The 13-Unterging. You couldn't quite call us thirteen anymore. As most of the members have been disbanded, killed, or imprisoned. We are left as four members now. One of them being the leader of the gang. The four of us here are Kakiharu, Toshiro, Terra-myself, and Kain. Kain being the leader. Anyway, we've become a well known gang. We've committed more crimes than most average gangs. We're not quite what you call "average" though.

Anyway, our latest mission by Kain is to retrieve an ancient robo cube from the police forces' underground facility. This isn't a walk-in-the-park mission, either. It's important enough that Kain himself is here too.

"Just down this hall is the containment chamber for the robo cube." Kain pointed out. He walked further down the hall, carefully, making sure security bots weren't hiding behind corners. "Go, Toshiro, go first so I don't get injured." Toshiro didn't oppose. Otherwise, Kain would probably kill him. He quietly tiptoed to the large, sealed, door.

"How do we get through this?" Asked Toshiro.

"Exactly how we get through the police!" Exclaimed Kain. He then Soul-Dove into his robo, Jameson.

When you Soul-Dive into a Custom Robo, it's when you can take control of a robo outside of a Holosseum. You must have strong will and a vast knowledge of Custom Robos to be able to do that. All four of us have the ability, and the strength to pull it off.

Kain blasted through the metal door with his robo and went right into the room. He didn't search for alarms or traps. He walked up to the ancient cube and gave it a long stare. "When I have this robo, we will be the largest and vastly know gang in the world! We can do whatever we want when we have this! Everyone will bow to us! To believe it's right in-front of my face!" Kain reached his arm out and snatched the cube from the pedestal. But as soon as it left the pedestal, alarms were going off everywhere. The lights were all shut off too. A couple minutes later, the police force flooded into the facility, to where we were. All around us, police force executives and lackeys were diving into their robos. Then, Kakiharu pointed something out.

"Kain has fled..."

We were shocked, but before we could react, our arms were grasped and shackled. This wasn't happening. Our gang was finally put to rest. We're all going to be imprisoned. But I couldn't stop thinking. Where's Kain?Did he leave with the ancient cube? How did he manage to escape? What's going to happen to us three? This is impossible...

The police force, right then and there, sentenced us for 50 years...