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NejiTen Fanfic

Chapter 35: Gravity

There were moments in my life, where I had felt adrenaline. Swinging on the trapeze, catching fire, and climbing the silk. It wasn't the same adrenaline I had felt earlier. It wasn't the same feeling. It was the feeling of gravity. I jumped towards Neji, not because the ground or pull of the atmosphere, but it was he that had been tugging me towards him. I hadn't been thinking. I hadn't been conscious of what I was doing. There was just gravity ... the gravity that pulled my closer to the Hyuuga.

I realized this when he walked in the room.

My eyes flashed open and there he was. His lavender eyes staring straight at me, intently, boring into my soul. They captivated my body, allowing my lips to part but with no sound excavating from them. I was pure speechless.

Around me, out of the corner of my eye, I recognized the whiteness of the walls, the door, the nightstand. I was in the hospital.

I was so dazed that I didn't even realized Neji's hands cupping my face until there was something warm and wet on my cheeks. His tears. Neji was crying. My eyes softened finally, looking at his distorted face, squeezed eyes and the water rolling down off his chin.

"N..." I could hardly get out the syllable. "Ne..."

Hearing my voice his hands moved to my back and rushed me upwards into a hug.

I ignored the pain in my side from where Hiashi's hand had been planted and just focused on Neji. Words could not describe how good it felt to be hugged my him, how much I wanted it and didn't want it to end. It was literally all that I desired at the moment.

"I'm sorry." Neji's voice was surprisingly even, despite his constant shuddering.

I trembled at his tone. It was so sincere and agonizing. It was so sad.

"I'm so sorry this happened to you." Neji's hands tightened around me, shaking.

I bit my lip. None of this would've happened if it wasn't for Neji's uncle. Hiashi. Someone had to have told him about what happened. There's no other way he'd know.

"H-How?" I stuttered. "How did he kn-know?"

Neji seemed to have already known what I was talking about. He must've known that Hiashi would be on my mind.

"Keiko ... Keiko tipped him off." Neji was so reluctant to tell me.

And the moment I heard the words, I started to sobbing. Why did Keiko have to do that? Why did I have to even join the circus? I didn't know that there would be so many issues with relationships. I didn't know that I was Keiko's replacement and for a second I blamed Tsunade and was angered. But the rush of anger quickly died down. The circus had changed who I was. It had made me a better person inside and there was no way I should've hated it.

"My parents?" I suggested, not willing to let go of Neji just yet.

"They came by already." Neji answered. I didn't think he was crying anymore.

"Oh." I replied in small tone, still wondering where they went yesterday.

Outside the storm was still going.

"How long have I been here?" I questioned.

Neji let me go and stared into my eyes. I wasn't eager to let him go but waited for his answer.

"Almost 24 hours. Not quite a day though."

The window showed that it was dark outside and the lamp illuminated the room in white light. It was hard to tell what time it was. The clock glowed 2:00 AM. It was already the next day.

"Why were they going to kill you?" I asked.

Neji sighed. "Because I got involved with the Akatsuki and brought a main branch member into danger."

"That's it?" I wondered.

He nodded.

The Hyuuga's really were jerks.

"Neji," I breathed. "What happened to the others?"

"They've already visited you. You mean our friends right?"

I nodded, tucking my knees to my chest and looking down. There was something missing.

"I miss the circus." I admitted, my eyes drooping downwards and my arms steeping to their sides.

There was a long silence that lasted a few minutes but I thought it was hours. Time seemed to have slowed down for me, allowing me to take in every part of this moment.

It was interrupted though when the pearly door slowly drifted open. Red roses peaked through the door, followed by to dark silhouettes that I vaguely recognized. My parents. Kyoyo and Misa walked through and into the room, smiles that were faintly lit on their faces.

Their eyes flashed to Neji.

"Your boyfriend?" My mom chatted casually as she stepped in.

I glanced at Neji, a small smile finally brought to my face, cracking the dried tears that had stained my cheeks.

"Something like that." I remarked.

"Are we interrupting?" Kyoyo wondered, his hands on the door handle.

"I was actually just leaving." Neji stood up, flickering a smirk towards me.

I didn't miss it and returned it with a tongue. My heart felt as if it had skipped a beat and I was returning to my old self.

