Rin Tsuchimi

I stared down at Asa, her head was rested again my shoulder and her eyelids shut softly. I could feel her chest rising and falling with each breath she took. I couldn't take my eyes off of her; she was so beautiful, so peaceful. I found myself leaning in to kiss her. My lips brushed hers, it was a soft momentary kiss but it made my face feel hot and my heart race. I sat up and looked around to make sure no one had seen, I shook my head, mentally cursing myself for being so impulsive. The jerking awakened the green haired girl, her eyelids slowly fluttering open.

"Hey, sleeping beauty." I said, blushing.

Asa yawned and smiled, pausing to inspect me. "Is-Is something wrong?" I asked through my teeth smiling as big as I could and throwing one arm behind my head.

"You're blushing. Did you take advantage of me while I was sleeping?" She said, a wicked grin spreading across her face.

"What? N-No!" I insisted, covering my face with my hands.

"Oh it's okay, it's just I wanted to be awake during it." She smiled.

"A-Asa." I moaned, pushing her away. By now her arms were wrapped tightly around my waist.

"Oh I'm just teasing!" she giggled joyfully.

"I know." I sighed, shaking my head, the blush beginning to fade from my cheeks.

Being with Asa, I realized was when I was truly happy. I was in love with her, it was simple. I felt bad about letting Sia, Nerine and Kaede all down, all I wanted was for them to be happy, but I wanted to be with Asa, because I am in love with her. That's all there is to it.

Hey, thanks for reading. It's my first story and I hope you like it.

Basically the story will be told from a different character's perspective each time, this time it was Rin.

Sorry it was kind of short was I have writer's block D: