This is my first Star Trek fic, so please, any and all reviews are welcome. This was based off picture i drew a while back

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Leonard 'Bones' McCoy slowly rose up to a level of consciousness, serenely drifting out from the comfortable black depths of peaceful sleep, feeling much better than he had in a long time, and before he even opened his eyes, he was immediately aware that... this was Not his bed.

It was a damn comfortable bed, but still, it wasn't his.

Where was he? How much had he to drink last night?

Stretching with a groan, he rolled over, burying his face in the sheets, blinking tiredly. He had to wonder about the red sheets. Red, satin sheets? Who the hell has red satin sheets on a starship? They did feel pretty damn good, though...

"Good morning, Doctor."

McCoy froze. He knew that voice. Oh, he knew that voice quite well. He knew the person that, admittedly, sexy voice belonged to, and what the hell was He doing here?

"Sleep well, Bones?"

McCoy knew that voice, too. He had listened to that voice whine often enough in the Academy. Now he was confused, and seriously, how much had he had to drink last night? He looked up from the satin sheets, a small gasp catching in his throat at the glorious sight right in front of him. There was Jim, stretched out on the bed not quite beside him, staring at him with those electric eyes of his with his chin propped up on his forearm, and right next to the Captain was a sinfully lazy looking Spock in all his green-blooded glory, his usually impeccable appearance tousled and what could be called a smile gracing his fine features.

Both of them were quite naked.

McCoy was frozen in place, unable to tear his eyes away, because this couldn't be happening. It HAD to be a dream. Why? Because there was no way in hell that he was in bed with two of the sexiest people on the ship, the best friends he had, because Bones didn't want to lost that, and now he can feel the fear coming, because nothing good ever happens to him! Never! Tragedy will strike first.

"Bones, calm down. We're here, and we are not leaving, you got that?" Jim said quietly, blue eyes incredibly expressive as he accurately read him right, just as only a best friend can do.

Then there were pale arms wrapped around him, holding him close to a well-defined chest with a gentle strength that was not human, and he couldn't help feel the tender love and understanding that Spock was projecting through his touch.

He hadn't even realized the Vulcan had moved.

"We are here. There is nothing to fear."

"But... you two were so happy together, and I didn't even realise my feelings until after you two hooked up... I, I didn't wanna intrude.." Bones tried to explain, he couldn't even look at them, but Jim cut him off with a sweet kiss that surprised Bones with the gentleness of it. He hadn't expected it, not from Jim.

"Bones, we realised that you had feelings for both of us a while back, and we'd come to realise that we wanted you here, with us. You're our best friend, the best anyone could ask for, and we love you for it, but, Spock and I, we wanted you to admit that you felt something, and you did last night, so here you are." His smile was soft, but still a classic Kirk smile that continued to break hearts everywhere, and it warmed McCoy's heart and soul that that smile was currently directed at him, and that, together with the feel of Spock's strong arms wrapped around him, he felt truly loved.

"Leonard, we want you here, beside us, between us, completing our Triad. You are just as much my Th'y'la as Jim is." Spock's voice rumbled against his skin, sending a delightful shiver down his spine.

Well, he felt like an emotional, overly-sentimental sappy school girl, but... yeah.

He knew then, despite the sappy school girl bit, in that moment, that he had finally found everything that he had always been looking for in life, and, well, he was going to be damned and stupid if he was gonna let that go.

And Leonard H. McCoy was Not stupid.

With a grin and a sudden burst of confidence, he grabbed the back of Jim's neck, pulling the younger man in for a mind-melting, wonderful kiss that was quite eagerly returned, he felt lips nipping along his spine, long fingers trailing down his sides, and he couldn't be happier.