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Chapter Six: Moody Doesn't Cover the Half of It

Harry stumbled into his apartment, kicking off his shoes as he headed to the bathroom. He splashed his face with cold water and eye his haggard looking reflection in the mirror. Why was he so tired?

A muffled sound came from the living room, making Harry groan loudly as he lazily turned his head in the direction of the incessant and annoying noise. He dabbed his face with a towel and slipped on his glasses lethargically, walking unsteadily into the living room. He snatched his badge from the table and flipped it open, speaking in a groggy voice and rubbing at his eyes.


"-ry! Harry, are you there?"

"Leah?" Harry blinked rapidly, now wide awake. "Leah, what's wrong?"

"It's Jacob! He just collapsed and-" She hesitated and bit her lip, looking over her shoulder at something Harry couldn't see before shaking her head and continuing anxiously. "-he needs your help. Can you come here right now?"

Harry nodded, his previous fatigue vanishing in the face of Jacob's condition as he hurriedly grabbed his coat and headed for the door. "Where are you? At Jacob's house?" Leah nodded in confirmation. "All right, I'm leaving now."

He flipped his badge closed and left the apartment, locking the door behind him before stepping forward and disappearing with a loud crack.

"Will she be done soon?"

The sound of broken sobs and gasps filled the air, slightly muffled by the downpour of rain.

A quiet snort. "What do you think?"

Felix and Demetri leaned against the side of the brick building in a mock casual pose, their hands tucked into their pockets and nonchalant expressions on their faces. Alec stood at his sister's side, the pair of them looming over two figures on the ground.

Jane's beautiful face was twisted with glee at the two lying curled on their sides and writing on the wet pavement; she waited for a few more seconds before she finally released them. The smallest figure was a young girl, barely a teenager, with long black hair and dainty features. The second was male, probably in his late teens when he was turned, with spiky black hair and an angry look on his face. He was positioned in front of the younger vampire protectively, trying to hide her from view.

"We-" His voice sounded strained. "We told you all we know."

"Well I can't just take your word that this Riley is responsible."Jane said sweetly, examining her nails with a dismissively. "How am I to know you aren't lying?"

"We're not!" The girl looked surprised and horrified that she had brought attention to herself. She uselessly tried once more to hide behind the other male.

Interesting, Jane thought absently, so the other one could talk. Jane casually raised her hand, enjoying the flinch it earned from the male in front of her as well as the barely audible whimper from the girl.

"We can lead you to the base!" He said hurriedly, trying to draw Jane's attention back to him and partially succeeding. "We can take you to Riley!"

Jane motioned for Felix and Demetri, the pair abandoning their positions against the wall and walking forward until the four Volturi members made a line before the two teen vampires on the ground. Jane reached down and roughly dragged the girl vampire to her feet with a strength that belied her small stature.

"Lead the way."

The girl looked uncertainly at her male companion until he nodded at her and stood, reaching for her hand and stroking it comfortingly.

"It's all right, Bree. It'll be okay."

Jane rolled her eyes at the maudlin display before grabbing for Alec's arm and pulling him against her side tightly. Alec endured this silently with the patience of one who is used to such treatment, saying nothing as he patted his sister's arm gently. At Jane's insistence, the group ran, becoming mere blurs to passersby as they darted further and further away from the city and into the forest. After about twenty minutes, the group came to an abrupt stop in front of a medium sized log cabin. Bree looked back hesitantly at Diego before she walked forward and knocked on the door.

There was no response for a few seconds until the door finally opened a crack.

"Bree? Diego?"

A blood red eye peeked out of the crack before the door closed once more; the sound of clicks and sliding locks were heard until the door was flung open, revealing a handsome blond teenager with a worried expression on his face.

"Where have you two been? I've-" The young man cut himself off when he saw the group behind them. "Who are they?"

Jane smiled at him mock sweetly, about to raise her hand when her brother tightened his grip on her arm and squeezed. Jane frowned at Alec, confused by his actions, until she noticed that they were surrounded. At least thirty vampires stood around the Volturi members, their blood red eyes easily visible in the moonlight as well as their predatory stares. Jane's eyes zipped back to the blond still standing in front of the door, an unrepentant grin on his handsome face.

