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WARNINGS: Language, Violence, Sex, Drugs, Drinking, Blood, Dark Themes



"Damon, you are such a little girl." Cecily laughed, elbowing him in the side as they sat in the cemetery.

The two had arrived in Mystic Falls at the same time, Damon thinking that Cecily had the same goal as him: resurrect Katherine. They had been in each other's company for a couple of years now, Cecily trying to rekindle what she had left behind when she'd stormed off. Damon had been failing at love ever since Katherine and he thought that by bringing her back, he'd have something else to hold onto—it was the only relationship he would admit having strong feelings about…his friendship with Cecily wasn't even something he admitted to in public.

"Says the little girl." Damon replied with a cheeky smile.

Cecily rolled her eyes and tossed a pebble onto a patch of grass near them. "I'm older than you, Kiddo."

"Maybe, but technically I was older when I was turned." Damon said, pointing a finger in her face. "Are you going to end up being a big ol' stick in the mud again? I liked you better when you loosened up."

"Why? You think I'm going to change because Stefan's here?" Cecily asked him, the smile no longer on her face.

Cecily remembered when she and Stefan had been in love—remembered when he'd been there by her side no matter what happened. In fact, Stefan was the one who got over Katherine the fastest even though he and Cecily were convinced that Damon had gotten over her too and fallen in love with Elizabeth. No mattered what happened, it had always been the four of them for a while and then it all just started falling apart.

"What did you think you were doing?" Stefan hissed at her.

Cecily ran her fingers through her blonde locks. "I was feeding, Stefan. That's kind of what vampires do."

"Besides, she was asking for it." Damon said with a shrug.

"It's not like we didn't ask first." Elizabeth agreed, standing close to Damon.

Stefan looked rather livid, knowing that the idea was Cecily's, storming off through the woods with the young girl in his arms. She couldn't have been more than 16, but Cecily and Damon didn't care about the age—all they cared about was making sure that everyone was fed. That was all well and good, but Stefan was trying to wean himself onto animal blood, and the scent of the blood on the young girls' neck was getting to him…why couldn't they all understand that this fate was actually cursed?

"I have a feeling he's going to yell again tonight." Elizabeth said miserably, pouting and then kissing Damon when he shrugged and kissed her softly, both of them sucking the remnants of blood off of each other's lips.

Cecily wiped some of the blood off of her mouth and looked at her thumb before sucking the blood off of it too. "Stefan is just cranky from his new diet."

"Stefan's new diet is making him weak." Damon replied, stroking Elizabeth's dark hair and then stepping away from her abruptly, walking up to Cecily. "Can't you do something to rein him in? You're supposed to be the eldest and the wisest."

"I can't force him to be something that he doesn't want to be." Cecily said softly.

Damon looked at Cecily as she bowed her head a little, thinking as they sat near her parents' grave markers. He knew that look on her face better than almost anyone, and he knew who it had to do with—Stefan. She was thinking about Stefan because 1) she did it all the time, and 2) she always seemed to be lost in thought thinking about how broken their little dysfunctional vampire group had become whenever she tried to joke around with anyone.

"Stop thinking about him," Damon told her, nudging her in the ribs. "You get boring and quiet when you think about him."

Cecily shrugged softly. "I miss him…him and Lizzie."

"I know what will make you feel better." Damon said in a sing-song voice, standing up and holding his hand out to her. "Do you trust me?"

"Not as far as I can throw you, but…I have a feeling cheerleader blood is involved." Cecily replied with a smile on her face.

Damon smirked and helped her to stand, linking arms with her. "There isn't a better kind of blood out there, is there?"


"Excuse me," Elizabeth cleared her voice trying to get the attention of the large secretary sitting behind the counter, but the woman chose to ignore her; Elizabeth had always been soft spoken and just disappeared in the back ground, but she had a hundred years on this woman and her choosing to ignore her was pissing her off. "Excuse me," she said a little a louder and the woman looked up, giving her a dirty look.

"What," The woman snapped and Elizabeth raised her eyebrows—she smacked her gum and leaned over the counter, surprising the woman.

"Let's try that again, a little politer," She said staring her directly in the eyes, compelling her.

The woman looked at her dazed and Elizabeth pulled back waiting for the woman to re-focus. "Hello miss, how may I help you?"

Elizabeth enjoyed being able to compel people to do what she wanted sometimes—it helped. The woman was now being sweet to her and a huge smile was plastered on her face, so Elizabeth grinned too and pulled out her 'transcripts'.

"That's better," She said handing them to her. "My name's Elizabeth Peterson and I'm new here."

The woman nodded and put her transcripts with a file that Elizabeth had made before she actually came into the town into the filing cabinet. All of this was going to work out for her and she knew that, so Elizabeth just kind of kept her cool as the woman talked to her.

"Yes, Elizabeth, here—your files are right here," She said standing up. "Here's your schedule, and a map of the school."

She handed them to Elizabeth, who took them, and scanned them. She immediately set to memorizing the turns of the school and where all her classes were, knowing she'd need them. Hundred years or not, she was the right age for High School and Mystic Falls just had something about it.

"Thank you ma'am," Elizabeth said smiling and left.

Elizabeth took a breath, adjusting to all the beating hearts around her. Sure she was able to control herself perfectly fine, but it still was tempting especially some of the jocks that were approaching her.

"Well hello," One said, and Elizabeth looked up at him, she was so small compared to practically everyone. "You're new." He said and Elizabeth snorted rolling her eyes at the brown eyed boy.

"Thank you Captain Obvious," She laughed walking past him.

Elizabeth smiled listening to the other boys make strange noises as they teased him by getting turned down by a 'shawty' whatever that was. Elizabeth sighed and looked around, searching for a familiar face.

Stefan Salvatore had arrived in Mystic Falls, a little before his friend. He didn't even know that she was there. So as he walked out of the office, confused at how the woman seemed a little too cheerful, he saw the small girl's back, her long dark hair falling down in soft curls, and he recognized her instantly.

"Lizzie," He called out to make sure and the small vampire grinned and turned around.

"Stefan," She said quietly and then charged at him, Stefan catching her in his arms and lifting her off the ground, Elizabeth talking into his neck. "I've missed you so much."

Stefan laughed and nodded. "I've missed you too."

He set her down and smiled down at her, a hand on the back of her head taking in his old friend. It was never romantic between them, it was more of a brother sister bond they shared and they were thankful for each other.

"Elizabeth are you alright?" Stefan asked helping his small friend from the ground and she groaned and pulled the wooden stake from her shoulder crying out as she did so.

"Yean I'm fine, but I'd be better if Damon wasn't stupid enough to lead a pissed of DAD towards us!" She snapped throwing the wooden stake at Damon and it hit him on the head.

She laughed at the shocked look on his face and leaned against Stefan, who also laughed. Damon shot the two a look as Cecily walked towards them rubbing her hands together and then putting her hands on her hips.

"Bodies are disposed and why are we laughing?" She asked staring at Stefan and Lizzie.

"Nothing," Liz said calming down.

Cecily sighed as she leaned against the tree watching Stefan say something to Elizabeth that made her laugh again. Cecily smiled, happy to see the newest vampire fit in so well with their group, also happy Damon had someone he cared about—even happier Stefan had someone to take care of…feel protective over.

"Stefan stop making fun of me to my girlfriend," Damon said picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder causing her to scream from surprise.

"Damon, stop put me down!" She called reaching for Stefan's hand but Damon walked along bouncing her on his shoulder.

"No, it's off to the bedroom with you." He said disappearing into the trees, only Elizabeth's laugh being heard.

Elizabeth smiled and turned, walking along side Stefan. "What's your first class? Please say Chemistry, please say Chemistry."

Elizabeth crossed her fingers and closed her eyes as they walked, chanting. Stefan laughed at how adorable she still was and shook his head, smiling as they went. No matter how long it had been since they'd been together last, they almost felt like they'd never been apart.

"Chemistry," He said and Elizabeth opened her eyes smiling.

"I knew it! Wow, I told you Stefan, I'm physic." She said tapping her temple and Stefan laughed looking down at her.

"Still holding onto old fantasies Lizzie?" He asked and she huffed bumping him.

"It's not a fantasy." She pouted and Stefan chuckled. "Stefan?"

"Yeah?" He asked and she looked straight ahead, very serious.

"What's a 'shawty'?" She asked and Stefan laughed at her wrapping his arms around her shoulder. "Wait, what is it?" She asked not able to help the smile.

"It's what you are."


Cecily had been a vampire long enough to know when other vampires were near—long enough to be able to weed out heartbeats to pinpoint specific humans as well—so when she and Damon neared the High School, Cecily swallowed. She knew that Stefan was supposed to be in Mystic Falls, but what was he doing in the High School? Was he really spending part of his vampire life span going to High School?

"These cheerleaders better be worth it—I haven't been laid in years and I can't promise I won't try to pick Stefan up." Cecily told Damon with a shrug.

Damon rolled his eyes. "There are hotter guys around here—pick a football player. You can live in the mansion and feed on him whenever you want…do to him whatever you want."

"You're shameless—I take it you're going to pick out a cheerleader?" Cecily asked, nodding when Damon nodded and winked. "All right—I take you up on this offer, but that means I have to see Stefan and I would rather see him sooner rather than later…I haven't seen him for years."

"Not since that hook-up after your break-up, right? I've heard this story before and I don't want to hear it again." Damon told her, taking her hand and dragging her towards the football field.

