Okay so this is my first story that I've made for fanfiction. This is based on a yaoi manga by Deathco Cotorino called 'Author's Pet'. Cotorino's characters reminded me of Sasuke and Naruto so I decided to use it. But I did change the story line enough so it wasn't straight-up plagiarism.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto ;A; or Authors Pet. I just kinda mashed them together.

Warning!: This is clearly going to get gay so if you haven't already figured that out and this isn't your thing then here's your last chance to back out. While it might not be very good smut, there's still smut. And swearing but I'm sure you're all big kids now so the 'F-word' shouldn't offend anybody

Beta'd: I had Extreme Kiwi look it over so I guess you could say she beta'd it. but there are probably still dumb spelling/grammar mistakes


I was awoken by the sound of someone stomping up the stairs and violently throwing my door open.

"Oh goddammit. Why the hell are you still sleeping?"

I simply grunted at the intruder and didn't move.

"C'mon dude, get your ass up or you'll be late!"

I mumbled something that sounded like 'go away' and rolled over, pulling the blankets over my head. By now, my brain had slowly processed who was in my room at this ungodly hour. There was only one person who'd pull such a dick move, and that person was Kiba.

"Get your lazy ass out of bed or I swear to god I will flip your fucking mattress!" he yelled.

I ignored the dog-boy and snuggled further under my blankets. I figured he'd give up eventually. But I was wrong. Next thing I knew, I was upside down on my floor with my mattress literally on top of me.

"What the fuck Kiba?" I growled crawling out from under my bed, desperately trying to untangle myself from the blankets that were cocooning me.

"I warned you, man. You left me with no other option. I'm trying to do you a favor."

"A favor? By trying to smother me with my own bed?" I yelled. "My alarm hasn't even gone off, you ass! Why the hell are you here?"

He rolled his eyes and looked at me ask if talking to a child.

"Isn't it obvious? To get you up on time." Kiba said, tossing a bundle of clothes at. He continued ranting while I finally freed myself from my covers.

"You're always late for school because you set you're alarm too late, thinking that you can get ready quickly."

He forced me into my wrinkled uniform shirt before ripping my pants off next. I squawked in surprise and embarrassment.

"Dude what the hell?! I can get dressed on my own!" I tried to say but he just ignored me, throwing my pants on. He had them buttoned and zipped in record time.

"But that's absolute bullshit. You take ridiculously long to get ready each morning because you're so tired. And you're tired because you stay after school everyday performing a rigorous 'workout' with the hall monitor."

My cheeks burned at that and I tried to defend myself but he just kept right on talking.

"Its an endless cycle that won't be broken unless someone else interferes and that someone is me." he finished while tying my tie.

Unnecessary commentary aside, Kiba had a point. If I was on time, there would be no more 'detentions'. And while I didn't mind the, uh, carnal activity that took place after school, all those detentions are going to tear my permanent record to shreds.

The cause of all my troubles is none other than third-year student, Sasuke Uchiha. He's part of this "helper-teacher" committee but only because he was forced to due to his attitude at school, which ping-pongs between indifference and brooding, all rolled into the creature known as "Uchiha".

His "job-of-the-semester" is hall monitor. Which, personally, I think is a horrible mistake because that ass-hat uses every advantage he has to get into my pants.

And the only reason I let him do it is because I think he's hot. I'll never tell him that though. I can already see that smug-ass smirk of his. I'd never live that shit down.

I was snapped out of my inner dialogue when an apple was shoved into my mouth. We apparently made it to the kitchen without me noticing.

While I was choking, gagging, and clawing at my throat, Kiba was pulling on my socks and shoes.

"Bye Mr. Uzumaki! It was nice seeing you!" Kiba called as he dragged me out the door.

"Y-Yeah. You too Kiba," my dad said as he hesitantly waved and gave me a sympathetic smile.

Even while I was screaming obscenities, demanding to be let go, and smacking Kiba, he wouldn't let up on his grip.

"You'll run if I do."

Hmmm…smart man-beast.

Finally I decided to settle down as we neared the school. Kiba intentionally took my bait and his grip went slack.

I yelled victoriously and started sprinting away from him. He didn't bother to try to chase me, seeing as I was sprinting towards the school. What was the point of going home now? I'd originally be up by now so might as well take advantage of my early arrival.

As the school came into view, I slowed to a walk. That's when I spotted Shikamaru and Chouji. They were sitting under a huge tree on the front lawn of the building. Chouji was shoving chips into his mouth when he saw me walking over.

