Part 5

Trailing after Faith after entering her dorm room, Buffy's eyes unabashedly trailed down to the brunette's perfect butt, loving how the leather stretched over her tight ass. Her eyes immediately snapped back up when Faith took off her denim jacket and draped it across her chair. Buffy's gaze went to the strong muscley-yet-feminine arms that she dreamt about every night, holding onto her after an intense session of love-making. Faith crossed her arms and lifted the bottom of her tank top up, taking the small garment off and exposing her backside to Buffy's wide eyes. The blonde slayer looked like a fish out of the water, her mouth opening and closing as her eyes widened even more when Faith snuck a hand to her back and expertly flicked her bra open with a simple snap. The brunette laid the clothes on the chair again and kicked off her boots, sat on Buffy's bed and took off her socks, still with her back turned towards the dazed slayer. Buffy rubbed her eyes, thinking that she had somehow fallen asleep or had hit her head during patrol. This scene was her dream! Her very sexy dreams that always ended up with her running after Faith and either pushing her up against the wall or throwing the dark slayer on the bed. But neither happened, Buffy stood with her feet glued to the ground as a little drool managed to drip down the side of her mouth.

Just like her fantasies, she heard Faith unzip her leather pants and watched her sexily shimmer out of those pants, staring at each inch of skin being exposed to her. Although, in her wanton dreams, Faith was always going commando, in this one, apparently Faith wore a G-string that she wanted to tear off, but that was unnecessary as the brunette bent over and slid them off. All the moisture in Buffy's body migrated soft and gushed out onto her already ruined panties. Faith's perfect, tight derriere was up in the air and Buffy bit her lip in agony. She wanted to run her hands on, up, around, just touch the delectable flesh waving at her; but her body wouldn't move. The blonde wanted to feel the silky skin against her fingertips and then slap her butt cheeks just to feel how tight her ass would be. Then she wanted to gently rub the heated flesh and soothe sting away with her hands and kiss it. Buffy's eyes were dilated so much that you could not even see that they were hazel anymore; they were just black and filled with animalistic lust. She wasn't sure if she was even breathing anymore, but none of that seemed to matter, only the beauty in front of her did.

Faith turned her head to the side and looked at Buffy standing at the entrance. She was a bit confused about Buffy's silence, normally the blonde would have scolded her for stripping like that but she did not even hear a peep out of her. She attributed Buffy's speechlessness to anxiety over the project and possibly her nakedness.

"B?" Faith asked. "Going under your covers, your room is fucking cold now."

"Mmmm…" Buffy managed to say, but she was still in a lust-filled dream, staring at Faith's glorious body.

The brunette crawled on Buffy's bed, pushing aside the flowery duvet and draping it on the lower half of her body as she sprawled on her stomach, imitating the pose she adorned during the drawing sessions.

Buffy finally snapped out of her day-dreaming when Faith covered her cute butt, her dreams never went like that! The poor blonde quickly swiped a hand over her drool covered mouth and wiped it on her jeans. Her brain finally caught up to her again and she hurried to get her art supplies out, turning on some extra lights to illuminate the room more.

As Buffy finished setting up the easel and pad, Faith even managed to yawn sexily. Stretching her sore muscles, Faith's side of her breast coming into view and Buffy had to stop herself from dropping all her supplies.

"Just gonna take a nap here B. Kinda tired from all the non-slayage. Least I don't have the double H's right?"

"Yea, course!" Now Buffy was inwardly cursing all the vampires that failed to show up tonight and vowed to get them after she was done painting. Gosh darn it, she wanted Faith to come onto her! And a horny Faith is…well a horny Faith! She always flirted with Buffy until the blonde would turn red, run away and try not to think about how hot Faith made her, it never worked.

The brunette smiled and nuzzled her head against Buffy's pillow, getting into a comfortable position. Gripping her pencil in pure agony, Buffy tried to concentrate on drawing Faith's figure, hoping to finish this as soon as possible but at the same time as slow as possible in order to have more access to Faith's hot body. Faith closed her eyes and quietly slipped into a peaceful slumber surrounded by Buffy's scent.

