An 'Unexpected' Suprise

Chapter 1: The Night and Morning After

It was a typical night for both sides of heroes and villians of the twelve Final Fantasy games, but this night; one of them suggested that it would be a good idea to have a party. Everyone agreed and so they began. Warrior of Light, Bartz, Zidane, and the Onion Knight, or 'Luneth', provided the music and entertainment. Gabranth, Basch, Jecht, Balthier, and Vaan provided the beverages, but Jecht wanted to make sure it was just either water or punch; due to his own history of drinking. Some of the girls, like Yuna, Terra, Ultimecia, and of course Ashe, worked on the decorations. Cecil, Golbez, Firion, Penelo, Cloud, and Squall provided the food, making sure it would be safe for everyone in allergy circumstances.

Everyone had a role and had a wonderful time. After the party reached 11:30 P.M, they called it a night and went to their own rooms for a well earned rest. Among the group, Tidus was the last to go to bed. He carries a glass of the punch that was left with him to his room. He sitted down on the soft mattress and drank a sip from the crystal clear glass. Tidus then remembered that he left his necklace downstairs. He briefly left his room to retrieve it. Going to the main floor below, Tidus searches around til he spots a silver necklace on the floor with a 'T' based design center piece.

"There it is...I thought I lost it..." said Tidus, actually talking to himself. He puts the necklace back around his neck where it belonged and returned back upstairs. He then sits back down on the mattress and finishes his drink. As soon as a few seconds pass by, Tidus immediately began to feel fuzzy and dizzy.

'Ugh...What is going on? Was it the punch, or...Maybe I'm tired from all that partying...I better rest,' thought Tidus. He then lays down and falls into a deep sleep. Too deep in his sleep, he didn't hear his door opening and the footsteps of someone approaching the bed. In the quietness of the night, everyone slepted peacefully. The next morning, slowly, but surely, everyone began to wake up. Tidus woke up as well, but when he did; something didn't feel right. Upon looking around, Tidus looked over himself and his surroundings.

'Something...Doesn't feel right...' thought Tidus. Everyone headed downstairs for breakfast one by one in each other's company. Halfway through, they realize that there was one person missing: Tidus. Boko, Koko, and the Chocobo family were concerned. "Where's Tidus? I thought he would make it like always to breakfast?" asked Zidane.

"Maybe he overslept...He was having alot of fun last night," answered Kuja, taking a bite of his food. Zidane nodded in agreement. Cecil was uneasy. Golbez, Cecil's older brother, was worried as well, but distanced himself from the situation that didn't involve him in anyway. Cecil politely excuses himself and heads to Tidus's room to check on him. Gabranth was puzzled.

"Was it the punch? Did I get the wrong kind?" wondered Gabranth. Vaan raised an eyebrow on the punch situation, then turned to Balthier, "Where did we get the stuff to make the punch from?" "Don't know...I think it was Hy-Vee, or Walmart...Can't remember.." answered the Sky Pirate.

"Actually...It was at Walmart. That's what you said yesterday night where you guys were going to get it," answered Shantotto, a Taru war hero from Windurst. "Oh...Now I remember!" said Balthier. Cecil walks up to Tidus's room. As he approached the door, he knocks lightly with his fist onto the wooden door with the numeral of ten, in a 'X'.

"Tidus...Are you alright?" Cecil asked. Unknown to the paladin, Jecht also arrives to the scene. "What's going on? Was it the drink?" asked the former athlete.

"Don't know...Tidus?" Cecil checked the door to see it was locked, to his suprise; it was unlocked. "That's odd...Wait here," Cecil said to Jecht. The ex-blitzer did as he was told for some reason. Cecil walks into the room, looking for Tidus. As he turned look towards the bathroom door, he spots the star blitzer slumped right next to the door with his legs folded to his chest.

"Tidus? Are you okay? What's wrong?" Cecil asked in concern. Tidus looks up to the paladin, "I don't feel right..I just...Something's not right."

"What happened? Was it the punch, or was it the food...What is it?" asked Cecil. "I don't know...Its just..I don't feel right," answered Tidus. Jecht became worried and tried to peek into the room. He then got fed up and went inside against Cecil's orders.

"What's going on?" asked Jecht. Cecil shook his head in disbelief, but knew that until this former athlete got fed up with waiting, there's no stopping him. "Dad...I'm so sorry...I'll go wash up and-" "Kid...What is going on? This isn't about greatness, its about you. What's wrong?" Jecht interrupted Tidus.

"Its just...Something's not doesn't feel right...I can't explain it, but something's wrong.." said Tidus. After a few minutes of discussing the situation; they went to breakfast and tried to calm Tidus's nerves. Everyone continued to eat their food, chatting about many topics on their minds, while some of the others, like Bartz, Zidane, Yuna, and the Lunarian brothers, Golbez and Cecil, tried to figure out what happened.

"Maybe it was the punch...We might've gotten the bad kind and your having a bad reaction to it," Basch suggested to Tidus, but his brother, Gabranth countered this, "If it was the punch, how come the rest of us are fine and Tidus isn't..Huh, brother?"

"Hmm...Good point. Maybe it was a certain food..." answered Basch. Golbez then came up with a possible explanation, "Maybe you had an allergic reaction in someway to a specific food that we didn't pick up on. Are you allergic to anything at all, Tidus?"

"None that I know of...I don't know..." said Tidus. He began to become uneasy. "Hey, calm down Tidus. We'll figure it out, don't worry. One way or another, we'll figure it out," said Bartz, trying to calm Tidus down. Zidane and Luneth nodded in unison and agreement. Tidus relaxed a bit, knowing that they will figure it out for him. Unknown to either party, when a week passes, everything unimaginable will begin to 'develope'.