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"LET'S NOT!" Minato stated as he glared at the pouting Uchiha in front of him.

"But why not? It's only for TODAY!"

"I don't care! You can't do something like that!" The blonde shot at the Uchiha.

"TOO BAD! By the way, you're talking to a clone, ya know that?" Obito cracked a grin, shocking Minato.

"SHIT!" He quickly bopped the Uchiha on the head, the clone disappearing before Minato flashed to the top of the Hokage monument, landing on the Sandaime's head. "How the hell did he trick me like that? Crap, this isn't good. What's he planning this time?" Minato searched for the Uchiha, jumping from building to building. He HAD to find Obito. Who KNOWS what he had in store for the village?

At the third training ground, Obito Uchiha grinned as he set down the box he was carrying. He tensed before turning towards the Hokage monument.

"Crap, Sensei's on the lookout now." He spun around to two more clones. "We gotta move it! It's almost 9: A.M. and unless we finish this in time sensei's gonna have our behinds hanging from his wall!"

"You mean MY behind, don't you?" A clone looked at him skeptically.

The real Obito rolled his only visible eye. "Whatever, just come on!"

As the group of clones finished their task, Obito grinned. "All right, we're all set!"

"For the biggest,"


"Most CRUELEST scheme ever!" They cheered before the clones disappeared. The only Obito then ran back towards his clan's compound. Upon entering, a voice called out to him.

"What are you doing NOW Obito?"

Obito turned around before grinning nervously. "Me? Planning something? Come now Itachi, where in the WORLD did you get THAT idea?" He slowly began backing up as Itachi started walking over to him.

"Obito...I'm not stupid. I have the grades to prove it. Not to mention the RANK as well." The Uchiha Jonin glared at his Chunin counterpart, Obito fidgeting nervously, his back against a wall.

"Well, er..."

"Itachi-nii!" A voice squeaked out as it crashed into the Uchiha Jonin. "Play with me!"

Itachi twitched. "Obito's your brother, why don't you play with him Shisui?" He said turning to the small boy now in front of him.

"Because Obito-nii's a slave driver and cuz' he said that he had something to do today." He pouted, crossing his arms. "And why are you glaring at the clan symbol anyway?"

Itachi quickly spun back around to see Obito gone, only finding the clan symbol that was painted on the compound wall. "CRAP!" Itachi slammed a fist into the wall. "He got away again!"

"Obito-nii?" Shisui asked curiously.

"Of course! Who else would I be chasing after?" He sighed, a tired look on his face. "Why is it that nobody can ever keep him in one place? AND UNDER WATCH?" He hit the wall again.

"Itachi-nii, why do you need him? He's probably off reading Icha-Icha again." Shisui sighed. The nine year old Uchiha looked off towards the training grounds. "If not he's probably at the training grounds with Rin-chan. You think they're ever gonna start going out?"

Itachi turned towards the young boy in front of him. "Why do you seem more mature than your brother?"

Shisui smiled. "Because I am more mature than him. My mom even says I'm starting to get my Sharingan! She says I'll get it two years faster than Obito-nii!" He grinned brightly.

In the background, a loud crash was heard.

"That would be Obito sneezing and crashing. If you'll excuse me..." Itachi started running, but noticed Shisui keeping up with him.

"Come on! I wanna play with you! You're WAY more fun than Obito-nii!"

"Why don't you go play with Mokona? She's-"

"BOOORING. All she ever does is read read read. I wanna do something fun!"

Itachi sighed. Shisui was really getting stuck on him lately. "How are you keeping up with me anyway?" He suddenly asked.

Shisui shivered. "I told you, he's a slave driver..."

The Jonin went silent.

Obito sat up from his crash site, rubbing his nose.

"I have a feeling I'm going to learn something soon that's gonna frustrate me to no end." Obito grumbled as he got up. Looking up into the sky Obito frowned. "Crud, almost out of time. Gotta get going." He jumped towards his room, intent on grabbing some things. "Okay, I need this one and that one. ESPECIALLY that one." Obito grinned. "The timer's gonna go off in about ten minutes. This is gonna be close..." He jumped out from his window towards the village.

Landing in the street, Obito started running, his objective clear.

