Summary: Orochimaru has his sights set on the destruction of Konoha & Amegakure. They join forces. Konoha gains fresh enemies. The Akatsuki males & 14 leaf shinobi are split into teams of 5. Wait, Why is Sakura stuck with 4 Akatsukis? SakuXItaxDeixHidaxKisa *Rated T for language.*

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Prologue: Bound to Happen

"It was bound to happen eventually. Declaring war against his old village was bound to happen." Tsunade chanted continuously to herself,lounging back in her desk chair as she sipped her favorite drink from a paper cup. Orochimaru was due to attack Konoha in three years, or so he told the Hokage little over a week ago via messenger bird. Tsunade still regretted the second she untied the damn thing. At the moment, she was trying to round up some allies to help fight alongside them.

She sent all her available jounin ninja to do so. Tsunade hated to admit this but she was desperate for anybody's help. Of course, they had to be at least chuunin if not jounin level. As well as.. No wait! It didn't matter who they were... well actually, Tsunade supposed it did matter. She wasn't accepting help from the village hidden in the Shadows. Why? Because they had a reputation of backing out of fights to join the winning teams side or to just run away. Other then them, anybody was appreciated.

"Fucking cowards." Tsunade hissed under her breath to no one in particular, while sipping her sake.

She knew that they would have at least a little chance against Sound but she wasn't willing to risk lives by just charging into battle. As much as she wished that they would be able to finish Orochimaru off, she was having doubts. She really needed help. She jumped when she heard static from her walkie-talkie, signalling an incoming call.

"Hokage-sama."Genma's voice was transmitted through her walkie-talkie.

"What is it Genma?" Tsunade barked back, annoyed.

"Ten unidentified figures are being seen at the gates, Ma'am."Genma announced. Tsunade cursed.

"Well, what are you waiting for? A pair of binoculars? Identify them!" she snapped back.

"Trying to, Ma'am. It seems like black cloaks... no,black with red..." Genma seemed to have trailed off. Tsunade's heart seemed to stop in shock for a few seconds due to the fact that her brain already knew who the intruders were.

"It's the Akatsuki!"Genma's voice exclaimed. Through the walkie-talkie, Tsunade could hear the sound of several other shinobi stationed out by the gates whipping out their kunai in defence.

'Shit!' Tsunade cursed inwardly.

Despite what was going on, she was going to have to deal with this. If they were planning on attacking...Konoha would be screwed. What if Akatsuki joined Sound? No fucking doubt they would.

Tsunade let her breath roll out from between her teeth. "Genma, ask what they want." Tsunade demanded. All she heard was a muffled voice as she tried to identify the speaker. Was it their leader, Pein? or...

"They're asking your permission to have a meeting with them."

Well damn. She didn't want S-Rank Criminals inside Konoha frightening her civilians, But...she guessed that she would have to agree but just so she could find out if the Akatsuki were choosing sides or not.

"Escort them to the tower... no wait, get Sakura to. She's already over there, isn't she?"Tsunade asked, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Actually, we sent her back. But we will send someone to get her back here."

"Good work Genma. Over and out."

"For Fuck sakes," Sakura cursed to herself. "They send you out there to stand guard at the gate for 8 fucking hours and when you finally think you can go home and shower they make you come back! This better be good." Sakura grumbled to herself.

Sakura came to a halt when she spotted Genma. "Why was I called back, Genma?" Sakura said through clenched teeth. Before Genma could respond to her question, Sakura shifted her gaze over to the ten figures clad in black with red clouds.

"Sakura. The Hokage has declared for you to escort these Akatsuki to the Hokage's tower immediately." Sakura didn't respond. Her eyes were studying each of the figures before her. She blinked, thinking it could all be an illusion. Clearly her eyes weren't deceiving her.

"What the hell? Is this some kind of sick joke?" Sakura glared as her hand itched towards her kunai pouch.

"Sakura, calm down. The Hokage's orders are to send them to her office." Genma tried to reason with her. She still didn't move.

"Hokage's orders." he repeated forcefully.

She sighed while flicking her eyes over to the Akatsuki and back to Genma.

