Chapter 31: Blossom Marriage

"I've had just about enough of this whole situation, yeah!" Deidara fumed, stomping over towards Kankuro who raised an eyebrow at the childish display. With a glare to rival Hidan's, Deidara stood between Kankuro and Sakura, protectively trying to shield her from him.

"Dei!" Sakura protested, watching Kankuro's frame grow rigid by the gesture. Deidara himself curled his lip at the puppet boy, as he crossed his tense arms over his chest.

"Sakura is apart of our team. As such, I can assure you that she doesn't want to be married to you!" He yelled, pointing an accusing finger at Gaara. Hidan's eye twitched at the golden haired bomber, but let him continue without saying a word.

"You can't just barge into our apartment and start picking out wives! Besides, Sakura-chan would rather marry Kakuzu then you, you little ginger midget,yeah!" Deidara insulted, huffing in distaste as he heard Kisame break out into laughter behind him.

"Deidara that is enough insulting Gaara!" Sakura turned towards him with narrowed eyes as he shrunk back at her tone. "If I wanted to marry anyone, it wouldn't be your say anyway! Or any of you!" She glanced at the males on her team before looking over at Kankuro who avoided her gaze.

"Gaara, I'm sorry but I honestly had not heard of this marriage before Kankuro mentioned it in the Sand, and even then I had suspected it to be a joke." Sakura explained while rubbing her temples. Gaara watched her with concentration before moving to sit on the couch. He suggested her to sit beside him, which she politely did before listening to what he was about to say. For awhile, he didn't say anything. He merely glanced at each one of her teammates, sizing them up from his seat on the couch. Finally, he spoke up about the issue.

"This whole thing..It was planned before, y'know."

Sakura's eyes widened as she silently took in everything he was saying, being polite enough to not interrupt him, unlike Hidan who's mouth was suddenly covered by a large, blue hand.

"When I was young, it was already decided for me. That I would acquire an arranged marriage. I didn't care much, for as long as I had the people that treated me with kindness, It would all be okay. I remember one day, I had overheard that your clan had been killed, whereas my father had assumed you had as well and crossed you from the arranged marriage list. We were being considered and discussed, after all." Gaara paused in his memory, closing his eyes at the images that flew through his mind.

"Anyways," He continued as Sakura's eyes never left his face. "My mother...whom had died, loved sakura blossoms. They were her favourite, or so my uncle would tell me. They do not grow back home, but they do grow here. My mother travelled her once and surprisingly, she met your mother at a festival."

Sakura's eyes widened at the story. "My...mother?" a look of disbelief appeared on her face as she absorbed the story in fine detail. Only when Hidan snorted did she turn her head away to glare at him before resuming her previous position.

"They became friends and continuously send letters back and forth. They had discussed us marrying and had planned it out but my father agreed if only he could pick back up options in case of..well, inconvenience." Gaara grimaced at his own words, carefully choosing what he would say next.

"In the end, " He concluded. "My mother had passed away during my birth. The plans of our marriage were decided before we were even born. Uncle would constantly remind father of the decision to marry you and I and when we grew old enough, it was to be arranged. When your clan was killed, the decision was broken. But, here you are now. And I would like to continue on with what our parents had decided long ago, wouldn't you Sakura?" Gaara turned to look at her, as did everyone else in the room. The piercing gazes of both Deidara and Hidan didn't help her access the situation.

"If my mother...had this planned, why did she place me up for adoption?" Sakura asked, crossing her legs. "It makes no sense if she had a plan. It would mean that she wanted a child...correct? And then she had my younger brother as well which makes no sense that she kept him and not me if she planned a fucking arranged marriage-"

"Sakura." Itachi commanded, as he walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder. She stopped rambling, taking a deep breath before glancing up at Itachi with a grateful glance.

"I'm sorry. It's frustrating!" She sighed angrily as she clenched and unclenched her fist.

"I can't answer any of your questions, Sakura. I'm sorry I do not know more on the issue." Gaara answered with earnest sympathy.