As the hours went by, Buffy eventually finished drawing Faith and threw away her six broken pencils. She blinked her tired red eyes and watched the first rays of sunshine through her window. Looking at Faith, the blonde couldn't help but be mesmerized by Faith's beauty in the light. Buffy's lips involuntarily formed a smile as she stared at Faith's slumbering face, reaching out, she lightly caressed the girl's cheek, imagining where her dimples would be if Faith were smiling. Her heart started fluttering while she gazed down at the slumbering girl, her palm now fully on Faith's cheek and her smile getting wider and wider. Buffy's heart rate nearly tripled when Faith sleepily groaned and nuzzled further into the palm of her hand. What the blonde was feeling wasn't only lust, but that was a big portion of it, the full and content feeling in her heart told her she was in love with the slayer underneath her hand. Unable to take the close proximity anymore, Buffy slowly leant down her heart beating faster as her lips lightly caressed Faith's cheek. She didn't exactly kiss her yet, just brushed her lips against the soft skin, savoring the scent around her and the feeling of Faith under her lips.

A few minutes later, Buffy started to lightly press her lips against Faith, getting firmer as she trailed around the cheek to Faith's lips. Once her lips grazed against Faith's lips, Buffy's heart stopped at the electricity she felt and she gasped against Faith's mouth.

Faith finally jolted awake when she felt the soft pressure against her lips. She was about to shove whoever was in front of her away until she felt the pleasant slayer tingles that informed her that it was Buffy. Her brain was trying to catch up to her waking body and process why her sister-slayer was so close to her, but in that instant Buffy's lips attached to her own lips. Faith only laid there as Buffy started to slowly kiss her. Buffy became more insistent, her hands tangling in to her brown locks while she climbed onto the bed. The blonde slayer was lost in her lust and passion, forgetting all of her inhibitions when she started to kiss Faith.

Faith placed her hand on Buffy's shoulders, stopping the Buffy from moving closer. "B, what's going on?"

Still under the lust-induced-courage, Buffy gripped behind Faith's neck and pulled the younger girl against her lips again. She demonstrated her eagerness through the intense kiss, tickling the roof of Faith's mouth. The hands against her shoulders slackened, Buffy smiled into the kiss as Faith began to timidly respond.

Once Buffy straddled Faith and pressed their bodies together, the brunette lost it. Being deliciously ground against by Buffy, Faith's arousal shot up to new levels and she could not help but respond. Pulling Buffy harder against her, Faith started to respond to the kiss and slid her hands up and down Buffy's back. Surprised at Faith's consciousness, Buffy opened her eyes and tried to lift her body off of Faith, but the brunette pulled her down again and flipped them over.

"Fai-" Buffy started to nervously say, until her mouth was covered by Faith's lips. Buffy's eyes remained open, staring at Faith while her brain tried to process what was happening. The slayer tingles felt exquisite on her lips, travelling lower and lower until it reached her moistening and heated cavern. Faith's insistent mouth trailed nibbles and licks across Buffy's neck, biting down on the juncture between the neck and shoulder. Gasping, Buffy tried to stifle the groan of pleasure that came out of her mouth, and the blonde slayer's legs wrapped themselves around Faith's waist.

"Okay," Buffy groaned, her hips seeking more friction against her core. Their bodies struck up a rhythm, going faster with every gasp and moan.

"Faith…Faith…Faith!" chanted Buffy, her climax quickly approaching while Faith grinded harder. She didn't want this to be over so quickly and with her clothes still on, but the Bostonian proved to be her sexual weakness. Her clit throbbed violently and Faith was manipulating it so expertly. Buffy's thighs desperately squeezed Faith's torso, her eyebrows scrunched together, her jaw dropped in a deafening scream, and finally her body shivered in an exquisite release soaking her lacey panties.

Faith smirked and knew Buffy had never had it so good before her, she kissed up Buffy's slack jaw and barely heard Buffy whisper, "I love you".

Lifting herself partially off Buffy, Faith saw Buffy still catching her breath but the blonde's eyes were wide in fear.

