I chickened out and brought you home instead."


"What's wrong dude?"

"Kyle, I think im gay." Well that was blunt, way to take this slow Stan… "I need to tell someone, and I didn't want that someone to be you but I think it has to be…"

Kyle didn't know how to reply exactly. He had a feeling this was where the conversation was going to end up, but he didn't think Stan would be so blunt about it. "O-Oh…um…okay, so, what made you think about that?" Kyle asked stupidly, hoping it would help somehow.

"You." Stan replied quietly, thinking maybe Kyle wouldn't hear him. He did.


Stan nodded, getting up from the bed yet again and standing before his friend, his super best friend, and hoped to god he knew what he was doing. "Yes Kyle, you. I need to know…" Stan paused, placing his hands on the red-haired boy's shoulders. "…if…we are…" Kyle got the feeling Stan didn't know what he was saying, and frankly neither did he. So to save ethire of them any more pointless small talk, Kyle leaned forwards and closed off the remaining space between them with the little self-pride he could come up with.

Stan was taken aback, eyes widening in reflex before relaxing a bit and closing them. Kyle was right about kissing Stan, it really did feel right. Like…something was missing inside of him, a giant hole in his heart and mind was closed off for so long and now its being filled up.

Stan wrapped his arms around Kyle's neck, as said boy brought his hands up to the raven's waist in attempt to bring them closer. Stan's hands slowly traveled their way up to grip at Kyle's hat and pulling it off, brushing his fingers through the red locks. Kyle simply continued to kiss the boy, and with nowhere else to go with them, his fingers trailed up and down Stan's back. They both knew they would have to break apart sooner or later, but frankly didn't care about that right now.

After waiting another good 10 seconds, Kyle broke away and stared into the pair of silver-blue eyes before him. Stan had gotten a bit taller since the last time he noticed his height, they were about the same height now.

Neither boy moved, nor did they speak, their eyes simply locked with one another, the sound of their breathing was the only sound in the room.

Kyle figured there was nothing more to say, their previous actions pretty much spoke for themselves as Stan slowly released the redhead and grabbed his hand, leading him to the bed before them. Kyle did as he was led to, and sat beside the ebony haired boy. Stan wrapped his arm around said boy and smiled. "Dude…I don't know exactly what just...happened and…stuff…but I-"

Kyle shook his head and leaned forwards, stealing another kiss from the raven –not that he really minded- and earned a small whimper from said boy. Kyle pulled away and laughed, bringing his hand to cup Stan's cheek. "Stan Marsh, You talk too much."