-From the beginning-

"Minato!" screamed his wife from the bathroom, causing the man to jump up from putting together the baby's crib. "Minato! The baby's coming!"

"Hold on!" Minato cried as he got the bag his wife set up for when they'd have to go to the hospital.

He then carefully opened the door to see his wife sitting on the floor, her night gown soaked from when her water broke. He got her up into his arms and he carried her out to their car, he made sure she was secure before jumping into the drivers seat and speeding off for the hospital. When they arrived he bellowed for a doctor and within moments Kushina was taken off to a room and prepped for birthing.

Minato washed up and put on scrubs so he could be with her and as they waited, he kissed her brow, wiped the sweat from her brow and gave her water to sip at. When they got there it had 5 in the evening. When the contractions finally got to the point where she had to push the baby out, it was 8 at night the next day! Minato did the breathing with her as he wiped her brow, ignoring the searing pain going through his left hand from her crushing grip.

"Minato, you rotten bastard! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Kushina screamed as she pushed again as the doctor and nurses coached her through the birthing and got items ready in the event something went wrong.

"I know, I know, but deep breaths, deep breaths! The baby's almost here!" he told her and she suddenly smiled before letting out a long scream before a wet slap and wailing could be heard. Kushina collapsed back onto the bed, laughing as she gasped for air.

The nurse too the crying baby to get it cleaned up, weighed and measured before wrapping it in a blue blanket and handing him to her.

"Congratulations, you have a son." The nurse said as Kushina cooed and soothed her baby, Minato smiled proudly at his little boy, kissing his wife as they relaxed.

"He's so beautiful... look he has your cheeks!" Minato said gently stroking his son's round cheeks as his wife giggled, her own round cheeks glowing.

"Ahh, but he has your hair, Minato, look!" she said lifting the blanket to show the small tuft of blonde hair on their son's head.

"I'd bet he has your eyes, Kushina... aw, he has his mothers plump limps! Oh dear... our son's going to be a fox when he gets older."

"I know he will be, but if anyone messes with my baby, I'll gut them!" Kushina growled and Minato gave a nervous laugh.

Eventually, she got a room and they laid the baby in a bassinet with his name on it. Kushina sighed and closed her eyes, felling the exhaustion catch up with her. She gave sleepy smile when Minato kissed her forehead and told her to have pleasant dreams...

Minato awoke to a loud beeping noise and looked at the monitor by the bed. It was flat lining. He screamed for a nurse, startling his baby awake as he made the bed flat and got Kushina set up for CPR. He pressed the panic button and called again, but no one seemed to be there.

"SOMEONE HELP! Come on, Kushina don't do this to me! 1...2...3!" He breathed into her mouth a few times and pressed on her chest again. He kept doing this until the doctors came running in and took over.

He grabbed his wailing son and tried to sooth him as he watched from out side of the room. He spoke softly, soothingly, but nothing seemed to work. The doctors were all working and they passed to look at the monitor for a moment. He looked hopeful before they turned to look down at his wife before one of them took a white cloth and covered her face with it. They began disconnecting everything and a nurse came out and told him that his wife had passed on...

-A few years later-

Minato ran from store to store, looking frantically for his son. He had looked away from Naruto for only a moment to pay the woman at the candy cart and suddenly Naruto was gone! He told her to call security and to look for a small blonde haired boy with blue eyes wearing a hoodie with fox ears on the hood and a fox tail on the bottom in the back.

"Naru-chan! Naru-chan!" He yelled looking around for his son. He stopped by toy stores, asking the workers and parents if they saw his son and they told him no.

He was really scared, where was Naruto!

"Naruto!" He yelled as he looked around, making people stop and look at him.

"Daddy!" He spun around and looked for the voice that called to him. "Daddy, up here!"

He looked up to see his son in the arms of one of the security guards waving at him. He gave a short cry before he found a set of stairs and ran up them, three at time and then dashed to the security guard and his son. He grabbed Naruto close to him and kissed his face and head, with tears in his eyes.

"Naruto, where did you go!"

"I'm sorry, daddy! I was standing next to you and then someone tugged on my ears and pulled me away! I kicked his leg and ran! I found Mr. Asuma after that and told him that I couldn't find you!" Naruto cried.

"What! Shh, shh, daddy's not mad, Naru-chan! He was just really scared for you!" Minato tried to sooth his son as he looked up at guard. "Thank you so much for finding him!"

"Yes... It's a good thing I did. We also caught the man trying to steal him... Your little boy's pretty smart and very brave. Now if you come with me, we'd like to make sure that it's the right man and get a statement to give to the police. After that you may go home. Sorry to trouble you." Asuma said as he led them to the office as Minato nodded...

Minato walked down the street with Naruto sleeping comfortably in his arms, one arm wrapped tightly around his neck and his other hand was by his mouth. Minato sighed softly as he kissed his son's arm. Today had been scary, a man tried to take his son while he was right next to him.

Naruto had been brave to point him out and Asuma made sure that he was taken away by the police. Minato had been tempted to beat that man to a bloody pulp for trying to take his son as well as for any other parent who's child might have gone missing. They got home and Minato locked the door before laying down on the sofa with Naruto resting on his chest.

'I never want to go through that again... I'd die for sure if anything ever happened to Naruto.' Minato thought, watching his son sleep.

"I want you to grow up and be an artist... At least I will know you are always safe in the house..." Minato murmured before he to fell asleep...

-Two years later-

"Bye Naru-chan!"

"Bye Amy! See you Monday!" Naruto called as he waved to his friend as she hurried to her aunt's car to go home.

He sat on the swing set and waited for his dad to get him. His dad promised him a surprise to day so Naruto made sure he was extra good today! He giggled as he wondered what the surprise was. He only had to wait for ten minutes before his father's red car pulled into the school's driveway. He jumped up from the swing and grabbed his bag before racing off to tackle his dad.

"Hi daddy!"

"Hey there, Naru-chan!" He laughed as he kissed his son's hair. After hugging for a few more minutes, Minato put him done in the car and buckled him in.

When they got home, Minato told Naruto to his homework while made a phone call and cleaned up the house before he got his surprise. Naruto gave him a salute and then marched off to his room to do his homework...

Naruto looked up from the book his teacher asked them to read when his father poked his head into his room.

"You done?"

"Just got one more page!" Naruto called as he read over the last page and then closed his book. "All done!"

"Good, well come on, go potty so we can go!" Minato said cheerfully as Naruto got up, he had changed out of his school clothes before he sat down to do his homework.

Naruto dashed passed him and did potty as Minato laughed and got his car keys and wallet. He got both is and Naruto's jacket and his coat as he heard Naruto race down the stairs to him. They got their coats on and Minato locked the door before he got Naruto into car and buckled in. They drove to the center of town where all the restaurants and movie theaters were.

"Wow! Sizzlers!" Naruto gasped as they passed the restaurant.

"Yep, but we're eating over here..." Minato said stopping in front of a family restaurant.

