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"Wow... it is so nice out today." I said to myself while watering my plants that I was growing. I always loved summer time, especially here because the temperature was perfect. Not too hot or cold, it was the type of weather that made you think you were in paradise which is kinda what Castanet Island is. My brother moved here a few years ago when the island was in poor condition but he was able to save it. I moved here not long after and went to school, though I didn't know I would be permanently living here. About seven months ago I married Gill, when I first came here we originally didn't get along but that changed and we started going out. We were still adjusting to living together though, it felt awkward the first few weeks having someone extra in the house but I'm used to it now. A few of my other friends are going through this process too. Yuki and Roomi have been going out a bit before Gill asked me to marry him and I know Yuki is thinking about asking her to marry him. Mark and Chelsea got married about a month ago, I guess the two of them knew they were right for each other right away. Owen and Kathy are going to be married in a few weeks so I guess love is in the air for a lot of people. I sat under a cherry tree and drank some water, Gill was at Town hall working and I promised Kathy, Lena, and a few others that I would meet them to hang out in a bit.

"Might as well get going." I got up slowly, for a few weeks now I've been feeling slightly off. Guess it was the change of the season. I turned to the animals "I'll be back guys. Be good." Then I was on my way. When I made it to the inn everyone was there.

"Hikari you are late." Lena said grinning.

"Heh, sorry." I grinned.

Mai came out "The food is ready- oh and Hikari is here. Perfect!" She brought out a tray of food.

"Looks yummy!" Lena said.

"Unless... did you cook the food Mai?" Roomi asked.

Mai huffed "No! Grandma made it."

"Oh then this should be amazing." Roomi said smiling.

I flicked her on the forehead "Be nice. What if someone said you have bad taste in outfits?"

She muttered something then took a spoon full of pudding and put it in her mouth.

I promised Roomi that if she ever said something rude I would tell her off for it.

Vivi looked at me suspiciously "Are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah why?"

"You look kinda pale."

I blinked "Well I've felt a bit funny but I'm sure it will roll over soon." I looked at the food and took a bite of apple pie.

"I don't know Hikari. The last person who said that ended up exploding all of a sudden. The scary part was... she was a rancher just like you." Kathy said with a spooky voice.

We all started laughing "Yeah, I doubt that will happen."

"Anyway, you probably should go see Won or something just in case." Vivi said.

"I'm fine, really."

"Right, haven't you said that this has been going on for a few weeks... or something like that?" Roomi asked.

"Well yeah."

She took a bite of some short cake "Then you need to see what is wrong."

"You are making a big deal out of this." I mumbled and took another plate of cake. I didn't even notice that I had finished the apple pie already.

"Does Gill know?" Kathy asked.


"Wow nice guy..." Roomi mumbled.

I glared at her "I didn't tell him so he wouldn't worry."

"Yeah... what if you end up having this creepy disease that eats you inside out. That will give Gill something to REALLY worry about." Chelsea dramatically.

"Just go talk to Won or Irene, it won't take that long. It isn't like you are going to get shots." Kathy said.

I crossed my arms "No."

"She is going to make this difficult." Vivi sighed "Alright how bout this, you either go with us, or we can tell Gill that you haven't been feeling good for a long time and end up dealing with him when he is mad as hell at you-"

I got up "Let's go!"

Kathy, Chelsea, and Vivi volunteered to go with me. Well... they actually had to drag me cause part of me rather face a pissed off Gill instead of going to the doctor... though... I would have to go to the doctor either way so I guess I would choose this over anything else.

The bell rang above us and Irene looked up from a book she was reading "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, Hikari hasn't been feeling well lately so we were wondering if you could give her a check up?"

She sighed, acting like she was a school nurse talking to a kid who presumed they weren't "feeling well" which meant they were faking and wanted to go home.

I told her just that my stomach had been hurting on and off and my body just felt off.

"How has your eating habits been lately."

"Well um..." I thought for a second.

"She has been eating like a pig." Chelsea said.

I gave her a look "Really?" Irene asked.

I looked over at her "I wouldn't put it that way but yes I've been eating a bit more than I have before."

"Have you noticed any mood swings?"

"She has been a lot more stubborn than usual." Chelsea said.

I looked at her again "And mean." She finished.

"Alright, now I will need to do an injection."

"Injection?" I asked.

"A blood sample, it won't hurt."

I got wide eyed and sprung up, running for the exit "No, no, no, no!" I yelled.

Vivi blocked the exit and Chelsea and Kathy grabbed my arms. The carried me over and sat me back on the chair.

While waiting for her to come back with the whole info on the blood test I just sat there.

"Hmmm... blood test... maybe the whole parasite idea I had was right." Chelsea said.

"Don't count on it." Vivi muttered.

I just sat there thinking, why would she ask about my appetite? Not to mention mood swings and stuff like that. Did I have a sickness... though... why would I eat more food than usual. Irene walked in. It suddenly hit me. Oh gosh!

"Well?" Kathy asked.

Irene smiled "Congratulations Hikari, you are pregnant."

I saw it coming "Are you sure?" I asked after a split second of silence.

She nodded "I'm positive, all the signs are there."

My mind went blank, was this good or bad? I blushed still blinking.

Finally Chelsea squealed "Congrats Hikari! You are going to be a mom!" She hugged me, I continued blinking. Then a smile came on my face, guess this was a good thing. A start of a new family. I just kept wondering about what Gill would think.

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