I...wrote Treasure Planet fanfiction. After almost an entire year. Sure it's just a drabble but still...wow. Okay onto the author notes themselves: this came from a prompt over on the "TP Fans" group on deviantART. The prompt was "Carried By the Wind " and this is what came from it. Hopefully this means I'll be able to write more for this fandom...and soon!

Some nights the Etherium was calm and peaceful

Other nights huge storms raged between the planets, entertaining the people below with their vibrant colors

No matter what the weather, one thing always stayed the same

Wind always blew across the expanse, propelling pirates and soldiers alike

The playful breezes were the lifeblood of the people

Without them the Empire would fall

The wind also made its way to the planets' surface

It provided endless fun to one boy in particular

The same wind that propelled the great merchant ships gave Jim Hawkins the boost needed to soar through the clouds