"Cool! Chili's!" Naruto cried. Minato laughed as he parked and got out. He got Naruto out and carried him into the restaurant and walked up to the Host.

"How many this evening?" he asked.

"2 please!" Naruto said holding up one finger on each hand up so the man new he meant 2.

"Of course... Right this way." He said, smiling at Naruto's cheerfulness as he grabbed a normal menu for Minato and a children's menu for Naruto with some crayons to color with.

They were led through the building and were seated by the windows in a small two person booth. After they were seated, the host gave them their menus and told them their waiter would be right with them. As soon as he was gone, Minato laid his menu down and took Naruto's from him to look it over quickly.

"Okay, Naru, they have a kids chicken Caesar salad in side of an edible bowl of bread. They have a make your own pizza, chicken fingers and plain, chicken and beef nachos. What do you feel like having Naruto?"

"Hmm... I want the chicken fingers!" Naruto said happily, being mindful not to yell.

"Okay, it comes with a side. Do you want mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, french fries or a bowl of rice?"

"Hmm... mashed potatoes!"

"And let me guess, fruit punch?"

Naruto nodded and Minato laughed. His son was pretty easy, he gave him the menu back and Naruto began coloring the pictures while humming a silly song as Minato looked over his own menu.

"Hi! I'm Tim, your waiter this evening! Can I get you something to drink?" asked a darkly tanned male with bright yellow dreadlocks picked up in a ponytail.

"Yes, may I get a fruit punch for him and may I try your watermelon lemonade?"

"Gotcha! You ready to order or may some appetizers?"

"No, we're ready. The little man wants the chicken fingers and mashed potatoes... and I'd like to try your 7oz Steak Sirloin, well done?"

"And your sides?"

"Steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes, and can you only put sour cream on it?"

"Sure thing! Let me go place in your order and I'll be back in a moment with your drinks!" Tim said before walking off to do just that.

Minato smiled and watched Naruto make a picture, he was pretty stunned to see how good it was for an 8 year old.

"What's that?"

"This is you daddy! You're a superhero!" Naruto said and Minato laughed.

"Oh so who's this lady here?" He asked to the woman he was saving.

"That's mommy! You're saving her from the evil math teacher! And here's me! I'm your sidekick!" Naruto said happily.

Minato smiled, but couldn't hide the small twinge at the mention of his late wife. Naruto had asked him a week ago why he didn't have a mom and Minato did his best to explain to him that she had died after he was born and that it wasn't his fault. Naruto got it after a few times and he asked his dad if he was lonely without her around. Minato admitted that he missed her, but he had her in his heart and in Naruto who had his mother's dazzling smile and her blue eyes.

He was considering on putting an Ad out in the paper to find someone to date and eventually be Naruto's new mom. Naruto was getting to that stage where he'd need a mother's tender love and care to help balance him out, but Minato didn't do too bad a job on his own for eight years!

"Here we are! One fruit punch and one watermelon lemonade!" Tim said as he set the drinks down on the table before he walked off to tend to another family.

"Hey Naruto... would you be bothered if daddy started looking for a new mommy for you?" Minato asked softly, leaning down so he was level with Naruto.

"A new mommy?" he got a nod from his dad and he tilted his head in thought. "I'd like a mommy, but she wouldn't be mommy..."

"I know, I know... no one could ever replace your mother, Naru, and I won't let them. But you need a mommy so that way you're not alone at home and maybe with a new mommy you could have a little brother or even a little sister."

"Really?" Naruto looked at him with wide blue eyes.

"Yep, but that's only if you want to. If not, I won't look for one."

"But you're lonely!"

"No I'm not! I have a cute little fox called Naruto to keep me company!" Minato said, squishing Naruto's cheeks, making him laugh.

"Well I guess having a mommy would be cool... can I met her when you find her?"

"You got it! I want you to be the judge and tell me if the lady I bring home is the mommy you want." Minato said, holding his hand out to Naruto.

"Deal!" Naruto said shaking his dad's hand.

Soon after they shook hands, their food arrived and they ate in mild silence. When they finished Minato paid for the meal and they got back in the car. They drove for a bit before Minato stopped in front of the movie theater they normally went to and got Naruto out.

"Okay, Naruto, close your eyes!" Minato said as he carried his son to the theater.

Naruto closed his eyes and covered them. Minato, making sure he wasn't peaking, walked into the building and up to the attendant at the theater room they were going to. He gave him the tickets he had hidden away and the man pointed them to the room they were in. Naruto could hear a lot of noise but wasn't sure where they were. When he was set down on a booster seat he frowned in confusion.

"Okay open your eyes!" Minato said as Naruto did as told and blinked when he saw they were in the movie theater. Minato smiled at the cutely confused frown on his son's face.

"Daddy? Why are we here?"

"For your surprise!" Minato told him and Naruto blinked, but before he could ask the lights dimmed and the screen played the warning for everyone to be quiet and to turn off their cellphones. After the credits and previews went by the movie started and Naruto's eyes got really wide and he hugged his daddy in pure joy as the opening scene for Lilo and Stitch started...

-2 hours later-

Minato smiled at Naruto as he hugged his Stitch, the oversized blue doll was as big as Naruto's torso! Naruto was singing Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride, giggling in between breaks as Minato slowed to a stop at a red light.

"I take you are glad we went to see it." He laughed when Naruto stopped singing and nodded his head as he said:


He smiled and said, "Well when we go to see your grandma this weekend be sure to say thank you to her for sending us the tickets."

"I will! Can I call her tonight?" Naruto asked.

"Well it's passed your bedtime now... I guess a quick call won't hurt." Minato said as he turned on his turning signal when the light turned green.

Minato looked both ways twice, making sure there were no cars trying to turn as well before he eased into the cross lanes and turned, but as he was turning Naruto noticed something and screamed.

"Daddy! Look out!"

Minato looked to see what was coming and cursed when he realized they couldn't get out of the way in time. A sports car rammed right into them, ripping the front of the car right off as Minato tried vainly to keep the car under control but it spun into a an on coming trunk and what was left of the front of the car was smashed back into Minato, but he couldn't bring himself to care, Naruto had screamed in pain and he as trying his hardest to see what was wrong but when he went to call his son, everything just stopped...

-Hospital, a few hours later-

Naruto whined and groaned in his sleep. He was having a nightmare that he and his daddy ere in the car and out of nowhere they were hit and his daddy died and he as going to die next, but before it could happen a thunderous crash echoed throughout the room and in his head. Then it happened again and a again before a loud beeping and the grinding of gears echoed through, screams and shoes clicking filled his ears, his heart sounded like a muted bass in his head as he opened his eyes and was met with darkness.

He screamed and tried to get take whatever was on his eyes off. He cried out when he hurt himself and fell from the bed, the things on him felt like snakes squeezing harder and harder every time he tried to pull away. He faintly heard someone hit something in the room before he felt strong arms wrap around him, stilling his panicked thrashing as a calming scent filled his senses, dulling down the noise enough for him to relax and snuggle closer.

