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Chapter 1: Radar

I smirked to myself. Too easy. I breathed in the summer air while a slight breeze blew my bangs out of my face.

The target board was staring me down. I glared at it, analyzing every angle.

I then drew one of the kunai back, narrowing my eyes.

100% accuracy. Eat this!

The kunai hit the board so hard it tipped over, slowly.

I scoffed. "Easy,"

It took me a moment to realize clapping from behind me. My ears perked with curiosity. Someone was watching me? How had I not noticed?

I turned around, spinning on me heel and stared at a big chested, blond woman who was also smirking.

My grin faded. "What?" I questioned suspiciously.

The woman chuckled. "That was no ordinary strike," she informed me.

I shrugged. "Been doing it since I was six,"

She looked at me amused. I wondered what she was doing here. No one ever came to the target boards to watch. They did last year, but people only came to try and see me fail and miss dead center by less than an inch. Of course I never did. So what could she possibly want?

"I see you're good then," she continued.

I sweat dropped. "Well, duh. Not to brag or anything but 100% accuracy,"

The woman raised and eyebrow. "Oh, is that so?"

I nodded. There was something about her that was weird. She looked extremely powerful despite being a girl. She just had this presence that made me feel she could beat the shit out of any man she wanted to.

"Can you do it with a shuriken?" She inquired, interested.

I nodded. "Yeah, I'd show you but I don't have any with me,"

"No problem," she reached for her back pocket and pulled out two shuriken.

I flinched. The only person to carry around weapons would be me. Why did she have them?

Cautiously, I took them from her. Turning away, I stared at the target board to the left of the one that was knocked over.

Concentrate. Concentrate.

Don't mess up!

Shut up!

God, I hate my inner.

Narrowing my eyes, I drew the shuriken back and shot them forward. Two blades shared the bulls eye.

"Ah," the woman behind me commented. "Perfect,"

I blinked. "What?"

She shook her head dismissively. "Would you like to go eat somewhere? My treat,"

Not really, creeper. "Sure,"

I followed her out of the practice area, ignoring the weapons lying by the target boards, knowing I had so many more of them.

She led me to a restaurant called, The Saltwater Room. Inside it was bustling with people, coming in and out. Lights were flashing repeatedly and it was getting more obvious because it was getting darker outside in the lovely city of Konoha.

We took a seat at the bar in the last empty seats.

She turned to me. "My name is Tsunade,"

I smiled. "Tenten,"

Tsunade held out her hand and I shook it.

Before she could say anything else I asked, "Is there a reason you brought me here?"

Tsunade crossed her arms, waving over a bartender. "I have a preposition."

"Water," I told the bartender.

Tsunade sighed. "I'd get sake, but . . . no water,"

The bartender left immediately to get the simple orders.

I raised an eyebrow. "What kind of preposition?"

"I hope you're not doing anything this summer," Tsunade announced.

My memory flashed to my irresponsible parents sitting around at home. They didn't give a shit what I did. Nope. Not two fucks off. But I didn't allow myself to get pissed with this Tsunade lady right in front of me.

"No," I answered. "Nothing at all,"

Tsunade smirked. "Then with your parents permission-"

"They won't care," I immediately butted in. "I'm sure,"

Tsunade sweat dropped. "You don't even know what I'm about to say,"

I shut my eyes in annoyance. "Trust me they won't care,"

After a slight silence, I opened my eyes to see Tsunade's widen. She obviously understood.

"Well then, Tenten," It seemed she had to rack her brain to remember my name. "Would you like to join the Konoha circus?"

I dropped my glass and Tsunade caught it in the nick of time.

"The circus?" I questioned.

Tsunade smoothed her pants. "Yes, you heard,"

I didn't know what to say. Sure it would be fun but I'd never been to a circus. I didn't even know if I could do anything! My thoughts were racing. Maybe I wouldn't be extremely bored this summer! Still, I didn't think I'd be able to do anything. She had to be messing with me.

"I couldn't do anything," I remarked coolly.

"Seriously?" Tsunade asked. "Are you that stupid,"

I flinched at the comment but shook my head. "I've never even seen a circus," I replied.

Tsunade laughed. "Your weapons mastery!"

I cocked my head to the side. My weapons?

"They can be used in a circus?" I asked her.

Tsunade smiled, taking a sip from her water.

"Anything out of the ordinary can be used," Tsunade explained. "As long as it's interesting."

My eyes widened. Was she for real?

"You'd actually let me join?" I demanded, curiously.

