She was Always

. . .

Take my hand; that's my girl. There's always hope.

Time fraying, time so woven, crossing and pulling back,

So many strands. Time is hot,

Time is


Your praise was a wine in my veins,

Your name, a honey in my mouth…

Two beats, one beat, three beats.

Tell me again, tell me that you'll be there for me.

I'll be there,

Right here,



Tell me again when you lived and loved,

I can't remember, but I know that I loved you,

Lost you,



My best friend under countless suns,

This sun.


We were parted, I think… Have we truly run out of nows?

So long ago, yet I remember your…


My dear. Friend of my youth.

I'll be there, here, then,

With you, before you, after, around,

My Sarah-Jane.