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Chapter 1

"Aya, we're almost there!" Hikari Sato yells, while the Aya Tanaka turns her head around; her hair swishing around her, merely nods, and then drifts back off into space. Hikari sighs, as she starts to talk to the rest of the badminton team, which was made up of eight people. Aya once again gazes at the blue sky; it was a pretty shade of blue that day, and Aya's straight face told the rest of the team that her mood was steady. Just moments ago, her straight poker face was a mixture of emotions, probably since the whole team had been stuck in the bus for 2 hours straight. All that energy bottled inside of Aya probably made her feel very awkward; like the other girls. Flipping through her mp3 player, Aya skims through, looking for her most recent favorite song, tapping the play button. The melancholy music was beautiful, and Aya was content with her life. She put the song on loop mode, and was indeed happy; her lips were curving upward. Finally! Time to relax. If there weren't badminton court to practice on, I wouldn't have even GONE on this trip…that stupid mother, forcing me to come here. I mean, visiting Sakuno-chan is fun, though I hope she's gotten over her stuttering. It's been a long time since we took piano lessons with each other; she was a very talented player. Plus, her family owns the BEST hotel around; it's always the one with the most customers (thank god it's got so many buildings that it's never crowded)! Who knows what could happen...mental note to self. Thank Hikari for getting the rest of the badminton team to come with me. I feel bad for them now, all those people having to sacrifice themselves so I can go to the beach and play badminton. That stupid mother…


"Aya Tanaka? It's past 12 already! Get out of bed!" Mika Tanaka called out to her daughter, who gave no response. Mika Tanaka marched upstairs, and knocked on the door. Moments later, she starts pounding on the door, which abruptly swung open. Aya groaned loudly, as she glared at her mother. Apparently, she just woke up. Mika narrowed her eyes, jabbed her finger at the family room, and went back downstairs. Aya sighed as she clopped down the stairs after her mother and plopped on the couch. There was a visible frown on her face. A bulging vein only complemented the sleepwear and the bed head— it was obvious that she in a pretty crabby mood.

"What, mother?" Aya said, rolling her eyes while pouting at her mother. Mika sighed as she looked at her daughter. What was wrong with her Aya? Her long bleach blonde hair accented her sapphire blue eyes, and she was pretty sure her daughter's figure was pretty…not only did she do badminton, but she danced as well. If only Aya would show a man her smile, surely, he'd fall for her. There hasn't been a guy in her life after him…

"Aya dear, I was um… wondering how's school?" Mika asked her daughter, who replied with her normal "You're kidding me" stare. Holding her gaze, Mika raises her eyebrows, and Aya gave up.

"Just get to the point, mother," she replied, her response dripping with annoyance, her sapphire blue eyes had a icy look in them…she was sooner or later going to lose her cool.

"Alright then, so Aya, isn't it about time, to, you know…find…" her mother nervously said and enunciated each word for Aya, who in return half-listened.

"Find what?" Aya's quick response surprised her mother; her eyes were closed, and she was probably listening to upbeat music since she was bobbing her head. Surely, she ought to know that as her last year as a middle school student; she should be at least becoming acquaintances with boys. The last time she ever had a guy friend was when she was a little girl, not even in elementary school. What happened, Aya?

"Isn't it obvious, and take out those earphones when I'm talking to you," her mother ordered her, as she reluctantly took her precious earphones out of her ears.

"Mother, you…you wouldn't be trying to tell me to get a BOYFRIEND…are you?" Aya questioned her mother, who looked away from Aya; Mika always looked away when Aya got to the point. A flush arose on Aya's face as she realized her mother's hopes…and how she couldn't please her mother.

"MOTHER! You know how I don't like guys; and I'm NOT going to get a boyfriend," Aya scoffed and stomped out of the room, leaving her mother with her head in her arms. When is Aya going to accept the opposite gender? At this rate, all her secret admirers (well I do believe that Aya would have secret admirers) would be too scared to even go near her.

