|Chapter 8

Narrator's P.O.V

Elliot and Olivia sat on Olivia's bed playing cards. It was 3:30am and they were both keeping each other awake. They both had concussions. Elliot had a fractured rib. Olivia's bullet wound was in her side close to her hip on her right side. It was better than a bullet in the head they both agreed. Sheryl was fine. She was a little scared but she wasn't injured. Dex had internal bleeding from the wounds Olivia left but lived and is being held in the prison ward. He was being charged with 3 counts of attempted murder, 10 counts of murder, and one count of rape. The doctors ordered the two to not sleeping and since it was hard to keep yourself asleep and Olivia could walk quite yet, Elliot made his way to her room.

"Uno!" Olivia yelled.

"You suck! How do you win every single time?"

"I don't know."

"Liv, I can't thank-you enough for what you did. You should have just let me die."


"No I mean it I can't bare to think about what he did. It wasn't worth it."

"Elliot... I can live with being raped... I couldn't live without you!"

Elliot leaned over the table and gave her a kiss.

"I Love you livia!"

"I Love You El."

"One more round?"

"What else can we do."

Elliot was released and they transferred Olivia by flight to Mercy general back in New York. Olivia was in the hospital for a couple more days. He was restricted to bed rest for a week. Then she could move around as long as her right leg was immobile. She walked with crutches and stayed on desk duty for a month. She was put through physical therapy. She testified at Dex's trial. Dex got three life sentences and was recognized as the b'n'b terrorist.

Elliot and Olivia talked to the captain and moved in together. They were allowed to work together until it became a problem. And as we all know will happen it never became a problem.

The End