"Shh... Shh... there's nothing here to hurt you, angel..." he heard and sighed, passing out in that warm embrace...

Naruto woke up sometime later, the sounds came flooding back as well as the smells, but after a few moments of filtering out the smells and sounds, he picked up his grandmother's sobs. He sat up carefully this time and got out of bed, grabbing the IV pole that was right beside him. He was shaky and a bit sore, but he managed to find his way to the door and walked out.

"Granny?" He called softly.

She gasped and pulled him into her strong embrace and was muttering ho sorry she was and that she would take care of him as best she could. At first he didn't get it and then it came crashing back and he began to cry as ell, holding her tightly, wanting warmth, protection and a shoulder to cry on...

-Three weeks later-

Naruto sat at his father's and grandmother's funerals. His grandmother had been so depressed that she killed herself, taking all of Naruto's pain killers with three bottle of sake while he had been at therapy. Friends of the family were there, distant relatives sat there as well, all of them crying and talking. Naruto said nothing as he stared sightlessly at the people before him, his super hearing picking up the conversations.

"... so young, it's terrible that he died. His poor son is going to end up in an orphanage..."

"... can't believe Tsunade killed herself! She said she'd take care of her grandson, doesn't she know that her life insurance won't go through if she commits suicide!"

"Mommy, why is he staring?"

"He's blind sweetie."

"Hey look at that freak, he's just sitting there looking at us like he can see right through us."

"...heard his mother was a whore..."

"... he's a foreign mix..."

"... The little shit's worth his father's company and his grandmother's clinic! He's a rich little fuck... if we take him in we can get the money and when he's eighteen e can get him to sign the company over to us! We'll be rolling in dough!"

"... can't go to school, he'll have to go to a gifted school, the poor dear..."

Naruto sighed and lowered his head. They think he can't hear them and that he wouldn't know what they were saying, but he did. Naruto sighed as he felt sleepy, he wanted to lay down and go to sleep since he hasn't slept well for the last week.

"Excuse me... is the wake for Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Tsunade?" asked a voice that he didn't know and was pretty sure no else knew since there was low murmurs about this stranger.

"Yes it is, why do you want to know?"

"Ah! I'm Minato's lawyer and his underclassman when we were in school together. I am also Naruto-kun's godfather. I came to read his and Tsunade's last will to the family as well as take guardianship over Naruto-kun. I am Umino Iruka." Said the stranger.

Naruto blinked, this man spoke with a calm, even voice that hid little of his true intentions. He could hear snide remarks from a few of his aunts and uncles, a couple of cousins, older ones openly insulted the man but Naruto had enough.

"Be quiet! All you've done for three hours is talk bad about my parents and my grandma! You think I can't hear you but I can! I am not a freak and I am not stupid! I want Umino-san to read daddy's will! If you want to hear it as well then be quiet now!" He pretty much yelled at them.

Silence filled the room, a few awkward coughs or a nervous giggle came out before Iruka cleared his throat and had everyone move into the drawing room. He personally escorted Naruto there, smiling down at the small blind boy, silently promising that he would raise him like he was his own...

-A few years later-

Naruto was sitting at home, the lights were all off in his room, not that he noticed, but he did have some soothing jazz playing in the background. He hummed along with some of it as his fingers worked the clay in his hands into the general shape he wanted. Then he took a scraping tool and began to add the details.

It had been about five years since Iruka took over being his guardian and told his family that all the money and belongings that Tsunade and Minato had left behind were strictly Naruto's and his alone. This started fights and they spent a great deal of time in court, all his aunts and uncles wanted the money and the possessions left behind, but in the end Iruka won full custody of Naruto and Naruto denied his family the money.

Iruka took very good care of him, keeping the house and everything in it exactly the same so that Naruto always knew where everything was. Iruka used some of the money left to Naruto to get him into some of the best schools and programs for the Children with Special needs. Naruto loved every moment of school from the teachers who took time to teach him how to read and write in braille to his art and music teachers who found he like may other blind and some deaf students had a talent for art and music.

When asked which one he wanted to peruse he said art, because art was about finding the hidden beauty of the world and well when you cannot see, it makes it all the more interesting. So here he sat in his room making a small sculpture. He took a small scalpel like tool and began carefully carving designs into the clay before he smiled softly and began adding other details.

"Naruto? I'm home... why are you sitting in the dark?" he heard Iruka ask, the sound of the light switch coming on told him that the lights were now on.

"I am always sitting in the dark, Iruka-sensei." Naruto said, smiling halfheartedly at his own joke.

"Hmm... Oh that's a beautiful elf! The details are so... real!" Iruka gasped.

"Really?" Naruto asked tilting his head to the side as Iruka marveled at the small sculpture.

"Yes! You know, I should take it with me to work and see what my boss thinks of it! Who knows, Naruto, you may become a famous artist!" Iruka said happily as he hugged his adopted son tightly before he walked off to call his boss and tell him the news.

Naruto sat there, a dazed smile on his lips. A famous artist? Him!

'Whoa... I guess dad's wish can come true! I'll make you proud!' Naruto thought happily, moving the finished sculpture back and grabbing the excess clay to make something else...

It was the very next afternoon when Naruto got home from school that he met Iruka's boss for the first time. The man had big hands and was very strong. He was gruff, but seemed to love art. Iruka introduced them.

"Morino-san, this is my adopted son, Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto, this is my boss Morino Ibiki."

"Nice to meet you. Iruka talks about you non-stop at work... He also told me that you may be the first blind artist to ever come work for me. I'd like to see your sculpture if you don't mind."

"Not at all, Morino-san! Iruka-sensei, could you get it off my desk please?" Naruto asked, taking a seat on his chair which was next to the window so he could feel the sun changing it's position. His way of telling time since he couldn't see the the clock on the mantel.

Iruka quickly went to get the statue and came back, it was covered with a cloth and he set on the coffee table.

"It's not very good, but I did my best with it and I like it." Naruto told him, hearing the cloth rustle and a gasp come from Ibiki.

"if this is your worst then I'd love to see your very best! Iruka, the boy's brilliant! I mean he's got the symmetry just shy of perfection! The details of the runes and the cloths! sell me this statue and I will put it up in the next show! I hope someone likes it and will be willing to sponsor you! But other than that, Welcome to the art work, Uzumaki-san!" Ibiki gushed, shaking a stunned Naruto's hand as Iruka fanned himself to keep from fainting.

Naruto was shocked, after he sold the statue, a few months later he and Iruka were at the show and his piece was the final to go on. As Ibiki has expected everyone was blown away by the detail and the mute beauty of the white clay. When questions from the press flew, Ibiki masterfully answered each one, hiding Naruto's identity until the end. When the crowd was about to burst, Ibiki had Iruka bring Naruto up and introduced him to the art world. Naruto found five sponsors that very night and more to come the days to follow...