"Goo Mormim!" he said, spraying chewed-chip-chunks at me.

I managed to dodge the projectile food and smiled. "Morning Chouji! Morning Shika!"

Shikamaru groaned and mumbled something about troublesome loudmouths, which I kicked his leg for.

"Shika, if I can't sleep later, then you can't either. Kiba came to my house this morning saying a bunch of stupid crap and made me get up early."

One of his eyes slowly opened before closing again. "But I was here earlier then you so I'm allowed to sleep."

Chouji said something around a mouth full of food and nodded his head in agreement.

"Ha! Even Shika and Chouji agree with me."

I didn't even need to turn around to know that was Kiba.

"Well it's not my fault! It's Sasuke and his molestations that cause all the trouble!" I defended as I plopped down in the grass.

"Yet you do nothing to stop him. Face it Naruto, you like him." Kiba smirked. "Or you simply enjoy his dick but same difference right?"

I sputtered and started to yell and hit Kiba for being a pervert when a chilling voice stopped me.

"Uzumaki. It's surprising seeing you here on time. Did you even go to sleep? You look like shit."

That voice could only belong to one person. Sasuke Uchiha came into view before I could do anything (like, run away).

"Hey! You can't give him a detention slip now, Uchiha! He's early to school." Kiba said.

"Watch your tongue Inuzuka, or I'll have you assigned to clean-up duty for a month," Sasuke replied darkly.

Sasuke turned back to me, ignoring the brown-hair boy glaring at him.

"You appearance is unacceptable Uzumaki, and it's breaking dress code. That's a detention," he continued with an almost undetectable hint of amusement.

When I finally remembered that I was born with a voice, I managed to say, without yelling I might add,"Whatever Sasuke, that's not even part of the rules!"

He was quiet for a second, enough to make me feel like I finally won an argument with him. But then he smirked, and I knew I'd lost somehow. That bastard.

"While that may or may not be true, you've still broken a rule."

"What the hell kind of rule could I have broken already?" I asked incredulously.

"You really are stupid aren't you." he muttered before asking "Where's your school bag, Uzumaki?"

"Wha-? It's right -" I glanced around when I realized I wasn't wearing it. I didn't have it, and that was a problem.

A little while ago, the Board of Education reviewed our mid-terms and the overall number of people who passed was too low for their liking. So they made the school past this new rule saying the students were to always have their school bags on and off school grounds, and that their textbooks were to be in there for nightly studying. Course I just carry the crappy books around because I don't even do the regular homework assigned. Why would I do the extra shit?

"Kiba, you son of a bitch! I'm going to fucking murder you!" I screamed when I remembered just who got me ready that morning.

He handed me a DT slip and said, "See you after school Uzumaki," before he left. I chased Kiba around the school yard afterward, trying to beat the shit out of him.

School was way more stressful that day. Not only because of the situation with Sasuke, but because I didn't have any of my textbooks! All thanks to Kiba. Damn dog-breath.

My last hour was English so I was able to borrow Shika's textbook. He never uses it anyways. 'It's too troublesome,' he says.

When the final bell rang, I was so exhausted that I barely made it to the DT room.

Our schools detentions are stranger compared to other schools around us. When we get to the room, there's a teacher that signs us in, then sends us to the rooms of the teachers (or helper-teacher in my case). But that's only if the teacher wants us there. Otherwise we stay in the original room.

"Kakashi. Where does the bastard want me to meet him today?" I immediately asked when I walked into the room.

Kakashi, without putting his (obviously porn) book down says, "The second meeting room in the west wing."

I sighed and nodded. He couldn't have chosen somewhere closer?

I had to wait until detention actually started before leaving. The teachers finally caught on a while ago that I would just leave school if I went right away. They lock the doors after DT starts so there's no escape 'til it ends.

Glancing at the clock, I saw that I had, give-or-take, five minutes. I decided to spend it screwing with Kakashi, asking stupid and annoying questions.

Even if he was a teacher, I still didn't see him as one. He is friends with my dad so I'd see him all the time. He saw right through my plans, though, and chuckled, "Nice try Naruto, but this is detention. That means no talking."

I pouted but replied smugly, "But technically it hasn't started yet."

He didn't say anything to that. He just pointed to the clock and I realized that it had. Great. Time to face the bastard.

As I was heading towards the meeting room, I passed a door that led to freedom.

I tried opening the door, not expecting anything to happen but to my surprise, it actually opened. I was just about to make a run for it when a pale hand grabbed my arm and yanked me away from my only escape.

