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He knew who was knocking before he got up to open the door. He'd already heard the news. Still, he hesitated before turning the knob. He might not be pack, but he still had ties. This could damage his standing.

Novalee didn't go to school for a few days. She couldn't face people. She was surprised Esme let her stay home but she couldn't bring herself to think too much into it. Austin was always stopping by, asking her if she needed anything. He was beginning to get annoying.

She only needed one thing, to apologize. She knew it was her fault Alex was banished. She had broken up with him the day before. How could she have broken up with him?

She buried herself in a tent of blankets, letting her sorrow drown her.

Jaime didn't know what to do. She was once again, avoiding her house. She was walking through the woods, kicking pebbles out of her way.

She did not want to go to another pack meeting. After the last one all of her agemates were scared out of their minds. If Gabriel could banish his own son, what would he do to the rest of them? There was no misbehaving, from no one. Not even the younger ones. Hell, even Adelisa was behaving.

Jaime had heard, not eavesdropping, that Adelisa's father had challenged Gabriel about his leadership abilities. That he accused of Gabriel of being lax. Well, Gabriel sure proved him wrong.

Blayze, Adelisa's father, hadn't spoken up about anything since. Jaime didn't like either of them. Adelisa because she was just a bitch, and Blayze because he just annoyed her.

Who the hell would challenge Gabriel? Idiot.

Kole was amazed at how fast his father worked. Gabriel had went with him to school, 'dropping him off' he said. He then went to talk to the principal about Alex.

Someone apparently was in the office during the discussion. And amongst the "Oh my god, Alex's dad is hot" gossip there was the story. Alex was now apparently staying with family down south. Or he was enrolled in military school. Or he was on an internship to France. The rumors made Kole's head spin.

No one seemed to tell the same story.

Kole sat down at a table outside. He pushed his tray of food away and laid his head down. The other's quickly surrounded him.

"Since when is Alex campaigning through the desert?"

"Huh, I heard he was in Florida with his grandmother."

Kole covers his ears, "I don't want to hear anymore. He's in Charleston."

Every voice disappeared. He had to look up to make sure they hadn't left him. Everyone was staring at him. Jaime quirked a brow, "How do you know that? You're not supposed to have any contact."

He rolled his eyes, "Where else is he going to go? That's the closest pack, he's sixteen. He can't do anything in the world. They'll take him in, he's not a threat he didn't murder anyone."

"You seem pretty sure," Brigitte remarks. She twirls a piece of her hair. That's when Kole noticed Austin was sitting on the opposite end from her. He'd have to ask him about that later.

"You want the truth? Fine, we talked about it when they found out Novalee was pregnant. Alex thought Gabriel would do something like that so he made a plan."

"Novalee is pregnant?"

The entire table froze. Kole's nostrils flared, the scent of a human girl burning in the air.

"Mind your own business Brittany," Austin snarls.

Kole closes his eyes, he royally screwed up. But an idea pops into his mind. He stands up and turns towards her, throwing on a smile. She stands there, a bag slung over her shoulder. She looks at him with suspicion. "Brittany," he says. His smile confuses her, he can see it in her eyes. He throws an arm around her, "Let's have a chat."

Audrei watches Kole walk off with Brittany, completely stunned she just stares.

"What the bloody moon was that?" Marc asks. They all watch as Kole and Brittany turn a corner.

"I think I'm gonna puke," Brigitte gags.

"He's like a little Alex."

Audrei shakes her head at the babble, "No, he's more cunning."

Kole takes Brittany away from the table, far far away from the pack. She chatters the whole way. When they're out of sight Kole stops and stares at her. He watches as her eyes shift from confusion to fear.

"If I hear one word about what you overheard I won't hesitate to tell what I know about you."

Her face does a 180, fear being replaced by stubborn human arrogance. "You don't know anything."

"You would be surprised what I know Brittany. You dated my brother remember? Shouldn't spill secrets to someone so quickly."

Her face pales and with that Kole leaves her. He goes back to the table. They stop talking as he takes his seat. He pretends as if nothing happened and begins to eat his lunch.

Silence surrounds him, an enjoyable silence. That is until Brigitte drops her fork down, "Pansies, bloody moon, Kole what did you do to her?"

Kole finishes his bite of burger and shrugs his shoulders. "Not much, just told her not to tell and I wouldn't tell."

"Tell what, you have something on her?" Jaime asks, always the gossiper.

"Nope, not at all."

The pack meeting tonight had everyone on edge. Jaime sat at her table, between her father and her sister. Baylei was picking at a sliver of wood while her father stared up at the stage. Her father had a crazy amount of respect for Gabriel, then again Gabriel had taken him in when he was a teenager.

Vivian was livid. She could barely contain her anger. Gabriel was speaking now but she wanted to jump to her feet and take over, spitting out the words Gabriel would say calmly.

Vivian was far from pleased, and Vivian pissed was not a Vivian people liked.

Gabriel spoke about business first, things about the Inn and the developing cabins. Normal stuff. That is until he got to the change.

Vivian closes her eyes as she hears Gabriel take a deep breath. "I'm also hear to recognize a new couple." She could hear the stress in his words, he was gritting his teeth.

The pack buzzed slightly but kept it low. "Blayze has taken a mate in Amelia."

Jaime jerked her eyes up to Gabriel. She could not have heard him right. Gabriel was actually staring at her, his eyes looked sympathetic.

She turned to her father. He gave her a sheepish half smile, "Jaime it's going to be fine."

The fact he was taking this infuriated her. She stood up and found her mother sitting with him. Adelisa gave her a smug look.

"You bitch," she spat, glaring at her mother. The entire pack hushed as Jaime got up. She left them behind, tearing off into the woods. Tears welling at her eyes, she was not going to let Adelisa see her fall apart. Her family had not been in the best of places for a few weeks but she had never thought her mother would leave her father. She never thought her father wouldn't fight for his mate.

She found herself splashing into the creek, her jeans getting soaked. She didn't care. She found she was too furious to even change. Jaime plopped down where she was standing. She closed her eyes and rested her head on her knees.

"This is not happening," she murmurs.

"Jaime?" a voice calls out from behind her. She flies to her feet, her teeth sharpening.

Bret holds his hands up in defense, "Hey, sorry, I was just checking on you."

She immediately softens up, "I'm sorry."

He walks through the long grass toward her, "Hey no worries, I did sneak up on you."

"Still, I seem to keep doing that to you."

"It's a natural response, we all do it." He was standing right in front of her now. She had to crane her neck to look up at him, he was so much taller than her. Not hard really, she was so short.

"I'm sorry about your dad. If it makes you feel better I heard he did fight."

Surprise filled her, "Really?"

Bret nodded, "Yeah, it was a few weeks ago though, I don't know why it took this long for it to get out."

Jaime's mind whirled. She remembered not seeing her dad for a few days but she had thought it had to do with the construction. She instantly felt horrible for thinking low of her father.

She turned away from him and walked farther into the field. She sat down again, clasping her hands around her legs. She stared up at the sky, the stars were out and a sliver of a moon. She heard Bret come up beside her, he sat down too and looked up.

They didn't say a word the rest of the night.

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