Tsunade guffawed. "Of course!" She cried. "You got talent kid,"

I pondered over this. It was too good to be true. I'd always wanted something kind of adventurous like this. She had to be playing with me.

"You're not kidding are you?" I queried.

"For Chris'Sake I'm not!" Tsunade exclaimed. "Swing by tomorrow and have a look for yourself!"

I could swear my eyes were twinkling.


Tsunade sighed. "Hell yeah! I want you in my circus!"

"Yours?" I wondered.

Tsunade smirked. "Well who else do you think is choreographs?" she asked me.

I raised my eyebrows once more. "All of it?" I asked.

She nodded. "I come up with all the stunts and direct everything,"

"Sugoi," I murmured.

Tsunade then cut in. "Our circuses are a bit different though," she said. "We have no clowns...well you'd have to see for yourself. It's a circus more or less."

"When do you want me to come?" I asked almost too fast.

Yeah I know. I get excited over shit like this.

Tsunade smiled. "Tomorrow for the best,"

Tsunade and I both shared a platter of Mango Marinated chicken. Don't ask me why, but we were already beginning to be friends.

I swallowed the last bite of food.

"Thanks, Tsunade,"

We were now walking out, bellies full.

"Swing by tomorrow," Tsunade told me. She slipped a piece of paper in my hands. "Here's the address,"

"Yeah," I replied. Let's hope when I go that they don't turn out to be pedophiles and rape me ...

"And Tenten!" Tsunade called.

"Yeah?" I turned.

"I've wanted a weapons specialist in the circus for a while now, I'm glad I found you on the radar!"

I ignored my drunk parents lying on the couch and stomped up to my room, trying to be as loud as possible.

Pf. Don't blame me, they deserve it!

Laying on my bed, I sighed. We moved a year ago and that was when my parents started to drink. I didn't have much luck making any friends at school. Besides I apparently went to the "Bad" Junior High. There was Oak Junior High and Konoha Junior High. Oak Junior High was built because of all the kids. That's where I go. Everyone says Konoha is the best. Better teachers, nicer kids, nicer facility. Psh. And you'd think the newer one would be cleaner.

My phone lay useless on my nightstand. I missed my old friends back in America. There was no way I could text them with the time differences.

Actually I was really lucky that I had an anime Otaku level. It led me to my amazingness with Japanese knives and it's how I learned to speak the language. Unlike my idiotic parents. God only knows why they moved to fucking Japan. You'd think I'd be happy to move here with my anime/manga obsession. FALSE! I always wanted to visit. not stay and abandon my friends back in the U.S.

More sighes. I really did miss my friends.

Finally giving in, I grabbed my phone, flipping it open. I decided to text my friend Lisa. I knew she wouldn't answer but tomorrow morning there'd be something.

I threw it aside, not daring to text any of my guy friends. Yes, I had romance issues.

My chin was now resting on my elbows. I really hoped that this circus thing was for real. It seemed cool. A Japanese circus. It'd be something different than just laying around like my first summer here.

I was only fifteen for Gods sake. I should enjoy my childhood or ... teenage-hood?

Something to do would be nice. Some friends would be too. I really didn't want the circus freaks to be a bunch of jerks. That would piss me off. A lot.

GOD DAMMIT ALL! I can't be this depressed! I'm too young!

I pulled out my laptop that I bought with my own money. Opening it I scanned through my archives of downloaded anime episodes. I finally settled for Ranma 1/2. This had always been one of my favorite animes. It was amazing how Ranma could adjust to moving with the Tendo's so easily.

"Saotome Ranma!"




Ah. Good old anime to cool down the temper.

When the episode was over, I closed the top of my laptop, not bothering to turn it off because it would be such a drag when turning it back on again.

I slipped into my PJ's that consisted of short shorts and a cami. Don't you dare call me a slut. I'll jump out of Fanfiction and kill you. It gets very hot in my room and my parents don't bother with air conditioning.

Grabbing a brush, I pulled out my ponytails that had neatly kept my hair in twin buns. My chocolate hair fell over my shoulders in clumps. I sighed, brushing through it.

Why'd it have to be so damn long?

Finally, after the knots were all smoothed out through some intense brushing, I set the brush down and turned off my cheap lamp.

I laid on top of the thin sheets and stared into the obsidian sky. Okay. Maybe not obsidian. But there was still a red tint in the darkness, reflecting against the moon. Not strange at all.

Then I feel into dreamless, but content sleep.

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