"Kakashi!" Kakashi noticed Obito jogging in the same direction as him. "Same place?"

"OF COURSE! Besides, I've gotta be careful. Anko's been giving me these looks ever since we got back from the Kannabi Bridge mission." The one-eyed Jonin smiled brightly underneath his mask. "How's the eye doing?" Kakashi asked off-handedly.

Obito patted the headband that covered his left eye. "It still feels wierd, really sensitive to wind. Midori says I got another week until I can take off the patch underneath my headband." Obito sighed.

"Have you looked at it yet? You know, in the mirror?"

"Duh, what to do think I am, paranoid of the doctor?" Obito deadpanned.

Some distance away, a blonde future Hokage candidate sneezed before crashing.

"Anyway, how's MY eye doing?" He cracked a grin.

Kakashi rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Well, I still can't believe you really gave me your Sharingan...I mean, It's really cool, but I thought since you were always so excited about getting it, you would have trouble giving it to someone like me..."

Obito glared at him. "Kakashi, you heard what sensei said. You're Chidori has that huge flaw, and besides, you said that you wanted to go into ANBU someday, right?" Kakashi nodded. "Then think of it as an early present." Obito smiled.

Kakashi sighed. "Fine."

Obito looked up, his eye sparkling. "We're here." The two ninja stopped.

"You think we'll be able to get away with this?" Kakashi asked nervously.

Obito stared at him. "We're techincally adults, YOU more so than me. We're fine. Calm down." The two walked into the bookstore, a sign outside saying 'Author signing of Icha-Icha Paradise! TODAY ONLY FROM 8 A.M.-10 A.M.!'

Outside of the store, Rin and Anko peered around the corner, having followed the two for some time now.

"Icha-Icha Paradise..." Rin said, reading the sign. "That's the book series Obito's read for about a year now..." She squinted her eyes. "Author signing? Just what is so great about that book?"

Anko started clawing the side of the building they were hiding behind. "I don't know, Kakashi won't let me see it, but I just KNOW he's been getting ideas from it. You remember the time I started grabbing his butt?"

Rin blushed lightly, mumbling, "I wish I could forget..."

"Yep. His reaction to that was priceless. Didn't know he could jump that high." Anko smiled nostalgically before pouting. "But the last time I grabbed his butt, he slapped mine saying 'two can play this game Anko-chan'." She turned to Rin, who was staring at her, shocked. "What? It's not like I really minded, but still, the fact that he's been more...perverse lately, it HAS to do with that book!"

"Obito had told Kakashi he recomended page...239?" Rin tried to remember.

"Then today we find out what's on page 239!" Anko grinned, pumping her fist into the air. "Now let's go!"

Suddenly, a large blast appeared in the sky, shocking the village including Minato, the Hokage AND the ANBU division.

"What's that? Are we under attack?" Minato stared up into the sky, his face tense before it fell. "Yes...yes we are..." He said slapping a hand to his face.

"I'll take it it's one of your former student's pranks?" An ANBU member asked, landing nearby.

"I really wish he would stop doing stupid stuff like this..." Minato sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose, above him a large set of fireworks were emblazed into letters forming "ICHA-ICHA SIGNING TODAY! YOU GUYS ARE ALL MISSING OUT!"

Around the village, a chorus of girly screams echoed throughout the village, causing Minato to clap his hands to his ears.






"This village is under attack by idiocy..." Minato slumped to the ground, a purple aura glowing around him.

"I believe a proper punishment would be in order..." The ANBU said off-handedly, even as one of her squad members was twitching eerily in the direction of the bookstore.

"I'm gonna be Hokage dammit!" Minato cried. "And considering the old man has given up on punishing Obito for reading Icha-Icha it looks like I'LL need to do something about it..." He growled.

Rin and Anko were just about to walk into the bookstore when the ground beneath their feet started rumbling. Rin turned away from the bookstore, her face paling. She grabbed Anko before jumping on top of a building yelling, "STAMPEDE!"


Sure enough, a whole slew of Jonin and Chunin were rushing to the Bookstore. Kakashi and Obito ran out of the store, their books already signed, before jumping to the rooftops.

"HAHAHAA! Told you everybody'd forget!" Obito laughed as he slapped the pale-faced Kakashi's back.