*End of Flashback*

Hmph. Men; I detest them; I hate them, so what? What the hell was Mother thinking anyways; she knows that I haven't been friends with any boys since him. It's a pity that I don't remember anything about him, only the events that happened with him. Mother said that that part of my memory was erased…but I obviously don't know the right answer. Aya thought when Nami's head suddenly popped out from the seat in front of her.

"Tanaka- buchou?" she calls out to Aya, who was in a world of her own, reminiscing her past. Nami looks at her for a while, seeing Aya had heard her. She must be in her own little world again….Tanaka-buchou… Nami thought.

"Un?" Aya replied to her friend, her eyes still closed. She didn't want to leave her utopia of the past just yet. It was the time where the boy first met her; they were in the same tennis class. Aya had her pink tennis racket while he had his; their first encounter was a precious memory for Aya. Oh… that's right. I haven't played tennis since then.

"Um, we arrived the hotel, I think everyone is waiting for you to get off," Nami told her captain, as she grabbed her bags.

"Thanks for waiting, Nami," Aya replied, flashing her smile that only her teammates have seen, since Him.

"No problem, thanks for bringing me Tanaka-buchou," Nami told Aya, a small smile on her face. Nami Suzuki was the only first year in the badminton club AND the badminton team; so naturally, all her sempais were extremely friendly to her.

"Oi, can you hurry it up, Aya? We've been ANXIOUSLY waiting! I don't know about you, but SOME people are DYING to go swimming!" Hikari yelled at her friend, who was sitting on her duffel bag, pouting at her friend. The rest of the teammates laughed, except for Sasame. Her lips were still slightly frowning, but her eyes were laughing. Sort of. Nami hopped down the steps, while Aya thanked the driver and got off.

"Aya –chan!" Sakuno called out to Aya, who waved back at her. Sakuno was running to them from the hotel, her long brown braids streaming out behind her. Still the same as always, huh. Aya thought, when Sakuno finally reached them.

"Hi! My name's Sakuno Ryuuzaki. Pleased to meet you!" Sakuno says, bowing slightly to the group. Aya gives her a small encouraging smile, while the rest of the team murmurs "hello" or "nice to meet you". Aya looks around, thinking it's about time for the introductions.

"So everyone knows that's Sakuno, her fathers the one who owns this hotel and graciously let us live in it. Sakuno, that's Hikari Sato, Nami Suzuki, Akane Kimura, Sasame Watanabe, Saika Mori, and Midori Kobayashi," Aya tells Sakuno, pointing at each person when she said their name.

"Hi everyone! I think it's about time to go into the hotel and relax!" Sakuno stated as she and the rest of the badminton team started walking toward the Ryuuzaki hotel.

"Guys, these are the room assignments, please put your belongings in your room, then you may do whatever you like, and everyone, thank you for coming!" Aya told her friends as she read the list.

~Room Assignments~

1205: Aya Tanaka & Akane Kimura

1207: Saika Mori & Midori Kobayashi

1209: Hikari Sato & Sasame Watanabe

1211: Nami Suzuki & Sakuno Ryuuzaki

Akane and Aya smiled at each other; they were close friends; and being Captain and Vice-captain made them even closer. Saika and Midori looked at each other and merely nodded. Hikari started to pout, while Sasame muttered under her breath.

"Che," she said, walking to the room. Hikari wanted to start a fight with her, but knowing Sasame's strength, she backed off, pissed. I hope Hikari and Sasame will be alright. Aya hoped as she read the final pairing of the list. Nami gave Sakuno a small smile, who waved at her.

10 minutes later

"To the beach!" Hikari yelled, as she ran on the sand, already having her bikini on. The rest of the girls followed, all in different colored swimsuits. Other than Aya. She was in a lavender summer dress, and she looked stunning. She felt immensely sleep, for some reason. Gah, I want to sleep….hm…. Aya thought as she instantly laid down on the sand, and fell asleep. Like a beautiful princess, she slowly went to her utopia, to find her prince.