"What?" asked Faith. "Did you just…Buffy, what'd you say?"

Swallowing the dry lump in her throat, Buffy attempted to speak but her voice failed her each time.

"B, do you like me?"

Not the profound L word, but the same meaning was conveyed.

Buffy closed her eyes, terrified to see Faith's reaction when she replied. "Yea…I do."

"Oh…alright, that's cool."

"That's cool?" hissed Buffy, her eyes darted open to see Faith's signature lopsided smirk. Instead of being mesmerized like she was countless other times, Buffy was furious.

"Yea," Faith's smirk turned into a charming smile. "Cause I like you too. And I think this counts as a seduction here. Consider me falling for your sweet little ass Summers."

All Buffy heard was Faith saying she liked her too and all cognitive abilities ceased. Her face split into the biggest smile she ever had in her life. She squeaked, "Really?"

"Yea, I've been trying to get your attention since I took your stake from you y'know? But hey, whatever, I think this makes up for all your air-headedness."

"Hey!" Buffy protested with a pout. "I'm not really a blonde you know, so I'm not an airhead!"

Faith's grin turned so salacious that even Buffy started to fear for her chastity but oh her body was prepared for Faith. Kissing Buffy, Faith's hands got to work removing her clothes in lightning speed. Once again, Buffy's higher level cognitive functions failed and all that were left were primitive ones, though even then she could only lie on the bed in a pool of her arousal as Faith got to work.

"Not a real blonde huh?" Faith mumbled between kisses, slowly descending down Buffy's body, giving nips and licks along the way. "I think I'm gonna have to check for myself."

Peeling away the last barrier, Faith licked her lips when she saw Buffy's glistening and quivering pussy.

"Landing strip. Mmm…that's so sexy."

Buffy was busy blushing and nearly hyperventilating, in both anticipation and panic. But then Faith's expert and limber tongue sent her into happy land.

– O – O –

"Oh…I can't believe you got a higher grade than me," complained Willow while staring at their unofficial transcript.

"Seriously Will? Remember that one fiasco in high school regarding SAT scores?" Buffy rhetorically asked with a pout. She wasn't an actual blonde goddamnit and when were people going to acknowledge that she was actually smart?

"I thought we weren't supposed to talk about that," interrupted Faith, pulling Buffy in from behind and dropping a kiss on the blonde's head.

"Faith! I thought you had work."

"Nah, just came by to get my check."

Buffy eagerly turned around in Faith's arms and kissed her deeply, her hands tangling in Faith's wavy hair.

"Uhh…Buffy, maybe a bit too much PDA," said Willow, her eyes immediately seeing the glazed stares of boys and some girls.

Reluctantly pulling away, Faith placed one last quick kiss on Buffy's pouting lips and stepped back.

"I hate you Wills," Buffy playfully complained.

"It is really strange that Faith is the reasonable one in this relationship," said Willow, her head shaking lightly at Buffy's juvenile behavior.

Crossing her arms over her abundant chest, Faith scowled, "Hey, what's that supposed to mean Red?"

Flustered, Willow tried to induce damage control, "I mean…uhh…ohhh look is that Tara? I gotta go, bye Buffy, Faith. Have fun! I'll be with Tara this whole day, so feel free to use the room!" With that, Willow ran off to hide out in her girlfriend's room, away from Faith's wrath.

Buffy tugged on Faith's jacket, leading her away from glaring at the fleeing redhead.

"B, what's your hurry?" Faith was now being dragged quite quickly and forcefully.

"Did you not hear what Will said?" hissed Buffy, now running across campus with Faith barely keeping up behind her.


"We have the whole room to ourselves for at least a day and you're trying to chase after Willow? Priorities Faith! I need you to have me naked and in my room 10 seconds ago! Whoa!"

Faith had swooped Buffy in her strong arms and was sprinting across campus. "Gee why didn't you say so earlier?"

Buffy purred in the back of her throat as she ran her hands across Faith's chest and up to her neck, planting a kiss and sucking the flesh until it flared into a red hot hickey. Oh she was going to have fun.