Dear Readers,

I understand if you hate me and I fully except a major ass kicking. And to be publicly pelted with skittles of all kinds. If you hate me it's quite understandable. But I am here to inform you that I will not be updating this story. My reasoning, if it means anything at all, is because I just can't trust me I've tried and everything I've written has just been a load of totally bullshit. My life has totally gone to hell lately and I've been getting myself in order. But I am going to be starting a new story and I will finish that one because my muse isn't some flighty French girlfriend. EmJ and I broke up…it was so fucking boss lemme tell ya. I've cried and fought and all this shit more in a few months then I have in my whole fucking life. It was seriously like getting a boss fucking divorce. But I'm not one for excuses:/ So needless to say I'm quite single at the moment, but Hey I'm looking so ladies(; Haha so yes I'm sorry incredible sorry guys but this story isn't going to be completed by me:/ HOWEVER I am offering the idea to anyone who wants to use it. All I ask for is a pm before you start the story and mentions in a disclaimer. That's too much to ask for correct? Well I'm currently writing my new story Lavender. Of course it a Balice fic, so be on the lookout for that. I love you guys, really I do and once again I am sooo sorry.