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This will be slash by the way.

Authors Note: I've been reading a lot of Harry Potter/Twilight fics lately and finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. Conformist much? That being said, I want to have an actual plot before I get into the romance. It will be coming though. Eventually!

Chapter One: Reassigned

If there was one thing Harry Potter hated, it was being treated like an idiot. That and being denied his twizzlers. Though everyone knew better than to deny Harry his sweet after what had happened to Ron. After that incident involving the red head, his stash of twizzlers and a rather powerful vanishing spell, everyone knew better than to question Harry's addiction or 'sanity' as Ron had so aptly put. But that was in the past and Ron had eventually forgiven him, though he did cringe now whenever he saw a twizzler.

"Mr. Potter! I know this is difficult to ask of you, but please show some semblance of respect and pay attention. It regards your division specifically," Natalie Winters stated imperiously causing Harry's left eye to twitch. He understood that as the secretary to the head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Winters was allowed to attend important meetings such as these. He understood that. But did she have to be such a b-

"Natalie, leave the man alone," Carl Littlefield, the head of the department, sounded exasperated as he ran a hand through his short gray hair. "It's been a long day and I think we're all a bit tired right now." Harry appreciated the man's intervention and straightened in his seat, deciding to pay closer attention.

"Now," began the man once more," we have a complex issue. Because of new legislation regarding Magical Beings, we are now required to conduct a census of Magical Beings in Britain. Past...leadership has left us with several problems. Problems that Minister Shacklebot has been trying to remedy since his election. We no longer have an accurate idea of how many Magical Beings are currently within Britain. We are no longer in good standing with the vampire community due to the actions of our past minister Fudge. And to make matters worse, we are having some international problems with the Americans."

"So what?" Lawrence Smith drawled lazily, linking his hands behind his head and looking heavenward. Smith was well known for being extremely lazy, often disregarding his reports until the last minute. Not that Harry could criticize as he was the same way, though not to the same degree. "We just send some people out to a bunch of magical communities and cast some tracking spells, end of story."

Winters snorted derisively, causing Smith to roll his eyes. "Tracking spells? Targets are required for a tracking spell. Or do you really suggest that every witch or wizard that is sent out cast a tracking spell for every Magical Being there is? Most wizards would collapse of magical exhaustion before getting even halfway through the list of Beings. Not to mention that our numbers are hardly enough to cover 'a bunch of magical communities' let alone the entire continent."

"Now, now, we hardly need to scour the entire continent," placated Littlefield. "We just need to send some representatives to prominent magical communities to get a rough number. The minister knows we can hardly document every single Being. We are only targeting areas with a dense magical population, so this will not be so exhausting a task. We just need some kind of estimate to satisfy the people up in Level 5."

"Sir," said Harry, edging forward in his seat with a slight frown. "What does a census have to do with the Department of International Magical Cooperation? You mentioned that we were having some issues earlier with America. Is it serious?"

Littlefield sobered and gravely nodded. "The American magical community has never been very large and they have never had the same resources as we do because of their limited numbers. Nonetheless Minister Fudge borrowed a rather sizable sum of money from them to fund the war effort and assured them that they would be paid with interest."

"How much do we owe them?" Smith asked curiously.

Littlefield didn't deign to answer him. "We are barely beginning to recover from the defeat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and there is no way we can pay them back anytime soon."


Littlefield grinned. "Well put, Smith. However, we have come to an agreement with the American Ministry that solves several problems. They have agreed to reduce our debt by 15%, they're going to give us a 5 year grace period and they are going to give us access to their version of the Department of Mysteries."

Harry's eyes narrowed. "They are giving us an awful lot on their part. What do they want in return?" He had an aching feeling that he would not like what he was about to hear. He stuffed his fist into his pocket and dug out a twizzler, popping one end into his mouth and chewing mechanically.

"Well, we must lend them access to our resources as well during that 5-year period. Also, we are to-" Littlefield looked a bit uncomfortable now as he met Harry's eyes. "-lend some of our employees as well. Mr. Potter, you are well-known for your triumph over He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. And the Americans are very appreciative of a man with your skill."

Harry sputtered indignantly, the twizzler hanging precariously from his lips. "Oh no, you better not be saying what I think you're going to say. I have a life here!"

Littlefield looked apologetic as he met Harry's eyes. "Mr. Potter you are no longer a member of the British Ministry of Magic as of now. You are being transferred. Don't worry though, you will be back in 5 years."


"Why are you going to America again?"

"Because Fudge was incompetent and borrowed too much money from them." Harry didn't look up as he packed his suitcases. He didn't have many personal items, just his cloak, photo album and other miscellaneous items. Swearing loudly when his suitcase was slammed on his fingers, he finally looked up at his companion.

"Harry, you know I worry for you. I just want to know that you will be all right." Hermione Granger had not changed much from their school days. Her hair, while not as bushy as it used to be, was still a bit messy; she had taken to tying it back when she didn't have the time to apply Sleakeasy's.