"Well, well, well. Now who might you all be?" Riley called out to the four hooded figures in front of him as he leaned against the door frame and crossed his arms across his chest mockingly.

Maybe these rogue vampires weren't complete idiots after all, Jane mused thoughtfully. She always did a little struggle before the kill, so to speak, something she was usually never granted thanks to her well deserved title as the cruelest and arguably deadliest vampire in the Volturi. She wasn't used to defiance or disrespect. She tilted her head back slightly, letting the hood fall back onto her small shoulders.

"What, are kids being turned now too?" Riley asked in confusion, taken aback at the tiny little girl in front of him. "Beat it, kid. Go find some other group, we don't accept children."

If Jane's body could pump blood, it would be pumping it all into her face; but since it couldn't, only the glacier cold look in her eyes and tiny clenched fists could indicate the depths of her rage.

"Alec!" She hissed. Alec immediately extended an arm forward, an bored look painted across his face as dozens of rogue vampires began to fall like dolls with their strings cut. There was no struggle, no sound, as they all fell in unison, victims of his frightening power. Alec looked over the fallen, twitching bodies in disinterest, giving no indication at all that he had just single handedly subdued an entire vampire army. The only one left standing was Riley, a shocked look of horror now clear on his face.

"Wh-what have you done? Who are you?"

Jane ignored him for a moment as she quietly gave Demetri and Felix instructions, her crimson lips quirked upward in smug satisfaction. Demetri and Felix inspected the area thoroughly, looking for any other rogue vampires that might be hidden and depositing them to the ground in front of the cabin. Jane eyed the growing number of bodies calculatingly as she continued to survey the area from her position with ruby red eyes. Once all of the rogues had been found and placed in front of the cabin Jane met her brother's eyes and nodded. Then she turned to Riley.

"We are the Volturi. And we are here to destroy this pathetic little army you've created."

"The Volturi?" The name felt strange on Riley's tongue. "But-! But she said-"


"He means me." Said a sultry voice coming from within the dark woods; a moment later a beautiful red haired woman strode out, walking confidently to the scene.

"Victoria," Jane said in recognition, her eyes widening at the sight of her old friend. "This was all your doing?"

Victoria nodded.

Jane frowned at her. "You know that I can't allow this to happen. I have orders from Aro. Any and all transgressors must be destroyed."

Victoria smiled slyly. "Even if I were to say, destroy the Cullens?"

Jane's eyes widened. "Aro-"

"-wants only the boy and girl. That insipid little seer and the mind reading imbecile. I only want one thing."


"To destroy that little brat, Isabella Swan."

Leah and the rest of the pack eyed Harry and Jacob worriedly. They were all crammed into the Black living room, each showing varying degrees of worry and concern. Paul and Jared stood off to the side, arms crossed with impatient looks on their faces. Quil and Embry were standing close by, the normally playful grins on their faces gone.

"How long has he been like this?"

"About an hour." Leah said decisively, subtly watching Jacob's reaction now that his imprint was finally here. Already, the pained look on Jacob's face had faded and his face began to regain some color.

"Do you have any idea what triggered this?"

Paul snorted. "Oh I think we've all got an idea."

Leah gave him a sharp look, promising murder with her eyes.

Harry looked at him with a frown. "Excuse me?"

"Paul," Leah growled dangerously.

"What? It's all that idiot's fault anyway," Paul said derisively as he gave Jacob's prone form an unimpressed look. "He's knows he's supposed to be near-"

"I think you should shut the fuck up, Paul" Leah said, baring her teeth at him, her body taut with barely repressed anger. "I've had enough of your shit."

"Yeah?" Paul took a step closer, now almost looming over her as he gave her a sneer. "Well I've had enough of you."

Leah stiffened.

"Walking around like you're the boss of us! Give me a break! I'm sick of listening to your whiny thoughts, I'm sick of your bitchy attitude and I'm godamned sick of having to be near you all the time!" Paul spat hatefully. "It's no wonder Sam left you!"