Naruto sighed as he sat in Ibiki's house, in the guest room. He sat on the bed looking down at his hands. So much had gone on in his life. His parents dying, his grandmother killing herself, his family trying to get a hold of him for their own selfish gains, Iruka taking him in and becoming a father and mother to him. Kakashi snuck his way in somewhere over the years. He made many friends, he loved his job as a teacher, he liked helping his students become the new Uzumaki-senseis of the art world.

But in an instant his once perfect world was shattered...

In an instant his body became tainted...

His mind taken over...

His heart at war...

In an instant, he became lost. All from a single touch, a single word, a simple caress...

Because of Ookami sensei.

Naruto didn't tell Ibiki or Neji what happened that night at the gala. He didn't want anyone else to die or end up hurt because of him. He never thought in a million lifetimes that he, Uzumaki Naruto, would hate someone so much and yet still hold a secret flame of love for them.

He sat in his room for three days. Ibiki said that he was only having a dry spell now that he could see again, but Mizuki was a bit more observant than his busy lover. The silver haired man often came to talk to Naruto. With the small blonde man living with them, Ibiki couldn't do what he wanted with his lover and well Mizuki kind of missed the daily abuse and sexual assaults.

The police were looking into the fire that burned down Naruto's house, some thought it was some random kinds, others thought it was angry relatives of the other victims of Inari Yuki, the artist, the rest thought it was an electrical fire. Sighing, Naruto stood up and walked over to the work table. He picked up a piece of red clay and began kneading the rock hard mass of mud. He felt more relaxed when his hands were busy.

He worried about Iruka and Kakashi; Kami knows what they are doing to them! He could save them if he agreed to Ookami's terms, but then how was he going to escape?

'No I can't, he'll probably kill them and everyone else then take me away... I could always refuse him, but then I'll never see Iruka or Kakashi again...' He felt more depressed now.

He looked down at the clay in his hands, it was shaped into rock and there was a boy half trapped and half free. The face was missing as were other details, but Naruto could tell it was himself. His middle was sucked into the rock as were his feet, but his legs stuck out like he was kicking against the rock he was trapped in. His arms were a bit tricky, one arm was trapped in the rock as his other reached out as if asking for help. He also made a wolf standing on the rock. If he added the details he was more than sure that he would be crying or frightened while the wolf had a pleased predatory smile on his own face.

No matter how he looked at it, he was trapped between a rock and a hard place. His options were limited since telling the police about Ookami would me they sent an innocent man to jail, more cops and friends would be killed, he'd never see Iruka and Kakashi again and that terrified him even more. He sat there for a while, adding details to the rather dark scene before him. Thinking of what he could do and what the possible results were.

When he had finished he set the clay on the corner of the desk and sighed. He might as well go out for a while. He made up his mind and he would not chicken out of it this time. He changed into his dress clothes, a nice royal blue shirt and black slacks. He took out his matching jacket and grabbed his keys and cellphone. He left a note on the whiteboard for Ibiki and Mizuki, pretty sure they would get suspicious of him suddenly having a boyfriend.

With that all said and done he left. He walked down the streets, enjoying the sights he missed for so long, but the world wasn't as pretty as he thought it would be. The once sparkling city of Konoha was now dulled down, tainted by its many, many secrets. He was almost glad that he was blind. He didn't have to see what really lay around him. But still he was glad he could see, even if he has to take the bad with the good. Like his father and Marry Poppins always said:

"A tea spoon of sugar helps the medicine go down." He laughed as he began singing the song to himself as he made his way to the gallery. The guards recognized him almost instantly, his blonde hair and the marks on his cheeks a dead give away, and let him in.

It was empty inside, no one was there so it made it pretty easy for him to walk down memory lane. He started from the very first room, looking at the art works that inspired his father to fill his head with pretty, innocent lies and truths. He sighed, he missed his father greatly, his mother as well, but he hardly knew her. All he knew was that he had the same shape and eyes like his mother. From room to room he saw how the art works changed over the years. He blushed at some nude paintings and felt severe dread and terror at others, some made him smile, a few made him scratch his head in confusion.

He soon got to where Ookami first entered the world of art his painting s, as always, were dark, but looking closely at it now. Naruto could see the loving care put into it. How the angel, the blonde angel that represented him, was drawn with such care and loving detail. He noticed the wolf hidden in the bushes, hunched over like he had been about to attack, but the awed look in those eyes told him that he was stunned by the beauty before him.

Many more paintings and sculptures went by, an array of emotions and many points of view showed him who many others saw the world. Artists were unique people, they could find beauty in some of the most horrifying sights, they can pull out emotions from many with a simple stroke of the brush. Artists were like psychics, they could tell your emotions by simply painting a picture, building a model or sculpting a unique piece of art.

They said he was the queen of the art world because he could find beauty in everything he touches, even in Ookami-sensei. His works were innocent and pure like the angel that represented him in all of Ookami's works. Ookami was the king, his works were mature, dark and highly expressive even with all the dark tones and lack of bright colors. Looking at his paintings made Naruto feel like Alice looking into the looking glass. He could almost see it like he was held captive in a cage, like a song bird. Always aware of someone there but never seeing them and never paying them any mind; an ignorant haven of safety and peace.

He stood in front of Ookami's paintings of when he was kidnapping him on a weekly basis to paint him. He remembered the terrifying feeling of knowing someone was there but completely unable to fight back or get away. He remembered the overpowering smell of oil paints and charcoal, it was very strong that it covered up his scent, the scent he fell in love with as well as the warmth. But what had been his safe haven was now a frightening house of horrors.

He looked at the paintings, his face was somehow always hidden, but he could tell it was his face. He was amazed no one else noticed it, but then again, no one has ever seen Ookami until that night.

He felt dizzy looking at how well the fear and pleasure was captured. He blushed in shame at how much his body remembered those caresses, that throbbing pain and pleasure. He fell to his knees, his hands pressed between his legs as he felt that familiar ache come back. He felt dirty and wanted to scream and cry, run home and scrub his skin raw.

He looked at the paintings and found three of them where he was molesting himself, but he didn't recall being in Ookami's grasp while doing that. He was in-

Naruto paled and shoot up to his feet as fast as he could, but made himself dizzy and he began to fall. But a strong chest and even stronger arms wrapped about him, holding him up and captive. He whimpered as he smelt that scent, felt that warmth...

"... you win..." was all Naruto said, feeling his captor kiss his neck, a smile on his lips at hearing his angel finally submit to him. "... you win... take me, I'm-I'm yours..."

Naruto relaxed into his arms, so tired of running, so tired of hiding. It was apparent that no matter what he did; he'd never be able to get away...

-Time Skip; Ookami's POV-

I drove far from the city, Uzumaki-sensei...

No; Naruto was sitting in the passenger seat beside me. He had fallen asleep some few hours ago, but I didn't mind. He finally submitted, accepted me. I smiled and turned off the road and onto a smooth forest one.