"Dad was a fucking prick anyways. I woulda gave my daughter up for adoption too if I had to have a father in law like-"

"Kankuro." Gaara commanded with a stern glare. Kankuro sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sorry, Sis. I didn't mean anything offensive by it." he mumbled while she shook her head.

"It's fine. I prefer the truth anyway to lies." She smiled back at him, a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Anyways, that is the tale. It was a decision made long ago and I was told a year ago that I was to take a bride sometime soon. I felt I could be a good ruler with or without a bride, but the council wouldn't agree to me. They rummaged for the list that was created years ago by my uncle and my father and as I perused it, I saw your name scratched out at the top. It suddenly all came back to me so I requested you be sent to Sand for hospital work and the rest is history." He explained before standing up from his perch on the couch and standing in front of her.

"I realize this is sudden to you and I know you cannot agree on the spot but give it some thought." He finished as he headed through the kitchen and towards the front door.

"Wait," Sakura got up as well and headed after him and his siblings. Hidan growled in distaste at the turn of events. His anger suddenly couldn't be contained as he aimed a kick at the spot where Gaara was previously sitting. The couch snapped in two as cotton and springs flew onto the floor. Deidara, watching the anger radiating off of Hidan, stepped back towards the wall to avoid becoming Hidan's next punching bag.

"Sakura's gonna be pissed." Kisame commented while Deidara sighed, discontented.

"Hopefully she's also not gonna be engaged, yeah-"

"Shut the fuck up." Hidan snarled at Deidara before transporting out of the apartment, leaving nothing but smoke behind. Sakura suddenly came back into the room as three pairs of eyes met hers.

"Okay so I think they're staying at an Inn because there isn't enough rooms built in here so-What in the utter fuck happened to my new couch!?"

"Hidan." three voices chimed in unison.

"That bastard!"

"And then that stupid fucking idiot had the fucking nerve to tell a sob story about his mother dying and shit which made Sakura feel fucking obliged to- Oi, are you even listenin' to me?" Hidan glanced down from where he was seated on a tree branch above Kakuzu, who was sitting against the base of the tree.

"Mm." Kakuzu hummed as he fished for a stack of money in his pocket to count. Listening to Hidan whine was becoming a headache.

"I can't fucking stand that fucker! I mean we were allies with Konoha even when they were gonna back out! Some fucking allies! If she marries him, he'll leave her to die somewhere out in the fucking desert!" Hidan snatched a leaf from the branch above him, crumpled it up and threw it at Kakuzu's head which bounced off ungracefully.

"While if, lets say you married her, and she was in danger, you'd save her?" Kakuzu asked, not really caring for an answer. He only hoped the idiot would leave him alone soon enough.

"Save her? Kakuzu, buddy, I don't think you are seeing this the right fucking way. Sakura could probably slam both of our asses into the center of the earth."

"That's to be determined." Kakuzu snorted, highly doubting a little girl could do him such damage. Hidan rolled his eyes at his old partner's attitude.

"What I meant anyways, was that when the going gets rough, you can't abandon people like that. It makes you a fucking scumbag." Hidan pointed out before a comment from before caught up to him. "What the fuck do you mean 'If I married her?!' What kind of fucking drugs are you on, Kakuzu! I don't do marriage. Nor do I do emotional and connected shit." he stated with a huff as he glanced up at the sky.

" You could've fooled me. Seeing as how you sulked away, like a jealous teenager, at the mere thought of Sakura marrying another man." Kakuzu stated while he continued counting his loot, hearing his white-haired companion go silent at his inquiry.

"She's mine. We have fun, that's all it is. It's a temporary thing. I'm immortal for fucks sake. Kakuzu you are a fucking mindless dope. Holy Jashin! I am not in love with Sakura Haruno."

"...I didn't say you were."

"You didn't have to! I could guess where your thoughts were headed before I even found you here!" Hidan quickly changed the focal point as he flung another crumpled leaf at Kakuzu's head.

"Stop throwing shit at me."


"I'm leaving then. Go talk to her. Unless you're in love with me, which I do not reciprocate, I suggest you get away from me." Kakuzu waved as he stood up and trudged off into the woods. Hidan huffed, mumbling curses under his breath as he jumped down from his branch. With a drawn out sigh, Hidan stretched before heading back towards the apartments, no doubt about to get yelled at by a certain pink-haired firecracker.

