Chapter Thirteen


"Ryuzaki, I have an important package for you," Watari said. L looked up from the piece of paper he had been inspecting. L frowned and took the orange envelope.

"Do you know who sent this?" he wondered as he looked into the envelope.

"No, there was no address. Obviously, whoever sent this knew our location."

L nodded and pulled out the piece of paper inside.

It read:


We know your identity; we've worked above you for some time. Now you shall know of us, of your shadows. To know more, listen to the video we've sent you.

Superiors Y and Z


Katachi stepped away from the window, a cup of cappuccino in hand, and turned to glare at the figure behind her. "What are you doing here, Ryuk?" she asked, setting the mug on the coffee table.

Ryuk smirked and sprawled out across the couch. "Light sent me to watch over you."

"So, he's going to know I'm alive then?"

Ryuk shrugged. "I just said I'd watch over you. I never told him I'd tell him where you are." So, Ryuk already knew what Katachi was going to ask.

Katachi nodded absently, looking out the window again. "If you're going into hiding, then does that mean you'll be changing your appearance?" Ryuk wondered, sitting up. Katachi nodded, looking back at Ryuk for a moment. Ryuk frowned. "What seems to be the problem?"

"Well, I loved the life I had. Sure, my step brother was a psychotic lowlife serial killer, but I was happy. And Sayu…" Katachi looked out the window again.

Ryuk nodded, understanding. "You don't have to follow every one of L's orders. You already aren't."

Katachi shrugged. "Sure, I'd sent him those tapes, but what does that mean? Neither Yue nor I know if he'll contact us back and if he'll even listen to us. I haven't even filled in Near on the plan that I have."

"You can invite Sayu here," Ryuk pointed out. Katachi sighed and sat on the couch near Ryuk's feet.

"I don't want to involve her on this case. It's too dangerous for her."

"She's already involved, being Light's sister. If anyone figured out Light had the Death Note, they could use her as a hostage."

Katachi nodded again. "I guess that's true, but that still doesn't give me a reason to contact her. If she tells Mother, then Light would know, and would either lead to father knowing or me being dead. If it ends up me being dead, it ends there, but if Father finds out, then L will know and I'll be fired from the case."

Ryuk hesitated, which Katachi quickly picked up on. She looked at him suspiciously. "What are you hiding?" she wondered.

Ryuk shrugged. Katachi glared at him.

"Ryuk!" She poked the Shinigami in the leg angrily. "Tell me!"

"It's no fun to tell all rules in the game," Ryuk complained, then noticed the bowl of fruit on the center table. He reached for the bright red apple.

Katachi slapped his hand and snatched up the apple. "You won't have the apple until you tell me!"

"I can get apples somewhere else," he shrugged.

"I'll tell Light I've always been able to see you! And I'm an incarnated Shinigami/human half-breed!"

Ryuk burst out laughing. "That's what you call yourself?"

Katachi flushed. "Shut up, Ryuk!"

He chuckled, but grew serious. "I wouldn't suggest telling Kira you're part Shinigami. That could be used against you with dangerous consequences."

"I don't need a lecture from you."

"You will, though." Ryuk stood up and began to walk off.

"Where are you going?" she asked as she stood up.

"I'm going to go find some apples," he answered.

Katachi growled at him. "Fine, go ahead!"

She turned away from him and pulled out her new cell phone. After a moment, she called Near.

He answered right before Katachi hung up. "Near, I have a few things to explain to you." Katachi lied again to the young man. She explained the lie her and Yue had planned to get an apartment.

Near agreed to meeting about three days later. After Katachi gave him the address, she hung up. She turned around to speak to Yue and noticed she was asleep. Katachi smiled and started over to Yue.

"Would you like some help?" Katachi turned around and saw Ryuk in the shadows. For a moment, she had the urge to argue with him, but instead, she smiled at him.

"Sure, I could use some," she agreed, then turned to Yue again. Ryuk walked over and picked her up. Katachi showed Ryuk where Yue slept and then walked back out to the living room. Ryuk followed after her.

"You know, you're not arguing with me," Ryuk commented as he floated over and landed on the couch again. He picked up an apple. Katachi sat next to him and flipped on the television.

She was silent for a moment. "You know, you're acting like you're trying... to protect me."

Ryuk froze, an apple half way to his mouth. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Katachi," Ryuk said stiffly, shoving the rest of the apple into his mouth.

Katachi looked over at him accusingly. "You said I was from the future?"

"So you remember part of the story I had told you earlier?"

Katachi nodded. When Ryuk didn't comment, Katachi added, "You hadn't finished the story."

"It's an unimportant detail, Katachi."

Katachi leaned over, coming closer to Ryuk. "Tell me, what was it?"

"It wasn't important!" Katachi, surprised by Ryuk's outburst, didn't say a thing. Ryuk suddenly stood up, feeling claustrophobic. "I'm going to talk to Light. I'll tell him I haven't found where you are at yet."
"What?" Katachi wasn't sure if she had heard him correctly. But Ryuk was already gone. Katachi frowned and stood up. She walked into the kitchen and began to make a snack. She didn't know if Ryuk would be coming back or not, but she figured she could stay up a while longer. She wanted to look at her schooling a little more.


Light wasn't surprised when Ryuk suddenly appeared. He had expected it. "I'm assuming you found Katachi," Light said, scribbling away at the Death Note.


Light's pen dropped to his desk. He hadn't found Katachi? Light took in a deep breath. "You haven't found her? Then why are you back here?"

"I thought you would like to know."

Ryuk's words were short, clipped. Light frowned again and turned to look at Ryuk. "What set you in a terrible mood?"

"Do you want me to keep looking for her?"


Without another word, Ryuk disappeared once more.

Light was more confused than ever. Ryuk was always so happy playing his game. What was wrong with him?

Light scowled and began writing again. It wasn't his concern.


Ryuk disappeared from Light's room without a word. Quietly, he floated across the sky to Katachi's apartment, which he noted wasn't far from her old home. He tried not to think; he was afraid his feelings would surface again. He couldn't allow it to happen. He had to let her go... He faded through the buidling's walls and went straight to Katachi's home. When he floated in, he had a surprise.

Katachi's was asleep on the living room couch. Well, most of her was on the couch. On the coffee table, papers and few textbooks were scattered around and atop one book was her head. She snored softly and mumbled something.

Ryuk shook his head. She did this all the time! Why couldn't she just sleep when she was tired? With a sigh, Ryuk scooped Katachi into his arms and started for her bedroom. In his arms, Katachi mumbled, "Ryuk, quit eating all the apples!" then snored and snuggled herself into his chest.

Ryuk floated to the top of the bunk and set Katachi upon her blankets.


Katachi woke slowly, her eyes still half closed. She was extrememly warm, even more so than she normally was with her bedding. She was confused about this and forced herself awake. What shocked her was behind her thought.

Why was Ryuk in her bed? And why was she curled up to him?

She couldn't help it; she screamed.

~Author's Note~

Well, I hoped you liked the chapter. I know it's short and all, but blame my father. He messed up my writing tool and I ended up with word pad. Yuck! So, I'll try to work faster on the story. Thanks for reading!