"Honestly, 'mione, I'll be fine. I defeated Voldemort for goodness sake, I think I can handle this." Belying his words, Harry was gnawing on a twizzler as he gave the room another once over, checking to see if he had everything.

During the war, Harry damn near became addicted to the heavenly sweet. Weeks with little to no sleep and training countless hours with Snape, Moody and other Order members left Harry constantly exhausted and in a bad mood. He had never eaten sweets before he came to the Wizarding World thanks to Dudley and although he appreciated a good Chocolate Frog once in a while, he never craved candy like Ron and others in his year seemed to on occassion. However, after a particularly grueling session of training with Snape and Moody that left him feeling both tired and extra vicious towards everyone, Hermione had pulled a Twizzler out of her bag and practically thrown it at him. Believing his perpetually bad mood was linked with his eating habits, Hermione theorized that maybe some sugar would help him be 'less of a moody prat.' A bit miffed by her statement and not wanting to linger on the potential truth of it, Harry viciously bit into the red rope. Immediately he was lost in a haze of euphoria and by the time he had snapped back to reality, it was to a bewildered and red-faced Hermione who hurriedly told him she had more in her bag. Then he looked down to see that his clenched fists were tightly holding the front of her shirt.

"-ry! Harry are you listening to me? Honestly, you're more fixated on those sweets than your love life!"

Harry was taken back. "What the-? How did this become about that? I'm leaving for America and it all comes back to my love life? Honestly, discussing my love life with you is something I am definitely not going to miss while I'm there. Like I need someone when I have-" Harry cut himself off, staring at the red treat in his hand reverently. Seeing Hermione's raised eyebrow, he began to chew on the twizzler in his mouth extra loud. "It won't even seem that long. I'll visit as often as I can, it'll be like I was never gone."

"Yeah 'mione, you're worrying about nothing. We have the Floo and if that's not enough, Pig and Hedwig can meet halfway somewhere. Pig needs some exercise anyways. He's been getting really fat lately." Ron strolled into the room. "Did you get everything, mate? I thought you were supposed to leave as soon as possible."

"Well there's someone who's going to miss me. Why don't you ever say such sweet words to me, 'mione?" Harry said dryly, giving Ron an unimpressed look when he offered a half-hearted apology. "I do have to leave soon though. Do you think America will be boring?"

"You'll just have to find out." Hermione smiled, determined to part with her friend on a light note. "Don't be a stranger, Harry. Remember to keep in touch!"

"Yeah, yeah, 'mione. Don't worry."

"And don't forget to do your work on time! I know how bad an influence Smith was on you."

"Of course, of course. Can't let the Americans think The Harry Potter is really a lazy bum." Harry paused, trying to hide a small grin.

"Hey mate, go get a boyfriend or something, eh? This woman's been driving me crazy about your love life lately." Ron chipped in, smiling widely at his fiancee.

"She's been driving you crazy? She practically traumatized Wilson down on Level 2 when she found out he was gay. Mione, you're a lot of things, but you are definitely not a matchmaker." Harry began to chuckle when he remembered how the pale Andrew Wilson had nearly knocked down his door and begged him for a date, Hermione standing right behind him.

"Oh very funny, you two. And I'll let you know that Andrew is no longer single thanks to me." Hermione huffed indignantly, altough she had a small smile on her face.

"Yeah, when Smith saw that you were practically forcing Wilson to ask me out, he made me distract you so he could sneak him out. Didn't you ever wonder why I suddenly started to talk about the mating rituals of the adolescent knarl?"

"I attributed that to your usual habit of making little to no sense." Ron snorted at this and nodded his head at his fiancee's words.

Harry rolled his eyes at this before standing straighter and looking at his friends. "I'll miss you guys. Let's not let this get too sappy, eh?" He grabbed both of their shoulders and pulled them towards him violently.

"Ow!" Ron and Hermione cried out in unison. To an observer, it would look like Harry was trying to smother two victims at once. Though this could have been a valid theory. Harry had a reputation for being unpredictable. Hermione finally pried herself away after being trapped for several seconds.

"We'll miss you too, Harry. And cut down on those dreaded sweets, all right? It's not-"

"-good for my teeth, I know, I know. Just think of it as me making up for years of being a model of good health and even better decisions!"

Hermione continued to look unimpressed before she finally sighed and shook her head. "Just remember to stay in touch and don't do anything rash. Honestly, sometimes it feels like you act crazy just so you can shock and annoy people."

Harry stuck his tongue out at her.

Author's Note: Whoa, I haven't done this in a while. I've been wanting to read a HP/T crossover that did not feature a HP/EC pairing for some time and although there are some out there, I felt that I wanted to contribute one. Even if it isn't quite up to par with good writers' work. We'll see how this goes, I actually have a plot dancing around in my brain parts. I just have to write that shit down. :)