Cecily laughed a little and shook her head, thinking about that night. She and Stefan hadn't seen each other for so long before that—not since she and Stefan had chosen to go their separate ways. Still, it had been a nice night of closure, pain and sex that seemed to get them through. Ever since then, Cecily had kept herself strictly fed when it came to humans, and she had a feeling that nothing was going to change that.

"I really have missed you." Cecily told Stefan, kissing his lips gently as they lay there amongst the ruffled sheets, Stefan running his fingertips along her bare skin. "Nothing's changed though."

Stefan nodded and kissed her again, stroking her blonde hair. "At least we're getting closure."

"Yeah, at least we're getting that." Cecily responded, rested her forehead against Stefan's. "There's absolutely no way you'll come with me?"

"Not when you're still using people, Cee." Stefan replied shaking his head. "Humans are not our playthings."

Cecily gave him a look. "Stefan…you have to understand something—we're vampires. We feed, we use…that's just who we are."

Stefan shook his head. "That's not how I am."

"Well that's how I am, and that's why this is closure, then…so can we close the deal again?" Cecily asked him winking.

Damon kissed the back of Cecily's hand and then swatted her in the butt, sending her towards the school. They were both a little sad to see that there was no practice, and they looked at each other, nodding. If there was one thing that the two of them agreed about, it was that they were not enrolling into High School. Cecily was here to kill Katherine for good when Damon resurrected her—that or stop Damon from doing it in the first place.

"Now she is attractive." Damon said, checking out a blonde as she walked past them. "Cheerleader most definitely."

Cecily rolled her eyes. "Really? I mean yeah, she's hot, but I dunno…let's go look in on the files—there has to be at least something about Stefan in there."

"God, fine—ruin all of my fun." Damon told her with a playful pout.

"Oh, whatever," Cecily replied laughing, "I always let you have your little hordes of girls for your little feeding dance parties. For once let's do what I want to do."

Damon laughed at her and nodded, both of them heading to the office and seeing a rather cheerful woman sitting there. Cecily smiled and compelled her with her eyes, getting into the filing cabinet and smiling a bit as Damon got on her computer. They were expecting to see 'Stefan Salvatore' on the list, but when Cecily's eyes rested on 'Elizabeth Peterson' it was like everything had just changed.

"So…they're both here, huh?" Cecily mused, nodding slowly. "That's it. I'm going outside their homeroom and making faces through the window."

Damon looked at her, raising his eyebrows. "Are you a child?"

"Today I am." Cecily replied with a smile, heading to the door of the office and then looking back at Damon. "I promise you that if I don't get Stefan's attention, I'll get Lizzie's—do you have a message for me to give to her?"

Damon gave her a look. "Just get out of here and meet me back at the mansion—I want to be a glorious little secret, and I'll keep that football player on speed dial for you, Cee."

"You're a little girl." Cecily teased before she skipped off to the outside of the building, finding the chemistry class that Stefan and Elizabeth would soon be in.


Elizabeth walked towards the seat in the back of the room closest to the window; Stefan took the seat to her right. Elizabeth sighed and looked around, sizing up her fellow students, searching for one that could be her…'special' friend.

Cecily stood outside the class room, and she spotted Stefan first but he wasn't looking her way; he was doing the thing he always did—staring off into space, his eyebrows furrowed and completely oblivious to his surroundings, or in this case Cecily. Elizabeth on the other hand was looking around, with that look on her face Cecily recognized as her judging look. Cecily smiled and did just what she told Damon she was going to do: she stood outside the door making faces waiting for Elizabeth to notice her. Elizabeth chewed on her lip and smiled a little, as the boy she'd been staring at turned to look at her.

"Hi," She mouthed and the boy smirked then turned back around.

Elizabeth smiled to herself, and turned towards the door as she settled herself in. Elizabeth hadn't seen Cecily in years, so when she noticed her standing outside the door making odd faces at her she couldn't control herself, she squealed, jumped from her desk and ran for the door. There was nothing in the world that would stop her from going out to go and see Cecily.

When Cecily first met Elizabeth—when Damon brought her home that is—she was quiet and she was very polite. Once Cecily and her bonded, however, she got to know the real her and she was basically one of the most talkative people she had ever met, and very, very cheerful. It was one of the things that kept the two of them so close over the years because Cecily also liked to talk—she had a lot of history to share and though she mothered everyone she was with, she really hated being alone so she made it a point to be friendly and protective.

"Miss, what on earth?" The teacher demanded reaching for Elizabeth but she danced away from his arm and threw open the door.

"Cee!" She screamed running into Cecily's arms, and Cecily laughed as the two girls hugged each other. "I can't believe you're here! I mean what are you doing here? Are you here to win back Stefan? Wait, how'd you know I was here? Oh my God you changed your hair I love it!"

Elizabeth words ran together as she let her excitement out but Cecily understood everything she said, used to it. She smiled at her old friend and cupped her face, looking at her and grinning from ear to ear. It had been a while and she remembered that Damon was really the only one to see her new, brunette hair…in fact Cecily had been thinking about changing it back to blonde, but she kind of liked her 'starting over' hair.

"Thank you, I'm glad you liked it." Cecily said and Elizabeth squealed again pulling Cecily to her for another hug.

Cecily was more than willing to oblige all of the hugging, and held Elizabeth close until they were interrupted. Someone cleared their throat and the two girls turned to see the Chemistry teacher glaring at them. Elizabeth nodded and Cecily smiled a little, trying to make the situation seem less terrible than it really was.

"You should really go back to class." Cecily smiled and Elizabeth smiled nodding.

"You need to come to my house after school." Elizabeth begged and Cecily laughed.

"Of course." She said and Elizabeth jumped up and down in excitement. "Do I just find the biggest and most expensive one and assume it's yours?"

"You know it." Elizabeth said and the two girls laughed.

"Miss. Peterson, class now." The teacher warned her.

Elizabeth sighed and hugged Cecily one last time before heading back into the class. The teacher followed close behind her to make sure she wouldn't run off again, and Elizabeth stood in the front of the class once she re-entered the classroom, the teacher walking back in after her.

"Care to explain who that was Miss. Peterson?" He asked and Stefan looked up as Elizabeth smiled.

Elizabeth glanced over at the teacher and gave him her winning smile that all the guys feel for. He looked at her for a moment then sighed because he knew she wasn't going to talk and he needed to conduct his class. She obviously knew she was going to be able to get away with things and for now the offense was innocent.

"Take your seat," He said adjusting his tie.

Elizabeth nodded and then walked to her seat, looking at Stefan. "Your girlfriend's home."

She whispered it as she sat down and Stefan nodded and turned back around gulping a little. He knew exactly who Elizabeth was talking about when she said 'girlfriend', and he had a feeling that Cecily would be close—especially after he'd met Elena this morning and he knew Cecily of all people would see the resemblance to Katherine. Elizabeth smiled at him and turned back to see the boy looking at her again, smiling again.


"You had better already be stocked up on scotch here!" Cecily yelled at the top of her lungs as she entered the Salvatore Mansion.

Damon came out to the top of the staircase and raised his eyebrows. "Someone sounds testy—of course I have scotch."

"Then pour some because you're not going to like what it is that I say to you." She told him throwing her purse on a nearby chair and shrugging off her light jacket. "Well…what are you waiting for? I remember how to get to the study, Damon."

"You are so commanding." Damon said rolling his eyes and then he smirked. "I like that in a woman."

Cecily laughed and hurried for him, arriving at his side in a split second. "Shall we?"

Damon nodded and took her by the hand, dragging her along to the study and then dropping her hand. He got out the glasses and poured some scotch, handing Cecily the one that had less in it, and laughing when she gave him a look. Then he took a big gulp and smiled as Cecily down her scotch quickly and went to pour herself another glass.

"So what's got you downing scotch like it's a drinking game?" Damon asked with a laugh.

Cecily sighed loudly. "It's a girl I saw at the school today, who is human, and she looked exactly like Katherine."

Cecily ran her fingers through her soft, blonde curls, fixing her corset and then going for the top of her dress. Katherine came in and smiled at her as she looked out the window at Stefan and Damon conversing, shaking her head at her. Cecily had known Katherine had entered and looked to her, fixing her gown in front of the mirror and checking her hair and make-up.

"You know…Stefan's really more into brunettes." Katherine teased, leaning on the post by their bed. "You're wasting your time."

Cecily made a face. "I'm not here to be his love interest, Kat—I'm here because you're here and it's my job to protect you."

"He never told you that you had to follow me to the ends of the Earth." Katherine replied pursing her lips as she thought of the man that had turned them both. "You're not my keeper."

"Soon that will be even truer than you know." Cecily muttered to herself, knowing that Katherine could hear her, but also knowing she wouldn't figure out what Cecily was up to until it was too late.

Damon just kind of stared at Cecily as she stood there and downed another glass of scotch, that look on her face. There were a lot of things that Damon was, but stupid was definitely not one of them. He was pretty sure that the look he saw on Cecily's face was more than just hatred…it was fear. Why was Cecily afraid of Katherine?

"You look like you're freaking out." Damon told her.

Cecily took a deep breath. "Yeah, well there's more to the story then you're aware of."

"Why don't you tell me, Cee? I mean we've only been together for the last two years and I feel like you're keeping a big secret from me." Damon said, suddenly very serious.

"You won't understand." Cecily said, running her fingers through her hair.

Damon made a face. "Just tell me, Cee."

"I left Katherine to die." Cecily admitted suddenly, shaking her head slowly as the look on Damon's face changed. "She and I…we…she…I had to think about the group as a whole, all right?"

