Main Pairing - ObitoXRin
Secondary Pairing - KakashiXAnko (evil laughter suddenly echoes about the room)
Rating - T
Warnings - Strong language, character death, awkward scenes.

"OBITO!" A young kunoichi cried as her teammate lay crushed underneath a giant boulder. Her other teammate, a silver-haired boy, tried begrudgingly to get the rock off of his friend. The rock refused to move, while the boy seemed calm, almost uncaring that he was dying.

Looking up into the faces of his teammates, Obito was furious. He was furious because they were crying over him, and no matter how many jokes he had tried to pull, he didn't even get them to crack a grin. It might have been because just as he was getting to the punch line, he started coughing up blood, but he doubted that was the reason.

"C-come...on, laugh a little..." He barely whispered.

"HOW? You're Dying Obito, DYING!" Rin sobbed out, unable to control the floodgates for her eyes.

If Obito was mad before, he was now furious.

Why the hell is she crying? He thought furiously. She should be flirting with Kakashi! He should be ignoring her! I should be-!

Now he knew why. He should have been yelling at Kakashi for ignoring Rin, but she wasn't focused on Kakashi, she was focused on him. It made him feel wierd. He shouldn't be feeling anything in his stomach, as it was now gone, yet he could definitely feel a warmth there. Why was he dying anyway? Oh yeah, Kakashi got knocked out from a stray rock.

Wait...a rock? You mean Kakashi was taken out by a ROCK? THE Kakashi? THE HELL? Oh...yeah...his eye was sliced in half...whoops, forgot about that...Wait a minute!

"Ka...Kakashi..." Obito gurgled out, coughing up more blood.

The young Jonin was next to him faster than he had ever moved. For a moment, Obito thought that he had copied Minato-sensei's Hiraishin technique. Telling Kakashi to take his newly awakened Sharingan eye, and ordering him to get Rin out of the quickly collapsing cave, Obito wondered idly.

I wonder why I had to die so quickly...I never got to kiss Rin, I had just awakened my Sharingan, I hadn't even made Chunin yet! Why did I have to die...

His wondering never stopped, even as he felt himself slip into darkness.

Why can't I just Re-do this all? Hell, I wouldn't mind even waking up in my bed before the academy...maybe then I could have tried to get Kakashi a girlfriend so Rin would finally notice me. There was someone who tried to go after him...what was her name? She was that Orochimaru guy's student...Anko? I wonder why he went rogue anyway...!...ito!...HEY OBITO-NII!"

The young Uchiha tried to ignore the annoying bickering of the voice to stay wherever he was now. It was dark and it was quiet, very much unlike how it always was at the Uchiha clan compound. Trying to turn further into the warm, comforting darkness, he found it impossible as the voice continued to bother him.

"Aww, can it Sakumo, I'm too tired to care..." Obito mumbled as he turned to his side.

"No fair! You get to go to the academy and become a Genin while I get stuck home, and you STILL over-sleep!" the little boy pouted.

"Uh-huh...the academy...the ACADEMY?"

Obito jumped up from his bed, still dressed in his orange pajamas and stared at his little 7 year-old brother. Quickly glancing to his clock, he saw that he was indeed late for his first day at the ninja academy, but first...

"What day is today?" He frantically asked his younger sibling.

The boy looked at him like he had just grown a third head and seven slimy tails before grumbling out, "It's the 15th of August, seventh year of the Sandaime's rule. I welcome you to the future~!" The little boy said sarcastically, complete with wiggling his hands above his head. "Now hurry up and get out of here or I'm telling mom you're still sleeping!" He said before scampering out of the room.

I'm alive? Obito wondered for a moment. I'm alive...

Five minutes later, the fact hit his mind again, and he realized just where he was. More importantly, WHEN he was.

"I'M ALIVE! HAHAHAHAAA!" The boy shotout of his pajamas into his favorite blue and orange outfit, snatched his leaf headband and goggles before running out the door laughing like he had just saved the world from destruction by blowing a fart or something.

