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Bella POV

Thirty seven. That was the number of bruises that covered my body, each one a different shape and varying in color. Some were hand prints while others were just random blobs, the only

thing that they all had in common was the fact that they were ugly like me. At least that is what my father tells me every night as he beats me for whatever it is that I did wrong. I am still

thankful that my life hasn't always been like this...


-Bella 6yrs old -

I was running around the house with my brand new backpack strapped to my shoulders. Tomorrow would be my first day of kindergarten and we had spent the day buying me everything from

clothes to school supplies. My mom and dad were smiling at me and telling me what a big girl I was and how proud of me they were.

End Flashback

What I wouldn't give to go back to that day. To be young and loved again, I defiantly would have a greater appreciation of what I had.

I can't remember the exact day that things got so bad for me; I think it was mainly a combination of things. My mom left us later that same year saying that she couldn't stand being in this

tiny town any longer. she had always complained about living in Forks, but i guess my dad didn't realize how much untill she actually left. Once he realized that she was truly gone his

attention and anger were focused only on me. He made it very clear that it was all my fault.

After my mom left Charlie started to change. It started out slowly. He would come home drunk and stay out late. Then he started to skip work days, staying home all day drinking and

watching TV. Eventually he lost his job, which he told me was my fault to. By the age of eleven I had a night time job, saving every penny to pay the bills.

The abuse started slowly to, a slap here and a kick there. Usually it was only when he was drunk. The first time he hit me I was only eight years old, and it has only been building since

then. At school people believe that I am just a cluts which isn't that hard to believe. I tend to shy away from people so they won't find out what I am hiding. I eat my lunch alone in the

library, and sit at the back of all my classes.

I took one last look at myself in the mirror, noting that I would defiantly need some cover up o the morning. I sighed and stood up carefully, my ribs ached from Charlie's painful kicks and I

am pretty sure that my wrist was broken. My whole body hurt but hey it could be worse or at least that's what I am going to keep telling myself.

As I limped slowly to my bedroom I heard Charlie's car pull up and new that I better hurry if I wanted to avoid him. Speeding up my pace despite the protest of my ankle I made it to my

bedroom with drawing the attention of Charlie. It may have been a small victory but I was extremely happy.

Just before I fell asleep I couldn't help but feel that something good was going to happen tomorrow...

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