Legend of the Three Inu Youkai

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'At the beginning of time the world was formed, and our land was brought forth. The Gods and Goddesses began to bring life into the world. Creating every manner of life; both plant and animal alike. They created youkai; strong, noble creatures with extended life spans, and power enough to over take any foe they would encounter. One Goddess created the Inu Youkai; one white, one brown, and one black. She loved her creations above any other. Each one was different from the other. Having strengths and weaknesses each.

The white inu was the strongest of the three. He was fiercest in battle, and proud of his great stature. He would be the first to take a human form, having the strongest youki. Over time he had many children that continued his legacy of strength and pride. His ancestors came to rule the Western lands, and continue to do so to this day.'

Sesshoumaru's eyebrow lifted proudly at the telling of his ancestor. The young lord was indeed proud of his heritage.

'However, the white Inu Youkai only mated with the strongest females he could find. His offspring were strong and ferocious warriors. They were practiced in the art of war, and diplomacy. This allowed his line to grow and prosper greatly, giving rise to a strong bloodline. Because of his decision to strengthen his bloodline he never found a true mate. He never settled happily, and never found love. He died at an old age, but he was alone.'

Sesshoumaru's eyes became more thoughtful, and theold owl's eye rested on him softly.

'The brown Inu Youkai was a playful and curious creature. This inu had no desire to learn warfare, to become strong, or transform. He was happiest at the side of the Goddess. They were always together. The two would play together and the small inu youkai was happy. The brown inu's grew smaller and more primal as his line progressed. The whimsical brown youkai continues to stay by the side of his Goddess to this very day. His extensive family took up their place at the side of man. Men do not know how close their faithful companions are to the youkai that they fear so much. The Goddess and the brown inu youkai look on his ancestors as noble in their duty. They chose to befriend another and protect them. Because of this his ancestors grew smaller, some what less intelligent, and sacrificed their life span to stay by the side of their masters. Each one of the brown inu's progeny continue to bear the strong desire to protect humans, and always remain in their service and by their side.'

As for the black Inu Youkai, he was quite different from his brothers. Finding his own happiest was much harder. He devoted his time to study, and became highly intelligent. His physical strength did not compare to that of the white inu youkai, but he was menacing nonetheless. It took him longer to take on a human form, but was the only one capable of speaking while still in his true form. The black youkai spent year after year, decade after decade, learning everything he could. He often times spent time near humans, having a slight fondness for them. Then other times he would spend with his brother, the white inu, learning about battle tactics, warfare, and politics. He was cherished by his brother, and the white inu sought his counsel frequently. Such was his life. He traveled throughout the land for most of his life. There came a time that he thought about his future, and wondered about having children to continue his line. So, the black inu began to search the countryside in search of an appropriate mate. He saw how his brother had not mated with a life partner, and had many children with no love. He knew that was not the path for him. He looked to his younger brother, who had sacrificed his intelligence to become a simple beast, and knew that was definitely not the path for him. For more years then he could count, he searched for this mate that he could love and spend his eternity with, but she was never found.

One day the black inu youkai had heard of a miko fighting a hoard of youkai to the south. The miko was said to be the strongest of her time, and devoted to cleansing the evil youkai from the land. Knowing the inevitable outcome of the struggle, he hurried to her location. As he ran across the sky he thought this might be the chance he was looking for. If this event occurred, he could use it to his advantage. When he came upon the scene it was everything that he had hoped. The miko was fighting with all her strength, and her reiki was almost at it's limits. He rushed forward knowing the time would come soon. Just then one of the large youkai caught the miko in it's massive jaws, and pushed high into the air. The miko was now desperate and charged her reiki. The black inu youkai charged his youki to strike. The instant he struck her barrier, a bright light enveloped them all, and in a moment a small round jewel forced itself from the miko's chest.

He had been successful. The black inu managed to leave his soul inside the sacred jewel. Within the jewel he knew that he would come into contact with many souls. Human and Youkai. Good and evil. Here he would wait until he found the perfect being to continue his legacy. He would wait inside the sacred jewel until he could find someone strong enough to impart his soul to.

This is the legend of the three Inu Youkai.'

The old owl finished his tale and sat quietly sipping his tea. The entire group looked shocked, and confused. Surprisingly, the stoic lord looked the same. Kagome's brows knitted together, and she bit the end of her thumb. She was quiet and thoughtful for several minutes before resting the palms of her hands on her thighs. She drew in a calm steady breath, and blew it out just as steady, as she closed her eyes. The owl took note, and his one eye peeked over his tea cup at her curiously.

