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Chloe's POV.

The day after you get engaged to a man you love with ever fiber of your being is…strange.

The charge in the air seems to switch. An anxious feeling builds up and takes residence in you stomach. Everyone that knows suddenly looks at you different…and everyone who doesn't know seems oddly normal.

When I woke up, the night's events seemed like a distant dream. Then I realized I was wearing a ring on my finger.

I sat up, and looked around, confused. My face relaxed when I remebered where I was. Chicagio. Our new home.

Derek muttered something in his sleep, and I smiled. I turned to look at him, his hair falling in his face, his lids softly shut. The curve of his lips, his relaxed face, all reminded me how human he was, too. Only, of course, as human as a werewolf could be.

I cringed at that thought. How could I think something like that?

Suddenly his eye lids fluttered, reaveling those electrifying green eyes I had grown so used to.

I took a second for him to focus, then he sleepily looked up at me.

"Hey." He murmuered, studying me, an almost-smile playing on his lips.

"Hey." I echoed, looking down on him.

He nodded and looked away, then smiled and looked back.

"You did say yes last night, didn't you? Because if you didn't, my confidence would be enternally bruised." He joked.

I laughed.

"Actually, I told you about how Johnny Depp could be my one and only love," I sighed dramatically. He's face twisted in mock disappointment.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Souza."

I looked up from Derek to find Simon, smiling widely, holding Tristan, a wide green-eyed baby. Who for a newborn was very big.

But then again, he is a supernatrual.

Out of no where, Derek pulled me down to him and kissed me. And I mean really kissed me. My head cleared of all thoughts, thankfully, because the guilt was setting in again about the one supernatural baby we had left behind.

"Eugh," Simon hacked. "Not in front of the innocent child!" He turned away from us.

"Did you tell dad?" Derek called, placing his hands around my waist once we pulled apart.

"Nope," Simon called back. "Adele or Tori, either. I'm leaving that one to you guys."

My throat went dry. Tori.

"Well that should be fun," Derek murmured.

"Good morning!" Kit swept in the room at that moment, and we all grew very quiet.

He looked between all of us, confused. Then realization swept over his face.

"Guys," He said quietly.

"I know you feel bad about Chase. But there's nothing we can do. We'll get him back," He promised, a sincere look on his face.

I nodded, as did Simon, looking down.

"Now," Kit said, his voice turning into a cheerier tone.

"Let me hold my grandson!" He turned to Simon. Simon turned back around, and after a second of hesitation, handed Tristan over, who let out a bubbly giggle.

Derek stiffened below me, and I blinked.

Kit stared at Tristan for a second, then smiled. "The kid likes me best," He smiled wider.

Suddenly, the ring on my finger felt heavy. We had to tell him. There was no way I could go through the whole day not saying a word. I wasn't that good of a liar…

Derek and I locked eyes. A look passed between us. When I looked back up again, Simon had the same anxious expression on his face I bet was on mine.

"Chloe?" Kit asked.

He was now bouncing Tristan, who seemed preoccupied by everything. He glanced around hurriedly, like he was waiting for something.

"Would you mind helping me with breakfast?" He asked. The normalcy of the question struck me.

"Uh…" I nodded. "Yeah."

I got up sleepily from the couch, and ran my fingers through my knotted hair. Derek sighed, stretched, and sat up as Kit lead me through the family room, into the right, small hallway toward the kitchen door.

All the while, little Tristan continued to stare at me, wide eyed, his eyes the almost same exact shade of green as Ryan's, which, now that I compared the two, seemed a little darker than Derek's.

As we entered the small kitchen, I saw a small patch of dark hair around the center of Tristan's head.

Kit shifted Tristan on his hip, so one arm was free. He turned to me. "Alright, just let me get the box of…" He turned away from me and opened a cabinet.

Adele walked into the room from a door I hadn't noticed existed. I assumed that was where Tori was.

Adele stopped dead in her tracks and stared at Tristan. I scrunched my brows in confusion and studied her expression.

Kit turned away from the cabinet and set down a jug on the counter in front of me. He spotted Adele and smiled. But the smile faded when he saw the look on her face. Kit glanced between Tristan and her.

"Is something wrong?" He asked worriedly, studying Tristan with great care, then turning back to Adele who shook her head and blinked.

"They seem to be developing rapidly…the babies." She gestured to Tristan and shook her head again.