"I didn't think we'd cut it so close..." Kakashi took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. "As long as Anko doesn't get a book, I'm good. Icha-Icha will be sold out for the next month at this rate." He cried in silent relief.

"I didn't think Rin would still remember the page number...she's got a good memory." Obito said in relief, scratching the back of his head. "If she ever read the book, I'd be dead in a flash! Hahahaha!" The Uchiha laughed.

"Anko'd probably DO it in a flash, but I'd be scarred for life. I'm gonna try and prolong her getting a book for as long as I can." Kakashi vowed, clenching his hand.

"Now there's only one thing left to do!" Obito grinned.

"Read the books again?" Kakashi asked in hope.

"Read the books again." Obito smiled brightly. "Besides, I warned Jiriaya that he'd be getting a crap-load of customers soon. Hope Tsunade never finds out he's the author." He and Kakashi began to head towards a random training ground, staying away from the one he used to shoot off the fireworks.

"What do you think would happen if Orochimaru ever read it?" Kakashi asked randomly.

Obito stopped to think for a moment. "I dunno. I heard that the old man had caught him performing live experiments once, something about the first Hokage's Genes..."

"Think it involved Tsunade?" The silver-haired Hatake offered, giggling perversely.

"I find that a very high possibility. You can't look at her and stay gay. It just doesn't happen." Obito shook his head wisely.


"Tsunade, you all right?" Kushina asked the buxom blonde.

"Yeah...I think so..." Tsunade turned towards the window. 'I suddenly have this urge to bash those boys's heads in...'

Obito woke up the next morning, stretching not only his arms, but the big grin on his face. "Today's the day!" Obito jumped out of bed, turning on his shower before stepping in. The warm water running down his skin, Obito remembered the trip back to Konoha from Kannabi bridge.


"So when you charge chakra into the seal, it stays there until you need it. Think of it like a Chakra storage capsule. It can hold as much chakra as you can put into it. Then, when you need it, it refills your chakra supply!" The Uchiha explained his scroll as they jumped back to the village, Obito's eye patched up while Kakashi had his headband covering his new eye.

"How do you know how to do that Obito?" Rin asked, landing on a branch before launching herself forward.

"You can thank sensei and HIS sensei! I've been getting tips from them ever since sensei offered to help. I've learned all kinds of seals and stuff!" Obito then turned to Rin. "If you want, I can help you with a scroll that can help you hold your chakra so you can use it for Medical Ninjutsu."

Rin smiled. "That'd be great Obito!" She then frowned. 'All I can do is accept things from you...'

"Hey Rin..." Obito blushed."Um, I know I'm gonna be outta commission for the next week or so, but...would you want to, umm..." Obito blushed harder.

"Just say it you moron." Kakashi said slapping Obito upside the head.

Obito glared at Kakashi with his one eye before taking a deep breath.

"W-would you want, to go out with me sometime next week?" He quickly looked away.

Rin stared at him, shocked.

"Y-You don't have to if you don't want to!" Obito quickly blurted out, spinning around so that he was facing Rin and waving his hands frantically.

"S-sure!" Rin stuttered, a blush on her face.

"Huh?" Obito stared at the brunette in shock. "R-really? You wouldn't mind?"



"Branch..." Rin sighed as she jumped down to the unconscious Uchiha, his head sporting a giant bump.

Kakashi sighed as he and Minato landed next to the two. "You're gonna have to accept another date from him when he wakes up. Chances are he's gonna think that it was just a dream."

Rin blushed harder.

~End Flashback~

Obito stepped out of his shower, the eyepatch having fallen off halfway through his shower. His grin dropped as he turned to the mirror, his reflection staring back at him. He looked straight at his left eye. A dark-grey eye stared back at him, a small scar around the eyelid. He could feel it moving around slightly everytime he blinked.

"I know cousin Midori said it would take a week before my eye would be attatched and all, but even feels wierd..."

He thought back to when his cousin told him about his new eye.

~Another Flashback!~

Obito stared at his cousin, waiting for her to explain what he had to do.

