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I know Maverick heard me come in, but I don't think he realized I'm standing behind him until I speak.

"I'm really sorry Mav. Goose was a really cool guy. I'm gonna miss him," that's when he jumps, twisting around to land facing me his dark blue eyes wide and startled. His face is slightly flushed, but I don't think he notices that either, "but you know what I can't stand to see? What's even worse then Goose being gone? You. The way you've given up on flying and on yourself. The way you lost that spark, that edge that made you a great pilot and my only real competition. The way you are now makes me sad because I'm in love with you."

I don't really give myself or him time to think about what I've just said or about what I'm about to do next, I just do it. The kiss is deep and passionate and much more then anything I had ever dreamed about. I'm running out of oxygen and so is Maverick, so I pull away, opening my eyes. I rest my forehead against his, studying his face with his eyes closed.

"I'm sorry," I'm apologizing for Goose and maybe a little bit for kissing him. I shift, starting to turn away to give him some space and privacy. His hand clutches at my jumpsuit and without opening his eyes he whispers brokenly, "Don't go." So I stay, pulling him into my arms and holding him as he finally cries. That night at my place curled around him and listening to his breathing I realize, "I'm glad I kissed him."

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