This is my first time writing SPN. Pre-series, Sam and Jess talk about Dean. Fluff.

Jess really hates doing the laundry. Well, the laundry, the dishes, cleaning the house. She hates it. She never ever bothered to ask her mom to teach her those things before going to college, so she sucks at them. Simples as that. It never bothered her before, when she was living in the dorm room, but now things are different. It's been a month since she moved in with Sam and Sam loves doing the laundry, the dishes and the cleaning. While everyone is bitching about inadvertedly dyeing white clothes in the washer, breaking dishes and missing home, Sam is just great at all of those things. And he seems overjoyed at doing them. Jess thinks maybe it has something to do with growing up without his mother so she's starting to feel really guilty for not helping around so much.

She decides it's time to step up and help a bit and starts gathering their dirty clothes in a pile when she finds the thing.

Sam's military jacket.

Gosh, she hates the thing. Sam always dresses nicely and she has yet to see him in public with it, but he's always wearing it in a laid back day or at home. She hates it. It's obviously seen more than it's fair share of time. And, frankly, it doesn't even fit him right, it's almost too small. Sam doesn't care, he loves the damned thing.

She sighs and puts the jacket in the pile when she notes something written inside it in large bold black letters.


Dean. She's heard Sam say that name more than one time in his sleep during what she was pretty sure were nightmares. She never had the heart to ask him about it, he always sounded so scared all the times that it happened.

Sam's at his desk, studying for a test. Like always. She's asking before she can help it.

"Hey, Sam…who's Dean?

She swears he almost jumps a little.

"What… what? Why?"

She shows him the writing.

He chuckles. "Oh… oh, okay. Huh… Dean's my brother. My older brother".

"You never told me you had a brother", she looks at him with an odd expression.

"I didn't?"

"No", she deadpans. "You said your mom died and that you had a fall out with your dad. Nothing about brothers or sisters or anything, really".

"Oh", he sounds genuinely surprised. "Oh, okay. Dean's my brother. My only brother. Four years older than me."

"You guys had a fall out too?"

"No, no. No. Dean and I get along. We just don't have much in common. And he's very loyal to my dad. But, no. Dean's great."

"Okay", she shrugs and the look that crosses Sam's face looks almost like guilt.

He throws his hands in the air."You're right, I'm hiding something".

Jess turns around and almost says Sam hides a lot of things, but stops herself. Decides it's best to let it play out.

He gives a tiny smile before he continues.

"I'm hiding something. Huh… that jacket used to belong to my brother. When he was a teenager, I was barely a kid. That's why he wrote that, he was taunting me."

"What, Sam? That's what you were hiding? You stole your brother's jacket when you were kids?", she laughs certainly not amused.

Sam crosses the room and makes her sit on the bed. Holds her hand. He's looking at the floor.

"Dean was more than my big brother, okay? He's the one that took care of me when I was a kid, after my mom died. He fixed me lunch and dinner, got me to school, made sure I did my homework, put me to bed… That was his jacket and I started using when I was a kid because it…", Sam breathes. "Because it smelled like him. And it made me feel safe. When I came here, I didn't know anybody. I was a little scared to come at all. So… so I put his jacket in my bag and… and, well, now I like to wear it whenever I miss him".

Jess is sure her heart is breaking. Sam wears that jacket a lot. A lot.

She smiles and gives the gentlest of kisses on his lips.

She doesn't hate the jacket anymore.