Chapter 6: Realisation


I look to my right and my eyes meet Fang's and we both look away speedly.

What the hell just happened?

Nudge and Iggy step back to allow us exit of the cupboard and Fang and I stand awkwardly, eyes fastened on the carpet and shuffle out of the cupboard.

Nudge, looking extremely pleased with herself, grins and points to the various sleeping bags on the floor, "now you've, finally, finished that dare we can go to sleep." I look at Nudge and Iggy and realise they're already in their pyjamas.

I quickly grab my pyjamas, consisting of a pair of shorts and a large shirt that had belonged to my brother, and walk quickly to the bathroom. Dying to get into my sleeping bag and shut my eyes and forget the strange happenings of the night and keep my uncovered skin from the prying eyes of my 'friends', I run into the room, turning the light off on the way and jump into my sleeping bag.

"Goodnight" I call before closing my eyes and trying to remove all thoughts from my mind.

I toss and turn constantly before a light restless sleep finally takes me. I awake a few hours later and my eyes wander over to Fang's sleeping bag where I am surprised to find it empty.

Suddenly and strangely tense I quickly scan the room for the large form before finally spotting it by the window and I find myself strangely relieved he's inside and safe. I stare at him, him completely unaware he's being watched, and find myself attracted to the olive-skinned teenager. I take in his appearance fully, his tall figure, his muscled back and arms, fully on display with his lack of a shirt, his scruffy, black hair, his strong, prominent jaw, his straight nose, deep, onyx eyes and finally his strong, full lips. The word strong kept popping up whenever I think about him, but it isn't a lie, I should know, I was the one he was holding mere hours ago. As strange as the feeling is, I realise i long to be in his arms again. Him holding me to him tightly like he never wants to let go, him caressing my skin with his fingers gently like I'm the only thing in the world. I then realise what I want, i want him to want me and love me.

With my drastic realisation I shiver and try to shake away the feeling, by turning over in my sleeping bag, away from the boy tormenting my normally clear mind. Clearly I made a little too much noise turning over and I hear a voice.


I'm not going to waste your time apologising, what's done is done. I know it's been a long time but i've been busy and had a lot of shit on my mind. So to make up for it i will be trying to update all my stories fairly regularly. Sorry not all of them tonight. But hopefully the rest or at least one tomorrow.