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~Amber's POV~

Stepping into the lobby of the glamorous Palm Wood's hotel, my heart gave a huge leap. I was finally here in LA, about to start living my dream. My mother and brother's had encouraged me to leave our home in New York, and to follow my dream.

Walking up to the counter, I smiled slightly as the large man behind it was forced to sit up.

"Good afternoon Miss, and welcome to the Palm Wood's. My name is Mr. Bitter's; may I be of service?" he asked in a snobby voice that emitted the fact that he would love to do anything but help.

"Hi, my name is Amber Amorosi; I'd like to check in please." I replied.

"Of course Miss Amorosi." He said in a slightly more pleasant tone. "Your room is number 3J, I'm afraid you're next to some unruly hockey heads from Minnesota. Now, here is your key."

"Thank you," I said, managing to hold my giggle in. It couldn't be plainer that he hated my neighbours.

"No problem. Have a Palm Wood's day." He went back to stuffing his face. I picked up my bags, and made my way over to the only elevator. Before I got there however, three boys charged past me, one wearing a helmet slamming into me, causing me to drop my bags and hit the floor pretty hard.

"Sorry!" he shouted, racing after his two friends.

"No problem!" I shouted back. Picking myself up off the ground, I went to pick up my bags, but a voice made me stop.

"Hey are you okay?" I looked up. Standing in front of me was a tall boy, with blond hair and blue-green eyes, and was, may I say it, really handsome. He had a really friendly smile, so friendly that I couldn't resist smiling back.

"Yeah, I'm fine, no problem, I've had worse." I said to him.

"Are you sure? You took quite a fall there." He seemed really concerned. How sweet.


"So anyway..." he said casually. "Need some help with your things?"

I considered the offer. My mother had spent ages drilling into my head not to trust strangers with my things, but the boy seemed so friendly I didn't think there would be a problem.

"Sure, thanks"

"No problem." He replied, giving me a warm smile, which I returned. He picked up my duffle bag, while I grabbed my backpack. We began walking to the elevator.

"So what's your name, and are you new?" He asked.

"Amber Amorosi, and yes, I've only just arrived."

"Of course, you have your bags!" he said, laughing at himself. "Man, I can be so stupid. Anyway, hi Amber, I'm Kendall Knight, it's very nice to have the pleasure of meeting you."

"Likewise Kendall," I smiled back. "How long have you been at the Palm Wood's?"

"About 8 weeks. Which apartment are you in?"


"No way!" he exclaimed. "I'm next door; I'm staying with my mom, sister and 3 friends. We're 2J"

"Cool! Wait, are you the unruly hockey heads that Bitters was telling me about?"

"Caught red handed. He hates us." We had arrived at our apartments. He carefully put my bag down on the floor.

"Well Amber, it was very nice meeting you, I hope to see you soon." He smiled. He seemed to do that a lot.

"Same to you Kendall. Thanks again for carrying, my things."

"No problem." And on that note he disappeared into his apartment. I couldn't stop smiling as I unlocked my door. LA was going to be interesting with someone like Kendall around.

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