"Oi, Echizen, want to play cards," Momoshiro calls out to his teammate who shakes his head no, drinking his can of grape ponta.

"Nya, ochibi! Don't be a party pooper!" Eiji calls out, ruffling Echizen's hair as he tosses his Fila hat to Momo.

"…Momo-sempai. Give me my hat back," Ryoma states, giving a glare at both Eiji and Momo before exchange a sly smile. Eiji and Momo toss the hat around, our of Ryoma's reach.

" Oh snap!" Eiji yelled, as he missed the final toss, and Ryoma smirked.

"Mada mada da…" Ryoma started to speak as Fuji caught the hat. His lips formed an O, and smiled a warm smile at Echizen, then tossed it back to Momo. Ryoma glared at Fuji, and returned staring at the sempais who now had his hat.

"Catch," he told Momo, with his usual soft, gentle voice. Momo and Eiji both gave him a smile from ear-to-ear, while Ryoma tried to retrieve his hat.

"Momoshiro. Give Echizen his hat back. Eiji, shouldn't you be more responsible as a sempai?" Tezuka asked, while Momoshiro and Eiji obeyed, and returned Ryoma's hat back.

"Domo, Tezuka-buchou," Ryoma told Tezuka, who looked briefly at him, then started talking to Oishi again.

"Nya, Oishi! When are we going to arrive at Ryuuzaki-chan's hotel? It's been hours!" Eiji complained to his partner. Oishi shrugged, and Eiji's lips turned into a frown and started to pout.

"14 minutes and 20 seconds," Inui stated, pushing his glasses up with his finger, "From the point where are now, we should be arriving in less than 15 minutes; my data never lies." While the rest of the team was chatting, Fuji slowly reached for his bag, and got his photo album of her, which he always carried around. It's been a long time since I've seen you, Fuji thought, as he lightly touched the pictures. A girl with bleach blonde hair and blue eyes was holding her pink racket, while Fuji was holding his; the girls vibrant smile was beautiful, like an angel. I haven't seen a smile as beautiful as hers since she left. I wish I had more things to remember her than just photos…Okaa-san said that she doesn't remember who I am anymore. I remember her, every single moment is photographed…except her name. Fuji thought to himself as he looked at the girl.

"Fujiko! What are you looking at?" Eiji jumps at Fuji who instantaneously closes the album.

"Saa…nothing, Eiji," Fuji answers, and Eiji looks at him in disapproval.

"Fuji! Come on! Show me your album!" Eiji glomps on Fuji, and started to pester him.

"Fssh…Eiji-sempai. Could you quiet down?" Kaidoh asks Eiji who sighs, and let Fuji off the hook. I thought I saw Fujiko looking at pictures of him and a girl when they were younger. I'm sure of it. Eiji thought to himself as his glances at Fuji once more, before talking to Oishi. Everything was mostly normal for the rest of the ride there; Ryoma drank all of his ponta and demanded Momo to buy him some when they get to the hotel, Kaidoh looking through his bag to make sure all his bandanas were there, Eiji was asking a barrage of questions to Oishi, who was half listening while reading his book about fish. Tezuka and Inui were talking, while Inui was taking data on the group.

"Oji-san, is that the Ryuuzaki hotel?" Oishi asked suddenly, seeing several tall buildings not far away.

"That's it, to the right are the tennis and badminton courts, the left is an Auditorium, and we are driving on the route along the beach," the driver told them, as Inui was writing everything down.

"Oi, Eiji-sempai! Are those GIRLS on the beach?" Momo asked excitedly, looking out of his window, seeing a bunch of girls on the beach. (A/N: Momo's just interested at making new friends..NO PERVERTED THOUGHTS…)

"Eh, your right Momo! Teehee! More new friends! I can't wait to meet them, right Fujiko!" he called out to Fuji, who was on his phone, looking at pictures of the bleach blonde again.