Arriving at the academy rather quickly, (he hadn't realized he was running on rooftops he was laughing too hard) his spirits had yet to die off. Walking into the room he stretched his smile as big as his face would let him, and noticing Kakashi standing near the door glaring out the window on the other side of the classroom, Obito just didn't give a shit what he did today. And since his adrenaline high had yet to go out yet, he did some things the entire class thought he'd never do.

He wrapped an arm around a rather surprised Kakashi's neck and proceeded to give him a noogie while saying "GOOD MORNING SCARECROW!" He then walked past him to Rin, slapped both hands to her cheeks and kissed her square on the lips before waltzing up to his chair and sittting down, suddenly falling asleep as his adrenaline shot from 300 to 0 in the timespan of a single second.

The entire classroom was deathly silent as everyone stared at THE strangest morning in Konoha history. Obito Uchiha never, EVER joked with Kakashi Hatake as Obito had hated his 'I'm so cool' personality from the start. He had just gone up and noogied, NOOGIED, the boy before shouting out Obito's nickname for him attatched to a 'good morning'. Not only that, he also walked up to and KISSED his crush without a care in the world. Said girl was blushing furiously and holding both hands to her mouth as she had just gotten her first kiss. Obito would always ask her for a date whenever he got the chance, but she would always turn him down, sometimes violently, before oggling over Kakashi's cool, mysterious personality. Not to mention that he waltzed up to his seat before promptly falling asleep. Obito was known for NOT doing what he just did. Hell, his reaction with Kakashi was a shocker to almost every person in the classroom, but when he kissed Rin the entire class didn't know what to expect. His tendency to sleep during class was well-known, but he was also know as one of the most hyper Uchiha to have ever existed. To see him go from completely hyper to asleep just stunned everyone from even talking until the teacher showed up.

Upon entering the room, Idate Netsume looked at his class with confusion. Surely seeing Obito Uchiha sleeping wasn't THAT interesting. And why was Rin Iyasu (Sorry PrettyAmythystPrincess, I liked the last name alot...) blushing so hard? Not to mention Kakashi's messed up hair was...messier than usual. The kid also looked a little dazed.

"AHEM!" The class still didn't hear him.

"WHAT IS SO INTERESTING ABOUT THE SLEEPING UCHIHA?" A giant-headed Idate yelled, scaring the living daylights out of the entire classroom, yet somehow not waking Obito.

"Oh! Uh...G-G-Good m-morning, Id-date-sensei...Umm..." An Inuzuka tried to speak, but the teacher had scared her too much for her to complete a sentence.

Calming down, Kakashi slowly moved towards his seat, glaring hell's fury at the sleeping Obito. Rin finally was able to gather enough of her senses to shuffle back to her seat, her eyes constantly stealing glances back at the oxy-moron of an Uchiha. (He's both Lazy, AND Hyperactive!) Seeing how no-one was answering his question, he decided to go along with his job.

"As I have seen you grow from small children to Genin, I can only hope that you continue to improve yourselves to make both your families and your village proud." He continued on with his speech, trying to ignore the light snoring in the background.

Kakashi meanwhile was furious. He had kept up his image of being a dutiful shinobi, but that idiot of an Uchiha had to go and throw his reputation out the window! He had seen the starts of smirks throughout the entire classroom, and he knew that Obito's nickname was going to stick, even IF he hardly saw his classmates anymore.

I swear, if I get stuck on that loser's squad, I am going to blow my head off to the Sandaime, consequences be damned.

Rin on the other hand, still had a blush on her face. Albeit, it was much more controlled now that she had gained her senses, but...she could still feel the heat on her mouth. Heat that wasn't hers. Constantly glancing back at the happily sleeping, grinning Uchiha, she was amazed the teacher hadn't yelled at her yet for not paying attention...but then again, she almost ALWAYS paid attention. Maybe Idate-sensei was just giving her a break or something. Either way, she couldn't rid herself of the blush on her face...or the memory that was constantly replaying itself inside her head, making her blush stay.

What was that?

Obito however was just sleeping peacefully, one thought going over and over in his head.

I'm alive...