Before Its Too Late

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter 8

December 2010

Penelope went a few days not throwing up but she didn't feel up to top speed. One morning she was having tea in the kitchen, while Derek was still asleep, and Fran came in.

"Good morning, ma'am."

Fran gave her a stern look.

Penelope corrected "I mean Mom."

"That's better. Good morning, Penelope. How are you feeling today?"

"Still a little achy but not too bad otherwise."

Fran poured her own tea and sat down. "I've been wanting to speak to you alone to tell you that you and Derek do not need to hide anything from me."

"Hide? Do you mean the fact that we're living together?"

"You are? That's incredible! I've never known Derek to let anyone live with him. You know some men say they are ready to settle down but they don't change their ways. Its seems my son is changing his past behaviors around for the sake of making a life with you and it does my heart good to see. As much as I always bragged about Derek and all his accomplishments his life seemed empty to me without a good woman by his side and children that can show him the true meaning of life. You are both surrounded by so much death everyday. A child would bring light into your day, no matter what happens at work."

"Derek truly does want a family. We'll be grateful if we're ever blessed with a child but I'm not in a rush. I need to get your hunky son down the aisle first."

"Dear, is there any chance you're already pregnant?"

"Er, I don't think so. I was on time last month and its not time yet this month. So no sign of a little Morgan bun in my oven. I'm sorry. I know you wish I could tell you yes. I'm sure Derek will rush to call you when there is finally good news on that front. Its just not yet."

"You seem to have some symptoms though. The nausea, dizziness, achy body. I know its not my business to butt in or my place to force you to confront this issue...but just in case...I purchased a home test when I was at the store last night. Its in the closet in the bathroom, if you want to take it and find out for sure."

"I really don't think it would be worth the trouble."

"If you change your mind its there."

Penelope resisted the urge for a few days but then she started throwing up again. So that morning, after getting off her knees on the bathroom floor, she took the test. She paced the bathroom as she waited for it to be done. Brushed her teeth, washed her face and hands.

After a few minutes the test was ready but she suddenly was afraid to look at the results. She took the test back to the bedroom with her and crawled into bed with Derek. For a while she just snuggled close to him, trying to convince herself there was no way she was pregnant and to not worry or get her hopes up about it just cause Fran wished it was so.

She shook Derek awake and shoved the test at him. "Baby, look at this for me, please."

Sleepily he asked "What am I supposed to be looking at here? What is this what I think it is?"

She nodded. "Your mother thought I should check but I don't think there's much chance...I chickened out of looking. So you look. What do you see?"

He put the test down and gave her a long kiss, pulling her completely against his body. His eyes twinkling he asked her "What do you want it to say?"

"We haven't been together that long..."

He gave her another kiss, moaning slightly when their tongues tangling together, and then told her "If not today then someday. Everyday I get to be your man is amazing. Us having a kid together would be just as amazing. But I ain't in a rush. If its not right now then that's cool. But if it is right now then no worrying about it being too soon or too much for us to handle. We can do anything together, Penelope. We're strong enough to handle this together. Nothing can make us fall apart. Our love is too, too strong, right, mama?"

With his words making her feel confident again she nodded and gave him a sweet, short kiss. "Okay, look, look, look! Don't keep me in suspense!"

"First tell me what's pregnant and what's not pregnant."

"Let me go get the box." She hurried to get the box and came back. Together they compared the box's instructions to the test Derek held.

He said "Looks like we need to start picking out names, if this test is to be believed."

"Oh my goodness gracious!" Her hands covered her mouth. Her eyes were wide.

Tossing the test to the side Derek pulled Penelope close and they started to slowly make love, very quietly since they were at his mother's house and very gently because Penelope still wasn't feeling like her normal self.

Later that day they went to a clinic and had the pregnancy confirmed. By that time they were already getting excited to have a baby on the way. They went to a downtown store and bought a sweatshirt that said Best Grandma in the World for Fran for Christmas.

The moment she opened it she knew that all her dreams of Derek giving her a grand baby were coming true.


September 2011

"I have the most beautiful grandson in all the world," Fran said as she looked down on Andrew Darien Morgan. His middle name was Derek's father's name. The baby was only two days old and had just come home from the hospital.

"Can't argue with that, Ma," Derek said, a proud smile on his lips as he helped Penelope inside and gently eased her into a chair. "Baby girl, I don't want you moving a muscle, you hear me? The reason I took time off is to take care of our boy and you. And that's why my Ma is here too so don't be hard headed and try to do anything. You just stay put."

"I'm not an invalid."

He gave her a stern look.

She smirked a little before saying "Staying put. Thank you, handsome."

He kissed her forehead. "Thank you very much, my gorgeous wife. And I promise we won't start working on a baby sister for Drew for two months."

"Morgan!" Penelope cried in a no nonsense tone.

He gave her a very soft kiss and she softened. "I love you so very much. You are the lynchpin for my life, Penelope. You make it all possible and make sense."

"You're my Hot Stuff baby making machine who makes me drool and makes all my dreams come true at the same time."

"And I always will, woman."

Their son started to fuss. Derek went over and took him out of the baby seat. "Its okay, little guy. Daddy's got you."

Fran and Penelope watched Derek caring for his son with sweet smiles on their faces. He had come so far from the playboy that Penelope met seven years before. Now he was a husband and father. He made it look good too.

He kept the promise he had made her in the kitchen of this house. He had slid his great grandmother's ring on her finger and he had made her a Morgan. And he made her a Mom. And he made her happy, secure and gave her a home that she felt love surrounding her in everyday. The year before she showed up on his door a sobbing mess because Kevin had cheated on her. Derek opened his loving arms, took her in, and from that day forward she was with the man who had always loved her most.

It just took a little while longer for him to ask for her heart. It took him fearing it was too late. But it could never be too late where they are concerned.