"FUJIKO!" Eiji yelled in Fuji's face who jerked up in surprise, then smiled at Eiji. "Fujiko...let me see YOUR PHONE! Or that photo album you're hiding from us!" Eiji told Fuji, holding his hand out. Fuji puts on a sadistic smile and the whole car's mood changed. Inui's ears perked up at the phrase "hidden photo album", and started to write in his notebook. Eiji's insides started to turn a bit. Maybe it was wrong to ask him to give his phone….but it's not my fault! I swear to god he was looking at pictures….geez.

"There's nothing interesting on my phone, and you seem pretty interested in my photo album too," Fuji told him, holding out his phone to Eiji. Eiji started to reach out for it, then saw the change in Fuji's eyes. Usually, they seemed calm and gentle, but now, they were daggers, glaring at Eiji, as if they were hitting him. The menacing aura Fuji created scared Eiji, who took his hand back and looked away, trying to escape from the evil.

"N-never mind then!" Eiji says, frantically trying to start a conversation, as Fuji's aura dies down. Ryoma, however also saw a flash of a picture on Fuji's phone, and the blur was blue and a color that was almost white.

"Fuji-sempai, I also saw a flash of something blue and a color almost white, can I see the picture?" Ryoma asked Fuji, with a smirk on his face. Fuji had a look of surprise on his face but got his phone out again and gave it to Ryoma. Ryoma's smirk grew wider but then, a look of horror came upon his face.

"Nyaa, ochibi! What's the picture?" Eiji asked genuinely, a face filled with curiosity. The rest of the team looked over at Echizen who was still in shock.

"…Fuji-sempai. I didn't know you liked looking at two very small dancing chibi blueberries with a almost white background…." Ryoma stated as the rest of the team had looks of surprise. I'm not going to let you see those pictures, hehe. Fuji thought to himself as he retrieved his phone.

"I think it's very cute. There's also an apple version, it's my favorite," Fuji told the rest of the team who went back to their own conversations.

"Eh, we're here! Everyone, get your bags!" Oishi called out to the team, who listened to him. Tezuka thanked the driver for the ride, as the rest of the team nodded and smiled.

"Sakuno, your other friends are here!" Her father called and Sakuno jumped up.

"Oh snap…I forgot about them…"Sakuno jumped up, and frantically ran to the nearest changing room. She was NOT going to greet the Seigaku Boy Regulars in a swim suit. Never. In. Her. Life. Putting on her summer dress, she dashed to the front of the hotel, to greet them.

"Hi sempai-tachi…..hi Ryoma," she said to the regulars.

"Nyaa! Hi!" Eiji told her with his normal smile.

"Fshh," Kaidoh said, and Sakuno nodded, taking a guess that that was his hello.

"Hello, Ryuuzaki-chan," Fuji stated the way he normally talks.

"Um….hello, thanks for inviting us," Oishi thanked Sakuno who told him it was her pleasure.

"Good afternoon, Ryuuzaki-san," Tezuka said in his usual, serious tone. Ryoma was looking at other places, forgetting to greet Sakuno. Eiji then nudged him and pointed in Sakuno's direction, which Ryoma rolled his eyes.

"…..hmph," Ryoma muttered, as he walked toward the lobby. Sakuno suddenly felt a twinge of pain, and sighed. She lead the rest of the team into the lobby, where they got their Room assignments, and Sakuno went back to the beach.

~Room Assignments~

1206: Tezuka & Fuji

1208: Oishi& Eiji

1210: Inui& Kaidoh

1212: Echizen & Momoshiro

Tezuka read off the assignments while the rest of the people went to put their things away, and the moment their bags touched the floor, they all popped out to listen to the captains orders.

"….Today's a free day. Do as you wish," Tezuka told the team who burst back into their rooms to get their things. Momo and Eiji grabbed their swimming trunks, as they both smiled.