Still, Keiko was lingering in my mind. It pained my heart that she betrayed us ... again. There was seriously something wrong with her. Had she been acting? Was she faking her tears before when she wanted to kill her father? Or was she just in so much pain?

Misa took a seat on the bed, while Kyoyo stood by it.

"We owe you an apology." My mother began. "A proper one."

I blinked, confused.

"For what?"

"For what?" Kyoyo repeated. "We're probably the worst parents in the world."

I chuckled.

"And I'm probably the worst daughter."

My parents glanced at each other confused.

"I should've alerted the authorities and gotten you guys help." I confessed. "You feel like hell right now don't you?"

A laughed escaped my mother.

"I feel great. It's been so long since I've been free." She explained, Kyoyo nodding. "Of course the agonizing headache comes with it but obviously it won't last forever."

Misa and Kyoyo were so different sober. So much more different. In fact they were like a completely different person.

"What's it like?" I asked them. "Being drunk."

"I'd tell you," Kyoyo sighed. "But I don't remember so I would say ... forgetful."

"Not fun." Misa added.

"I see," I answered, finding the conversation at a dead end.

My mom set the flowers on the nightstand and returned her gaze back towards me.

Finally, I asked one of the questions that was burning in my throat.

"Where were you guys yesterday morning?"

"Grocery shopping." Kyoyo replied. "Why?"

For the first time in days, I sweat dropped, feeling my usual sarcasm return into my veins.

"Why?" I asked, folding my arms, irritated that the answer wasn't really juicy.

"So you could have a proper breakfast in the morning." Misa said, smiling.

"Oh ... thanks." It was nice. When I got home, food would be therapy.

Suddenly there was a ringing.

My mom reached for her pocket and answered the phone.

My ears perked with interest.

She talked, nodding occasionally and finally hung up.

"Your father and I now work at the Yamanaka Flower shop." Misa explained, grinning.

It took a moment for me to process ... then:


My parents blinked at me.

"Um ..."

"Oh sorry." I smiled, rubbing the back of my neck. "I know the Yamanaka's daughter."

My parents laughed and I finally joined in. This was what I missed the most about family.

3 days later

The bleachers were cold against my thighs and the dome was colder than usual even thought it wasn't exactly fall. I was released from the hospital the other day and still I could walk properly because of my waist, where I had been hit by Hiashi, who resided in jail at the moment, leaving the Hyuuga's without an heir, momentarily.

I was sitting on the bleachers of the dome, watching my friends practice the usual routine. There was another show coming up soon ... once a week ... eight shows in all. It went on for two months, ending in October.

I chuckled at Ino's attempt to climb the silks. When she fell on her butt, she turned to give me the thumbs up and I rolled my eyes, turning my attention to Naruto and Hinata. They were definitely flirting. Hinata was trying to convince him not to do the pendulum blind folded. He did anyways, scaring the shit out of her when he was hit, but it turned out he was only a shadow clone and the real one was laughing his ass off behind her, slapping her on the back.

I heard Sakura mumbled close by, "Remind me to scold him for that."

Laughing, I turned to Kiba and Akamaru playing roughly, then to Lee, who was running his heart out. Shino was attempting to make me laugh by spelling out weird words with his bugs. He was successful. Chouji was harassing poor Shikamaru with his blown up body but I nearly fell of the bleacher laughing when Shika possessed Chouji's big balloon like body. Sasuke nearly lit Sakura on fire, wondering if she could heal burns. Sakura wildly chased him around, screaming violent threats while she was at it. Neji, last to look at and first in my heart, was doing multiple tricks on the trapeze.

"Show off," I muttered smirking, knowing he was watching my face with his Byakugan, searching for amusement.

Tsunade was supposed to be supervising but she laid down and ate popcorn while everyone was at work.

A few hours later

I limped over to my friends, who had just finished practice, clutching my waist and smirking. They all looked completely tired and exhausted while I remained scratchless.

"How goes it?" I asked.

"How goes it?' Sakura repeated, panting. "Well a certain someone-" She glanced at Sasuke annoyed. He smirked. "Enjoys trying to burn people!"

Tsunade rolled her eyes.

"Come on now." She mumbled.