"Here we go," Hidan grumbled.

"Here you go, Miss Haruno." the man huffed as he lowered her replacement couch into the living room, in the exact spot that the old one had been previously. Sakura nervously rubbed the back of her neck.

"Hehe, thank you so much."

"Yknow, when we say we will replace any damaged furniture, that doesn't mean you should purposefully destroy it to get a new one..." the man trailed off, eyeing the old disaster of a couch being carried away by his workers.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'll tell the roommate who destroyed it to stop having wrestling matches with sixty year old women on it." Sakura nonchalantly waved her hand, watching the worker slowly back towards the kitchen before sprinting out of the apartment.

"I would've left too. That's just weird." Kisame commented as he tested out their new couch. Sakura sighed, tapping her foot against the floor.

"When will Hidan be back? I can only be as pissed off as before for so long before the new couch lets me forget about my anger." She huffed, sitting down beside him. Kisame laughed, ruffling Sakura's hair as he got more comfortable on the piece of furniture.

"Probably whining about his jealousy to Kakuzu." Kisame joked as he draped an arm over Sakura's shoulders to which, she relaxed into his side.

"Where did Dei go? And Itachi? Don't tell me they are spending quality time together." Sakura smiled as Kisame followed suit before bursting out laughing.

"Nah, Deidara said something about meeting Sasori and Itachi went out for a walk or something. Damned if I know where that stoic guy goes." Sakura nodded, absently tracing the lines on Kisame's hand.

"Isn't this a cute photo." A voice sarcastically commented, making Kisame and Sakura whip their heads around at the sound. Kisame chuckled, tightening his hold on Sakura's shoulders.

"It is isn't it? We were just discussing marriage so Sakura had more options-"

"Shut your mouth, you fucking shark." Hidan huffed, clearly not in the mood for any more marriage jokes. Sakura raised an eyebrow at Hidan's display.

"I don't think you have a right to be angry with anyone, Hidan. You're the one who broke the couch." she accused with narrowed eyes, watching him redirect his attention to her.

"Broke is a harsh word. I'd rather use that I 'used my skills to enhance your chances of clearly getting a new couch.' It obviously worked so you're welcome." He smirked, seeing her roll her eyes at his comment.

"You destroyed the couch because you were jealous of a marriage that I didn't even have a say in!" Sakura stood up, jabbing an accusing finger at Hidan's chest. With eyes narrowed into slits, Hidan glanced towards Kisame who avoided his gaze with a grin. Standing up from his comfortable position on the couch, Kisame turned towards the kitchen and out the door to give them privacy. Only when he heard a click, did Hidan's shoulder sag.

"Besides, it isn't like we are anything anyway, right? I'm just entertainment for you until this alliance is over. I get it, I'm yours. Or whatever it is you're telling people but guess what? I actually have a future I have to plan for and Gaara is a really sweet guy that I'm sure over time I could even-"

"Shut up." Hidan commanded with dark eyes. Sakura glanced towards him with a glare, clearly intending to challenge his order.

"Excuse me?" Sakura asked, cracking her knuckles. "Wanna say that again?"

"All you do is talk." He growled, shoving her up against the wall. Her back hit with a dull thud against the hard surface but she paid no mind to that. Her eyes never left his as he stared at her, jade clashing with lavender.

"It annoys me. Everything you say, your voice.Your face, your smile, your promises. Your heart,"To which he jabbed her chest, watching her gaze flicker down towards his finger.

"Your strength, Your weaknesses, Your intelligence, and your body," he grabbed her hand, trailing his fingers up over her bare hand. He felt her shiver at the tickling sensation.

"All of it annoys me. Because I can't get enough of it. I fucking can't!" He exclaimed, slamming his hand onto the wall beside her head. Sakura's eyes never left his as she slowly raised the same hand he had been touching before up to cup his cheek. She watched him unconsciously sink into her touch, closing his eyes in the process.

"Hidan...are you in love with me?"

