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WARNINGS: Language, Violence, Sex, Drugs, Drinking, Blood, Dark Themes



Cecily Harrison looked up from her book and rolled her eyes as Katherine Pierce spoke to her about the Salvatores and about how fun they were. To be fair, Cecily hadn't always been a stick in the mud, but ever since she had been turned into a vampire she had wanted to lay low—wanted to keep her life. She enjoyed feeding and messing around, but Katherine's actions were going to get them caught and she didn't want that.

Katherine, on the other hand, wanted to have the Salvatores all to herself and if that meant turning them, then that meant turning them. Cecily had been drawn to Stefan since she had gotten there, hating the way that Katherine had been treating the boys—tricking them into feeding, controlling them. She tried to force everyone to do what she wanted them to do and Cecily didn't like to follow her rules.

"You're such a stick in the mud, Cee." Katherine told her as she shook her head and rolled her eyes.

Cecily's eyes snapped open. "Don't call me that."

"Oh, because Stefan gave you that nickname?" Katherine teased, fixing her dress after their servants had made sure her corset was set.

"No, because you don't use it as an endearing term." Cecily replied, shutting her book and heading over to the window, looking out of it at Stefan and Damon playing in the yard with an old, worn football.

Ever since they had come to the Salvatore Mansion, Katherine had been trying to get the Salvatores on her side. Cecily had already become friends with them and Katherine had become their love interest, playing their emotions and telling them what to think and do. It was sort of disgusting as far as Cecily was concerned, but at the same time she knew that part of her was just jealous—she was jealous that both Damon and Stefan focused almost all of their attention on Katherine.

She was simply after attention. Katherine didn't care who got hurt or who got in her way and that was why Cecily wanted to leave her. The two of them had been traveling together for a couple of decades and Cecily knew the importance of having to stick together, which was why there was a small group of vampires at the Salvatore Mansion—they were safer in a group. Still, sometimes Cecily wanted to head out on her own and do her own thing…she just wasn't sure if she would make it or not.

"Stefan is quite the ball player, isn't he?" Katherine asked her, coming over to the window with her and looking down at the boys. "He and Damon both."

Cecily gave Katherine a look. "You know, not everything is about boys."

"You were a lot more fun before we started traveling together." Katherine said shaking her head and heading for the bedroom door.

"One of us has to look out for us—this isn't just about you Katherine…this is about our entire group." Cecily reminded her. "If the Salvatores want to join us, then so be it, but how about wrapping up your fun?"

Katherine smiled mischievously. "I'll wrap up my fun when I'm ready to wrap up my fun."


"This is Katherine's fault! We're not going back for her! We're better off without her as far as I'm concerned." Cecily said hurriedly as she, Anna and a handful of other vampires hid a few miles from the Salvatore property, outside of Mystic Falls jurisdiction.

Stefan's and Damon's father had figured out what was going on—they had figured out what Katherine was and had drugged her and killed a couple of vampires. Cecily had gotten most of the group to safety and needed to find Damon and Stefan because they were in their transition…they were in the state where they had to choose. Honestly Cecily wanted them to choose to become vampires, but for that they needed to drink human blood and she wasn't sure either of them would choose that with Katherine gone.

"I'm going to talk to them—you guys stay safe." Cecily ordered, and then she was off, finding the brothers near a creek in the woods.

She smiled as she approached them, both of them talking to each other as the breeze blew. It was warm out and aside from running for their 'lives', it was a perfect summer day and she wanted to stay. Cecily wanted to simply talk to the boys and perhaps play some catch or flirt…but that was Katherine's forte. Katherine had always been the playful one, and she had always been the one that had caught the attention of the Salvatores by flaunting what she had.

"Cee," Stefan breathed out happily, embracing her when she approached them, "we're so glad you made it out!"

Cecily smiled and nodded, pulling back and glancing from Stefan to Damon and then back to Stefan. "I'm afraid I have some bad news."

"Katherine is gone?" Damon asked her pointedly.

"Yes…she was in the church when it burned." Cecily explained as Damon nodded sadly. "Did she explain the transition to you? You only have 24 hours to choose what you want—die for good, or become a vampire."

"I choose death." Damon said firmly, Stefan looking at the ground.

Cecily understood the love for Katherine that the boys had, but she honestly didn't understand why they would want to go. Yes, they had been turned just to be with Katherine, but there was more that they could do without her there. There was a whole world to see and honestly without Katherine trying to focus all of the attention on herself, they would all have a lot more fun.

In fact eventually Stefan and Damon decided that they were going to be vampires, but Damon grew bitter and Cecily found her place was with them. After helping the other survivors of the church and mansion attack, Cecily gave up trying to control things and went on a spree with the boys, all of them drinking blood and using humans as they saw fit. Soon Cecily grew back into her playful demeanor and she and Stefan struck up a romance before they ran into the one person who would soon be the newest and just as loved member of the group, Elizabeth Peterson.