"Nice try moron."

"Gah! No! I was so close!" I whined as I struggled against the hand.

He smirked and rolled his eyes, pushing me into a nearby room. He had the door shut and locked, before I had time to think of another escape plan.

I quickly glanced around the room, hoping to see another door or window or something, but there was nothing. Just four white walls and a large table with chairs surrounding it.

That's why he chose this room! That fucking bastard! I whirled around and glared at him.

Sasuke approached me slowly while I backed away until I hit the table behind me.

"Now that I'm getting a good look at you, you really do look like shit," Sasuke said as he ran a hand through my hair. Getting his fingers caught in tangles that littered my head.

"Aw thanks. That really gets me in the mood," I growled sarcastically.

"Why do you automatically think we're doing something like that?" He smirked and pulled a chair out to sit down.

I quirked an eyebrow.

"Uh, because that's all you do with me. It's kinda obvious, especially when you take me took a room with no windows and one door. Then you lock that door."

"Hm," he grunted before continuing, "well, maybe you're not as stupid as I thought. Oh, and your appearance is breaking dress code, which is against the rules."

"How's the way I'm dressed breaking dress code? I've got the damn uniform on!"

Sasuke grabbed my tie and pulled me onto his lap. Then he twisted me around so that my back was pressed to his chest. I had to bite back a gasp.

"Well, to start, your tie is sloppily tied." He hooked a finger at the top of my tie and pulled down so he could slip it off my head. "Your shirt's untucked." A hand slowly traveled down to the hem of my shirt and slipped inside. This time I couldn't stop the sound that emitted from my throat. "And your hair isn't brushed." His free hand came up to, once again, run through my hair. With more success I might add.

This was something new. Usually Sasuke is rough and demanding. Kinda like: get on your knees and moan! Not touchy-feely. Though I'm not complaining. This change of pace was nice.

He placed a bunch of soft kisses to the back of my neck which caused me to shiver.

"What's with you today? You're acting strange," I mumbled.

I didn't receive a verbal answer but he did pinch my left nipple causing me to arch into the touch and gasp.

"B-Bastard…ngh!" I tilted my head back to rest on his shoulder.

His other hand started unbuttoning my pants. But instead of continuing with my lower regions, like I wanted, he moved both his hands to my shirt and unbuttoned that next.

Then he motions for me to get up. I complied and he got up as well. He pulled the chair out of the way and pushed me back onto the table forcefully.

"Damn Sasuke! First you're slow and gentle, then you're back to your old self! Pick one!" I yelled as I rubbed my head. It smacked against the table when he pushed me.

He slowly crawled over me and leaned down to kiss my forehead. His lips traveled slowly down my face 'til he stopped at my lips. Then he took my lips into a brutal and bruising kiss.

When I felt his tongue try and force its way into my mouth, I bit it, then sucked. This caused a sharp gasp and a groan to be ripped from him. He pulled back and glared down at me. I gave him a challenging look of my own.

But that look was quickly swiped from my face as he harshly gripped my growing erection through my pants. I gasped in surprise but it quickly turned into a moan of pleasure. The bastard smirked and slowly started to massage my cock. When I started rolling my hips into his hand, trying to create more friction, he responded by tightening his grip. I moaned louder and thrashed around. My hips bucked to try to loosen him grip, and it worked. Instead of squeezing though, he slipped him hand inside my pants and started to palm the, now, hard bulge in my boxers.

"Ah! Sas-Sasuke…"

He moved back down for another, less painful, kiss. This time, I eagerly kissed back. Our tongues twisted and slid around each other in a kind of erotic dance. Another thing that I could never tell Sasuke is that I love his deep kisses. The kind of kiss that gets wet and sloppy with the mounting pleasure and need. He tasted like sugar, like sweet nothingness. I mewled into the kiss when he rolled his tongue against mine. Which was incredibly embarrassing…

A light blush dusted across my cheeks when he pulled back and smirked. Damn cocky bastard…

"Is someone enjoying himself?" he asked huskily.

I glared half-heartily and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Shut up asshole."

Our lips met once again for a slower-paced kiss. Sasuke's hands abandoning their previous job, much to my displeasure, to roam over my exposed chest.

My hands came up to unbutton his shirt. He shook it off once all the buttons were opened and I took that time to shimmy out of my shirt as well, all the while keeping our mouths connected.

When my hands went to his pants, however, he stopped me. Opting instead to grasp both of my hands with one of his and hold them above my head. I growled at him but he wasn't paying attention.

