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Father/Daughter Time

"—and then she told him that the laws about property are outdated, but would he listen?" Zuko vented. "Why should the matter be taken all the way to the Fire Lord or the Fire Lady? Lower executives can take care of it! What's going on with him? If you read clause 3C in under 'Attaining Property', it's clear that he's wrong! It is outdated! Yet he wants to keep it as is! What am I supposed to do about that?" he finished, softening. "Huh? What's Daddy supposed to do?"

He looked down lovingly at his beautiful two-month-old daughter, who laid in her crib, looking up at him, her golden eyes wide. She loved the sound of his voice.

"Mommy was right—our property laws should be updated. I just don't know how we can get councilman Xiao to shut up and cooperate," Zuko went on, reaching down into the crib and gently touching his daughter's tiny hand and smiling as she grabbed his finger. "Daddy just doesn't know what to do, Zara. I'm stuck."

Very happy that Daddy was giving her attention, Zara gave an adorable baby smile.

Zuko's heart melted.

"I needed that," he said gently to her, smiling down at her tenderly.

Katara, unbeknownst to Zuko, smiled as she stood in the doorway watching her husband and their daughter interact.