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Chapter 9

"You should never have hurt my friends."

The figure let lose a beam of burning hot light that tore through the air and slammed into Ambrose at full speed, slamming his body into the wall. The light that had filled the room dimmed and the figure-Ben- became visible. His skin glowed from the inside and his form seemed, like Ambrose's, to be human only in shape. Glowing white eyes were focused wholly on the figure slumped against the wall as he ran a hand through his flowing hair, made of pure refracting light.

Ambrose snarled and shoved himself up, facing his grandson." You dare think you can fight me?" He shot a wave at Ben who blocked it with a shield of light.

Ambrose looked shocked and Ben grinned." Epic!" He sent a wave of his own at Ambrose who cut through it with a beam.

Kevin and the others moved themselves out of the way of the two fighting Majesdanians and simply watched, too shocked by Ben's transformation to really think clearly.

Ben shoved outwards and slammed his shield at Ambrose who expertly shattered it and whipped at the teen with a strand of light, sending him to the ground in a heap. As Ambrose laughed Ben snarled and pushed himself up gathering his light into his core.

"That all you got boy?", Ambrose sneered.

Ben grinned maliciously." Not by a long shot." He released the light out his fingertips and was utterly shocked when lightning-esque bolts of light came out, crackling and making a thunderous sound.

"Whoa.", he whispered staring at his hands. "Wasn't expecting that."

Ambrose absorbed it in his hand and a hint of pride showed on his face. "You really are a fast learner. Sure you don't want to come with me?"

Ben growled." Not a chance."

"Oh well. Always others."

The older Majesdanian send several disks of light speeding at Ben who dodged the first three, but was caught on the arm by the forth. He hissed with pain, but didn't let it stop him from gathering his light into his core again and shooting the lightning-esque bolts of light at his grandfather who didn't dodge in time and was flung back.

He seemed to be getting weaker. His glow was dimming while Ben's own was simply changing color from white to a soft blue. Looking around he caught sight of Gwen who seemed to understand the source of his confusion.

"The sun's going down! You can use the moon, but he can't! He's weakening!", She called, her cry waking the others from their stupor.

Kevin saw Ambrose aiming at Ben and realized Ben didn't know." Ben!" He shot up and slammed into the younger teen, effectively saving him from the weak blast.

Both boys got and were now joined by Gwen in facing Ambrose, who's glow was so weak he almost seemed like a freakishly pale albino human. He was weak. Barely even a challenge, but Ben knew how dangerous he was. He had to die. As Ben raised his hand to finish him off, Gwen put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him.

"No…Let the plumbers handle him.", she said softly." He's not worth it."

"I'd say kill 'im now.", Kevin said huffily, earning him a glare from Gwen, Sandra, and Carl.

"Kevin!", Gwen growled disapprovingly.


While Gwen and Kevin argued Ben's parents and the now just barely awake Max approached him, taking in his appearance. After a moment of examining his grandson Max made his way to Ambrose and Cuffed him with electric alien tec cuffs and activated the base's intercom, calling the other plumbers.

"Can you change back?", Sandra asked fearfully, eyes on her son.

Ben shrugged." No idea."

Before he could try, the other plumbers came in and took Ambrose from Max, eying the occupants of the room.

"He'll be put away where he can't hurt anyone anymore."

"Kevin scowled at him, a thought occurring to him." Hey, where were you guys when the fight was goin' on?"

The lead plumber blushed." The security lockdown had us caught in the other side of the building. We just got the lockdown undone."

Gwen nodded" Makes sense."

As the plumbers left the room a groggy Verdona entered, glancing around. Her eyes widened when she saw Ben.


For a second Ben couldn't answer. He'd never seen Verdona shocked or surprised once since he met her. It was a little disconcerting." Y-Yeah."

She recovered quickly and, with Max in tow, Made her way over to him." What happened to you?"

The teen sighed heavily." Really long story. See it all started on my birthday…"

Next day

"So you'll need to be very careful not to damage your id mask. Even the slightest bit of damage can leave your true form exposed.", Horace, who had become Ben's official doctor since he worked at the hospital and any other doctor could expose Ben's secret, said to a normal looking Ben Tennyson.

His parents stood beside him, listening to the rules for his new id mask, which would keep him human looking. Ben nodded, examining his normal human hands, obviously a bit wierded out by how normal he looked.

"Alright then, that should cover it. See you in two weeks."

They nodded and left for the waiting room where Kevin, Gwen, and Max were waiting. At the sight of a normal Ben they all smiled. Kevin gave him a big grin and ruffled his hair.

"Id mask?", he asked looking down at the smaller boy.

Ben blushed at how close Kevin was ,but still nodded." Yep. Underneath I'm still a living glowstick."

Gwen smiled at him and glanced down at the Omnitrix." So what are you gonna do about the Omnitrix?'

Max answered for his grandson." He's putting it away."

Ben nodded." It's unfair that I can have my own abilities and the Omnitrix. It's too much power for one person."

Sandra hugged him and Gwen smiled at him with Pride. He was finally maturing. Kevin stared down at Ben and sighed. He really did love him. One day he'd tell him too, but not today. He'd realized it the moment Ben had almost died. As Ambrose had brought down his hand and Ben had been so close to going where Kevin couldn't follow, he'd known. He loved Ben Tennyson and that would never change.

"Hey Kev. You comin? We're gonna go get celebratory smoothies.", Ben said softly drawing Kevin from his thoughts.

The older teen smiled." Yeah. You gonna get one of those freakish monster smoothies you like so much?"

Ben grinned back at him." Of course."

The End…for now.

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