So this is another story I thought of please read and tell me if it is any good and whether you want me to continue.

Chapter 1


First day of school. Yippie! Can anyone spell sarcasm.

Hey so my name is Maximum, Maximum Ride. Friends call me Max, well they would if I had any. By the end of this catastrophe, namely, my life we'll basically be friends or at least acquaintances. Anyway today is my first day of year 11(sorry but I'm from NZ so it's the third year of high school). I'm 15, have no friends, no mom, an abusive alcoholic father and an arch enemy, in other words a pocket full of sunshine.

Well I, I mean we, might as well get this day over with. I carefully choose my clothes. I am definitely not fashionable I don't know what's 'in' or not but I pick clothes that are practical and cover the bruises and scars, my most recent being a handprint bruise around my neck from last night when I talked back to one of Jeb's friends.

I creep down the hall to the bathroom which unfortunately happens to be right next to Jeb's room. For those of you who haven't guessed Jeb is my pathetic excuse of a father whom I haven't called him dad since my mom died when I was 5 and he began to drink.

I reach the bathroom without waking Jeb and turn the rusty shower on softly. I clean myself, as clean as possible in a dirty shower in a scabby little apartment. I step out of the shower but slip in a pool of water from one of the many leaks in the base and collide with the wall adjoining Jeb's room.

Crap! "You miserable little bitch what the hell do you think you're playing at, waking me at this time in the morning. Get your sorry ass out of the bathroom, now!" Oh god looks like there are going to be more to add to the bruise collection.

I quickly dress and exit the bathroom to find Jeb standing there, baseball bat in hand. I freeze in horror before pressing up against the wall as far away from the 'cracker' as possible. I nicknamed the baseball bat the cracker after Jeb used it on me when I was eight and I ended up in hospital with 3 cracked ribs. I fell out of a tree, at least that's how he tells it.

"Time to teach you a lesson you little brat" he spits at me before bringing the bat down on me hitting me directly in the chest. My breath leaves me in a whoosh and I hear a sickening crack.

I keel over and fall to the ground as the bat comes down once more.

He hits me a few more times with the bat before reverting to his fists.

The beating last quarter of an hour or so before he finally gets bored "Get out of my sight you miserable piece of trash" he orders. I get up, wincing with my cracked ribs, grab my bag and limp out the door.

This sure is the best way to start a new school year, with at least two cracked ribs.

Luckily for me my school is quite close so I arrive in a matter of minutes. I head straight for the principal's office where I have a meeting with her and my enemy for a fight we got into at the end of last year.

I take a seat outside and wait. "Max, Mrs Hartley" the principal for you idiots out there, you know who you are "will see you now" Dana, the secretary tells me. See, I'm here so often we know each other on a first name basis.

I walk in to see Mrs Hartley, or Jane as I call her sitting behind her desk and two chairs positioned in front of it, one taken by a bored looking Fang. Fang, in case you didn't work it out is my worst enemy and the one I got into a fight with last year. A fight I was going to win I might add if people hadn't got involved and broken it up.

For those of you who want to know why I hate Fang and why we are worst enemies, it goes like this. There are two main gangs round here in Arizona, blackened moon and red jacks. My 18 year old brother Ace was in the Red Jacks and Fang's brother John, known as Knife was in the blackened moon. The two gangs usually stayed to their own territory but one day last year someone from blackened moon stabbed Jake the second in command of the red jacks and it led to a full out gang war. Both mine and Fang's brother ended up dead. My brother was shot by Fang's brother and died before the ambulances arrived but Ace had already gotten John with his lucky blade and John bled out on the way to the hospital. Before our brothers joined the gangs we were friends, good friends but we both loved our brothers and we chose our sides and ended up enemies. We used to have petty fights and squabbles but last year it went to the next level with an actual fight.

Going back to the present. . . "Max please take a seat" "thanks Jane it will be a nice addition to my room" she scowls at me and I grudgingly take a seat next to Fang, as far to the right as the seat would let me go.

"Max, Fang, I've decided your punishment for your little 'run-in' last year" wowie, I'll get detention, big whoop "your teachers and I have decided that the only way to end this feud is for you two to work together. So you will both be having singing classes once a day and any extra the teacher assigns you" what? "You will also be taking part in the singing competition coming up, at least one individual song and a duet each" No freaking way.

I stand up shoving my chair back. Pain shoots through me and I wince and clutch my stomach but I quickly stand up straight and replace my pained face with an angry one "No, hell no" I look sideways at Fang to see he's studying me probably trying to figure out what made me wince, not like he cares. "Oh yes you are Maximum Ride and that's that. Now get your but out of my office"

"Urgh" I walk out Fang behind me. Sadly we both have math first and are going the same way.

We're late for class so the halls are deserted and an angry silence settles over us.

Fang's mouth turns up into a smirk "What?" I snarl at him, this causes his smirk to widen."One good thing comes out of this; I get to hear you sing"

"Shut it!" I spit at him and slam the door of the maths class open.

God this will be a long year

Ok so that was chapter one tell what you think and whether you want me to continue this story

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