"Are you meeting those girls too, Eiji-sempai?" Momo asked, while Eiji vigorously nodded, telling Oishi to hurry up. Kaidoh was already training towards his "endless stamina" goal, while Inui was jogging off to the local supermarket, getting "ingredients" for his special juices. Ryoma challenged their captain for a match, so they both were warming up, which left Fuji.

"Nyah! Fujiko! Are you going to meet those girls with us? Oishi's tagging along, since we are going to play beach volleyball later!" Eiji exclaimed while Fuji shook his head no. Eiji looked disappointed, but left to run off with Momo and Oishi. Fuji looked around his room with Tezuka, and plopped on his bed, reaching for the photo album. Okaa-san said that the car accident made both of us forget. Do you remember me? Yumiko wouldn't tell me what your name was either…..and Yuuta ignores me every time I ask about you. It worries me very much that I don't know your name. Fuji thought to himself as he put his album back in the hidden compartment of his suitcase, and went outside for a walk.

"Ryuuzaki-chan!" Hikari called out, as Sakuno dashed back to her friends!

"Ano, sorry everyone, I had to greet my other friends that I invited," Sakuno explained while only Hikari was listening. Sakuno looked at the other badminton members and sighed. I guess making friends is still a challenge for me. Tomo-chan….why couldn't you've come? Sakuno thought to herself.


"You're inviting Aya onee-chan AND the tennis team to your fathers hotel? LUCKY! And it's not only ONE but TWO weeks with Ryoma-sama and sempai-tachi!" Tomoka yelled out in the café, as Sakuno winced at the noise level.

"H-hai…." Sakuno replied, then looked at her best friend again. "Do you want to come, Tomo-chan?" Sakuno asked eagerly, since the only person that would most likely talk to her was Aya, and she was bNamiging her badminton team, so the chances of them catching up are slim.

"Ah, gomen, Sakuno-chan, I'm supposed to watch my brothers most of the summer! My parents would NEVER let me have two weeks off, since they both work. Gomen nassai!" Tomoka apologized to Sakuno.

"It's alright…." Sakuno told her best friend, as she sighed, wondering if she would have anyone to talk to during those two weeks"

*End of Flashback*

"Ryuuzaki-san, are you alright? You've been spacing out for a while," Akane asked Sakuno, a worried look on her face. Sakuno nodded, and gave a smile to Akane. Kimura-sempai is very pretty. Her voice is very melodic. Sakuno thought, when her thoughts were interrupted.

"Kimura-sempai!" Midori called out, as she was running towards the two, her long green hair billowing in the air. Akane raised her head in surprise after seeing two long green pigtails, while Sakuno looked away….it's not like Kobayashi-sempai wanted to talk to her.

"What's wrong, Midori-chan?" Akane asked her fellow teammate who was panting slightly, since she had just quite a distance.

"DoyouhuffandRyuuzaki-" Midori asked, trying to catch her breath and ask the questionat the same time; however, neither of the two understood her. Sakuno raised her eyebrows and looked at Midori strangely, while Akane patiently waited for her to calm down.

"Do you and Ryuuzaki-san want to play beach volleyball with us?" Midori asked the two again, this time fully understanding what Midori asked.

"Hm….Let's have a fun match then, Midori-chan," Akane said, while an evil flicker came through her eyes. Midori frowned and started to pout for a while, then the two teammates burst into laughter; it was obvious that they knew each other very well.

"I'll pass, Kimura-sempai, Kobayashi-sempai, thanks for asking," Sakuno replied, walking off in the other direction. The two teammates looked at each other and went back to the volley ball courts.

"Midori-chan! Akane! Hurry up!" Hikari called out, while they were waiting.

"Nyah, how much longer do we have to wait? Plus, you haven't even introduced yourselves yet!" Eiji cried out, while Oishi was in mother-hen mode, trying to calm him down. Momo was just standing there, waiting impatiently. He too, was like Eiji, but he wasn't trying to give a bad image to the girls.

"What happened to Ryuuzaki-san?" Hikari asked, since she only saw Akane and Saika.