Cecily expected Damon to lash out at her, knowing how he felt about Katherine, but he just stood there. He was trying to take it all in and he knew that Cecily felt a little bit of guilt even though unbeknownst to him she only felt a tiny smidgen of guilt. She didn't feel that bad that Katherine was gone and she wanted her out of the world if there was even a tiny chance that she survived…it was just that at the same time, Katherine had been her friend once even if Katherine had thought it was benefitting her.

"I understand that you feel like you need to save everyone, but she was your friend." Damon told her. "I thought that meant something to you at least."

Cecily gave him a look. "Don't judge me. Now you know—I saved the group over her. Are you going to kick me out now?"

"Of course not." Damon replied with a shrug. "You know too much about me and in a fair fight you'd kick my ass since you're all old and stuff—besides, you're obviously here to help me resurrect her and feel less guilty about it all."

"Well aren't you charming?" Cecily laughed, rolling her eyes. "God…the resemblance to Katherine really is uncanny. I hate that Stefan was all smiling at her too from his stupid seat in the stupid classroom. Why is he going to school again, and where are you going?"

"Unlike my boring brother, I have things to do. Feel free to make yourself at home, and try not to drink all of my scotch." Damon said, and he chuckled and headed out of the room as Cecily laughed and flipped him off.


Elizabeth sighed pulling back from the boy in front of her. She sat up retracting her fangs and glanced at him, trying to assess how he was feeling.

"You okay?" She asked licking the rest of his blood off her lips.

The boy looked up at her dazed. "What…what did you do to me?"

It was clear by the look on his face that he was rather scared of the small girl. She grinned and shrugged, looking at him to let him know that she had heard him. Still, it was rather obvious that she was the one with the power here, and he knew that.

"Nothing you'll ever remember." She said looking him directly in the eyes.

He nodded and Elizabeth sighed and stood up. She walked out from underneath the bleachers and adjusted her shirt. Stefan saw her from across the field and he sighed shaking his head as she noticed him and started for him.

"Really Liz? In public?" Stefan said and she smiled shrugging as she sat down in front of him.

"What? I've done worse in public." She said winking at him, Stefan rolling his eyes turning back to his work. "Gosh you're being so boring, let's go do something."

She started pouting as Stefan looked up at her, smiling a little bit. Even though she was different than the girl he had met a long time ago, she was the same as she ever was when he had gotten to know her. This was just the way that the two of them interacted, and Stefan was glad to have his pseudo sister around again—he'd missed her more than he'd be able to explain to her.

"If I'm so boring then why are you in the town that you knew Damon and I grew up in?" Stefan asked smiling, Elizabeth shrugging and grabbing the bottled water that he had.

"I don't know I just wanted to see what it was like—total co-inky-dink of meeting you here." She lied taking a sip of his water and Stefan laughed snatching his water back and Elizabeth looked at him pretending to be hurt.

"You knew I was here, and you missed me, admit it." He said pointing his pencil at her, Elizabeth laughing and shaking her head.

"I already said I missed you." She said and Stefan smiled.

"Yeah but you missed me so much you had to stalk me." He said and Elizabeth gasped.

"Stalk you? I would never!" She said and Stefan rolled his eyes. "Okay fine I figured out you were here, and I wanted to see you again."

"Now was that so hard?" Stefan asked and Elizabeth chuckled.

The final bell sounded and Elizabeth grabbed the water bottle from Stefan. He smiled putting his books in his bag as he walked over to her. It was officially the end of the school day, and probably about the time that they were going to split up again.

"So what are you doing now school is done for the day?" Elizabeth asked uncapping Stefan's water and gulping some down.

"I am going to the cemetery to pay a visit to my father." He said and Elizabeth nodded handing him the water back.

"Very Stefan of you—spending your afternoon in the cemetery." She teased as he held the door open for her.

"Well what do you have planned?" He asked wrapping his arm around her small shoulders and she smiled up at him.

"I am having a friend over." She said pulling out of his hold, skipping to her locker. "You might know her—she's hot, and she's tall, and she's got a great pair of—"

Stefan gave her a look shutting her up and it was obvious to both of them that he knew she was talking about Cecily. There were things he wanted to ask her, but at the same time he didn't know what it was that he wanted to talk to her about. He didn't want Elizabeth to feel like she was in the middle, but at the same time he couldn't keep quiet.

"How is she?" Stefan asked leaning against the lockers.

"I don't know but that's what I'll find out." She said closing her locker. "Well I'm off; enjoy brooding in the cemetery my brother."

She patted his shoulder and then skipped away, Stefan smiling after her and then nodding as he headed off on his way. Elizabeth pulled her car keys from her pocket and headed for her black Porsche. She chuckled noticing the boys gawking over her car and honestly she felt good about it.

"Excuse me," She said and the boys turned towards her.

"This is your car?" One asked—the one she had insulted earlier—and she smiled nodding as she unlocked the car.

"I'm Tyler Lockwood," He said smiling at her as she climbed in the car.

She closed the door, but rolled down the window to let him know that she was still listening to him. Tyler bent down resting his arms on the window of the car, smiling at her a little bit.

"I'm Elizabeth—Lizzie." She smiled and he smirked.

"There's a party tomorrow night at the Falls—a back to school thing." He said and Elizabeth smiled turning away from him.

"Nice meeting you, Tyler." She said pulling out and he smiled.

"Will I see you there?" He called but she left without answering.

Elizabeth drove up a hill that lead to her new house, glad to be getting back. She parked inside of the garage and climbed out. She threw her bag over her shoulder and walked to the door leading into her house. Then she unlocked her door and walked in setting her bag on the kitchen table and she sighed—she felt a little lonely in the empty house.

She reached into her fridge and pulled out a candy bar, feeling a little peckish. Elizabeth kicked off her shoes and headed into the living room. She held the candy bar in her mouth as she opened the giant window, and a bird flew in making her let out a yelp, the candy bar falling from her mouth. She groaned and turned to the bird, rather annoyed that she had just lost her candy bar.

"You made me drop my candy!" She yelled bending down to pick it up.

Something rushed past her and she turned, but no one was there. She turned back and the crow cawed at her, making her realize that it really wanted her to pay attention to it, but she was a little creeped out by it all.

"Shoo, get out of here." She yelled swatting her hands at it.

The bird flew away, but landed on the large chandler in the room. She looked up at it and sighed because it was obvious now that it was sticking around rather she liked it or not.

"Great, I always wanted a pet." She mumbled.

She heard chuckling and she looked around for the owner, knowing that she was now no longer alone. There was a creepy crow, she had lost her candy bar, and now there was someone else with her in the house. What else could happen today?

"Cee, is that you?" Elizabeth called walking towards the stairs.

Someone grabbed her by the throat, scaring her but the person was a vampire because of his speed. She ended up on her couch the vampire on top of her pinning her arms above her head.

"Not quite," He said and pressed his lips against hers.

Elizabeth recognized him instantly from his voice and his kiss. Elizabeth pushed Damon off her, and stood up at a speed only vampires could do. Damon smiled wiping her lipstick from his lips and smirking at her.

"What's up with you and cherries? I mean everything is cherries—your shampoo, perfume…even your taste." He smirked and Elizabeth glared, the crow cawing and then it flew out the window, Elizabeth's eyes following it.

"A crow? Really, Damon?" Elizabeth snorted and Damon smiled walking towards her.

"What, I thought you were into the whole Hitchcock thing?" Damon asked brushing her cheek with the back of his hand.

Elizabeth took a breath trying not to let her emotions slip. She hadn't seen Damon in centuries, and him being here now, inches from her face were bringing back so many feelings—feelings she didn't want to show. She had left him for a reason and she definitely hadn't forgotten why she had left to go her own way.

"Damon get out of my house—better yet get out of this town." She snapped hitting his hand away, making Damon snort and turn, flopping down on her couch.

"This is my town Lizzie, and I can stay here as long as I please." He said and then patted the seat beside him. "Come on let's have some fun for old times sake."

He winked at her and sent her that charming smile he used on everyone, but Elizabeth wasn't impressed by it. She crossed her arms over her chest because she meant business and Damon couldn't just get everything that he wanted. This was her house, and for once in his life, Damon was going to have to listen to what it was that Elizabeth wanted.

"Out, now." She growled and Damon stood up, walked towards her, and got very close to her again.

"It's good seeing you." He said his warm breath on her skin.

She closed her eyes and when she reopened them he was gone—but not before he had seen his affect on her. Elizabeth sighed and walked over to the couch. She laid down and closed her eyes wishing Cecily would get there soon.


"You're a terrible person, Cess, just stop this." Cecily told herself as she wandered into Stefan's room.

It was obvious that he had already been in here, his stuff a little unpacked and the room looked…used. He had a journal out, which made Cecily smile a bit, and then she noticed on part of his desk was a couple of pictures—the one on top was Katherine. Katherine. God, Cecily despised that creature. It almost didn't help that the picture under it was her and Stefan, snuggled together.

Cecily had taken it, Stefan laughing in the picture even though part of him had been annoyed about it. He didn't want to have to take such mementos, but Cecily was fond of having the memories around. In fact she even had the same picture in her bag that she carried with her everywhere…hers was just a little more worn because she carried it with her everywhere.

"Well if you didn't want to see it, you shouldn't have been snooping." Cecily said aloud, sighing to herself. "If you were Stefan, where would you be right now? You have to see him before you see Lizzie."