Two lavender eyes cracked open at the question and gazed into Sakura's. The desire to withdraw was evident as his body stiffened but Sakura held a firm grip onto his head to prevent escaping easily.

"I dont do love. Why does everyone kept asking me that?" He asked nobody in particular. With a snort, Sakura restated her previous question.

"Hida-bastard! I am asking you a question! Do you love me? Yes or no? If not, then why are you so upset over Gaara's proposal? And do not say it's because of me being yours!" Sakura's anger rose as her frustration grew along with it. How hard could it be to tell someone you love that you love them? Sure, she had loved Sasuke forever but he could obviously tell that! And she did confess eventually! But still!

With her rise in voice came Hidan's anger as well.

"Why do you even fucking care about that shit?! Even if I did say anything, you'd be all like 'Well that's cute. Thanks but I'd rather not get involved with an immortal Jashinist who is a member of a fucking criminal organization!'" he roughly stated, ripping her hand off his face.

"I care because maybe I do and it's nice to be told you are loved by someone other than Naruto sometime in your life! God, Hidan you can be so dense. Do you take me as somebody who would kiss random people that meant nothing to them? Do you think of me as easy?" she questioned,a smidgen of hurt reflecting in her eyes as she glanced up at Hidan who was at a loss of what to say.

"I..." he trailed off, watching her mouth curl into a disapproving frown. Wrenching herself away from her position against the wall, Sakura straightened her posture, regarding Hidan.

"Well I'd hate to take up anymore of your time, but I am quite an easy person and I have plenty of men to kiss and screw around with today. And then after, I'll have to go find Gaara to seal the-"

A hard pressure fell against Sakura's lips, accompanied by two arms with wrapped themselves around her waist. Sakura stiffened, not letting a kiss distract from Hidan's insult a moment ago. She pulled away with a raised brow, wondering what the hell he was trying to pull this time.

"I don't think you're easy and you better not go find that fucking ginger midget. I swear to Jashin, Sakura." Hidan eyed her closely, his grip around her waist not loosening in the slightest. With a small sigh, Sakura looked up at him.

"What does being immortal mean?" He continued, looking at her with an expression she didn't quite recognize.

"...Live forever? To never die?" Sakura slowly responded, as if thinking this might be a trick question. One nod of the head told her she had answered correct.

"Yes. That's exactly what it fucking means. Sakura you don't get it. you love me?" Hidan warily asked her, as if hoping she would say no and everything could go back to being as simple as it was before.

"I promised myself to never fall in love so easily again," She responded quietly watching his eyes. "But I would be lying If I said I didn't feel even a little spark of something whenever I'm with you despite how angry you make me sometimes." She glanced at the new couch thoughtfully. Hidan redirected her attention back towards the conversation.

"Fuck," He sighed, sliding one hand off her waist to run through his hair. "Saks, I'm immortal, a Jashinist and an Akatsuki. Three things you are against. It doesn't take science to realize that shit. You will keep on aging. You will die. You will outlive me, Sakura Haruno and that is something I don't think you'll be able to handle."

A sudden slap was heard and felt as Hidan's face whipped to the side from the impact. With a groan, he turned to look at Sakura who, despite the unushed tears glistening in her eyes, was angry as hell.

"Listen here, Hidan. I'm not some weak, fragile girl who wallows in despair at the smallest problem! I've had just about enough of people pushing me away due to their issues, okay? Sasuke did it, even Naruto did it! But you will not do this to me, do I make myself clear?"

"But, I won't die-"

"If you don't stop your stupid train of thought I will personally find a way to kill you." Sakura threatened. She was a firecracker, a hot headed flame. Hidan smirked, rubbing his cheek.

"You're way too feisty." Hidan commented lightly, earning a snort from Sakura.

"Maybe. But quite honestly I don't think you'd be able to 'handle' it either actually. You probably would ditch me when I got old and wrinkly anyways." Sakura joked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I wouldn't!" a sudden outburst made Sakura look up at Hidan, startled. His face was blushing at his abrupt proclamation. With a cough, he rubbed the back of his neck furiously.

"I mean, fuck.. well yeah. I'm not a complete dick that I give a shit about that-" Sakura silenced him with a quick kiss before pulling back and laughing at his rare pouty expression.