We drove for a few more minutes, about 20 more I guess, and we arrived at my Villa. Mother and his fathers were outside waiting for us, Mother looked so happy when I got out and carefully picked up Naruto into my arms. His fathers weren't too happy, the brunette ran at me and fretted over the small man in my arms and I let him. He was after all the mother figure in their little family. When he was satisfied that nothing was amiss, he gave me a glare that sent shivers of fear down my spine, but I didn't let him know that.

"You promised that nothing would happen to him."

"And I intend to keep it that way... Now if you'll excuse me. I have plans for my little mate." I told him, glaring down at him, but he didn't shrink away.

The silver haired one took his mate's arm and pulled him back, murmuring something that made him smile and nod, backing off and letting me by.

"Be careful, my son."

"Of course, mother."

They soon left us be and I went in and set Naruto down in my room, I had many things to prepare for to night...

-Mother's POV-

We drove back to the city, Hatake and Umino were both asleep in the back, both exhausted themselves with worry over the little sensei. I wouldn't voice it, but I admit to my heart that I too was rather worried. I know how strong my son can be and I know that he can be cruel, but I glad that nothing bad has happened.

I blinked and looked at my cell phone and sighed and picked it up.

"Kinomiya speaking..." I said. "Huh? No, Ookami-sensei's taking a break. I just dropped him off at his retreat... What do you mean the police want to talk to him? Oh really? How do they figure that?"


"Oh? The so called 'artist' told you the truth?" I asked evenly, gears forming a plan to murder that fucking asshole.

"I see... well I'll be there as soon as I can."

I shut the phone and gunned the engine. Hatake and Umino shot up in the back, both grabbing hold of the back seat as I drove like a mad woman at full speed back to the city.

"Kinomiya-san, slow down!"

"No! I worked way too hard for everything to come crashing done now!" I hissed back. "I lost my mate and my children! I took him in because he was alone! My sweet little boy... He'd never be my little Shukaku, but I damn well wanted him!."

"Kinomiya!" Hatake screamed and I snapped out my daze and swerved the car in time to avoid the horse and buggy.

"Relax. I've done this over a million times and only crashed 3 times!" I grinned insanely.

"Please calm down and slow down!" Umino begged and I sighed, slowing down dramatically for him.

They relaxed and Hatake leaned forward so he was leaning on the back of the passenger seat.

"You mentioned children... is there something you haven't told us?"

"Besides everything? Nope." I smiled insanely as he sighed. It was true!

"Fine... tell us why Naruto?"

"Don't know... all I know was that before Naruto-kun appeared in his life, my little prince use to be quite the difficult child... his intelligence was staggering and very orderly, plans everything out before he makes a move, but then he was also very playful and very sweet natured. And, unfortunately, he he had a bit of an evil side of him. He's cruel and calculating, but also OCD. Sometimes to get him to be have I had to make his room a mess and watch him clean it and organize it according to favorites. But overall he was still himself.."

"... so your saying that... Naruto's a suppressant for him!"

"Yes and no... I'm sure you all heard the story, when Naruto-kun lost his father and his eyesight, my son was in the hospital because he had accidentally hurt a girl he was trying to help and the doctors wanted his strength tested as well as his mind. Now I don't know what went on in that room, but suddenly he was just very calm. Almost like he took everything that was there and merged them together to make Ookami." I said smiling fondly.

"Why are you smiling! He's deranged and a danger!" Umino screamed.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, the elder said the same thing about him until I told him that he was the son of the Uchihas, then he changed his tune. Bet he didn't expect his own nephew to kill him; Hn, goes to show you just can't trust family anymore.

"Look here! We of the superior species have our imperfection just like the humans do! You're all so arrogant and think that the world is yours! We were here far before you lot! We changed and adapted; hid ourselves from sight! Sure some of us are a little more out there than others, but we much like you humans hide our imperfections with smiles and bright cheery personalities." I hissed, tired of their complaints and protests. "You are no longer human so I suggest you change your ways of thinking or you're only going to end up insane like the rest of us! And it will only hurt Naruto-kun more that you cannot accept being like us."

"But he's only doing this because you already made us like this! He's not being given a fair choice!" Umino hissed.

"What about the people we lose? Did any of them have a choice to die?"

That made them shut up. We got into the city soon after and I dropped them off at my house before heading down to the station. I was going to do some damage control...

-Konoha's High Security Prison-

"Mmm, ahh! Mo-more! Harder!" screamed Yuki, enjoying the two men inside of him.

He had been living it up at the prison for a few months. He had three square meals, plenty of playmates and when someone got sick and was dying, he could eat them before anyone noticed. During his stay he didn't expect a visit from Sabaku no Gaara. The man surprised him, that was for sure. The best sex he had ever hand besides when he was raped by his superiors. During the heat of the moment he couldn't help himself. He just lost his mind to the godly sex.

"Ohhh God!" He cried out as he came.

The other two soon after that came as well. Once they were good, the two men left, snickering about how much of a slut he was, but he didn't care. He laid there panting still, letting his body absorb the bodily fluids.

"You seem to be having fun... you little bitch!" He gasped and rolled out of the way as a knife hit the ground where he had been laying a moment before.

"M-my lady! W-what!"

"You talked! You son of a bitch! You talked!" She screeched. "You told them that you weren't the artist! You told them you didn't kidnap Uzumaki-sensei!"

"I said no such things!"

"You were visited by that Sand user! You let that beast touch you!"

"But, my lady, he-he-"

"He fucked you good didn't he! Fucked you until you were unconscious and then he used his sand to find the truth from you! There is the reason they call him the sand man!" she screeched, here eyes mad and her beautiful face contorted in fury beyond his imagination.

"Please- Argh!"

"You spoke, you promised you wouldn't!" She slashed at him with every word, her eyes blazed with anger. "You told them! You told and they killed them! My mate and my baby!"

"My-My lady! I-I didn't- Guuuuh?" He started but she gutted him clean through. She was raving away repeating that he told, but as he faded into the dark embrace of death he vaguely wondered why she assumed he was to blame for the death of her mate and child...

She suddenly stopped, her eyes wide as she smiled at the mutilated corpse. She moaned in pleasure as she licked the blood off of her hands. Good lord what had possessed her? All well, the bastard was dead and she knew who to blame, there were plenty of sperm donors that would be frying before their time. She dumped the knife she swiped from one of the in-mates and left as if she didn't just take a blood bath.

'That'll teach him not to break his promises...' She thought bitterly.

She left the prison and drove back to her house. She was tired and cranky, she spent six hours arguing with the police about Ookami being the artist since they got the truth from Yuki, but she managed to convince them otherwise. During those times, Ookami was in his studio painting and she was there since he often forgets to bath and eat. They were pretty damn persistent, but when they set out to find proof that they were lying, they couldn't. So they finally dropped it and apologized.