Leah let out an inarticulate snarl before she viciously kneed him in the stomach and slammed her fist into his face, sending him flying backwards. The sound of shattering glass was almost deafening as Paul crashed through the coffee table, sending shards of glass everywhere.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Paul yelled immediately as he sat up from his position on the ground, broken glass raining down from his body. Harry could see the damage on his skin slowly healing before his eyes; pieces of glass were slowly being pushed out from under his skin as his skin stitched itself together. The split lip that Leah had given Paul was healing as well, the bruise slowly fading until all that was left was the dried blood at the corner of his mouth. Truly these shifters made for some fearsome enemies, Harry thought as he subtly flicked his wrist, his wand instantly snapping into his hand.

Leah stepped forward, fully ready to continue, when the least likely person intervened.

"Both of you need to get the hell out."

Seth Clearwater stormed over to them, his usual sunny smile gone and in its place an angry snarl. Seth was arguably the smallest shifter in the pack, excluding Colin and Brady, but at that moment, he looked deadly. His body was trembling with the effort not to phase as he sent a withering glare to both Leah and Paul. Jared pulled Paul to his feet as Leah tried to hide the surprise she felt at her brother's uncharacteristic behavior. He never talked to her like that. He never talked to anyone like that.

"Get out." Seth repeated, his voice deadly calm.


"No, Leah. Jacob is really sick right now and all you two can do is have a pissing match?" Seth practically yelled the last words as everyone turned towards Jacob's prone form on the couch. Seth shook his hand before bodily dragging Leah by the arm to the door and pushing her out as Jared and Paul exited after.

"We'll leave him to you now, Harry," Seth said tiredly, lingering in front of the door. "Sorry about all of that."

Harry shook his head firmly. "Don't be, it's not your fault." He absentmindedly repaired the table with a flick of his wand and winked at Seth, trying to lighten his mood. "Besides, I heard shifters were moody."

Seth tried to laugh but it came out sounding hollow. "Thank you, Harry."

Harry nodded, his attention now on Jacob as he looked him over in concern. Seth smiled at the pair silently before he left the house and walked over to where the rest of the pack was standing. Leah was still glaring at Paul with her arms crossed over her chest while Paul reciprocated by glaring back. Jared stood next to Paul with his arms crossed, though he looked more exasperated than angry. Seth strode over to the trio and spoke once more.

"We leave them alone, understand? No one goes in or out of that house until Jacob's awake again."

Paul eyed Seth in distaste but said nothing. He turned and walked away with Jared, no doubt on their way to tell Sam. Seth winced as he imagined Sam's reaction to the news before he turned to his sister.


She nodded stiffly at him before phasing and running towards the trees; in seconds her light gray form was no longer visible as she sprinted off into the distance.

Seth sighed. "Moody doesn't cover the half of it."

Harry quietly hummed to himself as he cast a diagnostic spell on Jacob. He was fine physically, perhaps a little tired, but nothing too serious. It looked like a case of exhaustion; plenty of sleep and Jacob would be as good as new. Harry leaned back in his seated position on the floor next to the couch and let out a sigh of relief. It was truly good news that Jacob's condition wasn't too serious, but the feeling of absolute relief in his chest seemed excessive. Harry frowned at this. It was time he had a talk with Jacob. There was something going on and he intended to find out. He was certain it wasn't some sort of spell or love potion, NED employees were required to make regular trips to Healers throughout the month, but what else could it be? Harry frowned minutely before his eyes inexplicably glued themselves to Jacob's prone form.

Jacob lay sprawled on the couch clad in a ratty pair of workout shorts one of his packmates must have clothed him in, his limbs dangling over the edges and touching the floor. Harry reddened slightly as he shook his head; he had never met people so comfortable with wearing so little. Honestly, Harry thought, he didn't think he had ever seen any of the pack fully clothed. Harry laughed quietly and leaned forward, brushing aside a few stray hairs from Jacob's eyes.

