Before the Final Rose Petal Falls

Disclaimer: I do not own Sonic the Hedgehog or Beauty and the Beast.

Cast: Belle=Amy Beast=Sonic

Maurice=Tails Lumiere=Silver

Broom=Blaze Mrs. Potts=Vanilla

Chip=Chip Creamer=Cream

Prince=Cheese Cogsworth=Knuckles

Wardrobe=Rouge Gaston=Scourge

Lefou=Bokkun Philippe=Tornado

Enchantress=Tikal additional; Garden Angel=Cosmo.

A/N: Tails as Maurice in this case is he is a brother-like figure to Amy. Two orphans living together regarding one another as siblings. Anyone who can't remember, Prince is that puppy turned footstool. Poor puppy.

I'm also dedicating this story to Silverdawn2010 for giving major help on this story's beginning, Mana the Cat Magician just for talking to me and being a new friend and to Socrates' Prodigy, my best friend outside of Fanfiction! I finally convinced her to get an account! Hopefully her first story will be up soon.

Chapter One: A Heart in Mourning

In a grand castle that stood proudly in the heart of Northern Mobius lived a young prince of sixteen. He was a hedgehog with a coat of sapphire, his eyes like the color of leaves when painted with morning's first light. The prince was named Sonic the Hedgehog, normally a spirited young man with a love for fun and speed. With his unique gift, Sonic often felt like the wind was a second mother.

Whenever one would glimpse the prince, they saw a carefree grin upon his face, his eyes dancing with mischief and mirth as he spent time with those whom he did not refer to as the castle staff, but as his friends.

Yet as of late, Prince Sonic was not cheerful boy he used to be. Within the most current year he lost his father, King Julius to battle, his aggrieved mother, the beautiful Queen Elena soon following after due to heartbreak. Having lost his parents so suddenly, leaving him alone with no other family, Sonic turned in on himself.

He became cold, a loner, refusing to take much company if offered, barely able to stand the presence of others. His heart was too broken to want to acknowledge happiness. In his mourning Sonic also turned bitter, snapping at his servants, no longer calling them friends.

One winter's night, a knock on the front door resounded throughout the castle's halls. The prince's valet, a hoary hedgehog named Silver opened the door to reveal a shivering, frail hooded figure. "Please, sir," the thin, decidedly female voice implored. "I beg of you, just one night of food and shelter. Just to wait out the storm. I will be on my way before the first glow of dawn's gracing."

Silver, a kind soul, smiled warmly at the poor woman, gently drawing her into the parlor. Nudging the castle's majordomo Knuckles, he whispered, "Should we inform the prince of our guest?"

"Well of course we should inform him!" Knuckles exclaimed before. He then let out a sigh at the look on Silver's face. "Yes, I know, it'd be better to not inform Sonic, letting him keep to himself as he likes, but believe me, I highly doubt that he'd approve a harboring a stranger in his home without any knowledge of it."

It was Silver's turned to sigh. "Very well, you let Prince Sonic know of the lady's existence while I go inform Madam Vanilla and Chip that we'll need a hot meal prepared."

As the hooded lady gratefully accepted a plate full of food from Vanilla the Rabbit, head of the kitchen staff and mother to Cream, a sweet young girl; Sonic swept into the room. Immediately the air of cheer and welcome vanished as his servants stiffened up and bowed to their moody prince. Nodding curtly, his long hardened eyes locked onto the woman's soft violet ones. Standing, she curtsied.

"I humbly thank you for your hospitality, your Highness." She withdrew a rose from the depths of her large sleeves. "As a token of my gratitude, I offer you this red rose."

"Don't thank me," Sonic replied coldly, pushing away the scarlet beauty. "I did not invite you in here, Silver did. You should be thanking him, Madam. For all I care, you could still be wandering the woods in this cold, wintry night." He pointedly ignored the shocked staff from those he once called friend.

The woman regarded him with a cool gaze, eyebrow arched. "I do not care for this side of you, Prince Sonic."

Sonic looked at her in confusion. "Excuse me?"

As she lifted her hood, an aura of terrible and wondrous power swelled throughout the room. "I am Tikal the Echidna, Guardian of Chaos." As she spoke, her words were accentuated by a resounding force. "I have been watching you for some time young prince. I know of the tragedy you've suffered and how cold your heart has turn as a result of it, making your soul's aura nearly black and ugly. You've scorned and shunned those as close to you as family, insulting strangers you would have once taken in, no questions asked. I fear for those not only in this castle, but those whom you reign over as well."

"I think it is about time you were taught a lesson." She raised her arms, unleashing a shower of brilliant magic onto Sonic and all those in the castle. As he was touched by the magic, Sonic yelled in pain, his back arching, his body swelling nearly four times in size. His fur became coarse and thick, darkening to a navy blue while his muzzle became silver. His eyes as cold as malachite.

While his transformation was monstrous, the prince's staff found themselves shrinking in size, changing in shape completely. No longer were they animalistic in physical nature, they were now household objects. The world outside seemed to change as well, taking on a haunted appearance, the skies seemingly a permanent gray clashing with darker clouds while the castle grounds became gnarled, almost threatening.

Tikal spoke once more. "This spell shall remain in place on the castle until your twenty-first birthday. In order for the spell to be lifted you must learn to be compassionate and love another as well as earn her love in return." She handed him in the rose, the delicate looking bloom nearly swallowed by his fingers. "This rose was created by a magical infusion of the seven chaos emeralds. This is your timekeeper. Should the last petal fall before you find someone to love then the spell will become permanent. Remember Prince Sonic, chaos is enriched by the heart."

As the last words died from her lips, Tikal vanished in a burst of light. Staring at where the Guardian of Chaos once stood, Sonic felt instant shame and fear. He had truly become ugly as he let his grief consume him, and now it showed on the outside as well. He ran from the room, away from his servants inquisitive and frightened stares, greatly disturbed as he quickly learned that his speed had been taken from him as well.

Once locked in the sanctuary of his room, Sonic released his rage, yelling as he broke furniture and ripped his claws through portraits that held his old visage. "I'm a monster!" He screamed, glaring at the painting he was readying to destroy. And yet once he got a good look at it, the cursed prince saw that it was the one thing he could never harm, for it was all he had left of them. A portrait of his parents.

While warmth and kindness had been painted into their eyes, all Sonic could see was disappointment. A strangled cry of agony escaped him as he turned away, suddenly remembering the magic rose in his hand. It was his life's hourglass of now.

Cradling it with something close to reverence, Sonic placed it underneath a bell-shaped glass dome he found, spying a glowing hand mirror beside it. Apparently another 'gift' from Tikal. His only view to the outside world. Moving his gaze back onto the rose, the female echidna's words echoed through his mind.

In order for the spell to be lifted, you must learn to be compassionate and love another as well as earn her love in return.

Yeah, right, Sonic thought bitterly. I'm doomed to be in this form for eternity. After all, who could fall in love with a beast?

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