"I get it, Hidan. You don't have to exaggerate this hypothetical situation. You dont do love, I know." She yawned, stretching her arms up above her head before regarding him with a grin.

"But that doesn't mean you get to decide my life. I highly dislike when people try and decide what's best for me. It downright pisses me off." Sakura smirked, willing him to try and counter what she had said.

"Why did I pick the pink-haired flame from hell for an interest?" Hidan looked down, asking Jashin as Sakura hit his arm playfully.

"Why did I pick the white-haired albino Jashinist from the grave for an interest?" Hidan snorted, flicking her on the forehead. He suddenly picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. The next thing she knew, Sakura fell onto the bed, her cheeks flaming as Hidan smirked down at her. She hid her face from his wandering gaze.


No answer.

"Sakura, look at me."

Cracking open an eye, Sakura turned her head back to look up at Hidan who slowly lowered his head down to connect their lips. She quickly switched their positions, shoving Hidan down in her previous spot with a triumphant smirk. She pulled away, trailing kisses down his jaw, enjoying the feeling of his heart rate speeding up at her actions.

"S-Saku-" he murmured when she suddenly bit down on the side of his neck, provoking a shudder from the Jashinist. A quick apologetic lick later, and Sakura was back to kissing his lips which were quivering in anticipation. She kissed him deeply, pouring her past and current emotions for him into this kiss. Sakura could feel his eyes on her closed ones as she continued kissing him softly. He pulled away, much to Sakura's surprise, and sat up, pulling her into his lap. He started kissing her neck, invoking tiny sounds of contentment from Sakura's throat.

"Don't move. Not until I'm done." He ordered softly, lips pressed against her neck. She nodded mutely, silently vowing that if he reached for her zipper she would definitely be moving. And shoving her foot up his ass.

He continued to trail kisses down her neck before reaching the base of her throat, where he pressed a hot, open mouthed kiss. Sakura shivered as his tongue flicked over her skin lightly.

"What...are you doing?" she whispered, feeling a smile pressed against her throat. He shh'd her, before resuming his small ritual.

"Hidan is this a freaking ritual or something? You've never given me so many kisses in your life." She joked, fidgeting in his grasp. He tightened his hold, a quick reminder to stop moving. With a sigh, she stilled, feeling him place light kisses across her collarbone and down her arm. When he reached the ends of her fingertips, he placed a last kiss on her forehead.

"You better not fucking marry him or I'll take this charm and shove it up his ass." Hidan murmured with a smirk, his sadistic humour once more returning to the surface.

"If you're asking if I love him then I don't," Sakura stated, flicking his nose lightly with a smirk. "But it is pressure that our parents had this decided."

"Oh cry me a fucking river. That was the lamest story I have ever fucking heard. He's trying to make you feel bad for him so he can bring honour to his fucking mother. Yours didn't even want you so you have nothing to prove to that wench, Understood?" Hidan assured, as he patted her head. Sakura scowled at his bluntness but sighed with a smile at his way of trying to keep her away from what was bothering him.

"You just love me so much that you don't want me to be stolen away from you!" Sakura laughed getting up from her perch on Hidan's lap to silently jump off the bed. Once she landed, she suddenly remembered something Hidan had said.

"Wait...did you say charm? What charm? What did you do to me, Hidan?" Sakura curiously asked with narrowed eyes. Hidan whistled nonchalantly before laughing, straightening up from his position and standing beside her.

"Oh, nothing Saks. I just practised some of my Jashin skills. Gotta be on top of my game." He winked, making her even more curious as well as frustrated.

"If what you did interferes with my chakra or fighting..." she trailed off, heavily implying damage will be done. Hidan quickly put wrapped his arms around her form, giving her a hug while chuckling.

"Now, now. Don't pop a blood vessel on that pretty little face of yours." He kissed her cheek.

"I know thirty seven ways to make your manhood rot and fall off. Keep that in mind, darling." She kissed his cheek in return before skipping out of the bedroom and down the hall. He cringed slightly at her implication before following her into the kitchen. A loud knock resonated throughout the apartment, as Sakura went to the door to answer it.