He was busy attacking my neck. He ran his tongue over my pulse point, then sucked the skin into his mouth. He bit down quickly, then ran his tongue over the abused spot. More than likely leaving a large hickey.

"Ngh! Ah, Sasuke, no hickeys. If my dad sees them he-SHIT!"

He successfully cut me off when his hand finally slipped into my boxers. His hand instantly found the leaking head and rubbed his thumb over the slit. While his hand was doing that, his mouth moved to my right nipple. He raked his teeth across the nub before taking it into his mouth and sucking.

The sudden combination of pleasures made me arch completely off the table and scream. I tried to cover my mouth, but Sasuke was still holding onto my hands. A dark blush formed on my cheeks.

"Even if it's the end of the day, you'll have to be quieter then that," Sasuke chuckled.

"You're the one who's-!", I tried to say but he chose that moment to dip his tongue into my navel causing me to lose my train of thought.

"Hm?", he continued to nip around my stomach.

"Y-your fault..." I managed get out between pants.

Sasuke smirked and withdrew his hands, causing me to groan at the loss of contact. He quickly slipped my pants the rest of the way off. But instead of pulling my boxers off with my pants, he left those on. Of course, only to torture me.

"Naruto," Sasuke practically purred.

"What…?" That tone of voice usually meant something bad for me.

"What do you want to happen? Do you want to be stroked by my hands, or licked by my tongue?" He leaned forward until he was millimeters from my lips.

This was…also a new event. Sasuke never asked what I wanted. I was taken back by the question. And I don't think that I honestly wanted to answer.

"Naruto, if you don't answer, then everything stops," Sasuke warned as if he read my mind.

And I wouldn't put it past him…

"I" - this uncomfortable feeling came over me while I tried to make up my mind - " don't know. Be-Being licked, I guess," I finally mumbled.

"I see." Sasuke smirked. "You're a pervert."

"L-Like you're one to talk!" I blushed.

Letting go of my hands, Sasuke kissed my pelvic bone before he hooked the top of my boxers in his teeth and pulled down. That sight made my cock to twitch, and Sasuke noticed it too. He purposely brushed his nose against my straining erection causing me to smack the table.

Once the offending material was removed, my cock was standing at attention, the tip a light red color. I shivered at the contrast of temperatures. The chill of the room and the heat of my skin.

At a torturingly slow pace, Sasuke licked a line from base to tip. A strangled moan escaped my throat. "Sasuke…! D-don't tease me..."

Luckily that's all the motivation he seemed to need because he took the tip into his mouth and sucked eagerly. Then he slowly started taking in more until I was completely engulfed in his mouth.

The heat that surrounded me was surreal. I never felt anything like it. I was making all kinds of embarrassing noises, ranging from quiet moans to full on shouting. Sasuke never gave me blow-jobs; he was always too busy satisfying all his needs.

Soon Sasuke was bobbing his head up and down at an increasing rate. I could feel a familiar tension building in my lower stomach.

"I…I'm close. So close!" I gasped out, but instantly regretted it. Sasuke immediately lifted off my cock with a wet, popping sound. "Bastard! What the hell?" I practically yelled.

"Shut up and relax, idiot. I'm not going to leave you like that," Sasuke said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I was going to snap something back but he put three fingers in my face.

"Suck," he demanded.

I glared at him but took the fingers in nonetheless. I covered each digit evenly with saliva before he withdrew his hand. He placed the first one at my entrance and glanced up quickly before pushing it in.

I've had sex before so the first finger didn't actually hurt but I still grunted at the sudden intrusion. Sasuke moved the finger around quickly before adding the second. This one was uncomfortable but not unbearable. He started to do a scissoring action, stretching me further. Soon, he added the third and final finger. And that's the one that actually stung. No matter how many times Sasuke and I have sex, the third finger always hurts.

I whimpered slightly and stayed still as Sasuke moved his finger around.

"Sas, it hurts. Just touch it once," I pleaded.

"Touch what, Naruto? " Sasuke asked in mock innocence. Though my reply wasn't really necessary because he started to curl his fingers.

When his digits finally brushed my prostate, almost all the pain receded.

"Sa-hah! Ah!" I gasped and instantly pressed against the fingers and clamping down on them, desperately trying to keep them in place. Sasuke humored me for about five seconds before pulling his fingers out.

Sasuke must have been tired of waiting because instead of coating his dick with lube, he gave shallow jerks to the rock hard member before grabbing both of my legs and placing them against my chest.

