This is a prose version of an alternate opening teaser to a Stargate script I wrote a few years ago. You can find the script URL in my profile here.

This was written for 'Ship' day on gateworld.

A pre-dawn tableau of multi-colored light filters in through a small crack in the drawn shades. The room is quiet, filled only with the deep, even breaths of the room's only occupants. A pair of cell phones lay on an end table on either side of the bed and two forms lay beneath a pile of fluffy blankets.

A sharp ring from the cell phone nearest the larger lump begins; to the tune of the Simpson's theme song.

Jack O'Neill rolls onto his stomach and pulls a pillow over his head with a muffled groan. When the ringing stops, he almost grins into the perfume scented pillow he's stolen from his bedmate - until that bedmate's very distinctive, albeit sleepy, voice answers the previously ignored phone.


Jack can almost make out the hurried voice on the other end.

"Yes. He's here. Just a minute."

Jack groans into his pillow when she tries to lift it off his face.

"Let me guess," Jack mutters, "It isn't for you."

"Not this time."

Jack's bed-mussed head pops out from beneath the pillow and he glares over her shoulder at the window. "The sun hasn't even come up yet."

"Jack." He's used to that patiently annoyed tone.

Jack eyes the hand that holds the phone out expectantly toward him. "I haven't even been retired for two days, for cryin' out loud!"

"Only you would refuse to take a call from the President of the United States."

Jack sighs and holds out his hand. She deposits it with a smile that never fails to turn his insides to goo.

"Fine," he mutters petulantly. He brings the phone to his ear and speaks as sternly as he dares considering who is waiting on the other end of the line. "Henry?"

"I need to recall you, Jack."

For the first time in a very long time he's considered refusing a request from a superior officer. "Sir?"

"We have an unknown number of hostile aircraft approaching Earth from the outer edges of the solar system."

Jack closes his eyes and wonders if it will ever end. He glances at his bedmate and notes the curiosity in her eyes. Even she knows the President himself doesn't call at 5 am.

His eyes lock with hers. "Do we know if they're hostile?" The President's momentary silence is the only answer Jack needs. "Of course we don't. I'll be right in."

Jack drops the phone onto the blanket between them and rubs his face. "Dammit."


He answering sigh is filled with a kind of hopeless resignation. "Isn't it always?"

The phone on the other bedside table begins to ring. It's hers this time. She crawls across the mattress and answers it.

Jack rolls out of bed, muttering, "At least you don't get to sleep in either."

Sam shoots him a dirty look and flips open her phone. "Hello?"

Jack doesn't need to listen to their one-sided conversation to know she's just been recalled to duty herself.

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