'Bloody idiots are lucky I didn't press charges or kill them all.' She thought bitterly as she walked up to her house. Iruka had made himself at home in her kitchen and Kakashi was looking over her collection of novels.

"You both settled in nicely." She said.

"Like we have much of a choice..." hissed Iruka.

She smirked, he was an interesting one. He'd bare his fangs and growl at you, but the second you overpower him, he's a submissive little kitten.

"I could have been mean and locked you both up in a dark room like before." she purred when they both stiffened and Iruka cautiously moved away from her, his neck suddenly feeling tight as if someone had grabbed it again and was holding it tightly.

"Now then, since we are going to be in-laws, let's get to know each other..."

-Naruto's POV-

… hmm, what time is it? Sitting up I looked around to find myself not in Ookami's car but rather in a big fancy bedroom. My first thought was to scream and run, but then I remembered that I agreed to be with that evil man...

I jumped when a door on my right opened up and Ookami walked in. He was dressed in those clothes that hid him away his big glasses and messy hair gave him a deranged look, like a hobo instead of an extremely rich artist. His light pink lips pulled back to show pointed teeth as the glasses did that creepy reflect thing as he shifted ever so slightly to the left.

"Finally awake?" he asked in a voice so low and smooth I felt like melting.

What was going on! He's not the same man is he!

"No need to get scared..." He purred, moving slowly, gracefully over to me. His strides were long and even, his hips rolled slightly, making it hard for me to keep focus on his face. "Since you will be like me pretty soon, I might as well let you hear and see the real me... but first. I want you to do something for me..."

"W-w-what do you want!" I squeaked out as he climbed over me.

I was scared.

The heat radiating from him, the massive strength he held was almost overwhelming! I felt dizzy as I laid there looking at him fearfully. He leaned down on my, his body weight was average for some who stood at 6'3". It wasn't crushing me, but if he wanted to he could easily keep me pinned here beneath him.

"I want you to see my face... with your hands..." He asked so softly that I swore I imagined it, but when he looked at me with a genuine look of pleading, I nodded.

He covered my eyes with a blindfold, giving me the sense that I was blind again. I slowly moved my hands to his shoulders, the rough material of his shirt made my skin feel dry. I traced his shoulders up to that strong neck. He felt the muscles tighten and loosen under his finger tips as he felt the steady beat of his heart in his veins. The Adam's apple bobbed softly as he swallowed a moment.

The skin was so smooth, I thought it was like touching silk. Next I traced the strong jaw, feeling the smooth, hairless skin. I felt his ears, they were pierced in the lobes and at the tops, but he removed his earring apparently. Next, I slowly traced his thin lips, the straight nose and the high cheek bones. The skin was so smooth, not a trace of wrinkles or imperfections, just smooth skin. Then I carefully felt his eyes and his brows.

His forehead crinkled a little as he gave a shuddering breath. I gently smoothed out the skin and finally touched his hair line, but Ookami quickly pulled away and caught my wandering hands.

"What do you think, Sensei?" he asked me.

I didn't know how to answer. Even if the plains of his face and skin had been smooth and even. I could feel the emotions radiating from his skin. It was scary really.

"Am I beautiful?" He asked me.

Again I could not speak. It is true I found beauty in his face from touching it, but it was a dangerous beauty, one that I normally try to avoid.

"... I don't... I don't know what to say..." I finally answered.

He stiffened a second before he laughed. It was dark and chilling; I feared I may regret saying that to him, but he simply kissed my cheek and pulled off the blindfold.

"So even the queen can be rendered speechless... I'm honored..." He teased me with my title in the art world.

I gasped when he suddenly bound my hands together with the blindfold and tied them to the headboard then he sat on my chest so I could not struggle. He grabbed my face in one hand and smiled. It was loving and yet deadly, promising so much and yet so little.

"Do not look away from me, Naruto..." He said, rolling my name off his tongue like it was made strictly for him to say.

I nodded fearfully once more and he let go of my face before he tore off his shirt. The lanky man was actually a very well toned one. His muscles were toned and solid, like he played sports or worked out at a gym. Just simply moving around to get rid of his shirt made his muscle flex and pull, showing off just how toned he was. Next he pulled off his glasses, tossing them off to the side as he then carefully removed the contacts he wore under them and placed them in their case which was sitting on the nightstand on my left.

I tried to see his face with out the glasses and contacts, but Ookami kept his face hidden from me. Next he grabbed his hair and with a quick tug, it came off showing off beautiful raven black hair. Once he shook his hair loose, he was tossed the ratty looking wig away and Ookami opened his eyes to show that they were red with black tomes in them.

-Normal POV-

"What do you think Sensei?" He asked in a now very cheery voice.

"Eh!" Naruto gasped.

He was stunned. He felt how beautiful he was, but to actually see it? He blushed and looked away, mumbling about evil jerks always being hot. Ookami smiled at the insulting complement and got off of Naruto enough to grab his shirt and rip it to pieces and throwing the shreds off to the side somewhere. Next were the pants and boxers. Naruto screamed in protest, but Ookami just happily ignored him in favor for admiring the body he had seen so many times.

"Such a beautiful body... I have want to touch it so man times and hear you scream my name in such pleasing cries of passion... My kawaii little kitsune..." he growled as he crawled over the now naked Naruto and pressed his lips to the blonde's.

Naruto struggled, crying out against him even as Ookami's tongue slipped into his mouth and forcefully explored the sweet cavern. Naruto squirmed like a worm on a hook, trying to get away before the fish comes to eat him. He kicked, twisted and even bit at Ookami's tongue, but the man didn't ease up or seem to care that they could both taste his blood in the kiss.

When he finally pulled back, Naruto was gasping for air, his eyes hazed over as his lungs and heart pumped faster than normal to keep him alive as he felt faint.

"Beautiful... I have to capture this beautiful sight on canvas some time..." He purred.

Naruto whined as he kissed his lips again, but instead of giving him the same kiss as last time, he began a small trail of kisses down his chin and down his slender neck. When he found a sensitive spot, the only indication being a slight hitch in Naruto's gasps, and sucked hard, biting and bruising the skin. Naruto cried out and arched against the rough treatment, whimpering as Ookami soothed over the bruises with his tongue.

Naruto tugged on his bindings, he wanted to free his hands and push Ookami away. The man was living up to his name as bit and marked as much of Naruto as he possibly could in one go.


"... no..." He murmured back as he kissed the trembling belly beneath him. "I will not stop now..."

"Aaah!" Naruto suddenly screamed, his eyes wide as his half erect member was sucked into a hot, wet mouth...

-Ookami's POV-

Gods in hell, he tasted superb! So sweet and pure...

I sucked hard, making his body react honestly with me as I gently massaged his legs, coaxing him to relax. He screamed and writhed, his face twisted with pleasure and fear. Heavens I need to paint him!

No, I've waited far too long to finally have him and I will make him mine now! The paintings can wait until everything is over.

