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After Goose

I hear Ice walk in behind me. He's the only one who hasn't said anything yet. Hasn't given me his condolences, his sorry, hasn't said how great a guy Goose was, how they all liked Goose. I can feel his pale, icy blue eyes watching me. I'm almost tempted to spin around and punch him or say something cutting but the feeling is gone in a split second anyway so I don't bother.

"I'm really sorry Mav. Goose was a really cool guy. I'm gonna miss him," Ice's breath raises goose bumps on the back of my neck. I hadn't realized how close he really was. I spin startled, "but you know what I can't stand to see? What's even worse then Goose being gone? You. The way you've given up on flying and on yourself. The way you lost that spark, that edge that made you a great pilot and my only real competition. The way you are now makes me sad because I'm in love with you."

We're so close that his chest is flat against mine and before I can say or do anything in response he dips his head and kisses me. I open under his gentle encouragement and his tongue is in my mouth and his lips are on mine and his arms pinning mine are the only things holding me up. He presses me backward into the open locker behind me and I just know I'm going to have marks, from the sides pressing into my back, tomorrow. It's getting harder to breathe but I don't want him to stop. He pulls away though and rests his forehead against mine.

"I'm sorry," he says and I'm not sure if he's apologizing for what happened to Goose or for kissing me. My eyes are still closed as he pulls his body away from mine. Reaching out I grab his flight suit and whisper, "Don't go." He doesn't leave, just wraps his arms around me and holds me tight as I finally cry for Goose. After I've released all of my pain he takes me to his place and for the first time since my RIO died, I sleep.

I'm glad he kissed me.

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