Cecily ran her fingers through her hair again and hurried out of Stefan's room, closing the door behind her and then hurrying out of the mansion. She was starting to get mad at herself for changing her hair color after everything was done with Stefan. He still hadn't seen her brunette, and just the fact that she'd chosen that and not maybe red, was really making her rather upset. Katherine had told her that Stefan preferred brunettes and Cecily had deep down believed her…and there it was—it always came back to Katherine.

"I seriously hate that bitch." Cecily growled as she headed for the cemetery.

There were so many people buried there—people that Stefan knew and had cared about once upon a time—and she figured he would be there. In fact she was right, but what she hadn't counted on was the girl that looked like Katherine being there too. The two were smiling at each other and talking about how she'd fled from a crow and Cecily nodded—the crow was practically Damon's trademark. He obviously had wanted to see what the girl really looked like—Elena…she'd just said her name was Elena.

"Oh they have History, English and French together. Big whoop-dee-do-dah." Cecily said, and she had a feeling that even though not as honed as hers, Stefan's vampiric hearing could pick that up.

Stefan picked a leaf out of Elena's hair and they just smiled at each other, Cecily feeling like she was hurting…but why? Why should this bother her when she and Stefan both agreed that things couldn't work out between them? So what if he was reverting back to Katherine? Yeah, Elena wasn't Katherine but the resemblance was just…she might as well have been as far as Cecily was concerned.

"Oh and now you're complimenting his ring…Cess—stop it, you're being childish. Just go find Damon in the fog. Oh! Opportunity!" Cecily said aloud.

Stefan pointed out to Elena that she may have hurt herself, Elena rolling up her pant leg and Stefan turning away, his eyes reacting to his bloodlust. Cecily was so old she could control it, walking in between the two, Stefan's back to her, and Elena more focused on the wound on her leg.

"Excuse me. Sorry." Cecily said aloud, hurrying past them into the cemetery, knowing that Stefan had recognized her voice. "Damon…psst! Did you leave already?"

Cecily looked around, knowing that Elena was heading away, turning around once to see Stefan right in front of her. He looked…good. Stefan seemed to be well and strong and even kind of happy and Cecily just stood there, nodding a little finally. She was at a loss for words, but Stefan definitely wasn't.

"You changed your hair." Stefan said as he pointed at it, resisting the urge to stroke it.

Cecily nodded slowly. "And you're the first person to say it like they hate it."

"No, I don't hate it, I just…I miss the blonde." He said with a shrug.

"Seems you can't resist the Katherine-look-alike—you wanted to feed." Cecily told him, looking away because he still knew her far too well.

"You sound jealous." Stefan remarked and nodded when she scoffed.

Of course she was jealous, but she wasn't going to tell him that! He was Stefan, and she was Cecily, and if she reverted back to the girl that dwelt on the fact that she couldn't have him, she'd be backtracking. Yeah she was still in love with him, but she couldn't do this to him—they'd chosen two completely different lives to lead, and she had to accept it whether she wanted to or not…it was what was best for Stefan.

"I was just coming by to pay my respects before going to see Lizzie." Cecily told him, changing the subject and finding a random grave marker. "Rest in peace, Sherman Lodge."

Stefan chuckled softly. "Do you even know, Sherman?"

"Oh yeah—he and I went way back." Cecily said with a smile. "All the way up until…1978."

"You read that…off the tombstone." Stefan said, smiling a little. "Why'd you come back?"

Cecily swallowed and turned to look at him. "We don't have to do this. You came back, I came back, Lizzie came back, but we don't have to catch up. I'm not staying in town forever, and I'm not trying to win you back. We split up because we both want two different things and I'm not changing my feeding habits just to please you. I spent a lot of time catering to Katherine and they were the worst years of my life…or death, I guess. The point is? The small talk is nice, and I'm glad to see you, but I have no answers for you. I even already hate Elena because her face reminds me of the bitch I let die in my heart a long time ago."

"Still the same, Cee." Stefan told her, stroking her hair this time, running his thumb along her cheek. "Try to remember that regardless of what you do, there are still people who care about you—like Lizzie—be good to her."

Cecily just nodded and pulled back from him, hurrying off because she couldn't stay and talk to him anymore. She'd meant a lot of what she'd said but not all of it, and she didn't stop until she got to Elizabeth's, knocking on the door. Elizabeth answered and the two flung their arms around each other, Elizabeth immediately rattling off about how Damon had stopped by and then taken off.

"Damon misses you, he just won't admit it." Cecily told her, smiling when she rolled her eyes. "Speaking of not admitting things…I hate Elena. I wanted to put that out there."

Elizabeth laughed a little. "Because you're jealous of the attention Stefan is paying to her? Because you want him back and she obviously likes him?"

"Because she looks exactly like Katherine and so obviously Stefan and Damon are going to be attracted to and awed by her." Cecily said, cutting her off, but having to admit internally that all of those were valid arguments too.

Elizabeth sighed smiling a little at Cecily. Elizabeth had never seen a picture of Katherine, and now knowing that Elena looked like her, made Elizabeth not like her. They both knew it was childish, but at the same time they'd been 'alive' so long that judging people was almost second nature.

"Elena. I swear all I hear about at the school is Elena." Elizabeth said and Cecily sighed and Elizabeth frowned. "Don't you dare do that Cee."

Elizabeth pointed her finger at Cecily and Cecily looked at her funny. She knew what was coming and yet at the same time she had almost thought that maybe Elizabeth wouldn't know her so well still. She thought that she had changed a lot, but obviously not and she needed to pretend like she had no clue what Elizabeth was talking about.

"Do what?" She asked and Elizabeth gave her a look.

"The thing you do when you're about to go into your own 'Stefan-Angst-World'. I know you love him and I know that this Elena bitch is ruining all those day dreams for you, but you can not go all emo sparkly vamp on me." Elizabeth said wagging her finger in Cecily's face.

The two girls looked at each other and then burst out laughing, enjoying their little jokes with each other. Cecily sighed and pulled her legs underneath her looking over at Elizabeth. She needed to get out of the house and she wanted Elizabeth to go with her so she wouldn't have to be alone, and so that she wouldn't have to hang out with Damon when she had a gal pal back in her court.

"Alright, Lizzie, what about you? You have any Damon ranting you want to do?" Cecily asked to make sure all the bases were covered before she suggested leaving, and Elizabeth looked at her, her smiled replaced with a frown.

"No…not really." She said and Cecily gave her a look this time. "Damon is just so…so."

"Damon?" Cecily finished for her and Elizabeth nodded.

"He made me drop my candy bar." She pouted and Cecily laughed standing up.

"We'll get you another candy bar, I promise. Do you want to go somewhere with me? Like a bar maybe?" Cecily suggested and Elizabeth jumped up.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She chanted jumping on the couch like a little kid causing Cecily to laugh.

"Okay, okay, Tigger—go change and then we'll go." Cecily told her, Elizabeth jumping up from the couch and heading up the stairs before Cecily knew it.

She snorted with laughter shaking her head and turned looking around the house to take it all in finally. Elizabeth really had taste in houses and the house was like she had guessed: huge. The walls in the living room where pure white, and there was a white couch and a big flat screen TV. It was very…well…Elizabeth. Cecily heard a caw and she turned looking at the window to see a crow. She sighed and walked over to the crow looking down at it and putting her hand on her hips.

"Damon, go away." She laughed rolling her eyes as she swatted the bird away.

She closed the windows and noticed Damon outside pointing up, her guess at the window to Elizabeth's room. He winked and then turned around vanishing into the trees. Cecily chuckled shaking her head and laughing a little bit.

"Pervert," She mumbled as Lizzie ran down the stairs, wearing a black mini skirt and blue laced tank top.

"I love the 21st century fashion." Elizabeth said twirling and Cecily laughed.

"You look great," She said smiling as Elizabeth dangled keys in front of her.

"You wanna drive it?" She teased and Cecily snatched the keys.

"Let's see how fast I can go without hitting someone!" She called running out the door, Elizabeth laughing and following her out locking her door behind her.


When they made it to the Mystic Grill, they walked in and started to stake out a table, Elizabeth swallowing a little and looking at Cecily. She knew Cecily would see it sooner or later and when she did, she made a face, but she caught Elizabeth staring at her so she just threw on a smile and looked at Elizabeth.

"So let's grab this table over here." Cecily said, hurrying past Elizabeth who looked over at the table with Elena, Bonnie, Caroline and Stefan at it and then followed her friend.

Elizabeth took a deep breath. "They're just talking about the thing at the Falls tomorrow night—it's nothing big."

"Of course it's not big—I want a beer. Do you want a beer?" Cecily asked her.

"I shouldn't have one here—I'm masquerading as a High School student, remember?" Elizabeth told her with a smile. "However, you can have all of the beers that you want."

"I'm going to have so many you're going to have to walk for me." Cecily told her with a nod and then she sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm a downer it's just…it's like it's happening all over again, you know? He wanted Katherine over me, he wants Elena over me—they look the same so it hits home."

Elizabeth nodded and sat at the table as Cecily got up to go and get some beers for herself, smiling up as Caroline came over to her, Stefan and Elena smiling at each other a little. Caroline Forbes had been pretty interested in figuring out who Elizabeth was and how she knew Stefan, and now she was with what appeared to be an older woman?

"Hey, Liz." Caroline told her, smiling at her and holding out her hand.

Elizabeth smiled and shook it. "Hey, Caroline."