Out of nowhere, Neji's arms snaked around my shoulder.

Ino gasped, shoving Shikamaru aside, who just decided to lay on the ground and not get up.

"Are you two going out?" She squealed, noticing that I didn't cringe at Neji's touch.

My face turned red from embarrassment.

"Of course we're no-"

"Are." Neji cut me off pleasantly.

My gaze shifted to him suspiciously.

"Oi." I mumbled. "WHEN WAS THIS ESTABLISHED?" Though inside I was happy.

"You confessed." Neji smirked. Oh god was he enjoying this.

My eyebrow twitched.

"No I didn't." I grumbled.

Neji raised an eyebrow.

"Yes you did."

"You were having too much of an emo moment to notice!" I cried at him.

Neji stared at me, amused.


"Well you were just going to let them kill you?" I demanded.

"Of course not. I'd give myself away if I struggled from the moment Hiashi held his hand up." Neji explained, making me feel like an immature and less knowledgeable child.

"God damn you." I muttered.

Everyone watched us, speechless.

"So a couple." Ino confirmed, grinning, Sakura joining in.

So while we walked outside I had to deal with Naruto and Kiba teasing me like hell. It was ... uh hell. GAH!

Two Days Later


I cut Tsunade's rant off.

"Yadiyadaya. I know I won't heal. But look I already feel much better."

Tsunade stared at me with her death glare.

I gulped.


"HAI HAI!" I cried, scooting around the corner to get with Ino and Sakura for the stretch routine.

Ha. Prepare yourself for hell.

Oh you quit it.

Just sayin'

Just sayin (Mimicking voice)

Oi don't steal stuff from me!

Psh. You're just an inner I'll do whatever the hell I want!

Nnnn :P

Nnnnn :P Right bad at ya!


One Day Later

I took a deep breath. Only a little longer to go.

"Right now! TAKE IT OFF!"

With my right hand, I started to wrap my first leg.

"Right now! TAKE IT OFF!"

Another wrap. I was slowly climbing upwards.

"Right now! TAKE IT OFF"

Man, thank God for stretching today and yesterday.

Psh. My advice.



Keep going, keep going. The routine was so familiar, I couldn't help but smirk.

"Right now! TAKE IT OFF!"

The aching wasn't as painful, wrapping myself all the way to the top.

"Right now! TAKE IT OFF!"

Finally, I was at the top, in a pose, awaiting for my stunt.


Check this shit out.

"There's a place downtown,
Where the freaks all come around."

Free fall! A thirty foot drop!

As I plummeted, I knew what was going on around me, the routine so familiar, as I took out the knives that were slickly hidden under my leotard. I knew that when I threw them outwards as I spun rapidly that Neji would be down below, dodging them and that this final chorus was where everyone showed their own unique talent.

"It's a hole in the wall,
It's a dirty free for all!"

I stopped dead halfway.

One of the machines started to spin the silk and I was in the right position.


Sakura and Ino slashed their arms with kunais, and no they didn't burn themselves. I Laughed and did a pose towards the crowd as I spun.


Another pose.


Sasuke blew a wall of fire towards the crowd. I posed again, feeling that same adrenaline flow through my veins, glad that I did the drop perfectly.


Sakura and Ino healed themselves, smirking still.


Neji dodged another one of my knives that I shot towards in dramatically stretching my body, my waist further feeling better.


Chouji expanded to the size of a large balloon, while Lee ran around him so fast that dust was kicking up and it was impossible to see him.


Shino's bugs were now in the shape of the words "Everybody take it off!" It was intense.

"There's a place I know, if you're looking for a show!"

Kiba ran Akamaru through Sasuke's blazing fire, skillfully, more wildly than they had last show.

"Where they go hardcore, and there's litter on the floor,"

Hinata walked through the pendulum that was swinging back and forth.


I posed again, smirking still, to the crowd!


Naruto had multiple copies of himself doing flips.

The crowd was so mesmerized by all of the stunts.


With my right leg wrapped in the silk, I spun towards another section of the bleachers, lunging forward, and retreating back.


Shikamaru possessed some of Naruto's shadow clones, squeezing them with his shadow until they poofed up in smoke, the crowd gasping.