Kit pursed his lips. "Could it be the barrage of genes?" He asked, his tone business like.

Adele looked away. "It could just be my imagination. We'll have Lauren take a look at them later."

Kit hesitantly nodded, and turned away again.

I cleared my throat. "How's Tori and Emmeline?" I asked. Adele glanced at me, and bit her lip. "Emmeline is developing just as fast as Tristan. And Tori…she's doing better." She nodded once again.

Simon startled me when he came up from behind and stole Tristan from Mr. Bae's arm.

"My turn," He declared, and shot me a look I took as did you tell him?

Kit turned around in time to see the look. Adele took a seat at the table as Kit narrowed his eyes.

I shook my head no to Simon, and he rolled his eyes and started to bounce Tristan.

"Hey, Chloe," Simon said in a loud, game-show-host type of voice. "How's you're finger?" He asked, and cleared his throat. I shot him a look.

"Alright, now you-" Kit placed something in my hand. I didn't see what; I was too busy reading his expression when he saw the ring on my finger. He quickly looked up to me, then back at my hand.

"No." He let out a breath in disbelief.

"Yes." Simon said cheerfully.

"Oh my God!" Kit exclaimed

A wide smile broke out across his face, and I smiled, happy he took the news well.

"Oh my God! When did this happen?" He asked, picking up my hand and studying the ring. I had to bite my lip; He was reacting the way I had imagined a preppy girlfriend would.

"Last night," I answered him. He looked up to me and smiled some more. Adele shot up from her seat.

"Lauren!" Kit called excitedly. "Lauren!," He turned to me. "Does Lauren know?" He asked, his eyes wide. I nodded. "She walked in on it." I laughed.

Aunt Lauren came out of the same room Adele had, also smiling. But Kit hadn't noticed her. He was now jogging out of the kitchen, down the hall. I walked over to the door frame, and peeked down the hall. About ten paces away, Derek and Kit were hugging.

I froze, and my insides softened. I'd never really seen Derek or Kit this way before. It struck me that no matter what anyone said, Kit was the one who raised Derek. Kit was Derek's father.

Feeling like I was intruding, I entered the kitchen again to find Avril and Bryce sitting at the table. I wondered how they had gotten their so damn fast…

Oh. Right. Vampires.

Avril was drinking a glace of milk, and had a sort-of confused expression on her face. Her hair was pulled up into a high bun. Bryce sat next to her, his eyes distant. His arms lay limp at his sides. He looked deep in thought.

"Sour?" Simon asked, standing in the spot I had left him. It took me a minute to figure he was talking to Avril.

Derek and Kit re-entered the room while Avril shook her head. "It has no taste." she answered.

Simon gave her a curious look. Derek wrapped his arms around my waste from behind me.

Bryce glanced at me. Derek stiffened.

"Wow," Kit laughed. "Wow oh wow. Derek's getting married." He shook his head smiling. Simon smiled wider.

Bryce looked away from me and exchanged looks with Avril.

Aunt Lauren came out into the room again, but this time, she was followed by Tori.

She looked healthy, despite the bandage wrapped around her waist. She had dark circles under her eyes, but other than that, she was glowing.

And holding the prettiest little girl I had ever seen.

Emmeline had long eyelashes and dark hair; not that their was much hair, but what she had of it was practically black. She had big green eyes, like her brother. She had small lips, and wide cheeks. She was the cutest thing ever.

Everyone was quiet when Tori spotted me. She smiled; It was a fragile thing. She came up closer to me.

"I heard! Congratulations!" She handed Emmeline to Kit quickly, yet carefully, and then hugged me. I hugged her back.

In our own way, that hug said a lot. For me, it said I was sorry. And that I was forgiven. I wasn't just saying sorry for Chase. I was sorry for her mom. For her family. For everything.

Tori was my best friend.

When we pulled apart, she turned to Derek, a serious expression on her face.

"I'll kick your ass if you hurt her." She shrugged. Everyone was quiet. Derek swallowed.

Tori looked around. "Jeez people, I was joking."

Bryce snickered.

Tori took Emmeline back, and stole Tristan from Simon.

I looked around the room.

Everything was crazy. But right now, for a second, I thought we might be able to move on. And live like everyone else.

I didn't realize a lot more was to come before fate was through with us.

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