"S-stop it!"

I growled in response, snickering when he keened loudly and tried to wriggle free again. His balls tightened and his cock swelled in my mouth so I knew he was close to cumming. I kept my pace as I reached into my pockets for what I needed. I pulled out the vial and a needle with some lube.

I opened the small jar of lube and dipped a finger in. Then carefully aiming for his entrance I massaged the lube on it as he bucked and tried even harder to get away. I laughed at his futile efforts, sucking hard to make it painful for him and he settled down, whining pathetically.

His tight bud opened up slowly and I slipped my finger in. It was so hot inside and he gripped my finger so tightly, pulling it further in. I pulled off of his cock and leaned up to his mouth, kissing his lips.

"You're pulling me in... you're asshole wants me to fuck you nice and hard... can't you feel the way it's sucking my finger so tightly? Wanting m cum?" I growled out in his ear. He whimpered and tried to get away, forcing his legs closed was impossible with my body there, but he tried his best from the strain he was putting on himself.

I laughed at his attempts as he tried yet again to get away and to free his hands. I pulled my finger out to dip it and another one in the lube before shoving both back into him, hitting something that felt a lot different from the rest of his passage, it was smoother and yet firm. I pressed it and the reaction that followed nearly made me lose all control!

Naruto's eyes shot open, crystal clear tears fell down his golden cheeks his mouth flew open in a silent scream and his body tensed up as if he had a mini orgasm before he fell limp, his skin flushed a rosy color as he gasped for air and a thin sheet of sweat began to form over his body.

Not to mention when I touched that spot, his passage slammed shut around my fingers and it got very hot and wet in there. I swear this man will drive me made! In all of my 27 years of life I have never want something as badly as I wanted him right now, but I still needed to wait until I prepared him properly.

I moved my fingers about, stretching the tight muscles and moved them in and out, a demonstration as to what we would be doing pretty soon. He mewled and managed to twist his body so he lay on his side, his legs pressed tightly together as he hid his face in his arms and the pillow.

I simply made my self comfy behind him, loosening up his beautiful ass up for me. Occasionally I would hit his sweet spot and get a beautiful reaction out of him. He arched into me a few times, whined my artist name and tried to speak, but all that came out was unintelligent babble. I was quite proud to reduce him to such a mass off goo.

I pulled my fingers out only to put three in a moment later. He cried out, begged and tried to loosen his hands again, but not to escape. I knew he needed a hand so I slipped my free arm under his body and wrapped my hand around his beautiful cock, the normally bronze flesh was a dark red as the head was nearly maroon from the blood swelling into it. Beads of pearly honey dripped from it. I smirked and made sure that he would love the next set of sensations I was sure that were raping his mind at the moment...

-Naruto's POV-

I gasped as he stopped moving. Oh god, what was he doing to me!

I felt his hand on my member as his finger were still in my backside. Suddenly he pulled his fingers back at the same time his hand moved to rest on my groin, pulling back on my member. I gasped and tried to keep from moving, but my body convulsed into his hands. Then he moved them again, pulling on my member as his fingers pushed deep into my body. He kept doing this many, many times. I couldn't think!

The sounds I made boy from my mouth and my body made me blush shamefully. I bit the pillow in vain hope that it would stop the noises, but Ookami chose the moment to tease my ear with his sinful mouth.

"Listen, Naru-chan... can you hear it? Those lewd sounds are all you... your ass is so wet right now. I can fuck you into the bed... and you clenching so tight to me, and your moans are so sexy..."

"N-no... S-st-stop!" I cried, trying again to free my hands.

He must have made his troop leader happy with his knots in the boy scouts since I really couldn't get free...


W-What the hell was that!

I cried out in pain, my eyes screwed shut in pain as I felt what ever stabbed me down there let out a cold fluid into me. It moved pretty fast and soon I was shivering from the cold. My teeth chattered as I tried curl up into myself to get warm, but Ookami kept me from doing just that. Instead he had me lay on my back and he covered me with his own body.

"Open your mouth and drink this... It'll make you warm again..." He coaxed softly, nudging my lips with something.

I slowly opened my mouth and he poured it in. It was bitter, but I swallowed it anyway. I shivered more as he untied my hands and turned me so I lay on my stomach with my arms curled into my chest, my chin resting on my ice cold hands as he wrapped his body and the blankets around us.

He held me tightly, whispering sweetly in my ears as I kept shivering. I don't know how long we laid there, but I slowly stopped shivering and felt rather sleepy. He turned us so we were on our sides and he held me and the blankets tighter as I fell asleep, snuggling close to him, the scent of lavender and mint relaxing me so...

-Normal POV-

As Naruto relaxed, Ookami slowly, carefully got into position at Naruto's entrance. He waited for Naruto to take a deep breathe before he surged into him, his thick length buried deep into that sweltering, tight heat. This made them both freeze, one in ecstasy and the other in shock. Naruto gasped in air as he clutched the pillow to his chest, his knuckles were bone white from the death grip he had on it.

"Gods... you-you're so-so hot! And-and tight... My dick feels like it's being sucked into a black hole..." Ookami moaned in bliss.

"Aaa-aaah! T-Take i-it out! Itai, itai, itai!" Naruto sobbed, burying his face into the pillow.

"Shh, no need to cry... shh..." Ookami cooed in his ear, though the shallow thrusts into his entrance said otherwise.

Naruto cried and sobbed, he held the pillow until he lost feeling in his hands, his face ed from crying and from the unbearable heat surrounding him. He let out high pitched whines and cries as he felt the shallow hits on his prostate. The pain racking his body was being overpowered by the overwhelming sensation of pleasure.

"Iie, iie!" Naruto cried, trying to get away, but Ookami held him in a vice grip that was sure to leave bruises as he picked up pace. He thrust in faster, striking Naruto's sweet spot harder. This forced the blonde man to scream in pleasure, his mind fogging over as he moaned and cried like a wanton whore.

"Oooh, yea... this is so much better... so tight... so hot! Scream for me sensei, scream!" Ookami growled, looking crazed as he moved faster and harder into Naruto's semi willing body.

Naruto let out sounds he never knew he could make. He screamed, mewled, keened, whined, whimpered and moaned as his body made lewd sounds of its own. He clawed at the bed sheets and the pillow, vain attempts to get away from this tyrant.

Ookami on the other hand was in heaven, the tight heat got tighter and tighter the more he fucked the blonde, he watched him struggle uselessly to get away and he drowned in how vocal he sounded. He growled as he felt his climax coming and grabbed hold of his mate's erection and began fisting it in time with his thrusts.

"Come on, say my name... say-" He hissed as he came inside Naruto as said blonde came as well, screaming his name to the heavens above before he collapsed and passed out.

He pulled out and smiled as his cum spewed out of the raw hole and he laid down beside Naruto's unconscious form.

"You're mine... We'll be happy together, you'll see..." He promised...