"Looks like you have a new friend, Lizzie." Cecily said happily, standing next to her and then sitting down with her beers. "I'm Cecily Harrison—just an old family friend of Lizzie's."

"It's so nice to meet you!" Caroline gushed, sitting at their table. "Wow…you uh…that's a lot of beer."

Cecily laughed it off. "I'm thirsty. So you guys go to school together?"

"We have four periods together." Caroline told her excitedly.

"Would these also happen to be with Elena?" Cecily asked bitterly.

Elizabeth laughed a little into her drink that Cecily had brought back for her, shaking her head because she knew Stefan could hear the conversation. It had to be obvious by now to him that even though she didn't come back for him, she was definitely sticking around a bit for him. She still loved him and if he didn't still love her then Elizabeth would be very surprised.

"You sound like you don't like her." Caroline said as she cocked her head to one side.

Cecily looked at her and smiled. "If she's your friend I can at least pretend I do. Hey, don't get me wrong, I don't know her. Are you a cheerleader by any chance?"

"Drink your beer, and Caroline and I will be back." Elizabeth said quickly.

She took Caroline by the hand and motioned to the pool tables, knowing how Damon and Cecily felt about cheerleader blood. On the one hand Cecily was in a mood and she needed to be watched to keep her reined in, but on the other hand Stefan was glancing over at her and starting to explain to Elena that she was a family friend and he knew her so he would end up talking to her, Elizabeth was sure of it.

Elizabeth smiled as she noticed Tyler at the pool tables and let go of Caroline's hand. Caroline noticed the look she was giving Tyler and she smirked. The two either already knew each other, Elizabeth was already smitten, or both.

"He's the mayor's son." Caroline whispered into Elizabeth's ear which made her smile even wider—he was basically royal blood and Tyler looked up so Elizabeth waved at him.

"He's coming this way." Caroline said and Elizabeth kept her smile on.

"I know," She said mimicking Caroline's tone.

"Lizzie," Tyler said leaning on his cue stick, Elizabeth smiling and nodding.

"Tyler," Elizabeth said smirking.

"Hey Ty," Elizabeth heard a girl say and she looked over.

A girl, taller than her—big surprise there—walked over smiling at Tyler. It was kind of obvious to Elizabeth that given the nickname and the show of affection, this girl had a claim on him. Still, having a claim on someone didn't stop Elizabeth from at least making eyes at the guy who so clearly wanted to keep making eyes at her.

"Vikki," He said looking at her then at Elizabeth and Elizabeth smiled at Vikki. "This is Elizabeth."

Vikki looked at her, giving her a once over—she hadn't really seen Elizabeth up close yet. She knew there was a new girl and a new boy at school but she hadn't face to face met either of them yet. The brunette before her was really pretty, and it wouldn't hurt to at least say 'hello' to her.

"Vikki huh? I think I want to talk to you, when you're not with you're boyfriend." Elizabeth said already liking Vikki.

"Yeah sure." Vikki said looking at her funny not quite sure what she meant but nodding and then she turned to Tyler and smiled. "You want to get out of here?"

She grabbed onto his hand and they made eye contact. Then Tyler let the words sink in and he looked from Vikki to Elizabeth and then back to Vikki, trying to figure out what it was that he should do. What he should do and what he wanted, seemed to be two completely different things.

"You should go—I need to find someone anyway." Elizabeth said smiling and then she turned to Caroline.

"Care, I'll be right back." She said and Caroline nodded smiling a little.

Elizabeth nodded and looked around searching for the boy that was fighting with Vikki earlier when she and Cecily had walked in. She listened trying to find him, but he wasn't in the bar anymore. She stepped outside, and smelt smoke…she smiled a little and walked in the alley.

"Jeremy." She called her heels echoing as she walked towards him.

Jeremy looked up surprised that such a pretty girl was talking to him. She knew his name and he wondered why—he also wondered what it was that she wanted. He was just out here having a smoke and she was interrupting…but she had such a smile.

"Yeah?" He asked not being able to hold back a smile as she smiled at him.

"I'm Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizzie." She said and he nodded confused at why she was still talking to him—what did she want?

"Not to be rude or anything but do you need something?" He asked and Elizabeth smiled shrugging, leaning against the wall beside him.

"You seemed lonely, and I'm friendly." She said and he laughed a little, handing her his joint and she took it. "How old are you?"

"I'm um, fifteen." He said as she took a hit.

She inhaled the smoke and the leaned her head back letting it out. She smiled and handed it back to Jeremy. This was one of those random little things that Cecily and Elizabeth both took pleasure in—hanging on to a little bit of humanity doing any kind of various activities.

"Three years isn't that bad," She smirked and Jeremy blushed a little.

"So you're new?" He asked taking another hit and she nodded.

"New as can be," She said already feeling the effects of the pot.

She gripped Jeremy by his shirt and looked up at him, the fifteen year old boy taller than her. He held the joint out and Elizabeth took a hit while he held it, Jeremy watching her every move. She reached up and kissed him, the smoke flowing into his mouth and she pulled back laughing a little.

"Let's go inside, it's cold out here." She said taking him by the hand.

He put out the joint and the two walked back into Mystic Grill, getting looks from his older sister. Elizabeth laughed and walked over to the pool table where Caroline was still, understanding that Elena had little left to keep her attention. Stefan had gotten up from the table and left her with Bonnie to go and see how Cecily was holding up by herself.

"Caroline, let's play pool so I can show Jerbear up." She said sending Jeremy a look and Caroline laughed and nodded.

Cecily looked up, knowing that Stefan was standing at the table now and she knew Elizabeth could see her and she had to be nice to Stefan. Elizabeth loved Stefan like a brother and if Cecily ripped him a new one when she'd already had two beers, she was going to hear it from Elizabeth. She wouldn't take either side, she'd just take both and Cecily understood it, but didn't want it right then.

"You're bitter." Stefan told her, sitting down at the table with her.

Cecily sipped her third beer. "I'm not bitter—I'm having an amazing time."

"You look like it…sitting here all on your own asking people if they're cheerleaders." Stefan said, wanting to laugh but not being able to.

"I was making small talk. Caroline and I could be the best of friends." Cecily told him shrugging.

"Please don't use her—humans have feelings." Stefan said softly.

Cecily looked him in the eye. "So do vampires."

"I hope I'm not interrupting, but uh…I'm Elena." Elena told Cecily, holding out her hand.

Cecily looked at it and she took a deep breath, putting on a fake smiling and trying to figure out what to do. She didn't want to shake her hand, but she didn't want to be rude in front of Stefan either. All she could do was shake her hand and make an excuse to up and leave because the grill no longer made her feel like she was escaping her feelings.

"Cecily." Cecily replied, shaking her hand quickly and letting go. "I should go. Nice to meet you."

Cecily stood up and took her third beer with her, sending Elizabeth a 'sorry' look and then heading out. Stefan told Elena that he had to check on her and they smiled at each other, Elena understanding and letting him leave. He followed Cecily who knew he was going to do just that, and turned to get in the first word.

"Do you enjoy this?" Cecily asked him hurriedly. "Do you enjoy watching me feel like this? This is Katherine all over again and I can't do it!"

Stefan nodded slowly. "Talk to me."

"I don't want to!" Cecily replied and just like that she was away from Stefan and storming into the Salvatore Mansion. "Damon?"

Damon heard the sadness in her voice and nodded getting the scotch out as she came into the study with tears streaming down her face. She just couldn't understand why she was so upset when she thought she was over everything—she thought she could handle this. What was going on? Why didn't Stefan get it?

"You need a new horse to ride." Damon told her as she downed her beer and grabbed the scotch from him.

Cecily nodded as she looked at the drink. "I need a new horse to ride."


Elizabeth smiled at Stefan as she walked towards him, her hair braided to the side her bangs out. It was another day at school and she was feeling pretty confident, wishing that Cecily was there but understanding. Cecily had been in the world a lot longer than Elizabeth had and Cecily was not going through the 'torture of High School' all over again and Elizabeth was content having extra time with Stefan.

"Hello my friend," She said smiling at him as he closed his locker.

Stefan looked at her smiling at how cheerful she was. Elizabeth had always been a ball of sunshine, always brightening up the mood of the person she was around. Whenever she was incredibly happy, Stefan always felt happy just standing in her presence and he'd missed this—he'd missed her being the ray of sunshine through his foggy days.

"You sure are happy." He said as the two headed for their French class.

"I'm always happy." She said and Stefan snorted.

"Uh huh, so who's it this time? I saw you eyeing Tyler Lockwood—I wouldn't feed from him if I were you." Stefan said serious now.

"You wouldn't feed on him in general Stefan." She said and Stefan rolled his eyes.

"I'm serious Elizabeth, he's the mayor's soon, meaning he's probably chalk full of vervain." He said and Elizabeth groaned.

"And he looked so good," She pouted the two of them standing outside the classroom.

The door was closed and Elizabeth went to knock but the door opened. Elizabeth snorted when Cecily walked out her bra showing, her hair disheveled and her lipstick smeared a bit. Elizabeth held back her giggles as Cecily glanced at her and Stefan and nodded quickly then walking away. Stefan's eyes followed her as she headed out of the school and the French teacher stepped out and Elizabeth burst out laughing. The teacher blushed and cleared his throat.

"Go take a seat," He said refusing to look at either of his students.

Stefan shot Elizabeth daggers as she continued to laugh glancing out the window to see Cecily walking off, fixing her clothes. She was apparently taking a new approach to being upset about Stefan focusing on Elena and Elizabeth thought it was entertaining that Stefan was so jealous. He had Elena and he had said that he and Cecily had both moved on…so why was it like they were trying to make each other jealous? Why not just talk to each other?

