This is a collection of one shots, two shots, and multi-chapters. All of them will include a character pairing from Disney's Sorcerer's apprentice (thought mainly Balthazar x Dave)

Each individual chapter will include its own warnings, but it's a guarantee that it will contain yaoi, and (most likely) lemons.

Don't like yaoi? Quickly press the return button. Did you do it? Then why are you still reading this?

Table of Contents:

Chapter 01: Old Man Shoes Part 1

Chapter 02: Old Man Shoes Part 2

Chapter 03: Westmorlands

Chapter 04: Cat's Pajamas

Chapter 05: Dragon Bait

Chapter 06: ?

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Coming Attractions (Or what Marla handed me as a to-do list):

*Drake's Demon or How Drake Stone became Famous

*Genie of the Lamp – When Dave rubbed the lamp in Arcana Cabana, something happened. Something magical.

*Swab the Deck or Why mops are Temperamental

*How to Date a Sorcerer or The Misadventures of Balthazar Blake

*Tesla – Sorcerer's Apprentice set in the time of Nikola Tesla

*Asylum – Dave, considered insane after the Arcana Cabana incident, is locked away in a state mental ward. What happens when the man he believes is only in his head appears in the flesh 10 years later?

*Court Jester – AU, Dave is a slave to a king, and Balthazar is the court magician. When their paths cross one day, Balthazar sees the potential in Dave and secretly begins to train him in the ways of magic.

*Normal is Overrated – Dave is getting bored of his 'normal' life with Becky, and Veronica wants to return to her homeland. But Dave is still learning the ways of sorcery. What's a sorcerer to do? (a kind of "slice of life" with eventual Balthazar x Dave) Post-SA

*Making Friends in Strange Places - What is Dave kept the grimhold instead of throwing it in the street? What if he made friends with the Morganians trapped within? What if Dave isn't just the Primer Merlinian? (Prompt from The Gentleman J, with my own little twists), AU

*Sleeping Dave - First of a possible "Princess Dave" series, the SA version of classic princess tales. Dave's death is prophesied by an oracle, and his father tried to hide him away, only to have an evil sorceress place him under a spell of eternal sleep, and lock away his only hope in an urn for 10 years. When the urn opens, can Balthazar save Dave? Or is it too late? , AU

*Knowing is Half the Battle - Balthazar managed to give Dave the grimhold before he was sucked into the urn with Horvath. 10 years later, Balthazar finds out that his apprentice has been doing some 'light reading'. (Prompt from The Gentleman J), AU

*Childlike Emperor - post-SA, Dave is hit with a dangerous spell by a Morganian, and it turns back the clock 10 years, both physically and mentally. Balthazar finds out first hand just how much Dave meant it when he said he was in a 'mental urn' for 10 years. A coming-of-age type story. (Prompt from The Gentleman J, retitled)

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