Bio-weapon A0V0A0T0A0R0

I ran from the factory as fast as I could, and I was surprised! I could see everything as I rushed past everything at 500 MPH. I am, I think, 11 years old. I had a life before, but I barely remember it.

I was born in the year 1999. I was an only child, and an orphan. You could say there were mutants in the world, but they were wiped out in the year 2000. Kinda. See, if you had powers, you would not know until you turned 5 or so. My parents died with the population of mutants. There were three mutants left. I was not one until I was 10. It turned out that, three of my friends, Alex, Connor, and Liana were the ones. Alex could control the four elements. Connor could change his size how ever he wanted. Liana could heal her self and any one else. Me, I did not really have a power myself, except the fact I could enhance DNA making powers stronger, by borrowing, enhancing, and giving back.

On my tenth birthday, they found me and my friends and took us away. They scanned each of us. They took Alex, Connor, and Ting [That's what we called Liana, because when she healed some body, it made a TING sound.] away into a room. They came out normal, but Alex had the, "I lost to the contest that has to tell the bad news," look. He came over and said," I did not only lose, I am the only one smart enough to tell you this. They took DNA out of us and I could her them talking about putting them you sense you can handle more powers. They also mentioned if they can dissolve us into your blood stream they could shape the DNA anyway they want giving you extra powers. But we will we be a part of you, so you can talk to us."

After I was done running, I stopped. I sat down and started to talk to my other selves. They came out and sat in a semi-circle across from me. "Hello peoples." I said. The others greeted me as well. I asked, "Will you guys help me find out what I can do?" They others agreed. Alex said, "Sure, what else are we are going to do?" "Guys, I just got an idea!" Connor said. "What?" I said, sense I'm the one who can interact with the world. He said, "You could bring us back with new bodies!" Then Ting said," You know he needs full powers to do that, and we would have the same powers that he has." "Nnnnnnnnnnnnno I don't." I mentioned. "What?" "Yeah, I know how to create a human body with elements, in fact, I can do any thing with the four elements." All of a sudden I heard a helicopter a good 100 feet away, going pretty fast. "Sorry guys got a go." They whooshed into me as I sat up. "I got work on that super hearing."