Mud love
Chapter 1
P.o.v. Elliot Stabler
I pulled onto the mud covered road trying to keep my handle on the car. Olivia and I were on our way to question a suspect and while we were on our way to question them about two hours outside of Boston on grid roads a storm began. We have been temporarily reassigned to the Boston PD and had just flown in this day when they ordered us to go question a suspect. The storm had cleared slightly but was the rain was still coming down hard. I could feel my heart skipping when we hit a large mud hole. I keep up my speed and try my hardest ,but of course to top of a wonderful day, we get stuck. I try the gas a few more time before I give up. Olivia finally looks up from the case file. Her hair is slightly out of place and her make-up fading but after a long day she still looked good.
"I'll push!" Olivia states and jumps out of the car before I can reply.
We do the usual drill for trying to get a car unstuck but it doesn't help. I can see Olivia's figure come back to her door. When she slides inside I can't help myself. I laugh hard at her appearance she is covered in mud from head to toe.
"Shut -up" she smiles slightly." what are we going to do. We could walk to the farm we passed back there."
I control myself then ask, "No cell service?"
She shakes her head. We finally agree to walk to the farm. We grab our carry on bags that were still in the car. It's cold and the rain is whipping In our faces. It's not long before we get to the farm. We notice a sign.
' Sheryl and Bernie's bed and breakfast.'
We walk up the porch steps and knock on the door. An elderly lady opens they door. For some reason get appearance reminds me somewhat of how I picture . Well I mean pictured as a kid. She has long white hair pulled back into a bun, she's wearing an apron dress and has small silver framed glasses place upon her nose.
"Well hello folks! What can I do you for?" She says in a sweet voice.
"well we got stuck on the road and were wondering if we could use your phone to call for someone." Olivia explained.
The lady took I'm oliva's appearance and let out a small chuckle," I guess he made you push!"
Olivia nodded.
"well actually folks the power is totally out so that means the phones and we won't have anyone out here till tomorrow , but you two are welcome to stay here and wait it out. After all it is a bed and breakfast."
Olivia looked at me and we silently communicated like we had mastered so well.
" I guess I could go for a shower." Olivia joked.
We walked through the cozy home. From what I could see with the lights out, there was a large dining room with a few couches and chairs; there was a kitchen with a large island right in the middle.
"So how many people do you usually get?" I asked.
" Well, we have two rooms, right now we have another couple here, but usually we have one room booked at all times and sometimes a second in the summer. We just wanted a small business." the lady answered," Well that's the grand tour. As you may have caught from the sign I am Sheryl." she held out her hand.
"I am Elliot Stabler." I hold my hand and back away to let Olivia.
" I'm Olivia Benson."
I know Sheryl is processing our names but she decides not to say anything.
"Well let's get you two settled in your rooms."