"Sakura! Where have you been?" A slightly out of breath Naruto stood at her door. With a raised brow, Sakura told him that she was where he saw her.

"Well Gaara is at the Hokage's office and so are all your teammates. Apparently they are discussing taking you away from Konoha to be placed in Suna! Like some sort of peace offering or something like that! Because apparently you and Gaara are to be married-"

"Naruto! How do you know this?!" Sakura asked, her eyes widening at the information.

"I was eavesdropping! Now-"

A loud growl startled Naruto as Hidan came up and stood behind a startled Sakura. "Over my dead body," He snarled, grabbing his cloak and stomping past Naruto who raised both his eyebrows at the display.

"I didn't think he could die..." Naruto trailed off while Sakura cursed, strapping on her shoes.

"That's exactly why if we don't hurry, there may be a death match in the Hokage's office!" Sakura sprinted past Naruto who cursed as well, speeding up along side her.

"Sakura-chan is needed here,yeah! She can't go to Suna!" Deidara argued for the fifth time, slamming his hands down on Pein's desk who watched on with mild amusement.

"This is not my matter, Deidara. Do not slam your hands down over here, it will do you no good." he responded, watching the scene play out in front of him. He had been talking to Itachi beforehand, who had stopped by to chat about how he had asked Zetsu to keep the Konoha ninja on their toes, when suddenly the Kazekage and his siblings burst into the office, Tsunade following closely behind as well his Deidara and Sasori. Shortly after, Kisame showed up, dragging along the Hyuga girl. He had just about enough of this party in his and Tsunade's office.

"You cannot take a member from a team and switch her over without consent of the individual as well as her team." Sasori added, sending an icy glare towards Gaara who sent him an unamused glance back.

"I can do whatever I think is best for my nation. Now please, do not interfere in matters that are not your own." Gaara waved his hand at Sasori who's eyes narrowed even farther.

"How dare you talk to Danna that way!" Deidara fumed, walking over to the Kazekage but was stopped by Kankuro who eyed him carefully.

"Don't start a brawl between nations, idiot." Kankuro retorted as Deidara's fists shook in anger.

"With all due respect, Sakura is apart of our team. She was assigned just like we were and is to be with us until the war is over. She is our medic as well as a fighter and we need her to complete our team." Kisame seriously commented as Hinata glanced sideways at him with a small smile.

"With all due respect to you, it isn't your business. This matter is to be discussed with Gaara, Sakura and the Hokage." Temari stated, ignoring the glares sent her way. Hidan burst through the door at that second, looking even angrier than Sasori and Deidara combined.

"What type of utter bullshit are you trying to pull?" Hidan glared at Gaara, who crossed his arms over his chest.

"Hidan-" Tsunade and Pein tried to reason at the same time, but were cut off.

"Making decisions behind her teams back? Yeah, I expect that shit from you. But even making it without her present to confirm it? What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Hidan accused once again as Deidara nodded angrily to his accusations.

"I wouldn't expect you Akatsuki to understand-" Gaara started before he was interrupted by the pink-haired firecracker herself.

"What...the happening here?!" Sakura panted, leaning up against the door frame as Naruto beside her did the same. Everyone in the room froze at the sudden appearance of Sakura herself.

"This keep getting more interesting," Pein commented, earning a look from Tsunade.

"Sakura-chan,yeah!" Deidara exclaimed as Sasori sighed, glancing towards Sakura.

"First of all, thanks for telling me there was a meeting. About me," Sakura glanced at her teammates, disapprovingly. "I found out from Naruto who isn't even on my team!"

"Naruto! Were you eavesdropping?!" Tsunade questioned sternly to which Naruto rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Sorry, Grannie Tsunade. But this was important! Sakura-chan is needed here in Konoha! I promised her I would save Sasuke!"

"Naruto," Sakura groaned, hitting him on the head. "Don't talk about Sasuke right now."

"I apologize for not including you in this meeting, Sakura. I had only planned on meeting with Tsunade and then heading back to Suna to hear of the results at a later date." Gaara explained, watching her face for any sign that she was still mad at him.