"Did you—oh my God. I always knew she liked French food but ha-ha-ha." She laid her head against the table burying her mouth in her hands trying to stifle her laughs.

Stefan wasn't as entertained as Elizabeth, but he just nodded and pulled out his book. The school day went by fast for Elizabeth, since she was excited about the party that night—it was the end of the school and she was going to the place Jeremy told her he hung out. She saw him, Vikki, and a few other people she had yet met.

"Jer, Vikki hey," She called walking over to them, Jeremy smiling at her and Vikki waved.

"What's up Liz?" Jeremy asked and Elizabeth smiled.

"You two are going to the Falls tonight right?" She asked and they both nodded.

"Yeah, I'm going with Ty," Vikki said and Jeremy looked at her.

"Well I look forward to seeing you two there—hey Jeremy…bring more of that pot, that was great." Elizabeth said and Jeremy nodded smiling.

"Course, just don't tell my sister." He said and Elizabeth's smile faded.

"The last thing I'll do is talk to your sister." Elizabeth promised him.


Cecily knew that the party at the Falls was more of a 'school' thing, but when Elizabeth pouted, there was only one option: do what she wanted. So Cecily got dressed in some tight jeans and a tank top, zipping up a casual sweatshirt part of the way and making sure she was wearing her necklace—without it she couldn't walk around in the daylight. When Elizabeth saw her, she shook her head and put her hand on her hips, looking pretty amazing in her skinny jeans and blouse.

"It's like you're not even trying." Elizabeth told her with a sigh.

Cecily shrugged softly. "I don't have to try because I have a man to play with when I want to. Look—I did my hair…can we go now?"

"What do you see in Mr. Strauss anyway?" Elizabeth asked Cecily as she grabbed her purse and watched Cecily grab hers.

"I dunno, he's something different." Cecily replied with a smile.

Elizabeth laughed and nodded, both of them heading out to the party, smiling into the cool, night air. Cecily let Elizabeth run off to join Jeremy, Vikki and Tyler, agreeing to meet up with her soon. She knew that Stefan was going to be here and that Elizabeth had a hidden agenda, but at the same time she didn't mind talking to Stefan if he really wanted to talk—besides, she needed to explain herself for the morning with Patrick Strauss.

"So Elizabeth brought you, eh?" Stefan asked her upon entering the forest.

Cecily smiled, both of them away from the crowds for now. "Of course she did—she wanted me to have some kind of fun."

"Looked like you were having fun this morning." Stefan told her. "I mean where are you even sleeping?"

"Around." Cecily replied, knowing that Damon hadn't actually spoken to Stefan yet—no one knew he was back in town except for her and Elizabeth and Cecily was trying to stay away until Stefan was aware of everything. "Besides, I can't say anything bad about Patrick. He had me the first time we spoke."

Stefan raised his eyebrows. "What exactly did he say to you?"

"Bonjour." She said with a laugh.


"What? I liked it."

Stefan gave her a look and Cecily shrugged, smiling about it and then waving it off. She didn't have to explain herself to him, but it was good that he knew because she was pretty sure it was at least a little awkward. After all, he was kind of Stefan's teacher and she was kind of his ex girlfriend so…awkward indeed.

"I'm sorry…this has to be weird for you." Cecily said softly, truly meaning it. "I promise not to hook up with him on school grounds anymore, okay?"

Stefan nodded slowly, running his fingers through his hair. "That would be nice. So…you don't have anywhere to stay?"

"There are plenty of places I could stay…" She smiled at him as she stated it slowly. "How's your big, lonely mansion?"

"Lonely." Stefan replied nodding.

The two of them slipped into an awkward silence and then Cecily saw Caroline heading over to them and she made an excuse to leave. She ended up at a keg with Matt and Bonnie and she just grabbed a red plastic cup of beer and then headed deep into the forest, smiling when she saw Damon. They were alone there and though they were both watching the party, they knew they weren't really part of it.

"Wanna go somewhere and have a feeding dance party?" Cecily asked him.

Damon chuckled and shrugged. "Why not?"

Elizabeth broke out into a fit of laughter as Jeremy walked towards her. He gave her a look smiling and stood beside her, handing her the beer he had gotten her.

"What's so funny?" He asked and Elizabeth giggled some more.

"You were walking, and I dunno." She burst out laughing again obviously high and Jeremy laughed, not as stoned at her but enjoying watching her having so much fun.

"Lush," He teased and Elizabeth snorted standing in front of him.

"I am not a lush," She said putting her hands on his chest and Jeremy smiled liking the closeness of her, so he leaned down to kiss her and she turned her head smirking.

"Let's go find Vikki, I need to talk to her." She said taking him by the hand.

Jeremy sighed a little but let Elizabeth lead him into the woods. There were other things that he would rather be doing, but he wasn't going to push Elizabeth into anything that she didn't want to do.

"She's probably somewhere screwing around with Tyler." He said bitterly and Lizzie chuckled wrapping her arm around his waist, as he wrapped his around her shoulders.

"Well we can't let that happen can we?" She said smiling up at him.

The truth was that Lizzie wanted Vikki to end up with Jeremy. Yeah, she wanted Jeremy for herself but she was becoming close to the both of them, and was seeing Jeremy more as a friend, and Vikki as a sister, They were both miserable even if Vikki wouldn't admit it…even if she wouldn't admit a lot of things.

"It's not gonna happen, not here not like this" Elizabeth heard Vikki say, but Jeremy couldn't since he didn't have vampiric hearing.

Elizabeth pulled from his hold and grabbed his hand making him walk faster. Elizabeth spotted Vikki pushed up against a tree, Tyler forcing himself on her. She was going to help out no matter the cost, and when Jeremy saw the sight, he had the same thoughts.

"No, I said 'no'. Ow, that hurts." Vikki said and Jeremy pulled from Elizabeth's hand.

"Hey leave her alone," Jeremy said as Vikki pushed Tyler off of her and Tyler glared at Jeremy coming towards him.

"You know you're starting to get on my nerves Gilbert." He said coming towards him that look in his eye that made Elizabeth take a step in front of him.

"Don't. Tyler get the Hell away from me," Vikki said pushing him away, and standing beside Jeremy, Tyler looking at her and smiled though he was obviously hurt.

"Wow, Vikki Donavan says 'no'—that's a first." He said and Elizabeth looked over at Vikki seeing the hurt look on her face.

Tyler walked passed them and Elizabeth held back her anger, knowing this wasn't the time or the place. She wanted to do so many things right that moment, but she had to hold back and pretend to be a normal kind of girl. That was hard for her…she wasn't a normal kind of girl.

"I didn't need your help." Vikki said and Elizabeth turned to see her talking to Jeremy.

"It seems like you did." Jeremy said calmly.

"He was just drunk," Vikki said and Elizabeth frowned at her.

"When I'm drunk do you see me throwing myself at you?" Jeremy asked her, and Elizabeth could see just how much he cared for Vikki.

"No, you're worse. You wanna talk to me, get to know me—see into my soul." Vikki told him and Jeremy looked away frowning. "Then screw and screw and screw until you're done with me."

Jeremy looked back at her obviously hurt, and Elizabeth nodded slowly, looking at the ground. It wasn't her conversation to be part of, but at the same time she now knew more about their background than before. There were so many ways she could help Jeremy and Vikki out now that she knew.

"Is that what you think?" Jeremy asked stepping towards Vikki.

"That's what I know," Vikki said and then left leaving Jeremy to stand there alone with only her words, Elizabeth frowning and she reached out and grabbed Jeremy's hand.

"Come on Jer, let's go get you drunk." She said giving him a sad smile, and Jeremy nodded as she wrapped her arm around him leading him back towards the beer.

Cecily stood up as Damon held his hand out to her, both of them perking up their ears. There was a girl coming towards them, alone in this part of the forest, and Cecily shrugged as Damon smirked at her. He wanted to just feed now and Cecily was hungry so she didn't object.

"Are you going to be creepy?" Cecily asked him, holding the cup and raising her eyebrows. "All I want is some blood—no killing her."

Damon rolled his eyes. "You take the fun out of everything. I'm doing the fog!"

"Then do the damn fog and get on with it." Cecily told him laughing.

Damon nodded and they walked together, Cecily waiting back just a little as Damon stalked Vikki. Cecily recognized her as a waitress from the night before but she didn't know anything about her and she wasn't sure if she wanted to—that always made feeding so much harder.

"Jeremy? Is that you?" Vikki asked aloud, looking around but not finding anyone. "Jeremy?"

She could tell that someone was following her, but she really wasn't expecting to turn around and see Damon there. He knocked her out with one blow when she screamed, Cecily walking up to him as he held her unconscious body and then moved her hair off of her neck, grunting when Cecily told him to stop. Cecily gave him a look and he growled but handed Vikki over, watching as Cecily bit down and took the first taste.

Normally Damon wasn't as accommodating, but since Cecily had been there for him so much, especially recently, he felt like he had to show her his thanks somehow. Besides, he knew she wouldn't drink too much from her, and he smiled when Cecily handed Vikki back over. He bit down in the same place and Cecily licked the remaining blood off of her teeth, smiling a little—it wasn't cheerleader blood, but she'd survive.

Elizabeth sat in between Jeremy's legs the two of them sharing a joint, laughing. The two of them had been having quite a time with it, and yet Jeremy seemed to be a little more down than Elizabeth. She thought the joints would help, but he was still feeling down, and she wasn't sure exactly how to help him.

