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"Hikari wait up!" Chelsea shouted.

I turned to see her running full speed toward me she stopped and put her hands on her knees. "You are fast for being pregnant."

"I'm not fast you're just slow." I joked.

"Hey I'm pregnant too."

"Oh well-..." That is when I just stopped. "Wait... what?"

She turned bright red "Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm sooooo sorry, that is why I was running, I wanted to tell you that I just got back from the doctor and I'm pregnant! So that makes my baby..." She counted on her fingers "Four months younger than yours."

I still stared at her "Uh... does... you know? ...Does Mark know?"

She blinked "Whoops forgot to tell him!"

"What?" I almost fell.

"Sheesh you are really moody."

"I'm not!" I snapped, I stopped then repeated "I'm not." In a calmer voice.

She giggled "I hope that doesn't happen to me."

I just glared at her, then finally I sighed "Anyway, it might be a smart idea to tell Mark about it."

"That was what I was going to do but um..." She looked at the ground "I don't know how he will respond."

I grinned "I'm sure he will be fine about it."

"Are you sure?"




"Are you absolutely positive?"

"Yes I am."

"Are you absolutely, positively posi-"

She stopped when I glared at her "Sorry." She muttered "Anyway, where are you heading to?"

"Home, I was just picking up some feed for my animals. Until the baby is born, taking care of them is about all I can do."

She blinked "Oooooh, how come you can't farm anymore?"

I gave her a look "Because overdoing it will harm the baby, so I won't be farming crops till the baby is born... or a bit after that. Plus my animals are well cared for and along with what Gill makes at town hall we should be fine."

"Huh." She still looked clueless.

I sweat dropped "Please don't farm while you are pregnant."

"Right! Well, I should get going to tell Mark, wish me luck!" She stuck out her tongue.

I waved "Bye!" Then sighed "I hope her baby will be ok." I muttered.

I walked into the barn and put the new feed in the box and then set some food down in each stable. All the animals were outside which made it easier for me to get things done in the barn. I walked back outside, the sun was setting, I grinned at the view, it looked very pretty, as always. Then I walked over to the bell and rang it. All of the animals walked into the barn except for the chickens who walked into there little barn. I went into the little barn to check on the silk worms. All of them seemed to have enough food. After I was done making sure all the animals were in their proper place and were settled for the night, I walked back to the house. Now usually by the time I walked in, no one would be there. Gill still had an hour left of work which gave me a good amount of time to start dinner. There was something different about it when I walked in though, I walked in and there was someone already inside. A girl about my age was sitting at the table looking at something.

I stared at her for a moment, she still didn't notice I was there "Um... excuse me..."

She looked up, she had dark brown eyes and short hair, a bit longer than mine. A huge grin came across her face "HIKARI!"

"Wha-" She tackled me with a huge hug.

"Hikari, it has been soooooo long."

"Get off... get offf... I'm... pregnant!" I gasped.

She quickly let go "Sorry."

I caught my breath "Not to be rude or anything... but do I know you?"

"You don't remember me? Its me Akari! I'm your cousin, remember we used to play together."

I scratched my head "Oh yeah..." When I was really little, before everything went wrong with my mom and dad, Yuki and I used to play with Akari and her younger brother. We were related on out dad's side, ever since my mom went off her rocker we haven't seen each other till this moment.

There was a awkward moment of silence. "Um..." I said.

"I can't believe it has been so long! And now you are pregnant! That is amazing! How is things with you? Who is your husband?"

Now I remembered her all the way, when we were little she never really would shut up. She could keep a conversation going for hours. She and Luke would get along really well... I thought.

After I answered most of her questions I finally asked "So... why are you here?"

"Oh well..." She scratched her head "Funny story, I heard you guys moved here, and I've been wanting to be on my own for a while now soooo... I'm living here now."

This whole island was full of random events "O-ok then..." I said. "Where are you living?"

"There is a house over in Flute fields that I'm living in. I'm working at the farm there, the one with the mean lady and man."

I sweat dropped "You mean Ruth and Craig..."

"Oh yeah! We definitely need to catch up also!"

"Yeah, maybe some other time."

Suddenly the door opened and Gill walked in. He stopped when he saw Akari "Who is-"

"Oh, hi Gill, this is Akari, my cousin."

I walked up to him, he looked from me to her then muttered "Since when did you have a cousin and what is she doing here."

My eye twitched "Don't push it with me, and I'll explain it to you later."

I did have occasional mood swings and Gill was okay with them, he would basically just ignore them... though there were a few times where he actually got into a huge fight with me and it usually ended with me crying and him saying he was sorry. Gill sighed "Oh... you are the new farmer who came here just yesterday I take it?"

"Yep! Nice to meet you!" She held out her hand and he shook it. She turned and smiled at me "Well I'll see you later Hikari, we do need to catch up!"

"Alright." I smiled "I hope you will like it here."

"Oh I'm sure I will. Seeya later!" Then she ran outside, right when she got off the porch she fell with a thud.

"Ah! Are you okay?" I asked running outside to help her.

She jumped up "Yep! It will take more than that to get rid of me! Seeya later! Hopefully I don't trip again." She took off.

We watched the trail of dust disappear then we ended up saying "She is just like Luke..."

Gill set down dinner, he ended up persuading me to take a break because of the baby. While he cooked I told him about Akari.

"She... seems like a handful."

I laughed "She isn't that bad when you get to know her."

"You don't even know her that well."

I glared at him, he didn't look phased he sighed "Right, sorry, she seems nice once you get past the talking."

"Yeah." He put the plates down and I took a bite out of some bread.

We were quiet then I said "Oh Chelsea is pregnant."

He gagged and I patted his back "W-what?"


"Does Mark...?"

"She is telling him tonight."

"I hope the child will make it."

"That isn't nice I said while giggling."

It was about ten at night and I was slaying in my bed trying to sleep. Gill came out of the bathroom with only his pajama bottoms on. (Fan girls thank me! :3) "You are still awake?" He asked, going to the drawer to get a shirt.

"Yeah why?"

"Usually you are asleep by the time I get out of the shower."

I shrugged.

He grabbed a shirt and pulled it over his head, this caused his hair to get messed up and go in different directions which I thought was cute. He just thought it was annoying. He looked over at me then a panicked look got on his face "Why are you crying?"

I blinked, I was crying "Stupid hormones..." I muttered.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

I sniffed and rubbed my eyes "Yeah, just the hormones..." I sat up and wiped the tears. He sat next to me and rubbed my back "Are you sure that is it?"

I nodded then said "That and... just the stress."

"Of?" His voice was soothing slightly which made me less tense.

"Just the whole baby thing..."


"Just all these what ifs and stuff, like I wonder if I'll be a good mom... I wonder what the baby will be like, I wonder if he or she will be healthy, that and I'm afraid of what will happen if we can't afford some things."

He chuckled suddenly.

I snapped my head at him "What?"

"Nothing." He said in between chuckles, he put his hand on my forehead "You just worry too much sometimes." He said while smiling.

"That isn't helping." I muttered blushing slightly.

He pulled me toward him, stroking my shoulder "We are fine financially, I made sure of it. I'm positive our baby will be healthy, also I know you will be a wonderful mother to our child."

My face grew hot then I smiled, still crying, he looked down "W-what? Why are you still crying?"

"I'm just happy."


"I'm happy because I'm sure you will also make a wonderful parent."

He blushed then looked away "..."

I started giggling "You are cute when you blush."

"Sh-shut up..."

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