"I just feel that if it's about me, I should be in on it. That's all. So carry on and tell me what it is that I will possibly be involved in." Sakura walked into the room and situated herself beside Itachi who was watching the scene unfold silently.

"Well," Gaara cleared his throat, glancing between Tsunade and Sakura. "As I was saying before, with the idea of marriage looming over us, I suggest that Sakura works in Suna til the war breaks out, allowing her to stabilize our peace treaty as well as spend time with me as well."

"Oh please,yeah." Deidara grumbled, earning a quick slap on the back of his head from Sasori.

"Kazekage, I understand what it is you are implying,But we do need Sakura here. She helps out around the hospital as well as has her own team. Besides, She already spent time in Suna with your hospital so I don't understand what your motive is.." Tsunade trailed off, willing him to explain himself farther.

"Oh for the love of god, Gaara wants to spend more time with Sakura! If she comes to Suna, she will be able to and then eventually be accustomed enough to move into the village." Kankuro explained, earning a glare from his brother.

Sakura's eyes widened at the information. Her?! Become a resident of Suna?!

But Konoha was her home! It was where her friends were, her job, everything!

"This is complete shit!" Hidan argued, to which Deidara nodded in agreement.

"You're trying to take her away from her home, yeah!"

"Our parents desired for us to be married. I want more than anything to fulfil my mother's wishes," Gaara concluded, heading towards the door. "And I'm sure Sakura wants the same." he glanced at her quickly.

"I'll stop by your apartment tonight. That'll give you time to think it over."

"I'm sorry, Gaara. I don't need time to think it over." Sakura apologized, giving him the respect of staring into his eyes. She watched them widen in surprise.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I'm not the type of person to marry based on what others desired for me. Especially my mother who abandoned me. But also, I havent even been around you that much, Gaara. I am not in love with you." She finished, glancing at him quietly.

"It's not that I could never love you, It's that I don't. And I have somebody else who I..." Sakura trailed off, hoping he'd get the picture. "Anyways, I appreciate the offer. Both of them. I'm sorry I am disrespecting your mother this way but it's something that I have to do. Please forgive me and have a safe journey home." Sakura bowed her head low, ignoring the stares she got as she presented herself with the highest respect for the Kazekage.

A sigh was heard from Gaara as he ordered her to raise her head. Staring into his eyes, Sakura waited from his response.

"I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed...Maybe had no alliances been made," He glanced at Hidan quickly "We would be in a different situation. This war had destroyed this. But it is what it is. It is okay, Sakura. Do not blame yourself. Do come and visit sometime though. We will be waiting." Gaara finished before nodding to the Hokage and leaving his siblings behind. As Kankuro was about to follow him, he gave Sakura a look of sadness.

"Awn, I was lookin' forward to having you as a sister! Oh well, come visit, ne?" He winked, exiting the Hokage's office with a slam of the door. Sakura sighed, rubbing her temples.

"Well. That's that. At least that's one stressful situation down." Tsunade commented, breaking everyone from their staring. Deidara immediately latched onto Sakura.

"Saku-chan! I was so worried you were gonna accept his offer!" She sighed, patting his head before Sasori pulled him off her.

"None of you had any faith in me whatsoever." Sakura huffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I did, Sakura-chan!" Naruto beamed to which, Sakura smiled back.

"Yes, Naruto did. Not my teammates." She pointed out, flicking Deidara on the nose. Stretching, and noticing the sunset outside of the Hokage's window, Sakura decided it was time to go home.

"I'm leaving." She announced, opening the door. Immediately, Kisame walked over to her, draping an arm around her shoulders. Hinata giggled, holding onto Sakura's other arm.

"All in a days work. Tomorrow we'll spar some! But now we will be escorting Kitten back, won't we Hina?" Kisame roared with laughter as the three of them headed outside. Itachi followed suit shortly after as did Hidan who mumbled cursed along the way.

Then, It was only Deidara, Sasori, Tsunade and Pein left in the office.

"They always leave me behind,yeah!" Deidara pouted, earning a flick to the side of the head from Sasori.

"..Get out. Both of you," Pein sighed, rubbing his temples.

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