"Why are you my friend?" Jeremy asked and Elizabeth looked up at him, smiling a little.

"Cause you're damaged, like me, and you are very cute, and incredibly fun." Elizabeth explained meaning every word of it and Jeremy chuckled handing her the joint.

"You're damaged? You're too perfect to be damaged." Jeremy told her.

Elizabeth choked on the smoke because she was laughing after he said it. Jeremy laughed too, taking it from her so she wouldn't drop it. She was just so happy and it was making Jeremy feel happier even though he didn't think he had a reason to be happy about it in the slightest.

"You have no idea Jerbear," She said and sighed noticing Stefan giving her a look, so she stood up and brushed the dirt off of her butt.

"I have to go see my friend," She said giving Jeremy her hand.

Once she was sure Jeremy was okay she walked over to Stefan. He looked at her, already knowing she was stoned and drunk. Stefan was glad that she was having fun—she was having more fun than he was having thinking about Cecily more than he should have been. He didn't know how to quit, but talking to Elizabeth would help he hoped.

"I see you've been enjoying yourself." He said and she nodded laughing a little.

"Elena's little brother Jeremy is like the best guy in the world—next to you that is." She said and Stefan chuckled a little, Caroline walking over towards Stefan and smiling at the both of them.

"Lizzie, Stefan." She said smiling then gave Elizabeth the look that said 'I want to talk to sexy guy alone' so Elizabeth nodded, saluting her and then turned leaving the two at it.

"I wonder where Cee is." She said out loud and headed for the forest determined to have a little fun with her old friend.

She wandered through the forest, smelling blood as she got further in and quickened her pace. When she came upon Cecily, she was sitting on a log leaning against Damon, both of them looking down at Vikki, lying unconscious on the ground. Cecily was up almost immediately when she saw the hurt look on Elizabeth's face and bit her lip, Elizabeth immediately glaring at Damon.

"Damon, what do you think you're doing?" Elizabeth demanded angrily.

Cecily stepped in. "To be fair here, I took the first bite. He was trying to make me feel better—she was like a gift."

"She's my friend!" Elizabeth told her, shaking her head and softening her gaze as she looked at Cecily. "Please don't do it again."

"Vampire honor." Cecily promised, holding her fingers up like a Girl Scout.

Damon laughed and stood up. "I don't have to promise any such thing."

Cecily made a face and closed her eyes, shaking her head and checking Vikki's slow pulse to be helpful, Elizabeth fuming now. It was just like Damon to pick a fight with her, and Cecily had a feeling she had to just let it play out because the two had unresolved history. It was like how Elizabeth only tugged the strings every so often, but she wanted Cecily and Stefan to talk amongst themselves.

"You couldn't have picked someone off, off of the highway or something?" Elizabeth asked him. "This isn't how you keep a low profile and Cee of all people should know that!"

Cecily looked up at her, Vikki alive for now. "She has a point—the newspaper today had our little attack when we came into town…I should be more careful. When I have beer in me, you shouldn't encourage me, Damon."

"Okay, no—both of you are not ganging up on me here!" Damon told them.

"Oh no? Whose idea was this?" Elizabeth asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

Cecily smiled awkwardly. "I wanted to feed, but Damon picked Vikki! It was also his idea to attack the couple on the way into town!"

"You are such a child!" Damon said, looking directly at Cecily. "You know if you didn't start trying to get drunk every time Stefan hit on some other girl, you wouldn't even have to defend yourself right now! Besides, you make your own decisions, I just enable you. This conversation is over because I'm not sorry about any of it."

"The whole point though, is that you should be!" Elizabeth tried, but it was in vain because just like that, Damon was gone.

Cecily chewed on her lip and stood up, reaching out slowly to try and hug Elizabeth and apologize for being so stupid. When Cecily made promises, she always kept them—especially if they were promises that she made to Elizabeth. Besides, she knew that she needed to calm down and do this more discreetly because Elizabeth had brought up a rather good point: Cecily had always been the mother hen…she'd always been the one to tell people when it was going to far, and it was already going too far.

"So what do you want to do, Lizzie? You want to take the body back to the bonfire or hint to someone else to come and find her? One way you have to come up with a damn good story as to why she isn't mauled like it was an animal attack, and the other way you just have to look surprised." Cecily explained to her, glancing down at Vikki.

"I'll think of something, and you know I'm good at faking it." Elizabeth said looking up at Cecily to see if she'd catch her insult towards Damon, which she did and she laughed.

"Liz I think I should leave, I really am sorry." Cecily said glancing at Vikki.

Elizabeth sighed nodding, pulling Cecily into a hug. She didn't want her to go and leave her alone with the body, but she knew Cecily had other things to do. So she took a breath and headed back to the party in search of Jeremy. She looked over and saw Stefan talking with Elena, then she spotted Jeremy and nodded—he was the best person she could think of to get over to Vikki.

"There you are!" She said getting his attention and he looked at her and smiled.

"Where'd you go?" He asked as she helped him up.

"I've been looking for you—let's go for a walk please?" She asked giving her the smile that worked on everyone.

Jeremy nodded and the two held hands heading into the woods. Elizabeth made Jeremy think that he was leading them just by being with him, hoping to make him feel like he had some man points with her, but in reality she was leading him. She wanted him to find Vikki and she sadly knew exactly where Vikki was.

"Jeremy!" Elizabeth heard Elena call out and she groaned—just what she needed. "Jeremy where the Hell are you going!"

Still holding Elizabeth's hand, Jeremy turned around walking still, and Elizabeth pretended she didn't see Vikki. If he had something to say to his sister than so be it, but they needed to find Vikki and quickly. She needed help even though Damon and Cecily hadn't drained her of all of her blood.

"I don't want to hear it!" He said and then fell on top of Vikki pulling Elizabeth down as well.

"Vikki," He said getting up, Elizabeth pretending like she had just found Vikki and stood up quickly. "Oh my God it's Vikki."

"Oh my God," Elizabeth said as Jeremy leaned back down to check her pulse and Vikki shot up gasping for breath.

Elizabeth followed Jeremy and Elena out of the woods, Jeremy and Elena carrying Vikki. Elena yelled for help and Vikki's brother Matt, ran over as they set her down. Bonnie called 911 and Elizabeth searched the crowds for Stefan. She saw him horror struck and he gave her a look, her knowing it was his way of asking if she did it. So she shook her head and he nodded then disappeared into the crowds.


The first place that Cecily had thought to go was to Damon—she had to make him understand that things had to be different this time around. No randomly feeding, no randomly killing…they had to be a lot more careful. She could hear some angry noises coming from the mansion so she ran, just in time to get there as Stefan and Damon plummeted out of a window.

"Oh my God…" She breathed out, standing there as Damon got up easily and Stefan lay there a moment.

Cecily was used to this—she and Damon drank human blood daily, so they were both able to withstand a lot more than Stefan could. Then take into account Cecily's age and the fact that she had a little over a century over everyone else and Cecily could take on just about anything. Seeing Damon and Stefan fight, however, and seeing Stefan look like he was going to cry, was breaking her heart into pieces.

"I was impressed." Damon said aloud, leaning on a nearby bush as Stefan got up and looked at him, both knowing Cecily was there, but finishing their discussion. "I give it a 6…it missed on style but I was pleasantly surprised. Very good at the whole face, blarg-arg-ar, thing—that was good."

Cecily shook her head slowly. "Come on, Damon…what are you doing?"

"Cecily," Stefan warned, walking towards his brother, "please. It's all fun and games, Damon, huh? But wherever you go, people die."

"That's a given." Damon said with a shrug.

"Not again," Stefan replied shaking his head. "I won't allow it."

Damon chuckled a little. "You know your precious girlfriend here kills too, right? We're here and you can't stop us—you couldn't stop us when we blew into town and staged an animal attack."

Cecily ran her fingers through her hair and kept the tears at bay, realizing that Damon was just goading Stefan as Stefan looked at her sadly and nodded. Stefan and Damon hadn't seen each other face to face in a good fifteen years and Cecily had been traveling with him for two and Stefan had no idea. Now it was like everything was just spiraling out of control and Cecily realized that maybe she needed to be the stick-in-the-mud again…because what if this plan of Damon's got them all found out and they were killed?

"After all of these years, can't we just give it a rest?" Stefan pleaded, pouring himself out there as Cecily bit her lip and Damon raised his eyebrow.

Damon smiled a little. "I promised you an eternity of misery—I'm just keeping my word."

"Damon, this isn't funny anymore." Cecily told him as Stefan said, "Just stay away, from Elena."

The three of them stood there in silence a moment, Cecily letting his words sink in and feeling her whole heart hurt. He cared so much for her and Cecily despised her so much and neither of them actually knew her. Still Stefan was willing to fight for her, and Cecily realized that Elena wasn't just some Katherine-look-alike to Stefan…she was potentially his way of moving on and her heart felt broken, the tension in her chest rising painfully as Damon spoke.

"Where's your ring?" He asked his younger brother.

Stefan looked down, realizing that his way of walking around in the sunlight was gone and he was a little frightened. Cecily looked from the two and realized that Damon had it, putting her hands on her hips after wiping a tear away. She hated crying, and yet she had a feeling she would be doing a lot more of it because it was so obvious that the boys were staying in Mystic Falls and she…she didn't want to leave them.

"Wow…the sun's coming up in a couple of hours and…poof! Ashes to ashes." Damon told him, not really caring in the slightest.

