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"You might be the leader's son but I'm still your father and you are underage in the human world so no."

"But I'm an adult in our world, isn't that what counts?" Alex asks angrily.

Gabriel and Vivian both look at each other then back at their son.

They answer in unison, "Nope."

"How can you say no? Mom dropped out," he says pointing to her. She tilts her head and crosses her arms.

"You want to know how I can say no?" she asks softly. "I can say no because I'm your mother and that is final."

Alex storms out of the cabin and to the rocks where Nova is waiting. He doesn't wait to see if his father is going to add anything.

"They said no I'm guessing," she says holding her hand out to him.

"They wouldn't even consider it even after I told them I would work at the diner."

"Yeah Esmé wouldn't go for it either," she says leaning against him.

He wraps his arm around her shoulders, "I'll kick anyone's ass, male or female, that dares to say anything about you."

She smiles up at him, "I know."

They don't talk for awhile but then Novalee turns and looks at him.

"You really said you'd work at the diner?"

He sighs and nods, "Yep I thought it would show some responsibility. I mean it would be a paying job that is not anything like the inn."

"It's almost exactly like working at the inn," she points out.

He shrugs, "It's not owned by my parents."

She sighs, "We'll just have to get through it," she says twisting her hands.

Alex takes her hand in his, "I don't care what they say. They're just humans. They don't know anything about us."

"I know Alex it's just different for me."

"How is it different?" he asks immediately regretting it.

She pulls away and glares at him, "Hmm I wonder."

"Look Nova I'm sorry I didn't mean it like it sounded."

She turns her back, "Goodnight Alex," she says jumping off the rocks.

Alex runs his hands through his hair and closes his eyes. After a deep breath he gets up and heads back home.

Kole stared up at the ceiling. At around eleven his brother slinked back.

"You awake?" he asked a little above a whisper.


"Are mom and dad here?"

"Nope, they left a little while after you."


"So what was all the yelling about?" he asks. His brother had collapsed on his bed as well.

"Nothing that matters anymore," he grumbled.

Kole made an annoyed sound and turned his back towards his brother.

Juliee sat in her room staring out the window. She had heard her brother come back in but not her parents.

She didn't know what was going on but she knew something was up.

She was going to find out.

"Things were so much easier with you," Esmé said sloshing her wine around in her glass.

Vivian glanced at her mother amused, "How so?"

"Well for starters you had him," she said motioning towards Gabriel. He raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything.

"Okay so how does that matter?"

"He wasn't a sixteen year old boy in high school."

"No he was just a twenty four year old man you wanted all for yourself," Vivian reminded.

She waved that away, "That's beside the point. Gabriel won the Ordeal, he was pack leader, he wasn't a stupid high school boy."

"That stupid high school boy you keep referring to is your grandson."

"Oh I'm done with this," she says downing her glass, "what's done is done and there's no way to change anything."

"And besides we're getting a little ahead of ourselves," Vivian adds. "We have till April before the little one will be here."

"Oh yes April, that is so comforting," Esmé says rolling her eyes. "Novalee is sixteen, she's a sophomore in high school what will the humans think when they see that? What kind of questions are we going to have to endure? Maybe we should just home school all of them."

"Since when do you care about the opinions of humans?" Gabriel asks breaking his silence.

Esmé turns her eyes on him, "Since they started hunting the hunter."

Vivian's mouth twitched into a frown. She didn't like thinking about anything concerning those idiot humans.

"I say we let those two find their own paths. Alex is right, even though he's wrong about being an adult, he is right. It's up to him what he does but I don't think he actually will drop out. I think both he and Novalee will see it as a challenge. All of those humans are expecting them to fail because of something we find natural so they will work hard to prove them wrong."

"Nicely said Vivian," Gabriel says with a smile. She smiles back and Esmé snorts and rolls her eyes.

"I hate that we have to live like this," she says filling her glass to the rim with an almost empty bottle.

"Novalee and Alexander shouldn't have to suffer the humans scorn because of their twisted views on our way of life. We should be able to live how we've lived for our entire existence in peace."

Vivian agreed but knew it wouldn't happen in this time.

"They will be fine," Vivian says patting her mother's hand. Esmé had been changing her mind on the Novalee-Alex problem with every sip of wine. First she was thrilled about having a great grandkid then she was furious. First she was quoting pack law then she was talking about human standards.

"Well I'm going off to bed now," she said getting to her feet. Regardless of drinking a bottle of wine she walked straight out of the dining room and out the back door.

Gabriel and Vivian watched her until she disappeared.

"Well what do you think?" Vivian asked her mate.

Gabriel stretched and put his hands behind his head, "I think that we are going to have a new pup in the pack."

Vivian rolled her eyes and thought over the others in the pack.

"Brigitte is next then Audrei and Aurelie."

"Don't forget about Jaime, but not till January."

"So many females," Vivian sighed. She looked up at Gabriel through her lashes. "Do I need to be on my guard?"

Gabriel rubbed the stubble on his chin, "Vivian do we need to relive our memories?

She tilted her head, "Gabriel," she shook her head, "let's go home."

Gabriel stood and offered his hand to her.

She took it and he pulled her straight to him, he kissed the top of her head and they left, locking the door behind them.

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