I felt his tip at my entrance seconds later.

"You ready?" he asked quietly, the lust clear in his voice.

I chuckled breathlessly and wiggled my hips. "Just do it quick, like a band-aid."

And that just what he did. In one swift movement, Sasuke went from completely out of me to buried deep within me.

Sasuke quickly came down to my mouth and swallowed my scream of painful pleasure, our chests pressing together when I arched my back.

As Sasuke waited for me to adjust to his size, we shared another sloppy kiss. We broke apart for air, a thin string of our mixed saliva remained attached to both of our lips.

I nodded at him, signaling to Sasuke that I was ready for him to move. Immediately he pulled out almost all the way before slamming back in. A chorus of our moans echoed throughout the room while Sasuke repeated his action.

Soon, a pleasant pace was set with Sasuke thrusting in and me, my thrusts meeting his own. Sasuke tried thrusting at different angles before he found on that rubbed against my prostate. I felt my mouth fall open in a silence scream of pleasure.

Sasuke, seemingly irritated with my lack of sound, violently rolled his hips causing the most intense wave of pleasure to crash over me. I couldn't keep quiet after that.

"AAH! AAhh! Sas-oh god yes!" I moaned loudly, clawing at the table.

Another familiar tension in my lower abdomen let me know that my orgasm was approaching fast. I figured Sasuke was getting close too because his thrusts became frantic and shallow.

He gripped my neglected member suddenly, and started pumping me. I lasted about twenty seconds when he did that.

With a loud cry, I arched and came on my stomach and in Sasuke's hand. My muscles clamped down on Sasuke, making him to release moments later.

We laid there panting as if we had just finished a marathon. Once his breathing was under control, Sasuke pulled out, a moan escaping both our lips. I grimaced when I felt cum leaking out of my sore hole.

He reached over to one of the chairs to his right and pulled a towel out of its seat. He probably got it from the gym locker room because the design was familiar but I didn't honestly care at the moment.

He cleaned us both off slowly and tossed the towel to the floor. By then, I had enough strength to dress myself.

"Plan on meeting me here tomorrow, Uzumaki." Sasuke said as he gathered everything he'd brought into the room.

"What makes you think I'll get a DT tomorrow?" I asked.

"Tsk. Like Naruto Uzumaki can go a day without breaking a single rule." Sasuke said, leaving. Just like that.

It really shouldn't have surprised me because that's how it always happened. But his words echoed in my mind for the rest of the day.

Just you wait Uchiha.

The next morning, I was up, showered, dressed, and had eaten in record time. I made sure to grab my school bag – with all its contents – before I headed out of the house. Even my parents were still asleep, but I knew Sasuke would already be at school.

There would be nothing Sasuke could possibly say today. My uniform was ironed, my shirt was tucked in, my tie was tied perfectly, and my hair was brushed. Nothing was amiss.

As I arrived on the school grounds, Sasuke was walking out of the school with a clip board in hand. Our eyes instantly locked before his widened comically.

I marched over to him and said in the cheeriest voice I could muster, "Good morning Sasuke!"

Instead of answering me, Sasuke grabbed my arm and dragged me into the school.

"Sasuke? What the hell? Where are we going? Lemme go!"

But I still received no answer. The hallway became familiar and I realized where we were going.

"Sasuke! What the fuck?"

Sasuke shoved me into the second meeting room in the west wing.

"Idiot! What the hell did you do?" he finally snapped.

"What? I'm following the rules!" I yelled back.

"But...! I can't take you seriously like that! You look ridiculous!" he shouted as he came up to me and pulled out my shirt, loosened my tie, and ruffled my hair.

"Bastard! It took me forever to get everything perfect!" I whined as I swatted his hands away.

"My god, you're an idiot!" he yelled. "Why the hell do you think I even bother with you? Out of all the students here that break the rules, why do you think I give you the detentions?"

"Because you're an asshole with a screwed up view of favoritism?" I asked, which he smacked me for.

"No dip-shit! It's to get to spend time with you!" he replied as if he were talking to a child.

"So…like I said. You're an asshole with a screwed up view of favoritism." I smirked.

"….Detention Uzumaki…."

"What? Goddammit, I've got things to-!"

"Before school," Sasuke whispered and locked the door.

And just like that, a terrible fic is born. It's a one-shot and it'll stay that way. Though I am kinda proud of this one. It was the first one I actually finished instead of just saying 'nah' and throwing it in a folder somewhere in my computer.

Well I guess lemme know what you thought.