"Okay Obito, I know you like to move around alot, so I want you to keep that eyepatch on as well as have your headband covering the eyepatch. It will help it heal faster. Prosthetic eyes were just recently created, so you're lucky you were born into the Uchiha clan, otherwise you wouldn't be able to get these." She then turned to him. "With any luck, after a few months your new eye will allow your kekkei genkai to be re-activated. It's only happened once though, so don't count on it."

"Got it! Anything else?"

She nodded. "I want you to keep using your eyedrops on it too. I know you don't use them all that much now, but I want you to start using them again. Also, you won't be able to use your goggles until it's healed."

"WHAAAAT?" Obito gawked at his cousin.

"You can't have your eyepatch, headband AND your goggles on at the same time." She said waving her hand as she turned away. "Let Rin wear them or something. You've got a date coming up with her, right?" Her smile was hidden behind her head.

"HOW'D YOU KNOW?" Obito blushed crimson. He had made it a point not to tell ANYONE about it.

"My lips are sealed." She laughed.

"I bet it was Itachi...I'll have to get him back for that someday..." Obito grumbled as he walked away, only to crash into the wall. "Stupid door moving on me!" He complained as he went through the door that was to his left.

"Doors can't move Obito." Midori laughed.

"YES THEY CAN! YOU SAW IT!" He yelled back.

~End Flashback~

Obito stared at his eye. It looked a little wierd, like it was about to fall out if he opened his eyes too wide. Quickly putting another eyepatch over it, Obito got dressed. He decided to wear his usual blue pants with his ninja equipment, exchanging his Shuriken holster in place of a chakra capsule scroll. He put on a black shirt with the Uchiha clan symbol on the back of the collar. He didn't really like a giant fan on his back. It made him feel like it was a big red and white target...which it was, so he usually had the symbol small and near the top of his shirt. Picking up his ninja pouch, Obito stared at his Wakizashi. He liked it, but it wasn't very convenient. It took quite some time to unsheath it, and with a ninja, a second could mean life or death.

"Maybe I should get one of those assassin blades...those wrist ones like that one Iwa guy had...wish I had grabbed one of 'em." Obito mused to himself as he put on his headband before trying to put on his goggles. They didn't fit. "Man, she was right. This sucks..." He pouted.

Putting his goggles into his ninja pouch, Obito jumped out of his window.

Rin stood nervously in front of her mirror. What if he was late for their date? Should she really be worrying so early? He had said he would meet her at about eleven for lunch, then he would take her somewhere. But where? She had never been so nervous before. Suddenly her mother appeared in the mirror, a smile on her face.

"All excited for your big date Rin?"

The kunoichi turned around, smiling nervously. "Yeah, not to mention I'll be moving out soon."

Rin's mother smiled lightly, her face threatening to cry. "Yes, you've been really busy lately, so I can understand how tense you are." She shook her head before smiling. "By the way, your 'late little idiot' is here." Rin blushed before quickly looking at her clock.

It read quarter to eleven.

Obito fidgeted nervously in the front room, Rin's father giving him a hard glare. He was a tall man with dark brown hair, muscles on every part of his body. Of COURSE he had to fall for the girl whose father was a butcher...

"So you read THOSE books hmm?" His glare intensified as Obito began sweating more, idly noticing the butcher's knife in the man's hands.

Why is it that everybody I DON'T want to know about that knows, yet everybody I couldn't care less about doesn't know?

"Y-yes sir." Obito fidgeted more.

"And you do know what HAPPENS in those books, yes?" Obito nodded. "You don't plan on DOING any of those things with my daughter, DO YOU?" Her father looked like a demon, but Obito held firm.

"Absolutely not." He glared right back; but with only one eye it didn't look like much of a glare.

"Really? Have you ever SHOWN her what's inside those books?"


"You havn't tried to give her any IDEAS from those books?"


"You havn't shown her any SCENES from those books?"

"No, and if I may, are you asking these questions because you yourself have read THOSE books?" Obito fired right back. He was scared stiff, as with every question he asked Rin's father gripped the knife tighter and tighter, but he was irritated of being accused as a sick pervert.

Toshiro Iyasu glared down at the little Uchiha in front of him. He had heard Rin tell him stories about an Uchiha who was always late to things. He was nearly famous for being late, but this kid was actually pretty early. Not to mention he had the guts to try and play him at his own game. Toshiro glared down at the little man before bursting into a loud, bellowing laughter.