Cecily glared at Damon. "Damon, give it back to him. This is over now."

"Fine." Damon responded, handing it to Stefan, but as Stefan took it Damon's face changed and he grabbed Stefan by the neck, throwing him against the shed, Cecily gasping.

"Damon!" She chastised, going for Stefan but stopping as Damon got there first.

"Stop thinking that you're stronger than me." Damon told him, looking down at him. "You lost that fight when you stopped feeding on people and as you can see, Cecily won't always help you even though she can take me with a pinky finger. So…I wouldn't try it again."

They all stood there in silence until Damon smirked, heading into the mansion whistling because Zach was up and around. Cecily hurried over to Stefan and knelt down by him, kissing him softly and then looking him in the eye as she pushed her hair behind her ears. She wanted to stop the fight before it got too bad, but she had a feeling that this was for the best—Stefan wouldn't try to go up against Damon again. Cecily thought that was a good thing because Damon wouldn't hold back and she didn't want Stefan to get hurt again.

"I'm sorry, Stefan." Cecily told him, surprised when he reached up to wipe her tears away. "I wanted to tell you, but I just…you were always right, you know? I can't change who I am like you can—it's been too long for me."

Stefan smiled sadly. "You need to stop giving up. I, uh…I take it you're staying here?"

"Damon invited me to." She explained nodding.

"Go on inside, I'll be in shortly." Stefan told her, getting off of the ground with her help and heading off, the ring on his finger where it belonged.


Elizabeth leaned against Jeremy, his arm wrapped around her waist. Elizabeth tried comforting Jeremy—she tried and she helped a little but he was worried about Vikki, and he felt guilty for letting her go out in the woods by herself. Jeremy sighed as he noticed Elena walking over to them.

"I'll be over there." Elizabeth said giving Elena a sad smile leaving the siblings to go at it.

Elizabeth watched from a distance, listening in on their conversation. Elena tried telling Jeremy that he needed to move on from their parents' death because people were going to stop caring soon and not give him the easy way out anymore, but Jeremy just blew back in her face basically calling her a hypocrite. Then told her that Elizabeth was giving him a ride home and not to worry. Jeremy walked towards Elizabeth and Elizabeth guided him to her car giving Elena a reassuring smile.

Jeremy took Elizabeth's hand in his and she looked up at him smiling. He was in her

care now and he trusted her already more than she knew, Elizabeth nodding slowly. She sighed though as they reached the Porsche and Jeremy's reaction to the car was just as she expected.

"This is your car?" He asked as she unlocked the door, Elizabeth smiling at him shaking her head as she climbed in. "How do you afford a car like this?"

She shrugged as he climbed in and buckled her seatbelt—safety first. "Rich absent parents, buckle up."

She didn't want to say they were dead since she would feel bad because of his parents—no matter the bonding they were two different experiences and Jeremy didn't need to think about his parents right then. Jeremy did as she said and she turned on the radio to a station she knew he would like, and he did. Then he had the same reaction to her house as he did to her car when they pulled up and went inside, and she laughed at him pulling out a bottle of red wine.

"This is about all I have right now," She said carrying it with her as she and Jeremy headed up the stairs.

Jeremy smiled as Elizabeth took him into her room, and Elizabeth pulled her jacket off. He looked at her taking in a breath as she pulled her blouse over her head, walking over to very large white doors. She opened the doors, looking over her clothes for a moment or two. Elizabeth knew that Jeremy was staring at her and she knew that he was thinking about the same things she was.

Elizabeth wasn't planning on this—she just wanted to be his friend—but this human…there was something about him that drew her to him, and she liked him very much. Besides, Jeremy wanted the same thing from her and for once they didn't have to think about anyone else. No Vikki, no Damon…it was just the two of them and they had things in common and Jeremy was a good guy—Elizabeth needed that.

"What to wear," Elizabeth mused as Jeremy walked over to her.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, the heat of his body feeling good against her skin. He leaned down kissing her bare shoulder his hands trailing up her stomach. She turned around looking him in the eyes as he cupped her face. Jeremy slowly bent down wanting to kiss Elizabeth but not sure if she wanted it too. Elizabeth wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down pressing her lips against his.

She needed him to know that she was there for him and that she wanted this too, glad to have someone there for her. His skin brushed against hers gently and he went to take his shirt off, Elizabeth helping him out of it. Then she went for his jeans and he went for hers, both of them shimmying out of them and then Elizabeth laid on the bed, letting Jeremy have the reins just because she knew that he needed it.

It didn't matter that they hadn't known each other very long—all that mattered was that in a time of need they were there for each other. They both need the closeness and they both already cared about each other, Elizabeth smiling as Jeremy stroked her hair and kissed her jawline, trailing kisses to her neck, Elizabeth glad because she could feel her eyes changing as she felt his heartbeat quicken.

Since she fed on humans sometimes, Elizabeth was able to get it under control by the time Jeremy looked at her again, pressing her lips back to his so there wouldn't be another moment like it. Jeremy just figured she wanted to get the act over and done with, but he didn't want her to feel like he was using her—he didn't want to just screw her and then discard her like Vikki had suggested he was like earlier on in the evening. He also hadn't done this too often, so all he really knew was how to make her feel like he was treating her well, and she appreciated it.

Honestly Elizabeth felt good when Jeremy finally pushed his flesh inside of hers, moving against her slowly and stroking her hair still, kissing her gently. He cared about her so much and Elizabeth smiled, both of them making eye contact and she helped him to set the pace, neither of them ruining the moment with words. Jeremy pressed his lips to Elizabeth's once more, running his hands along her skin and stroking her softly, bringing her over the edge before he did and being sure to scoop her up into his arms when it was over and he'd reached his peak too.

"You can stay if you want to." Elizabeth whispered, snuggling up against him and kissing his peck, wanting to lay there for a little while longer.

Jeremy smiled at her and kissed her softly, letting her know that that was exactly what he wanted, but he wasn't sure if he should or not. Elena and his Aunt Jenna were expecting him home and yet he could always call them. It would be nice to stay with Elizabeth for a little while longer just because he knew that she would never berate him like his family would. So he cradled her and kissed her hairline, running his nose along her hair and holding her close to him.


Cecily saw Damon take off to go and have his fun, promising to be under the radar about it all, and Cecily believing him whether she should or not. Stefan was gone and she didn't want to be in the mansion alone with Zach so she took a walk…and she ended up following Stefan. Part of her wanted to talk things out again, and the other part of her really wanted to just apologize—just tell him that she really still loved him.

The thing about Cecily was that she was too stubborn to do the latter. She wanted to try again with Stefan so badly but she didn't think she was good enough for him. Here he had a chance to move on and leave the past behind like he wanted, and yet she was standing in his way. How could she do that to him? If she continued to be in his way, she was simply doing what she had sworn she would never do. She had to protect him…she had to protect all of them.

"It's a lonely life, but you signed up for it." She whispered to herself as she walked.

At first Cecily had no idea where they were ending up, but the moment she saw Elena sitting near the giant glass window she nodded. Elena might not have been Katherine, but she sure as Hell was making Cecily's life just as hard. This was where Stefan wanted to stay and where Damon had business and where Elizabeth wanted to be and then there was Cecily…still feeling like she had to protect all of them.

But what about Cecily? What about what she wanted to do? Eventually she was going to have to really move on and she wasn't sure how she was going to do that when she still just wanted Stefan. She hadn't come back for him—she hadn't thought he would be here—but she wanted to stay for him…she just knew she shouldn't. No matter what, she had to be here when Damon did what he wanted so that meant starting over.

Mystic Falls was a place for Cecily to start a new life and that meant that she could do anything that she wanted. She was sure that a founding family might need a nanny or a secretary or something and she could do that—it kept her busy, kept suspicion off of her, and it kept her in the loop. Maybe that was what Cecily needed to do…maybe she needed to branch off and make a new little circle of friends.

"It's not like you're not strong enough to move forward." She promised herself.

She smiled sadly as Elena opened up the door for Stefan, Stefan still in pain over his fight with Damon and Cecily giving up. He needed a place to go to escape his past for a little while and no matter how badly it tore her apart inside, Cecily needed to let him do just that. So she simply watched as Stefan stood there on Elena's stoop, both of them looking into each other's eyes and she felt the tears come, but she wasn't going to cry.

"I know it's late, but uh…I just needed to know that you were okay." Stefan explained to her, Cecily helpless to do anything about it.

Elena looked at him. "You know, for months that was all anyone wondered about me: if I'll be okay."

"What do you tell them?" Stefan asked her.

"That I'll be fine." Elena replied with a soft shrug.

"Do you ever mean it?" He asked slowly.

She thought about it a minute. "Ask me tomorrow."

Cecily nodded and wiped a tear away as he and Elena shared a moment, letting it sink in that she couldn't be Stefan's rock anymore. Her whole existence after Stefan had been about Stefan being in her heart and yet something always got in the way and she seemed to let things ruin what they had. She couldn't change after all of this time being a vampire that acted like a vampire…could she?

"We can talk…would you like to come in?" Elena asked Stefan, moving out of the way for him to come in if he so chose to.

Stefan smiled, trying to keep his composure. "Yes."

Elena smiled back and moved more out of his way, Stefan walking across the threshold and Cecily smiled sadly. He had just made a choice and Cecily had to accept it so she started walking, ignoring the pain in her chest. Eventually it would go away but for now…for now she had a mansion to go back to and tomorrow was just another day.

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