Music, music, music, music, music, music, music.

And pose!

My dead like pose was a dark silhouette to the people watching.

The lights shut off as the music stopped, almost abruptly. Creepy, sexy and DAMMIT IT WAS AWESOME!

I still hadn't gotten over how cool the show was.

"What?" I asked through a mouthful of food.

Sakura sweat dropped.

"Never mind. You eat like a pig." She commented, waving her hand.

I grinned, food still in my mouth, making the pinkette cringe.

"Oi!" Ino cried at Sakura. "Who eats like a pig? You better not be referring to me!"

Sakura rolled her eyes.

"God no. I was talking to Tenten." She informed the blonde. "But yeah, you too!"

Ino shook her head and stuffed a piece of chicken in Sakura's mouth.

"Eat!" She ordered.

Sakura chewed, glumly while Ino force fed her.

I chuckled watching the odd scene.

"Is that lesbian Sakura I see?" Kiba mused.

Sasuke snapped his head around.

"It better not be." He grabbed Kiba by the collar.

Kiba guffawed.

"Jeez. On edge there?" he asked the onyx haired boy.

Sasuke glanced around and coughed to my amusement.

He so liked Sakura.

My sushi was gone almost instantly so I was now slurping up ramen.

The Saltwater Room was beginning to grow on me.

It was dark out and everyone had walked home already. I stood next to Neji.

His hands were stuffed in his pockets and he was watching me.

"Are you arranging for a ride?" He asked me.

I shrugged, fingering my cell phone in my jean pocket.


Neji stared at me confused.

"Wanna go sit somewhere?" I suggested to him.

Neji's confusion only deepened.

"What?" He questioned. "At ten at night? I knew you were an idiot but-"

I motioned towards the familiar park bench and cut him off.

"No I'm not an idiot." I grumbled. "I just want to talk."

"Hn." Neji was pretty much back to himself.

He followed me across the dark street and to the park bench. When I took a seat, so did he, right next to me. It was clearly closer than he had been last time we sat.

"So ... who's the heir now?" I asked Neji.

Neji shrugged.

"I don't know. Someone from the main branch will take the spot until Hiashi gets back." he explained.

I gulped.

"Hiashi's coming back?" I asked.

Neji raised an eyebrow.

"It's only six months." He told me. "Hiashi didn't end up killing anyone. He only hurt you and that was clearly an accident. It's no surprise he won't be in prison for a long time..."

"Hmm..." I mused. "Great."

"Great?" Neji inquired.

"Well you'll have to deal with him then." I groaned, allowing him to see my worry.

Neji chuckled.

"He doesn't treat me horribly you know." He informed me.

"But he tried to kill you! And he fights with you!" I protested.

Neji shook his head.

"He had to kill me or the elders would've taken care of him and me. I think he's just frustrated because he doesn't have a son of his own and he treats me like his ... but knows that I am only from a side branch." Neji said, staring across the street at the lit sign of The Saltwater Room.

I sighed.

"Do you always have such logic to beat me in an argument?" I asked Neji.

"Well ..." Neji answered. "Not always ... half the time your just an idiot."

That earned him a bonk on the head.

Without warning a yawn escaped my lips.

Neji didn't miss it.

"You see? You are an idiot. You should've already gone to bed." he told me.

"Hmph." I stubbornly mumbled. "Fine I'll go.

Neji stood up and so did I. He understood that I was walking home without my parents.

Standing by the bench, I watched him part from me, walking down the sidewalk at a steady pace.

There was something about the way that he walked that was attracting me. The gravity between us was so thick. My body ached, wanting him to come back. The pull and tension ...

What are you waiting for?

Oh yeah! For once, Inner Tenten, good idea.

Drawing one foot back, I launched myself forward.


Pulled by gravity, I chased after him.

~F i n~

The End.

A/N Baha. What a crappy ending! Lolz. Sorry if it didn't turn out so well or there were still some questions at the end. I tried to wrap it up nicely but I don't think it folded quite well. Haha kind of cheesy. For those of you who don't know, Mate means 'Wait' in Japanese. Also, from the previous chapter, Daisuke means 'I love you' in Japanese. I love putting in words in Japanese because it makes the drama feel thicker and more anime like XD

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