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Chloe's P.O.V.

I should have slammed the door right in his face. I should have punched him, or screamed Derek's name at the top of my lungs.

But I didn't.

Don't ask me why I didn't; I wasn't in my right mind. In fact, I don't know where the hell my mind set was exactly.

All I knew was something made me want to let this man in, let him know everything, let him dip into my desires and dreams, and let him comfort me in my worst sorrows.

And something he had said caught my attention.

"How are you here in my best interest?" I questioned bravely. The old, pre-Lyle House Chloe would never do such a thing.

No, pre-Lyle House Chloe would be shaking, hiding under the bed right now.

But this Chloe stood in the door frame, her face a mask of blankness, conveying no feelings whatsoever to him. Not asking for answers, but demanding them. Our eyes danced together, a dangerous card game of pride - and neither of us would be the first to back down, to reveal a weakness.

The man smiled in delight at my playing-along to his little game.

"How am I in your best interest, Chloe?" His eyes sparkled, dazing me into a state of almost content. He gracefully walked into the room, and I backed away in response, wanting to keep the same amount of distance between us at all times.

I struggled to pull my gaze away from his, to break the strange charming trance he was trying to put over me; intentional, or not.

He waved his hand and the door slammed shut. Then he flicked a finger, and a series of clicks informed me that the door was also now locked.

I kept my focus on his hands. That seemed like a safe spot.

"Why do you have to lock the door, if your in my best interest?" I countered back, crossing my arms now, a defense mechanism. I tried hard not to let fear overcome my facial expression.

The man sauntered over to my bed, and elegantly sat. His eyes glanced down to his lap, and his long, pale fingers brushed bits of dust off his pants. He then looked up to me.

I looked right over his head, focusing on the wall, avoiding his stare at all costs. But then I realized he wasn't looking at me.

He was looking at my stomach.

Instinctively, my hands flew to my belly. Did he know I was pregnant?

How could he know when only Derek and I knew?

Who was he, anyway?

I furrowed my brows, and the man raised his eyes to meet mine. That intoxicating perfect aura froze me to where I was standing. Froze my eyes from leaving his.

"Chloe, I'm sorry. I've yet to introduce myself." His voice still dripped with smoothness, but this time it sounded like there was at least a tiny amount of sincerity hidden in there somewhere.

The corner of his almost womanly lips curled slowly up into another smile. The way this guy could never stop smiling, no matter what he said, made me flash back to childhood memories of Jim Carey's portrayal of "the Grinch", and Batman's most disturbing, eeriest foe; the Joker.

"My name is Maxwell. I won't lie to you, Chloe; Why would I? I'm not here to harm you, to deceive you. I knew about your Aunt's death - bless her soul -" he raised his eyes up toward the sky, still smiling.

Somehow, his little prayer for my Aunt seemed sickly twisted.

"I know about your friends, how you've all been on the run for quite some time, I know you happen to be carrying Derek Souza's pup-er-children," his nose scrunched up a tad, but he tried to cover it by widening his smile even further. I didn't understand how that was physically possible.

"And I have come from the Edison Group. But before you freak out running, screaming in terror, let me tell you this, Chloe: We are not here to harm you at all. You may think this is a lie, but it is completely and totally true. I've come here today because I want to make your life easier, Chloe." He cocked his head at me, and his smile suddenly folded into pursed lips.

"I've come to make your life easier, and to let you know who you really are. What you truly possess."

I furrowed my brows, and backed farther away from him.

He was lying. He had to be. The Edison Group wanted more than anything to harm me. They wanted me dead and gone.

But…how did this guy know about the babies? About Aunt Lauren's death?

The Edison Group must've killed her. That's the only reasonable explanations.

But then…how did Maxwell know about my pregnancy?

"What do you want from me?" I barked at him. I didn't make an attempt to hide my fear anymore. I was scared. And mad. And defensive. And on some crazy hormone rage.

Maxwell folded his hands, studying me. "Chloe, you're gifted. We've always known that, and you've always known that. You're a very, very powerful, gifted Necromancer. Which, is why it's been so hard to capture you and yours friends."

Scalding fear fired through my skin. It must've showed on my face, because Maxwell shot up from the bed and drew near to me in smooth strides.

"No, no, no, no, no, Chloe. We're not here to capture you, or your friends." He didn't smile when he said it. He wanted me to know he was serious.

My chest heaved with heavy breaths.

"Chloe, we made a huge mistake in trying to capture you. We've been searching - honestly, to destroy you and your friends - for quite awhile now, when, in reality, you're the one we've been waiting for, the one we've needed all these centuries."


"What?" I voiced my thought out loud. None of this made any sense at all. What was going on? What did they want from me? What did they need me to do? Why had they been waiting for me?

