6. From Lies To Love

At night after the horse ride in 28-07-10(Nanna list part 308)

As Olli wiped the dinner dishes he noticed Christian lying on the sofa unblinkingly staring at him.

Olli wondered why his boy… Oh God Christian was his fiance now. The thought made him smile. But he was still puzzled as to why Christian was staring at him like that.

"Was? Do I have soap in my hair again?" he finally asked the blonde man as he stacked away the last of the dinner plates.

"No, you look as delicious as ever. I was just thinking." Christian answered.

"Oh so my naughty horse trainer is capable of deep contemplation as well," he teased as he came over to the couch; lifting up Christian's mile long legs he sat down and placed them on his lap and started to slowly massage his boyfriend's feet,

"That feels great." Christian said with a satisfied smile.

"Well you did find my ring." Olli replied with a smirk.

"That I did." Christian wholeheartedly agreed.

Blissful silence descended between them.

"So what are you thinking about?" Olli asked

"About the last time I lied to you about my exam results," he said in a voice hardly above a whisper.

"Lied to me?... When did you ever lie to me?" Olli questioned a deep thoughtful frown creasing his forehead.

"After …" Christian cleared his throat, "…after I passed my Sports College swimming exam," he completed sheepishly.

Olli soothing fingers on Christian's feet stilled as his mind flew back to that one particular evening years ago. He had been so desperately love sick then.

"Remember I hugged you." Christian prodded trying to jog Olli's memory.

"Ja, …you did." Olli whispered as the memories surrounded him.

Olli just had close his eyes and he was back there. 2 years younger, heart aching as the man he desperately loved spontaneously hugged him to thank him for his support.

Even now he could still distinctly remember the intoxicating sensation as he had breathed in the scent of Christian's shower gel mingled with the faint smell of chlorine that had emanated from Christian's body as they had stood embracing.

He was brought back to the present by the gentle caress of loving fingers on his stilled hand.

"Penny for your thoughts." Christian offered with a smile.

Olli resumed massaging Christian's feet and said, "Back then I didn't ever dare to imagine even in my wildest dreams that you'd ever…" but then trailed off.

"…feel the same way." Christian completed.

Christian removed his legs from Olli's lap and as he sat up he asked "And now."

"I am still sometimes scared that one morning I'll wake up to find that it's still March 2008 and you're still in denial." Olli confessed as he tenderly brushed away an errant lock of blonde hair from Christian's forehead.

Christian suddenly launched himself at the brunette.

Pinning the brunette man under him he moulded their lips together in a passionate kiss.

"What about now?" Christian enquired after the kiss ended and he proceeded to pepper kisses along Olli's jaw line and throat.

Olli just hummed in pleasure.

Christian nipped at his jaw eliciting a yelp from Olli.

"What did you do that for?" Olli groused looking up at him.

"You didn't answer me," Christian pouted.

"Do you know you are my biggest dream come true?" Olli said looking up into the liquid blue eyes as he ran gentle fingers through the dark blonde hair.

"Really?" Christian asked with an ecstatic smile.

"Yes, really." Olli replied with a soft smile.

"I love you," Christian declared as he tucked his face in the curve of Olli's neck.

"I love you more." Olli replied

"I love you the most," Christian countered.

"I loved you first," came Olli's triumphant reply.

"Well I definitely can't argue with that." Christian said with a wide grin as he got up and pulled Olli up as well.

Getting up from the sofa he pulled Olli up as well. Turning him towards the hall door he gave him a gentle shove, "Lets go to bed, mein liebster zukünftiger Mann.(my dearest future husband)" Christian whispered in Olli's ear as he wrapped his arm around Olli's waist .

"I like the sound of that" Olli hummed as they headed to their bedroom wrapped up in each other's arms.

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I hope the German is correct I used Google Translate.

Mein liebster zukünftiger Mann = My dearest Future Husband.