Why Did I Have to Fall in Love with the Shinigami?


~Author's Note~

Okay, so this is my first ever one-shot. I hope you all like it, I'm pretty proud of this. You should also learn this is one of my few older stories when I first learned of Death Note. Thanks for reading too!

I was walking home from school, trying not to concentrate so much on what I had learned today. I wanted to judge people like a god, taking their lives as I saw fit; it would be my best job! But I didn't want to kill anyone. I was hopleless.

A black object caught my eyes and brought me out of my thoughts about Kira. I picked it up. Death Note, is what it said on the front. 'Is this-' I shoved the notebook in my bag and made sure no one saw me. I would be in deep shit if they did. I slammed my front door shut as I walked in. "Katachi, are you home?" I jumped at my mother's voice.

"Yeah, mom! Is it okay if I go study up in my room?" I called over my shoulder as I took off my shoes.

"Here, take this bowl of apples up with you. You need the brain food," she told me as she walked out and I took it.

"Thanks." I grinned and took the bowl upstairs. I sat them on my desk and opened up the Death Note. 'The human who's name is written in this note shall die. There's no mistake; this was Kira's instrument of killing.' I leaned back in my seat. "I can't kill people, but I would love to kill off some criminals," I murmured and bit into an apple. I read through some more instructions. "Shinigami," I said, repeating what I read aloud, "are the original owners of the Death Note. And if I use the Death Note, I can go to neither Heaven nor Hell, but to Nothingness. Hmm… that sounds interesting." I got out of my seat, forcing the urge to write a name down, and began my math homework. I fnished all the homework before I glanced at the Death Note. I put it away in a draw hidden under my bed.

"Katachi! Dinner!" my twelve year old sister, Yori, called and I went down there.

"Hey, father!" I hugged him and he laughed, ruffling my hair.

"I see you're as hyper as ever. Let's go before your mother throws a fit." I giggled, thinking about that and sat in my seat. I scooped up a bunch of mashed potatoes and took a little less roast. Listening in on the conversations happening, I ate and then began cleaning the kitchen once I was done.

"Hey, mom, is it okay if I get a shower?" I asked as I put the last dish in the cabinet.

"Sure." I climbed out of the shower ten minutes later, wrapped a towel around my body, and went into my room. I saw the Shinigami then and squeaked out in surprised, blushing.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked nervously, more excited about meeting a Shinigami then scared of it.

"I am the Shinigami Ryuk. You have my Death Note. Hey, Katachi, can you get me more apples?" My bowl was empty.

"Hey! I like apples too you know! Don't eat them all!"

"Really?" I ignored his question, turning to my closet.

"If you don't mind, I need to get dressed."

"What? Embarrassed?"

"I am a girl. I don't need a guy watching me get dressed! Although," I continued, looking him over, "looking at you, you aren't much of a normal guy." I heard his laugh again. "Would you please go for one minute?"

"Fine, ruin all my fun." For a moment, I wondered what he meant as I hurried to pull on my pajamas. I blow dried my hair and put it up in two braids while Ryuk sat on my bed. "Would you get me some more apples?"

"Why can't you get them?" I shot back. "You know what, never mind. Fine, I'll go get some." I got up and went downstairs to the refrigerator.

"Katachi, are you hungry already?" I saw my mother on the couch.

"It's a night snack. In case I get caught up studying late tonight."

"Why don't you pick apples from the Apple Tree outside? It could use it."

"I will tomorrow after school." I didn't hear what she said as I hurried back upstairs and closed my door.

"Took you long enough. If I don't get some apples in the next couple days, I'm going to start my symptoms again." I held the apples close to me, curious.

"What's wrong if you don't have apples?"

"I get all twisty and I do handstand! It's not pretty!"

"I'd like to see that." I saw the horror on his face and chuckled softly. "Here." I gave him one and climbed into bed, nuzzling down in the covers. "Don't eat them all." I yawned again and fell asleep, thinking about this Ryuk guy.



It was a couple weeks later, when my mother shouted, "Katachi, time to get up!" I turned over in my hammock and buried my face in my pillow. "Now!" she growled.

"Fine! I'm up!" I yelled, our usual routine, and flipped my hammock, seeing Ryuk hanging on my ceiling. I blushed as soon as I saw him and rolled onto my knees. 'What's wrong with me? Do I actually like him… or maybe even love him?' This had been going on for a little while now. As I got dressed for the day, ignoring Ryuk and hoping he wasn't watching me, I began pondering over this. I didn't like it.

While Ryuk tried to get me to answer, I was still thinking and then randomly asked, "Ryuk, what would happen if a Human fell in love with a Shinigami? Or a Shinigami falling in love with a Human?"

"When it would be the end of that human's lifespan, the Shingiami would save them and die for them." My blood went ice cold. 'I can't tell Ryuk I like him in the least! I could never forgive myself for killing him!' "Why do you ask?" he continued, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"N-no reason," I stammered, turning red. I finished getting dressed before taking care of my other needs in the morning. 'Why can't I just concentrate on what I'm doing?' I asked myself as I stumbled down the stairs from not paying attention and glancing at Ryuk. "Mom! I'm leaving!" I called as I grabbed some apples for Ryuk and I.


"I already have some breakfast! Bye!" I left the house, throwing Ryuk an apple as we walked, another usual routine throughout the day.

"You're acting strange," Ryuk commented as he ate some more of his apples.

"Why do you say that?" He shrugged and ate the rest of his apple.

"You just are. Are you going to kill anyone with the Death Note?" he continued, changing the subject momentarily.

"No! Well… I don't know." I sighed.

"What's bothering you?" I sighed again, this time in frustration.

"I don't want to say." The day went by fast and I was still hearing Ryuk's questions all day. My head really hurt by the end of the day and while we were walking home. "You really never shut up, do you?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh… nothing." I glanced at him and blushed again. 'Okay, so I love him and he can't love me back. Can this get any fairer?' I had decided everything that day. It was love I felt, not just a small crush. I knew the difference.

"Can you just tell me what's bothering you?" he asked once again as I lay down on my bed. I sat up and sighed, frustrated and scared at the same time.

"I think I might lo-"

"Katachi! Come pick those apple trees!" My mother's voice interrupted me and I got up to leave without finishing the sentence.

"Katachi, what are you saying?" Ryuk said, following me on my way out. I ignored him. "Answer me, Katachi, this time." I turned around angrily that he couldn't just figure it out.

"Okay, fine! I admit it! I do in fact love you! I know I can't have you like me back because you will…" I didn't finish my sentence; I just turned around and stormed off to the apple trees.



I finally came back in and skipped dinner, going up to my room. I saw Ryuk resting on my bed, looking at the ceiling. "Katachi, I-I've been thinking about what you said and I've realized something. I love you too."

"Really?" For a moment there, I was excited, but then it hit me. "No! You can't! You'll die!" I curled up beside him on my bed all the same, smiling. "Promise me you won't try stop my death."

"I can't let you die. I would gladly give you my life-" I didn't answer; I simply snuggled up closer to him, an idea popping in my head.

"What if I became a Shinigami?"

~Author's Note~

I think i could write a longer story with this, but I'm not sure. Tell me what you think; it would be based during the time when Light recieved his Death Note

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