"See, Chloe, we've been attempting to use drugs and treatments to maintain order of the supernatural world. To help control powers, to help put supernatural creatures in their place in the supernatural chain of beings. And we've been doing this because we couldn't find the promised one, the one to resolve this naturally, with her power and superiority."

His eyes gleamed into mine, and he drew closer and closer…

His icy fingers softly grazed my cheek. I shivered, though my eyes stayed glued to his.

Was this true? Could this be true?

How could I believe him? I didn't believe him. Couldn't believe him. I wouldn't.

But I couldn't deny; there was some missing piece in me that seemed to be filled by what he was saying. And his eyes, his tone…

He was telling the truth…wasn't he.

Was he?

"There was once a girl, a woman, a supernatural with great natural power. She was to restore balance to the supernatural world, giving people and supernatruals in the world their rightful place, their rightful number in the order of things. This woman was a powerful Witch and Necromancer." Maxwell's eyes dived deeper into mine. "This woman's name was Pheobe Elesieus." He said the name with great importance, great pride.

I had never heard the name before, and I had no clue what this little history lesson had to do with me, but I could tell from his demeanor she was well known in the supernatural world. A world I hadn't really been that well exposed to.

"This woman, Chloe, is your ancestor." Maxwell whispered in awe, and he looked at me like…like I was some sort of…saint or something.

It sent a strong surge through my blood, this power he bestowed on me with that one look.

A silence passed between us. A silence he used to stare at me, and a silence I used to take it all in.

This…Pheobe. Pheobe….Elesieus? Is that what her name was? She was my ancestor?

A Necromancer…and a Witch?

I thought about the possibility.

My…powers had always been unusually strong. Many people had told me so. And their had been several incidents…

Well…more than several…

He was from the Edison Group. My automatic thought was, he's lying. I shouldn't believe him. After all that's happened, after killing Liz, drugging me, chasing us down, possessing Rae, sending kidnapping Chase, drugging me again, kidnapping Nate and who knows who else, blocking my ability to see ghosts…

Yeah, why in the hell should I trust him? Everything pointed in the complete opposite direction - it's a trap. A lie to convince you to go with him or whatever. A lie constructed to gain your trust.

Not working.

It had to be a lie. Elesieus? What was that crap about? I'd never heard that name before, and it sounded like some Dr. Seuss character. If this Pheobe chick were really important, were really real, wouldn't I have heard of her by now?

"No." I said strongly, surely. It was a nice little fable Maxwell had told me, an interesting, grand fairytale. But I wasn't being fooled again. I was not the foolish girl I used to be. I wasn't, and I would never be again.

Maxwell sighed, yet maintained a calm, patient expression. He glanced down at the floor for a moment, then looked up to me, his eyes sparkling and dancing in that intoxicating, alluring way of his.

I quickly turned my face away from him, toward the door. I didn't want anything to do with those eyes, incase he had some freaky mind-control power I wasn't aware of.

"Chloe, you don't have to believe me. You don't. It's perfectly fine if you don't. But…" he took several steps toward the door, into my sight. I slowly looked toward his face, being sure not to look directly into his eyes just to be safe.

His mouth pulled into a half small, and his pale hand extending and grasping the door handle. "But I'm telling you the truth. If you choose to take your natural role in our world, we would dispose of all our current tactics to order the supernatural world. Because you can do that, Chloe." He let go of the handle, and sauntered toward me again.

Despite my fear of mind control, I slowly looked up right into his eyes, now inches from mine. My body froze, and my eyes remained locked to his…his intoxicating…enticing…attractive…alluring eyes. My mask of indifference melted away with every second those glimmering eyes gazed into mine. I never wanted to pull away.

He reached out his hand to me, and slowly brought his long, white fingers to my face. A part deep inside of me, locked away by his gaze, screamed back the hell away from him! But I couldn't do that right now…actually…I didn't want to now.

His skin, despite looking white as snow, was warm and soft, smooth as he traced it down the side of my cheek, ever so delicately. He pulled his hand away from my face, but didn't dare to move his eyes from mine.

"You can bring the world back to what it should be. Chloe, you can be the difference between life and death for all supernatural kind…" A small smile played on his lips now. "Including your friends." He whispered.

Despite the frozen state, a flame shot up within me and began to burn deep within my gut. I…I could do that? Could save them? Tori…Simon…Derek…I could save them.

His hand reached out to me once again, his eyes still focused intensely on mine. But this time instead of delicately touching my face, he softly grabbed my hand, and raised it to his full lips.

"Vale, Maximo Principem." He whispered, his eyes dancing even more than before. Then he kissed my hand softly, closing his eyes.

He turned his back, opened the door and walked out, leaving the door to close quietly behind him. And leaving me to wonder over what exactly was the right thing to do.

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