She took a deep breath, then let it out.

"Fuck my life." she said,walking over to the Akatsuki.

"Way to be a trooper." Genma said while punching her arm. She growled but made the hand motion to follow her, as she lead a group of S-Rank criminals through the streets of Konoha.

After they each told her their names, despite her previous comments of not wanting to know, she ignored them, not expecting them to talk to her more than they needed to. But, not even 10 seconds afterwards, someone decided to get all chit-chatty.

"So, your name's Sakura." Kisame stated.

"Kind of suits you, yeah." Deidara commented.

"I get that a lot." Sakura grumbled.

"Hey! Does It get drafty here in Konoha, Sakura-chan?" Tobi asked, childishly.

'Jesus. How old is he? Three?' Sakura asked herself as she regarded this 'Tobi's' happy go lucky attitude.

"Why?" she asked, clearly uninterested.

"Because Tobi forgot to bring a sweater, Sakura-Chaaan!" Tobi sang, stretching out the 'A'.

Suddenly, Sakura heard a thump and a "Ow,Senpai!" as Deidara hit Tobi on the head.

'God, he sounds like Naruto.' Sakura complained silently.

They continued walking through the streets as everyone turned to stare at them frighteningly, but more specifically her. They were probably wondering what she was doing guiding a bunch of S-rank criminals through the village.

Her thinking was cut short when they reached the Hokage's tower. She could still hear Deidara and Tobi arguing. she rolled her eyes, but opened the doors.

That idiot with the mask was giving her a headache.

"Hey, Kid with the swirly mask." Sakura said

"Tobi's name is Tobi. What is it Sakura-Chan?"

"Shut the hell up." she grumbled before stomping up the stairs to the Hokage's office. They all followed. Everyone seemed pretty amused, except for the Itachi Uchiha who was emotionless and Tobi who was sulking.

When they reached the Hokage's office, Sakura knocked on the door. With a grumpy "Come In." from Tsunade, she walked in and immediately fell on the sofa. Tsunade sighed. She should definitely stop giving Sakura double shifts, even if she was the best medic-nin in the entire village. As Sakura took a nap, Tsunade motioned for the Akatsuki to come into her office. Each one glancing at the pink haired kunoichi with rather interest, disgust or in Tobi's case, apology.

"Thank-you for meeting with us on such short notice." Pein's demanding voice said.

"Why is it you are here?" Tsunade asked, cutting right to the chase. She just wanted this meeting to be over. She also wanted Orochimaru to be 6 feet under and for all the elders to rot away...but nothing seems to swing her way lately.

"I want to discuss the war that has been issued against us." Pein said.

"Us?" Tsunade asked in disbelief.

"Yes, Orochimaru has declared war against us as well."

"Well, that certainly changes things." Tsunade pinched the bridge of her nose once then dropped her hand and picked up her cup of sake, taking a sip.

"Yes, I'm here to ask of an alliance." Pein finished with his hands folded together. Tsunade choked as her sake went down the wrong hole due to the surprising news.

Pein sat back and watched as she cleared her throat.

"Hell, no." Tsunade's raspy voice answered. He frowned.

"Maybe you should think it over. Your reasons are probably not good. You should say yes."

"I have very good reasons. One, you are hunting after Naruto and you planned to wipe us off the fucking map! Why should I say yes?" Tsunade yelled.

"We know we haven't been your favorite people." Konan tried to reason. "But we also know that you need us just as much as we need you."

"You need us?" Tsunade echoed.

"We have no allies. We are the Akatsuki. Thus, creating an alliance would benefit us as well as you. You have allies with Sand for certain, Yet, you do not have us." Pein finished, folding his hands on his lap.

Tsunade pondered that. They did need allies. She was informed recently that the allies they had were the Land of Grass, Snow and Sand. But it couldn't hurt to have Rain also.

"What are the terms?" Tsunade asked as she narrowed her gaze in suspicion.

"We won't hunt the Jinjuriki through the entire war. We will fight against Orochimaru with your shinobi respectfully. All we ask for are accommodations and for myself to have a desk somewhere to do work I've yet to complete. Oh,and a training ground."