"HAHAHAHAA! I like your spunk kid, not bad."

"Huh?" Obito felt like his arms would fall off since they were so tense. They almost did after Rin's father started laughing.

"I was just testing you. I know my little girl's tough, so if you ever try anything on her, you'll be missing an arm." Obito nodded, saying he had seen it happen. His head throbbed from the day he first read Icha-Icha. "But just between you and me," Toshiro whispered. "If she's anything like her mother, she'll be a handful. WAHAHAHAHAAAA!"

Obito stared at the man in shock.

"Daddy, don't tell me you're scaring Obito-kun!" She looked at the open-mouthed Uchiha, still staring at her father in shock. "Daddy!"

"Hahahaa! Don't worry, I didn't break him. Yet." He turned around, heading for his shop. "Have fun you two." Obito's eye widened as Toshiro cracked a grin towards the young Uchiha. One that said 'Good luck'.

"Come on Obito! Let's go!" Rin dragged him out of the house, Obito's head spinning.

"Obito, I have to ask, WHERE are we going?" Rin asked after awhile of dragging the Uchiha.

"Huh?" Obito snapped out of his still shocked state.

Rin pouted a bit. "Where are we going for lunch? You havn't said a thing! You just keep smiling and stuff..." In truth, she was nervous. She used to daydream about her and Kakashi going on a date and always saw herself being an elegant young lady. With Obito she was so nervous she had to fight the urge not to twiddle her fingers.

Obito smiled. "Oh yeah! That's right! There's a new place that I wanted to try out! Sensei showed it to me last week! Come on!" The Uchiha smiled as he began dragging Rin to their destination.

Moments later, Obito was lifting up the flap of a small stand. An middle-aged man and woman greeted the two.

"Hello! Welcome to Ichiiraku Ramen! How can we help you?" the Woman said.

"A ramen stand?" Rin turned to Obito.

"Yeah! They're apparently new, and I know you don't like flashy places, so I figured a small stand like this would be good for a first date!" Obito smiled.

Rin had to agree, flashy places didn't really suit her rough and ragged appearance, which she noticed.

'Should I have tried to use make-up?' She frantically thought.

"What do ya got?" Obito asked as he took his seat on a bar stool, Rin sitting next to him.

"We've got Miso Ramen, Ichiraku Special, Veggie diet, and the rest are up on the menu over there." The man said pointing towards the wall.

Obito turned and glanced over the small menu, deciding a simple beef ramen would be good for him.

"I'll have the beef ramen. Rin? What do you want?"

The kunoichi looked over the menu before deciding. "I'll have the Miso ramen."

"All right then! One Miso and One Beef coming up!" The man smiled before turning to the kitchen, where the woman was already working on the bowls. Obito then noticed something peculiar about the woman. The way she was smiling at the man...

"Is that your wife?" Obito blurted out to the ramen owner.

"Obito!" Rin chided the Uchiha.

The man smiled. "Yes, she is. We plan on having our second child by the end of next spring." The ramen owner beemed in pride while the woman blushed brightly.

"Teuchi-kun..." She put a hand to her face in an attempt to hide the blush.

"Wow..." Rin stared at the woman in empathy. She seemed so happy, even with a little girl hanging onto her leg.

"Woah, you must be super excited!" Obito grinned. "Oh! I'm Obito! Obito Uchiha! And this is my...girlfriend, Rin Iyasu!" Obito blushed on having forced himself to call Rin his girlfriend. The brunette blushed equally brightly, even as she did a slight bow to Teuchi.

Teuchi smiled. "My name is Teuchi Ichiraku, and that's my wife Hanabi Ichiraku," Hanabi slightly bowed, careful not to knock the pans over. "And my little girl Ayame." The little brunette bowed lightly before hiding behind her mother.

"So this IS a family owned business!" Obito smiled brightly, having solved a puzzle in his mind. "I was wondering why this stand was called Ichiraku's!"

The ramen owner nodded. "Yep! We just set up business three weeks ago. We had a young man stop by a few days ago. Apparently he really enjoys our ramen!" He laughed.

"Oh! Did he have blonde hair and this really funny look to his face?" Obito asked.

