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"Stop making kissy faces at me!" Sherman told his brother, as Spinner danced around the room like a piece of fruit would in a play. He'd run over and attempt to kiss Sherman every few minutes, and it was starting to get on the younger brother's nerves. He was trying to make sure the Buster Tank wasn't damaged, because they had taken a pretty hard fall after Kalus knocked them off a of a bridge. "Stop, Spinner!" Sherman said, face palming his brother away. Spinner let out a girly scream as he fell backwards, onto his butt.

"I'm just trying to show you what you look like whenever Kit's around!" Spinner retorted. Sherman rolled his eyes and finished checking over the Buster Tank. "Now you promised! Let's go find her!" The younger of the two looked at his brother and shook his head in an amused manner. He got into the Buster Tank and Spinner followed after him, closing the lid behind him.

Kit was standing in the diner's parking lot, wondering what to do about her situation. She sighed and turned, shoes tapping against the blacktop. It was a little too quiet, and whenever things were quiet, something was going to happen. She could already feel it deep down inside, and it was already weighing her down. So she waited. She could guess who was coming, but she was dreading the encounter with every passing minute. It was crazy that she was this worried about it.

But maybe if she didn't say goodbye at all, any wounds left open would heal faster. "Well, Sera is expecting me…" Kit whispered to herself. She folded her arms across her chest and smirked slightly. She didn't know exactly why she did this, but she just did. Today she donned her usual outfit, the black hoodie and the baby blue, stonewashed blue jeans. Today, she was half-hollow, half-heart, unable to tear herself away, unable to let herself remain in Handler's Corners any longer. She made a quick call.

She kept her position, however, trying to make a decision. "What to do?" she asked out loud, unsure of how to do this. She could see the flash of blue in the distance. "I waited too long. Let's just do this now, before I manage to talk myself out of it…" Kit stood with her hands behind her back, one hand clamped around her wrist firmly. She wore her best smirk, and tried to keep her choice in check. Spinner hopped out first, walking over to her. "Spinner," she greeted, smirk still in place.

"Where have you been?" Spinner asked, nudging her lightly.

"Talking to a friend," Kit replied, shrugging lightly. There was something different in the air, but she couldn't quite find the right words to describe it. The only word that came to mind was tension, and that was there, at least on her side. Spinner noticed that something was wrong, so he waited for Sherman to appear, and soon he did. "I've gotta get out of this town for a little while. I need a change of scene," she explained, gesturing with her hands. She added, "I'm just trying to avoid Stanford." Which in truth she was avoiding him.

"Where are you gonna go?" Spinner asked, a little annoyed at the brunette's sudden attitude change.

"Don't know yet. Just anywhere away from here," Kit replied, shrugging her shoulders lightly. Just as she finished her sentence, a yellow camaro with white racing stripes pulled into the parking lot. A boy of about 19 stepped out of the camaro, taking his shades off and resting them just above his forehead so that he could look on with brown eyes. "I see my ride is here. I'll be back for my bike later. I've got arrangements to make," Kit explained.

"Who's that?" Spinner blurted out before he could think twice about asking the question.

"My…brother. His name is Lucas," Kit replied. Lucas looked on, expressionless. He and Kit didn't look so much alike, but by the way they acted, apparently they must've been siblings.

"Katczinsky," Lucas started, "we'd better get a move on. JC will be waiting with Sera and the others." Kit nodded to him once and turned her attention back to Sherman and Spinner. Lucas looked at the two brothers. "Too bad I didn't get to meet you on better terms. You must be Sherman, and you must be Spinner." The two brothers nodded once. "Alright, let's go." Kit nodded and lingered for a moment, waiting to see what they would do.

"C'mon Kit, stick around," Spinner said, putting a hand on her shoulder. She shrugged his hand away, as Spinner gained a hurt look. "Kit… Is this because of Stanford? You can always ignore him."

"I'm so sorry," Kit broke down and said the words she had promised herself that she wouldn't say. "Trust me, it's better that I go now. Don't expect me to come back after I have my bike." She turned away and looked at Lucas. "Let's get a move on, Lucas. Wouldn't wanna keep JC and Sera waiting." Kit turned her dark blue eyes to Spinner, before turning them to Sherman. Olive green eyes gave nothing away, so she turned away once more and got into the passenger's side seat of Lucas' car.

"Kit!" Spinner started in again, but Sherman placed his hands on his brother's shoulders to hold him back. The brunette rolled down the window.

"I'm so sorry," she repeated, and then she rolled the tinted windows back up again. Lucas started car, and it purred to life. He pulled out of the parking lot, and just like that, Kit was gone.

"She just drove off… Sherman, she'll be back right?" Spinner asked. "They were lying, right? This is a sick joke, right?"

"I doubt it," Sherman replied, looking thoughtful. "I could tell that she was sorry, though. She didn't want to leave, yet at the same time she did."

"Since when did you become a psychiatrist?" Spinner asked, looking sad.

"I could tell. She looked me in the eye, Spinner. She's sorry, in a sense. She doesn't want us to be mad at her, and I could tell that she was really sorry. Let's let the others know," Sherman suggested.

"If you're sure… And I don't think we should be tell them just yet," Spinner replied.

"What's stopping you? She won't be back, I could see that, too," the younger one replied.

"She was like a sister to me, bro! I'm not giving up! She has to come back… And if she never does, I still won't stop hoping. No matter what happens, she was there for us. Remember what Stanford said? She defended us like brothers! Kit has to come back!" Spinner replied, looking determined. "Plus I'm older, so I know best!" Sherman decided to humor his brother.

"Alright, we won't tell the rest," Sherman replied. Spinner nodded and walked back to the Buster Tank. He jumped in and watched his brother clamber in after him. "But they'll find out eventually." Spinner nodded and sighed once. "Spinner, everything will be OK. She'll come back…"

But Sherman knew it wasn't true, and deep down on the inside, where Spinner would never admit it, he knew it was true, too.


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