"So, it's this tale that I was suppose to hear?" Kagome asked, and a slight nod was his answer. "Because of the sacred jewel?"

"The jewel is merely the catalyst."

"A catalyst? So, does that mean this concerns the youkai in the story?" She questioned the old youkai with a sound of confusion deep in her voice.

"Yes." The owls scarred face lifted in a smile.

Kagome looked at her lap again. Her mind working to put the pieces together. Everyone looked at one another, except Sesshoumaru. His eyes remained locked on his betrothed. After a little while she started to move her lips, but didn't speak out. She continued speaking to herself in this manner while everyone watched with a questioning look, and the elder watched with a grin of satisfaction. When Kagome had spent a few minutes sorting through her thoughts she must have come to a conclusion, and a shocking one at that. Her eyes went wide and she gasped lightly. The elder quirked a bushy eyebrow at her as their eyes connected. He could see the questions in her eyes. His scarred face softened in a fatherly way, and he nodded to her.

"I'm the one he chose." She stated, and he nodded a yes to her. "Because of the jewel. He found me because of the jewel."

"Yes. The black inu youkai remained in the jewel as it passed from youkai to youkai, and human to human until he found a suitable successor to pass his legacy to."

"Is this why Moeagaru kidnapped me?" Her voice began to shake.

"Yes. He had watched you from afar for a long time. To determine if you were the one, he took you. To test your will and your heart. It was the duty of his people." He explained calmly.

"The duty of his people?" Kagome was confused by his statement.

"Indeed." He began with another sip of tea. "The black inu lord was a fire wielder, and protected the fire elementals. Before his soul was taken into the sacred jewel he charged Moeagaru's people with the task of seeking out his heir, and preparing them to receive the legacy of their lord."

Kagome's eyes blinked repeatedly with the shock, and her eyes darted wildly around the room. Her heart was pounding in her ears, and every one of her senses was going crazy. Her breathes began to quicken and she felt light headed.

"When Moeagaru confirmed that you were the heir he began the process." Kagome's eyes darted to the old youkai. "He had a herbal tea that would bring any youkai senses to the surface. Once these instincts begin to emerge there is no stopping it, as long as you are the true heir."

Kagome's breathing quickened again as the owl youkai continued. Sesshoumaru moved closer to the miko, but she paid him no mind. Her eyes started to burn and her skin sparked with youki. She could now see the strange aura that fluctuated and rolled off the old youkai. His eye, and his energy were directed at her. She could feel her body reacting to the energy he emitted, but no one else was effected.

"Moeagaru taught you to wield the fire within you." Kagome shook her head in denial as her eyes began to turn red. "He had fulfilled his duty honorably. He had found the heir, and began your release. Now you sit before me with the truth ringing in your ears, and his legacy welling within you."

The owl rolled one last strong wave of energy off of him, and as it hit Kagome she let out a scream. The rest of the pack jumped when the miko yelled out, and youki began to seep out of her. The miko's eyes were blood red through and through. Her heart was racing and her breathing was fast and labored. Then she felt a second heart beat within her chest. It silhouetted her own. The hearts beat one after the other, their rhythm growing closer and closer together. Kagome clutched her chest, then bent over herself, and her body began to shake violently. Everyone was starting to panic, except for the old owl. Even Sesshoumaru was starting to look visibly shaken by the miko's distressed state. He moved along side his mate to be, and slowly put a hand on her back to comfort her.

The instant his hand made contact, a shock wave of youki exploded from the miko. The power pushed everyone back, and Sesshoumaru shielded his eyes. The owl youkai remained seated, and watched as the black inu emerged before him. As the youki swelled a large presence filled the room, and pushed it's energy against everyone. Suddenly, the outside wall exploded, and the large presence was gone. Along with the miko. Once they had recovered, everyone jumped up and stood beside the gapping hole in the wall and looked out trying to find their friend. Sesshoumaru stood behind the others looking into the distance. He could see her, but his shock kept him still. A large gently hand set down on his shoulder, and the inu prince looked up at the old youkai that now stood beside him.

"Go to her my boy." His voice was soft and silent.

Without a word, Sesshoumaru leapt from the large tree. As he flew through the air he transformed to his true form. The large white inu youkai hit the ground with a thud, and took off at a run.

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