-3 years later-

"Nyaaah! Ahh, more! More!" cried a lustful Naruto as he rode his husband's long thick rod.

"God, you look so fucking hot like that Naru-chan... Keep your face to me. I want to capture the pleasure on your face." he said as Naruto tried to keep his head leveled so his husband and mate can see his face.

Naruto couldn't believe how the last three years went. After he was brutally taken, he woke up back in Konoha in Iruka's house with his adopted fathers looking over him worriedly. To say he was shocked to see that he turned into a golden cat was an understatement, but to see his adopted fathers become panthers before his very eyes was even worse. They explained what they could to him and left the rest to Ookami's mother since she was also planning their wedding.

He freaked out hearing that he was getting married to Ookami-sensei and tried everythig he could to get out the marriage, but still a month later he got married to Ookami as he had been know as for years.

For months after that every time his husband touched him or took him in bed, he would flinch away in fear or struggled, but in the end he'd end up thoroughly fucked threw and threw. He slowly got to his overbearing husband, as reluctant as he was at first, but when he gotten very sick from eating at a new restaurant, apparently Naruto was allergic to Brazilian nuts, he had been the only one he could rely on.

He was bed ridden for weeks and was constantly throwing up. The doctors said that they couldn't do much since Naruto didn't have any prior experiences like this so the best bet for him was rest and a lot of soup. Naruto had been amazed at how gentle and caring his husband could be; he bathed him, fed him and sat up with him when he was emptying his stomachs contents.

When he got better, his husband was still nice to him, giving him loving pecks on the lips or cheeks, cuddling with him when he was watching TV or taking him out on romantic dates. He even got use to changing forms and adapting to his new life style, though he didn't go hunting. And even having sex after that was a joy for both of them, every now and again they'd have rough sex, but Naruto liked it gentle and Ookami indulged him often.

After two years of marriage, Naruto felt like he was on cloud nine, he got his job as a teacher back, his students had missed him and loved him still even though he could now see. He kept up with his art work, making busts while blindfolded, and painting. Iruka, Kakashi and his mother-in-law all got along as well.

Apparently Iruka and his mother-in-law found common ground when it came to protecting their children. Kakashi just went with the flow, it was less bodily damage that way. Ookami made more public appearances, if only to support his man-wife.

"Aaaah!" Naruto screamed as he came, his face glowing as his eyes closed in bliss. He froze, bathing in the hot feeling of Ookami's cum entering him as his own shot up and onto his torso and face.

"Beautiful..." His husband purred, sketching everything before Naruto collapsed back onto the bed. Panting and twitching in the aftershock of orgasm.

Naruto purred wen his husband slipped out of him and leaned down to lick him clean once more. He chuckled as his little mate fell asleep soon after. The last three years were all heaven to him. He still did underhand things and often when to kill just to get the urge out of his system, but he made sure that Naruto never got involved. His angel was too pure to soil his hands that way.

He was impressed with his in-laws, Iruka proved to be an effect killer and Kakashi seemed to find that kinky. He shook his head, that man would find Iruka fat and bald sexy because of how much he loves him. Some would say it's sickening, but he agreed. Naruto could get horribly maimed and he would still love him. Still find the faces he makes during sex beautiful. Would still hold his angel captive even if his wings have been clipped...

-Ookami's POV-

I pulled myself out of my thoughts and picked up the phone before it woke Naruto up.

"Hello mom."

"Hello, Toto."

"Mom... you know I hate it when you call me that." I said, sighing in irritation.

"Well it's not like I can call you by name now can I?" she countered.

"No you can not. We don't need those fools catching wind of Naruto either. I don't want my mate killed because others deem him unworthy of me." I growled.

"Gomen, gomen." she said, a nervous giggle in her tone.

I couldn't blame her. She hadn't called me by my birth name in years and I have to admit it would nice to hear it again. I wonder how my name would sound coming from Naruto's mouth will I fuck him? Oooh that sounds promising...

"Stop drooling." I heard mother say and I blinked. I wiped my mouth to find I really was and growled.

"I'm not drooling."

"Whatever you say, Toto." she sang and hung up. I blinked at my cell and then growled and threw it at the wall smiling when it shattered to pieces. I got in bed with Naruto and fell asleep. I'll get a new phone tomorrow and find out why mom called...

-The next day, still Ookami's POV-

I stood beside Kakashi as mother, a woman with black hair and eyes, Iruka and Naruto cooed over baby clothes. Mother got us a surrogate mother who looked almost like my twin in a female body. She took one of her eggs and mutated the DNA to match Naruto's before fertilizing the egg with my semen. In another two months Naruto and I would have a baby, since the woman was now 7 months pregnant, and I honestly couldn't help but smile at him.

"Aww, Sasu, look! Isn't it kawaii!" Naruto asked me as he showed me baby jammies that were designed to look like animals, his tail wagging away in his happiness. He was showing me a picture of a bunny pajama and I had to admit it was adorable.

"Hai... Kawaii, kawaii." I assured him and he giggled happily before hurrying back to mother, the woman, and Iruka.

"I'm glad he's finally happy... you had us worried there for a while. Your birth mother would have been proud of you had she survived the attack." Kakashi said.

"Hn. You're not a bad actor yourself... father. I'm sure she'd be rolling around on the floor right now collecting the money that your friends owe her. Remember she had a bet that you were secretly gay?" I smirked when he looked at me with a knowing look in his red eye as he nodded. My own red ones glowing as we watched our family.

"Kyuubi did a wonderful job raising you... though I wish she had kept her medications with her... it wasn't easy throwing the cops off the trail and keeping Iruka in the dark. That man is a lot sharper than you give him credit for." He said.

"Yes... But in the end all worked out fine. I get my angel. You have your mate and Kyuubi gets the son she lost back."

"Yes. She adores Naruto, doesn't she?"


"Sasuke! Lookie!" Naruto calls as he runs over to me showing me some pictures of baby clothes he thought would suit our baby. He picked out boys and girls clothes since we didn't know the gender of our baby yet.

"I see they are very cute... look at this one here. It'd be perfect for a little boy wouldn't it? And this one if it's a girl?" I asked him. Indulging him like always. Good heavens if I indulge him; I'm going to spoil my children!

"Hai... Thank you, Sasuke." He said as he went to show mother and the woman as Iruka went to go make everyone some dinner.

"A beautiful canvas." Kakashi said, watching the brightest emotions shine on Naruto's face that hadn't been there in years.

"And only I can paint on it." I agreed, smiling proudly that I can pain many beautiful things on Naruto both metaphorically and literally.

We smiled as our family continued in ignorant bliss of all the lies that were strung up around them like a massive spider web. Even Kyuubi, my loving adopted mother, had no idea she was merely a puppet on a string trapped in the web of lies as well.

"'Oh, please step into my parlor for a cup of tea?' said the spider to the fly." We said, evil smiles on our faces as we watched on from within the dark confines of the parlor our red eyes glowing brightly...