Teuchi thought for a moment. "Hmmm...I don't recall the 'funny look', but he did have blonde hair and attacked three of our 'Ichiraku Specials' within a half hour."

"That's sensei..." Rin and Obito laughed.

"Oh? He's your teacher?"

The two nodded. "Yes, he was our mentor when we were Genin, but now we're both Chunin, with our other teammate a Jonin." Rin smiled, even as Obito pouted.

"Just because Kakashi's a little bit faster than me doesn't mean he's all that great! I mean, he's-

"Ramen's ready!" Hanabi smiled as she set down the two bowls in front of the two shinobi.

"-Completely missing out on the ramen! Let's eat!" Obito cheered without missing a beat.

Rin sighed. Minato was really influencing Obito. They both were pranksters, Minato having stopped, but because Minato would always bring them to get Ramen...

"Vrut?" Obito looked at Rin, wondering why she was staring at him.

Rin sighed. "Nothing Obito...nothing." She shook her head, even as Obito slurped up the noodles half-hanging from his mouth. 'Would Kakashi being doing stuff like this?' Rin idly wondered.

After some small talk, generally getting to know the Ichiraku's, Obito paid for his and Rin's meals.

"Thanks guys! I'll come back soon!" Obito waved to the two shop owners. Teuchi waved back before returning to his customers. "Those guys were really nice! Don't you think so Rin?"

"Huh? Oh! Yeah, they sure were." Rin tried to smile, but it didn't convince Obito.

The dark-haired Uchiha frowned, noticing Rin's quiet look. He had seen that she kept looking at Hanabi throughout their talks.

I wonder what's wrong...maybe the movie will cheer her up.

"Hey! Rin!" Obito pouted as Rin still seemed lost in thought. "Hmm..." He stood in front of Rin, wondering how to get her attention.

He waved his hand in front of her.


He whistled sharply.

She blinked.

Obito pouted. Why wasn't she reacting to anything he did? "Fine." Obito groaned.

Rin sighed. She had seen the look of pure happiness on Hanabi's face. She wondered if she would ever find someone who would make her feel that way. With Obito slurping up ramen like a four year old, she couldn't help but feel depressed. It was her first date, and she was already ruining it with her fantasies. 'I wonder...did I choose wrong?' Her eyes widened as a weight pushed down on her face. When she looked up, she could see an orange Obito.

"Huh?" Rin pressed a hand against her face, an object coming in between her hand and her face. "Obito...these are your-

"My cousin Midori says I can't wear them until my eye heals, so I want you to keep them safe until I can use them again, all right?" Obito crossed his arms as he pouted. Rin stared at him, shocked. "Now can we PLEASE go to the movies? It's gonna start soon..." Obito seemed jumpy, but he suddenly cracked a smirk. "Unless you wanna start getting my tardy reputation?"

He grinned as Rin grabbed his arm, dragging him towards the movie theatre. "Let's get going!" She hoped that the goggles hid her blush.

Sitting down in the theatre, Obito smiled at Rin's reaction. "Well?"

Rin was looking all over the theatre, her eyes wide as she clicked another side button on his goggles. "Wow! I didn't think they could do stuff like this! Is this why you're always wearing them?" She turned to him, jumping as she hadn't retracted the zoom button. A giant Obito greeted her.

Obito laughed quietly. "Kinda. They're really useful, but they're also really cool! Top of the line fashion right there!" Obito grinned as he laid back in his chair. Rin giggled, promting Obito to pout. "Hey! Don't laugh! Goggles will be the number one thing soon! Just watch!" He grumbled.

"Sure Obito. Whatever you say." She giggled as she continued to look around the theatre.

The movie went by pretty fast. It was an action/comedy/romance movie, with the main character having to rescue a princess locked up in a faraway castle. An evil dragon-like creature gaurded her, intent on 'marrying' her. The princess refused, her heart having fallen for a man she had only spent breif moments with. The main character, with his comical sidekick( a.k.a. his brother) fought the evil dragon, rescuing the princess. It was a long adventure for the two brothers, but by the end, Obito could see Rin's eyes watering. He looked back up at the screen, merely having turned to her because he thought he heard her sniffle.