Jacob groaned a little, leaning into Harry's hand and letting out a distinctively canine growl. Harry withdrew his hand quickly and reached into his bag for some potions. As soon as he turned, he heard a rumble from behind him before he felt a pair of heavy arms pull him backwards. Harry eeped as he was bodily lifted from his position on the floor to Jacob's stomach. Harry looked down in panic at their position before he cautiously tried to escape from the sleeping shifter's hold.

No such luck.

"Jacob," Harry said as he lightly pushed at Jacob's shoulder, trying to wake him. He tried not to let his touch linger on the shifter's rock hard muscles. Merlin. "Jacob, wake up."


Harry sighed, leaning over Jacob, their face only inches apart.

"Jacob!" He yelled as loud as he could in the shifter's ear.

Jacob's eyes flashed open in surprise as he shot forwards, knocking Harry onto his back and pinning him to the couch. He looked down at Harry in confusion, his eyes still a bit hazy with sleep before he inhaled sharply. Jacob shook his head in disbelief a few times before a grin began to spread across his face, his boyish features lighting up with glee.

Harry looked up into those chocolate brown eyes uncertainly, not sure what to think about the expression on the shifter's face. "Jacob?"

"This is the best dream ever."

Harry's eyes widened when Jacob leaned down even more, if possible, and stared at him softly, contentment painting his features. The goofy looking grin Jacob wore was just so endearing that it made Harry's heart beat even more wildly. Jacob huffed quietly before bypassing his imprint's lips and nuzzling into the junction of Harry's neck, making Harry blush an even brighter red than before.

"Jacob," Harry tried to say disapprovingly though it came out shakily in response to Jacob's ministrations. "Wake up, this isn't a dream! You're-" He squeaked. "-you're groping a NED Officer!"

Jacob just smiled into Harry's neck and laughed lightly as if he was being silly. "Of course this is a dream. Now stop moving."

Harry pushed up against Jacob's heavy body once more, though it did nothing but make Jacob push on Harry harder. "Get off!"

Jacob pulled away from Harry's neck momentarily with an honestly baffled look on his handsome face. "It's my dream. I'll do whatever I damn well please." He returned his attention back to Harry's neck matter of factly. "Now stay still."

"Oh bloody-!"

Harry threw his head back against the couch cushion and groaned in frustration before he reached for his wand lying on the living room floor. He gripped the holly wand and aimed it at the only body part he could reach in this position, Jacob's back.

"Son of a-!" Jacob jumped off of Harry and landed on the floor, rubbing his back furiously before leveling Harry with an annoyed look. "What the hell was that..." He trailed off after a few moments, realization dawning on his face as he turned a bright red.

Harry couldn't help but laugh at Jacob's expression of horror. "Sorry. I had to get you off somehow. You were crushing me."

"Oh god-! I'm-! I'm so sorry!" Jacob looked mortified.

"It's all right, I understand. Teenage hormones and all." Harry didn't notice Jacob's embarrassed expression falling away at his words, being replaced with anger and another emotion he couldn't identify.

"Teenage-! This isn't some sort of-! of teenage infatuation!"

Harry looked surprised. "Jacob-"

"No!" Jacob moved into Harry's space, his chocolate brown eyes ablaze with emotion. "This isn't just some crush! We're-! I-!"

"Jacob." Harry placed his hand on Jacob's forearm, trying to calm him down. He steeled himself for his next words, knowing that they would hurt not only Jacob but himself. "I know you might think there's something here, but there isn't. There can't be. You're only 16."

Jacob flinched at this. "Harry, you don't understand. I haven't told you everything."

Harry withdrew his hand from Jacob harshly and tried to push Jacob away once more. "No you don't understand! Do you know how much trouble I would get into if we became involved? What that would mean? I would lose my job! And this case would be abandoned!"


"We've only just met," Harry said desperately, trying to appeal to his logical side. "You don't even know me."

Harry tried to keep eye contact with Jacob before he finally looked away stubbornly, avoiding the intense stare. A heartbeat later, Jacob cupped the side of Harry's face, clenching his jaw at the expression on Harry's face. He spoke once more, his voice filled with resolution.

"Harry. Do you know what imprinting is?"