"EH? That's where Sakuno-chan went! Let me get her! SAKUNO-CHANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Eiji cried out, running in the direction where Akane and Midori just came from. Everyone else sweat dropped, and Oishi apologized for the inconvenience. Oishi chatted with Momo, while the badminton was talking amongst themselves…somehow not realizing that their captain wasn't there.

"Saa, the beach is really beautiful," Fuji said to himself, while walking on the sand, smiling as usual. The sun was slowly setting, and the different colors mixed together looked amazing. The pink at the top mixing into the blue that swirled into the orange that somehow mixed into the different shades of purple.

"I knew I should have brought my camera," he murmured as he gazed at the setting sun. Then walked away, thinking about the bleach blonde. I really do with that I knew her name…I would like to see her again… Fuji was lost in his thoughts, when he suddenly tripped over something.

"Saa, I better watch out next time, eh?" Fuji said to himself, then his eyes widened. A beach blonde was currently sleeping, her long locks of hair around her, and the lavender dress still. Her face was fairly white, and her lips were rosy pink. She looks just like the girl in the photos…it couldn't be….would it? Fuji thought to himself, gently holding a lock of her hair.

I felt something that touched me, then it seemed to have tripped over me. I hope they are okay. Then there was empty silence, and I felt the person running their fingers through my hair. Kami-sama…I wonder if this is a dream; I hope it is, and that it's him, whose running his fingers through my hair, whispering his feelings to me. Aya thought as she slept, her lips curving into a slight smile. Fuji looked at and smiled a genuine smile, seeing her lips moving upward.

"Eh, it's raining, I better go back….I guess I'll bring you back to my room, I'm sure Tezuka wouldn't mind," Fuji thought, while he tried piggy back her, but Aya kept on snuggling deeper into the sand. "Saa…it can't be helped," Fuji murmured, as he carried her bridal style on the way back to his room.

"SAKUNO-CHAN!" Eiji called out, finally catching up to Sakuno. She turned around, with a small frown on her face, but she quickly replaced that with a smile. She didn't want to make her sempais upset.

"Eiji-sempai," Sakuno whispered, as she fake smiled. Eiji put on a pout, and then continued to talk to her.

"Why won't you play beach volleyball with us? It'll be fun! Oh sorry, wait a minute," Eiji protested, then picked up his ringing phone.

"Oishi! What's up?"

"Eiji, it's starting to rain,"

"EHHHHH! Your right, nyahhh! No fun!"

"Bring Ryuuzaki-chan back to the hotel with you, okay?"

"I will Oishi! Bye!"

Eiji hung up, as he grabbed Sakuno's hand and rushed back to the hotel, while Oishi and Momoshiro walked back with the badminton team in silence, and met up with Eiji and Sakuno in the hotel. Walking into the lobby, they found Kaidoh forcefully rejected being Inui's guinea pig in drinking his new drink, Inui's Super Deluxe Version of Penal Tea, and waited for the rest of the tennis team.

Ryoma and Tezuka just finished their match, Tezuka won 7-6. They both took their towels and wiped the sweat off their faces, and drank water.

"You're still strong, but you still have room for improvement, buchou. Mada mada dane," Ryoma called out to his captain, as they were walking back in the rain.

"…..Yu dan sezu ni ikou," Tezuka replied, his face showing no emotion.

Fuji finally got back inside the hotel, and was currently walking toward his room. Holding the girl, he carefully inserted the key, and went inside his room. Apparently, he had forgotten to turn off the air -conditioning, and it was freezing. The bleach blonde suddenly whimpered and snuggled closer to Fuji, causing Fuji to chuckle.

"Maybe it was a good idea to leave the air-conditioning on," he said, as he gently placed the unknown girl on his bed, and placed the blanket on her. He swiftly took out his camera, and snapped a couple pictures of her, then went down to the lobby; he was guessing the rest of the regulars haven't eaten dinner yet.

End of Chapter 1

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