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The Battle Force 5 sat in the Diner, enjoying a pizza and a few rounds of sodas. Stanford was acting as usual, flirting with Grace, but she wasn't into him, so it was all fruitless. Spinner and Sherman were having a chugging contest, and so far, Sherman was winning. Agura and Vert were talking battle strategies, while Zoom was busy cheering on Spinner, telling him to chug faster.

"Are you sure you won't go out on a date with me?" Stanford asked Grace, and she just rolled her eyes. "I am royalty, you know." Truth was, sometimes Grace thought Stanford was pretty obnoxious, but he was still bearable, and at times, he had his nice streaks. However, today, he was getting to be unbearable. She just wanted to catch a break, so that she could go and get ready for her date with… Well, she couldn't even think it, in fear Stanford would find out.

"I'm off my shift," she told Stanford. "But I have somewhere to be, so I have to go." Before the red head could say anymore, Grace smiled and walked away. Stanford sighed in rejection, thinking to himself that Grace was just playing hard to get, and that she wanted him. Bad. But of course, that wasn't true, in all actuality of things.

Grace walked back into the kitchen, and tapped the brunette on the shoulder. The girl looked up and gave Grace a questioning look, by raising her eyebrows. "It's your turn to wait on tables," Grace explained. The brunette sighed and nodded, taking off her apron and throwing it onto the wooden chair. "Good luck with Stanford."

The brunette nodded and walked out, deciding to see what table she'd need to be waiting on. At the moment, only one group was occupying the diner, and there were six people in said group. Out of curiosity, she walked back into the kitchen to ask Grace which one was Stanford. "Oh, he's the red head," Grace replied, folding up a few spare aprons. The brunette walked back out and looked for the read head among the six people.

She laid her dark blue eyes on the red head and froze. So that was Stanford? He looked a little dejected, with arms folded across his chest, rolling his green eyes in annoyance at Grace's rejections, time after time. Now this brunette usually didn't go for red heads, but green eyes could make her go soft, and Stanford did look adorable. Grace walked up behind her and tapped her shoulder.

"Kit?" she asked, nudging the brunette. The girl called "Kit" jumped.

"Huh?" she asked, blinking once. Grace noted that Kit had been staring at Stanford.

"You're actually interested in him?" she asked, a little amused. Kit's cheeks turned red and she shook her head vigorously.

"No! I was just observing," Kit replied smartly. Grace grinned and nodded, winking at her. She nudged the brunette and the blue eyed girl turned around, only to find Stanford watching them. She made an "eek" sound and darted back into the kitchen. Kit had never been any good with boys, as she was an intense kind of person, and she was a little strange, too, but strange in the good way.

"Kitty Cat," Grace called, walking back into the kitchen. The brunette was standing by the kitchen's window, peering out at Stanford. Her eyes were wide, cheeks tinged pink, and she was running her fingers through her brown hair. "Alright already, just go see if they need anything." As if they had been heard, right on cue, Spinner's voice rang out, clear and loud.

"Can we get another round of sodas?" Spinner called out. Grace nodded towards Kit, who sighed and nodded. She wasn't the best around boys, but she wasn't going to get so nervous that she'd drop everything. Hopefully. Kit grabbed the tray and walked out to the table. "Yeah, Sherm, Agura, Vert, and I need Cokes, while Stanford and Zoom need Dr. Peppers," Spinner said, gesturing to each person as he said their names. Kit nodded and took their cups.

She hurried back to the kitchen and refilled them, as Grace got ready to leave. With the tray in hand, she hurried back to the table, giving everyone their drinks. Stanford was watching Grace exit the diner, which kind of annoyed Kit, but what could she do? She shook her head and walked back to the kitchen with the empty tray in hand.

The brunette sat down in the chair and peeked out the window of the kitchen, watching the group. Stanford had gone back to watching the chugging contest between Sherman and Spinner, and Kit wondered why they had stayed so long at the diner. It was getting darker, and soon the group exited the diner and walked outside. Kit ran to the window by the booth they had been sitting at, clambering into the now empty diner booth seats. She crouched down and watched as Stanford pulled out a stereo and started to play music.

Pretty soon, all of them were dancing around, just having a great time. They even had glow sticks. And Kit was all alone in the diner, well, except for Zeke. But she didn't know him, as she had only just started this job. Not that she wanted to dance, she wasn't very good at it anyways. But if they had offered… She sighed and sat down in the booth, looking around. She was kind of hungry, so she considered eating in the back. It would give her something to do, to pass the time, anyways.

Later on that evening, the Battle Force 5 came back in, sitting down at the table. Kit looked out at them and polished off the rest of her sandwich. The brunette didn't want to miss anything. She busied herself by working around the kitchen, keeping her work quiet so that she could hear what they had to say.

Vert stood up and exited the diner, saying about how he had to go and meet something. For a moment, Kit thought that it might have been Grace. "Nah," she muttered under her breath, as she took the wet wash cloth and cleaned off the stove. "It can't be." She continued her work, but her mind was going, continuously thinking, but the person occupying her thoughts today was none other than Stanford.

Before she could do much more, her train of thought was interrupted. Agura, the only female in the group, walked up to the counter. "Hey, do you want to take a break and come talk with us?" Agura asked, looking and sounding sincere. Kit froze up but nodded after a moment, finishing off her current chore and walking out to the counter, after washing her hands of course.

She joined Agura at the table. "So, your name is Kit, right?" Zoom asked, taking a sip of his Dr. Pepper.

"That's what everyone calls me," Kit replied.

"When did you start working here?" Agura asked.

"Only just today… I needed some kind of job," Kit answered. "Grace is a friend of mine, so she offered to help me get a job here. It was an offer I really couldn't refuse." They talked for a little while longer, and Stanford really didn't say too much. He did, however, emphasize the fact that he was royalty, and he even asked if Kit could get him a date with Grace. The brunette was a little disheartened by this, but those emerald green eyes of his melted all of her doubts and anger, and anything else she was feeling except for butterflies.

"I can try, I suppose," she said, feeling weak in the knees. Kit didn't understand why she had just agreed to help Stanford try to get a date with Grace, when she was obviously somewhat attracted to him. That was so unlike her, but oh well. Stanford grinned.

"You're not half bad," he told Kit, his British accent thick. Kit blushed a little bit.

After a little while longer, the group left, bading Kit farewell. She then proceeded to help Zeke lock up, but she stayed behind after he locked the doors, leaving the keys with her. She slept inside the diner, so she changed into her long pajama pants and her t-shirt, and wrapping her favorite blanket of hers around her cold body, she settled into one of the booths.

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