Tsunade thought about it. The agreements were manageable. She could let them live in a nice house across the way. Until new apartments were up and going anyways. But was this really her last resort? She did say she would take anybody. Ha, how ironic. Well you know what they say.

Irony was a bitch.

"The terms are agreed to. I'll ha-"

"SAKURA-CHAN! I'M SORRY!" Tobi cried, lunging himself at her sleeping form. It seemed as if he just couldn't hold in his regret any longer. He hung onto her waist and nuzzled his cheek against her chest area.

"Someone restrain that boy." Pein's voice commanded, making the Akatsuki spring into action. They tried to pry Tobi off of her before she woke up. Tsunade knew that if Sakura was awake,She would be shitting bricks so to say. Two jade eyes cracked open and everything seems to go in slow motion.

Tsunade had her mouth wide while Deidara and Kisame were still trying to pry a crying Tobi off of Sakura while the rest of the Akatsuki stood and stared. She looked confused at Kisame and Deidara as they finally realized she was awake and backed away. She felt a slight pressure against her chest. She looked down and saw a sniffling Tobi. A vein throbbed on her forehead as her eyes narrowed.

"Lucky bastard." Hidan mumbled with a smirk as Kakuzu slapped the back of his head.

"Kakuzu! You bitch!"

Sakura smiled sweetly at Tobi. A little too sweet. Tsunade groaned,slapping her forehead. Sakura, shockingly, started petting Tobi's hair. The Akatsuki let out a breath they didn't know they were holding,thinking that she thought he was too 'cute' or whatever reason to hurt him and screw with the alliance they just made.

Sakura's hands twitched as she pulled roughly on Tobi's hair,standing up in the process. Tobi yelped,reaching towards his hair.

"What were you doing?" Sakura seethed.

"Tobi was hugging Sakura-chan cause Tobi was sorry!"

"Did you realize where you were hugging her Tobi?" Zetsu tried to reason with him.

"No,Tobi didn't Zetsu-san. Tobi thought he was hugging her tummy 'cause it was so flat."

Sakura stared at him in shock then anger. She then picked him up by his hair again and walked him to the window. She opened it up and threw him out the Hokage's window. She started smiling as she turned around,then her smile turned into a frown.

Tsunade-sama and the orange haired leprechaun, Pein, were shaking hands. What? Why?

What the hell did she miss?

She stared,confused at there hands until she heard a whine. She sighed,walking over to the window.

"Sakura-chan! Why did you do that to Tobi?"

"I can't believe that hurt you! I barely threw you!" she argued.

"It still hurts, Sakura-chaaaaan!"

"Aren't you in Akatsuki for fucks sake? BE A MAN!" She yelled out the window then shut it quick,locking it.

Tsunade sighed. "Sakura.."


"That was not necessary."

"Oh, I know that."

"Your healing him."

"... Are you fucking kidding me." Sakura stated to herself as she stormed out of the room and down to where everyone could still hear her yelling at Tobi while Tobi was begging for forgiveness.

"She certainly is...interesting." Konan said.

"Indeed." Pein replied.

"That is only the beginning of Sakura Haruno." Tsunade smirked.

"I can't believe that shithead Tobi said she has no fucking boobs, Man. She has boobs." Hidan whispered to Kisame,who nodded in agreement.

"Anyways, It's a done deal. I'll get somebody to escort you to your new house,I'm sorry you'll all have to live there until i can find rooms for each of you as soon as possible."

"Thank you." Pein inclined his head.

Sakura suddenly walked in. She had Tobi attached to her leg. She grumbled, setting him down on the couch as she reviewed the damage caused to him. All he had was a bump on his head. What a wimp! But to keep her Hokage happy, She wrapped gauze around his head and mask with a pad of cooling cream underneath. Tobi sighed happily and laid fully on the couch.

"So what did I miss?" Sakura asked.

"Konoha has officially stated an alliance with Amegakure."

"No way in hell!" Sakura exclaimed in shock.

"And...They will be attending our Shinobi annual bonfire tonight!" Tsunade announced, earning several stares and glares.

"No way in hell!" Hidan repeated with anger.

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