"You always get to go on such amazing adventures, yet I'm merely a pack mule?" The younger brother raged as he glared at his older brother in the sunset, the princess by his side. The younger brother was holding onto all of the hero's equipment, even as a mark lay hidden on the back of his neck. "I swear brother, pray you never see me again, for the last thing you will ever see is my hand, filled with the thunder's rage."

The scene faded out with the evil laughter of the dragon, the shape of the dragon-like mark glowing a crimson red. A set of words arose onto the screen, forming 'To Be Continued...'

"Looks like that's it..." Obito stated, slowly exhaling. "They better come out with a second movie, otherwise I'll go nuts." He grinned to Rin, who lifted Obito's goggles up before wiping her eyes. "You're not crying are you Rin?"

"Of course not! Something, something just got in my eyes!" Rin stammered.

"When you're wearing goggles?" Obito grinned cheekily. He had wanted to say that for a long time, but to Kakashi, not Rin.

"Sh-shut up!" She shouted, punching Obito in the arm.

"Ow!" Obito cracked a grin, rubbing his now sore arm. "I was just asking, no need to hit me." He laughed. Leaving the theatre Obito looked up. A setting sun reached his eye. "Uh-oh..."

"What is it?" Rin asked, wondering why Obito suddenly seemed serious. The Uchiha grabbed Rin's hand, taking off into a full sprint. "Obito! Wait!"

"I can't! I've been waiting for this almost all day! We're gonna miss it!" Obito shouted, slowing down to a stop. "Aw man!"

"What is it Obito?" Rin said, slightly out of breath. The Uchiha spun around, clapping his hands together and bowing to Rin.

"Please don't kill me for this later, okay?"

"What?" Rin was then lifted up by Obito before a gust of wind whipped across her face. "Obito! Stop!" The Uchiha blasted a large load of chakra into his legs.




Kakashi looked up from his spot on the training field, noticing a flying Obito shooting across the village. "Seems like Obito's trying not to be late for the big finale." He then turned to Anko, dangling from a rope tied to a tree. "By the way, you lost the bell test again." Kakashi giggled. "If I ever got a student, I'm sure he would be hating me for this, much like you are."

"GO TO HELL!" Anko shouted, her hands and legs tied.

"Aww, come now Anko, it could be worse!" Kakashi giggled.

Anko suddenly burst from her ropes, landing on her feet. Looking up, she grinned evilly at Kakashi. "I'm going to KICK YOUR ASS!" She took one step forward before another rope snagged her left foot, dragging her back up into the air. "GODDAMIT! I FUCKING HATE YOU KAKASHI!" Anko shouted, waving her hands frantically.

Kakashi merely smiled, a light blush on his face. "I know. And by the way, light blue? You usually wear purple on tuesdays. Maybe changing your color was bad luck?" Kakashi giggled as Anko quickly pushed down her skirt.


"Obito, stop!" Rin screamed before Obito suddenly hit the brakes. He quickly clicked another button on his goggles, a black visor covering Rin's eyesight. It helped him sleep, and temporarily blind his hostage. "Obito, what are you doing? I can't see!" Rin flailed around, only for Obito to catch her hand.

"I told you, I wanted our first date to be something to remember." Obito said, his face red. He moved Rin to where she was standing in front of him before clicking the button again, letting Rin see again.

What greeted the kunoichi's eyes was Obito and a spectacular view of the village, the sun setting next to the Uchiha. She looked around to find she was at the Hokage summit, on the Third's stone head.

"Obito..." Rin felt her eyes watering up again.

"So, um...Rin..." Obito blushed again, scratching the back of his head. "Would you like to go out with me again sometime?"

Rin stared at Obito, the goggles starting to pool with some of her tears.

'He's not Kakashi...and he never will be.'

Rin smiled, pulling off the goggles and wiping her eyes. "Obito..." She smiled, shaking her head.

"Y-yeah?" The Uchiha fidgeted nervously.

Rin wrapped her small arms around the Uchiha's back, resting her head on the crook of his shoulder. "I would love to."

'Obito's Obito. And that's who I choose.' Rin smiled, having finally gotten over Kakashi completely.


Sorry for such a long wait guys, but since I work now, I'll be jumping on and off this summer. Still felt like at least STARTING the last two chapters before the time jump. Hope you guys all enjoyed!

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