Damon Salvatore walked out of the bathroom, wearing his best suit, smiling ever so softly. Stefan looked up at him and chuckled, taking in the sight of his brother all dressed up and looking proper.

"You love her," Stefan said to his brother as Cecily walked into the room curling up beside him.

He kissed the top of her head as Cecily smiled and looked Damon up and down with her eyes, agreeing with him. Damon hadn't gone this all out before since Katherine, and it was a nice change of pace—Cecily was glad that Damon had found someone else to care about. Even if he was sighing and shaking his head at the mere thought of loving Elizabeth.

"Just admit you love her Damon." Cecily said smiling as Stefan wrapped his arm around her, Damon glaring at the two, as they snuggled each other on the couch.

"I do not love her; she is just my toy, here to pass the time." Damon said pulling his coat on.

"That's why you're getting so dressed up right?" Cecily asked and Stefan chuckled.

Damon rolled his eyes fixing his cuffs, Cecily rolling hers as well, Stefan still chuckling. The two of them enjoyed poking fun at Damon sometimes and suddenly Damon's eyes lit up. He was going to get them off of his case—he had the perfect idea and it made a smile break out across his face.

"I'm going to turn her." He said, which caught Stefan's attention and he sat up pulling out of Cecily's hold.

"Damon you can't do that." Stefan said worried Damon would turn his newest and greatest friend.

Damon simply smirked and headed for the door. "Nope, you two gave me the idea, and I'm going to turn her."

He grabbed his wallet as Cecily's eyes flashed and she got up off of the couch, making her way over to him. This was what Damon did—something good started happening for him and then he did something stupid to mess it all up. Cecily stood next to him and crossed her arms over her chest, looking directly at him.

"No you won't." She said and Damon turned to her.

"What makes you say that?" He asked smirking, and Cecily smiled leaning against the wall and giving him a shrug.

"Because, Damon, you love her, and you wouldn't do that to her." She said truly believing it even as Damon smirked and opened the door.

"You asked for it." He responded before leaving Cecily and Stefan to contemplate his next moves.


18 year-old Elizabeth Peterson took in a breath as she noticed Damon walk into the room, a small brunette hooked to him laughing as he guided her to his room. This was just something that Damon seemed to do, and even Stefan could sense the tension. Stefan glanced at her and put his hand on her knee.

"You okay?" He asked and she shrugged.

She groaned walking over to the record player and started it, turning it up as loud as it went, so she didn't have to hear the noises coming from Damon's room. Elizabeth missed Cecily then—if she was there she would have scowled at Damon for bringing another girl to the house while she was there still. Elizabeth leaned against the wall thinking about how Damon used to treat her. Sure he wasn't always the most lovable guy, but he had his moments…he never cheated on her, well at least where she could see him. But he wasn't how she thought he was—she figured that out when he turned her, just to prove Stefan wrong.

Elizabeth heard the girl scream, and then the noise from Damon's room died down. She heard a thunk, and then Damon walked out wiping the blood from his mouth. He smiled at Elizabeth and grabbed her by the hand pulling her to him. He pressed his lips against hers, tangling his fingers in her hair. When she didn't react back he pulled away.

"Why are you being so boring?" He asked walking over to the counter and she turned around to face him not believing him.

"Hmm, I wonder why? It couldn't be because you just fucked another girl while I was in the same room." She said and got a chuckle from Stefan, Damon turning around holding his arms out.

"Hey, you could have joined." He said and she grabbed the bowl sitting on the counter and threw it at him, though he caught it and tilted his head to the side. "No need for violence Liz. I mean she was only a meal, I had to make her happy before I, you know, ate her." He said chuckling a little and Elizabeth groaned.

"Damon, what the Hell is the matter with you?" She yelled and he shrugged walking over to her. "You say you love me, then you have sex with me, you fed on me turning me into a vampire. Then you make me fall in love with you! And now! Now you screw girls while I'm here, you treat me like I don't matter, do you even care?" She screamed and he smiled.

He took her face in his hands and leaned his head against hers. "No."

The moment he answered her, she growled, her eyes changing. She punched him, sending him flying backwards and she stormed from the apartment. There was only so much that she could handle, and this just seemed like the absolute last straw. That was the night Elizabeth left the love of her life—the night she left one of her dearest friends who happened to be related to him.

Elizabeth left Chicago and traveled around the country, never staying in one place. She missed her friends, Cecily and Stefan. She missed Damon and how she and Damon used to be so in love…but she knew he wouldn't love her the same way he loved Katherine. Cecily explained Katherine to Elizabeth, how she manipulated the boys into falling in love with her, playing with their hearts, and from that moment she despised Katherine. Katherine took the Damon she wished she had away from her, but she also had to thank her…because if Katherine had never fed Damon her blood, then Elizabeth would have never met him.

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